Wherefore art thou CS8?

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Sony Ericsson is hands down my favorite cell phone manufacturer of all time. I have always been in love with their quick but feature rich phone icon based interface. I love the simplicity of it, the ability to hack the hell out of it and theme that baby to your heart’s content. Of course, the personalization is no more so than any Nokia would allow, but SE gets my love and adoration. Therefore, I pose the question T-mobile, wherefore art thou CS8? A while back thanks to the boys at Engadget we got wind of an August 20th release date, we originally had thought this would drop back in early June. So I guess the question now is, wherefore art thou CS8? I guess that’s not the real question anymore, the real question is…does anyone care anymore?


  • J-Hop2o6

    damn this phone disappeared after that screenshot of the FCC test phone back in May.. this phones’ been hella pushed back

  • LazyCody

    I’ve been waiting on this for months! I used to think it was the only phone that would get me to ditch my G1, but the wait and discovering root has pretty much killed those hopes. Besides, I don’t think I could go without a physical keyboard after having one now.

  • LazyCody

    oh yeah, back in may BGR claimed Wal-Mart would have it in september. That’s the absolute latest release date I’ve heard of. So I guess the possible answer as to “where art thou CS8?” could be “at wal-mart next month”?

  • Zach

    I agree… WTF SonyEricsson?? Where is the love??

  • Artiepants

    yeah, i really want this phone for my wife ~ she runs a daycare and wants to text pix of the kids to the parents throughout the day ~ her last camera phone had an unfortunate run-in with some water, but i’ve been having her hold out for the CS8, since the reviews of the Memoirs picture-taking are pretty poor…

  • Tony

    Sorry but that model was scratched. Not coming to T-Mobile. It was rejected. There is a flip Sony Ericsson with a 3 megapixel camera that will be coming out shortly

  • Dav

    I’ve been holding my upgrade since October ’08 ever since /Some Dude/ on the forums said it’ll be an upcoming phone.
    I want to give up waiting, but after all this time I wasted, I’m not going to give up.

  • Jon

    Oh I care. I’m all about a return of good SE feature-phones to T-Mobile. Bring on the CS8 AND the W-series phones.

  • Aaronforjesus

    Fortunately, my finances have dictated that I not upgrade my phone yet, so I can wait longer for T-Mobile to come out with the CS8.


    Tony is right this model is scratched. AT&T already released a similar, Its called AT&T Sony Ericsson C905A

  • artiepants

    Any particular reason this model was scratched? I was just looking through the phone options and not really feeling much for my wife. Maybe the Samsung Highlight, if the UI isn’t as atrocious as the last Samsung i tried…

  • Meniscus

    Every time there is a thread about a phone that has been delayed there is some troll who posts that the phone has been canceled. Evidence please? Source?

  • Aaronforjesus

    I went to the page shown in the screenshot above and, yea, there it is. And, it hath not been removed yet, so it must be true that it is coming. My guess is that SE is producing these phones in batches, due to the different hardware radios, so they may be finishing the AT&T phones first, then T-Mobiles CS8.

  • Tony

    Meniscus, You are a funny individual. For your reference I am a Sony Ericsson account rep for T-Mobile. If you want something in writing then keep dreaming. I don’t receive written notice that it has been cancelled. I actually attend conference calls and that is where I receive my info. If you don’t believe me then keep dreaming. The CS8 will never come out but I am happy to say that the SonyEricsson TM717 will be coming out shortly.

  • I really hope it wasn’t actually scratched; I’ve been wanting this phone something fierce for some time now. I can’t imagine why they’d scratch it, but again, TMO has never been known for amazing phones. I’m sad that the c905 itself doesn’t operate on TMO’s 3G, which is why I won’t just pick that up, but GPRS is killing me.

    Any confirmation from anyone on it being scratched? I saw the BGR article on the Wal-Mart roadmap, but I’ve asked the reps at TMO and they all have no information.


  • Bialyni

    The c905 works on TMO’s Edge, so don’t let the GPRS kill you!

  • That’s good to know, at the very least. I may do that as a backup, but I think my trepidation lies in the fact that if I buy that and the CS8 DOES come out, I’m SOL. Not only that, but I’m eligible for an upgrade, so having it subsidized would be REALLY nice.


  • Meniscus

    Tony, you are a funny individual, either you are a troll or an idiot (or both). If you are lying about being a TMobile SE account rep, then you are trolling; if you are telling the truth, then you are an idiot because you are spouting out potentially confidential information about unannounced products to TMobile customers (as an “account rep”, meaning your comments can be taken as representing TMobile) in an obnoxious and goading way (nyah nyah nyah, the phone you want isn’t coming out, keep dreaming) to TMobile customers. Either way, you have less than zero credibility with me.

    As for the TM717, wow, just what the world needs, another bland plain-jane featureless flip-phone with a crappy camera. Pass. If TMobile drops the CS8 and offers this piece of junk instead, then it shows that they really are out of touch with what their customers want… if the CS8 is cancelled then I will just get an unlocked C905, which was the original plan anyway until I heard about the CS8. I need a good camera more than I need the 3G… but it would be nice to have both…

  • Larry

    I give up on tmobile ever getting a good sony ericsson phone. Yeah we neeed another damn flip phone. I just bought a sony ericsson c510a,unlocked, and love it. It blows away any flip phone. Tmobile just plain sucks for phone selection. I felt several years ago that tmobile should have built a music store around sony ericsson walkman phones and had they done it right, they could have beaten at&t to the punch or at least been more competitive with the iphone.

  • Rawrzellers

    I’m thinking of leaving T-Mobile if this phone doesn’t come out by next april there really is no reason for me to stick with them. I wanted this phone so bad, I love a good slider and that camera is heavenly.