Palm Springs Goes 3G

palm springs

Well it didn’t take very long to get another 3G city on the map for T-mobile with the announcement that Palm Springs, California has gone live. Once called home by Frank Sinatra Palm Springs is a city that one might envision lifestyles of the rich and famous and now with 3G services, even the most pampered celebrity can enjoy voice and data at the same time! This year is blowing by and while I know a large number of you are patiently angrily waiting for your own 3G goodness, time is moving fast enough where your launch date is certainly right around the corner. Keep it up T-mobile, with your JD power awards continually racking up its only a matter of time before you can show Sprint who really deserves #3.


  • Gabriel

    David: How about the Inland Empire area of SoCal? We’ve been waiting for way too long. I know we’re a big area, but it would be advantageous to launch it soon. Phones like the myTouch 3G are not fully realized and the user experience is poorer over EDGE.

  • 84Gti Guy

    About time. I am there 6-7 times a year. No more GPRS(edge if your lucky). Oh Yeah!

  • g_willi

    No comments? Probably because everyone else already has 3G… well, except for Cincinnati.

  • mike85

    g_willi you’re not the only one salt lake city is still waiting too

  • Brent

    I believe the entire great state of Oklahoma is still 3G-less. Doesn’t matter a whole lot to me as yet because I don’t have a 3G phone, but it would be nice to have it when I upgrade.

  • Slick

    Boooooo!!!!!!!! Still no Salt Lake City! :(

  • FILA

    F Palm Springs. That son of a bit

  • timmyjoe42

    I’m not too worried about Cincinnati’s 3G, because it will be here long before I am eligible for an upgrade to a 3G device.

  • We are absolutely thrilled that T-Mobile is finally here. We just signed up and bought one of the really cool google android phones!