Motorola Morrison Passes FCC


While we check off the number of days until the big Motorola announcement September 10th, we can’t resist an opportunity to speculate. Of course, speculation wouldn’t be as fun without the FCC helping our minds and hopes go wild. Today they bring us what is believed to be the Motorola Morrison aka Model number T56KV1. Ok so obviously that’s a codename for something, hopefully “Morrison.” Then again, Morrison could be a codename for something and that’s even more reason why September 10th needs to come quickly. The buildup and anticipation for Motorola introducing Android to the world is just too exciting not to both poke fun at and enjoy at the same time. On the one hand, I continue to pull for Motorola to resume its glory days and on the other hand, the same company that drove me crazy over that stupid Razr now has me wondering what’s up their sleeve. Guess it’s not as dramatic as it sounded when I was writing this. Oh well, 10 days and counting.


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