Reminder: Overage Charges Increasing


About a month ago David reported that overage charges were going to increase come September 1st, and well…that is tomorrow.  Treat this as a friendly reminder to save yourself a bunch of trouble, and charges, by changing your plan if you think (can you really plan this?) you will be using more than your allotted minutes.  Chances are, you will be fine, but if you have gone over on your minutes a number of times before, beware!  Just as a nice summary of whats changing, here you go:

  • FlexPay and Business/Government specific rate plans are not impacted by this change.
  • Overage for Single Line rate plans under $59.99 will increase to $0.45. All other Single Line rate plans will increase to $0.40.
  • Overage for pooling rate plans under $89.99 will increase to $0.45. All other pooling rate plans will increase to $0.40
  • The average increase for customers who have usage charges is expected to be $3.34. Certain customers affected by this rate change will be notified via direct mail beginning July 27 and will be able to cancel their contracts without incurring Early Termination Fees.

If you are a minute abuser, or if you have your own opinion on this change, let it all out in the comments!

  • Ritchie

    Well thanks alot, i keep wanting a better family data plan and what do i get an increase in overages. JaJaJa jokes on you i dont go over on minutes. If TMo doesnt come up with a data family pack then ill say adue and go to the lousy customer care Sprint.

  • I think it is absurd what T-Mobile is doing, and all carriers for that matter. They are charging absolutely silly prices for things that are all too inexpensive now. I am sure there is price fixing going on, why else would no one really compete in the market? This is just another sign of it. Charging $0.45 per minute overage? You have to be kidding me?! There is no way that running your cell network is costing anywhere close to $0.45/minute, T-Mobile!

    I understand this puts the onus on the customer to watch their minutes and adjust their rate plan accordingly, but this seems to be more than a friendly reminder that you should spend more, it seems like the acts of a bully.

  • Quentyn K

    A little confused on that last bullet point there. Is the period to get out of contract without a fee still up? Or was that list old?

    Also, are there any overage changes that apply to familytime plans? (2 lines. unlimited loyalty for familytime for $89.99 is what we have)


  • FILA

    Well heres your chance if you fall under any of these plans to take up there offer and cancel your service without any early termination fees, if you wish. If that is truly what that means. T-mobile has been pissing me off te past couple days, first with WHERE and not knowign exactly whats goin on with that for Android users and now this, even thou it doesn’t affect me, still. Not good, but gonna take a little more push at me for me to leave, where would I go from there, I have no idea. Cricket is looking pretty cool, but there service would need to cover me a little more and there phones suck at the moment, thou there is 2 NOKIA’s, not the best thou. quit Fing around T

  • Sprint on 042410

    T-Mobile waived ETF on my 5 lines due to this and the increase in paper bills so I moved to Sprint 2 weeks ago. So far so good, enjoying 3G coverage finally and Sprints network is more robust where I live. Still, the T-Mobile CSRs are really nice but not enough to put up with slow data and dead spots.

  • acsteffy87

    Well they have to get those executive bonuses somewhere you know

  • th3 good son

    c’mon now folks, its a bussiness, they are a FOR profit company, not a NON profit company. if you dont lithe way the wireless industry operates, go BACK to your landlines, that was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo much better right? ha, bunch of whinny peeps. the last time min overages rates was increased was.. . . ..? ??? anyone know? not likely as it was FOREVER to ago. Im stickin with the T

  • Miguel

    Consumerist is reporting a much tougher time in cancelling. Then-again, they are also reporting that prior overage charges or the letter from T-Moble are not necessary.

    My question is, can I cancel one line on my Family plan using this? Or do I have to cancel them all? My account did have overages.

  • joe

    thank god, i cant wait to cancel i pay 90 a month with taxes ect and dont get shi#. Tmobile use to be cool they grew wings and tried to screw everyone. sprint hero here i come. no wonder why they had to get zeta jones to hustle there bs. peace out tmobile. now i am going to pay less and get more sprint tv ect

  • charlie

    does anyone know if this also means i can cancel my crappy tmobile at home service without paying a termination fee??

  • Fate

    So I checked my bill today and noticed that my bill has gone up about $3.00! I have a family plan, and I don’t go over on my minutes. I compared it to past bills and found out that my State Tax went up and my Federal Universal Service Fund increased and also my Regulatory Program Fees!! WTF? I understand about my State Tax because Mass taxes went up to 6.25% from 5% but why the Fed Service Fund and Reg Prog Fee?? Bastards!!!!

  • Darron

    Does anyone know how to correctly get out of contract like this? I would like to port my numbers to Sprint. I have been a customer since T-Mobile was VoiceStream. I’m sorry to leave, but Sprint is looking a little bit tastier these days.

  • traygrr

    It is what it is… Tmobile has the best prices for the service you get. Yeah with crickt you can get unlimited call, but if you want a phone that does anything more than call and text you’re screwed. Also, want a paper bill that’ll be $5. Yes their coverage isn’t as great if you live in no mans land, but I don’t. I can’t even get at&t coverage at my house. To the person complaining about taxes write your government because they regulate taxes not T-Mobile. Noone will ever be happy with every aspect of their service. Also, quit acting like the grass is greener on the other side because trust me it’s not! An extra .05 cents a minutes won’t kill you. Just be smart and don’t go over or better yet call tmobile try to cancel even though you never have overage and get pissed off when you don’t qualify.