What Does $649 Buy?


So what does $649 buy you? The N900, which has become one of the most discussed phones on the internet and of course has received the label, the next “iPhone killer.” Part of it may be due to the awesome videos showing off the device or the trance music playing in the background.  Regardless, word has come down that the N900 has found its way to the Nokia USA website for a completely not shocking price of $649 dollars. The part that really matters though, its AWS capable, that’s right, hit up the picture after the jump to see confirmation that this phone is going to be available for T-mobile USA customers. Of course a carrier subsidy of course is welcome, but even unlocked this phone stands to be one phone to really save up those extra pennies for. With the warm weather still around, might want to consider throwing up that lemonade stand this holiday weekend.

Nokia USA



  • Bobomo


  • pre-ordered! do you know any dates? octoberish?

  • SPRINT announced that they will be releasing the HTC Hero in Android OS!!!

    SPRINT is also releasing the Touch Pro2 next week!!!

    WTF — TMOUSA execs have sh*t for brains and got their MBAs from Cracker Jacks boxes!!! How could they have bungled this with such a high TP2 price point. F*ckers.

  • I swear WinMo and Nokia phones are priced not to sell.

  • i really think the new sprint htc hero looks shitty. i have he euro version. i think it looks much better

  • I love that it’s exactly $50 LESS than the hallowed iPhone!! Let’s see how close TMobileUSA will come to matching at&t’s $300-400 subsidy it pays for the iPhone 3GS. I think at the low end of that hopeful scenario, $349 is a great price!

  • -ray

    I wonder if this means that the subsidy price will be $449 or $349? I don’t know about the resistive touch screen though…

  • Bobomo

    @ray – Watch the hands-on videos, the screen looks amazing.

  • Tony

    You really don’t want a Touch Pro2. The operating system is not good. Still too many problems. I hope that windows mobile 6.5 will be better. Can’t wait for the N900. That operating system is sick. A customer came in with a model that worked off the same operating system. I just cant remember which one it was. It is actually coming just got confirmation from my Nokia rep. I am actually glad that they are waiting before releasing data phones because it’s stupid to just come out with data phones every single month. Sprint only cares about their coverage but doesn’t give a dam about their products or customers. That’s why they keep on losing customer EVERY Quarter.

  • Deaconclgi

    Ray, have you looked at ANY of the UI or hands on videos? What else is there needed to know about the resistive screen? The quality of the UI and OS speed can mean the difference of a useful touchscreen, regardless if it is capacitive or resistive. Take a look at the videos and see if you would be satisfied with what you see.

  • Bobomo

    @Tony – You got confirmation of what exactly? That T-Mobile will be officially selling this phone?

  • FILA

    Well im right so far, releasing it as a unlocked T-Mobile 3G capable phone but no sign yet of getting signed onto T-Mobile. So as it goes, you will see no one with this phone ever, to expensive and since its not at a T-Mobile store (yet) no one besides us geeks know about it, and liek i said the price is just really hard to spend

  • Galen20K

    I really look forward to it being released the phone just looks amazing but I really wish Win MO and Nokia would get their Joneses off Resistive Touch Screens. I loved my TP2 but in the End I could not stand the Resistive screen even tho it was the best resistive ever made, it’s still resistive and not up to par as my Capacitive on my G1. Its a Shame its such a Beautiful, well built phone Otherwise.

    That being said this Nokia N900 is a Beast and I think the OS on it Rocks! Please make it with a Capacitive screen, the successor I mean.

  • -ray

    Thanks for the information about the video domonstration of the resistive screen on the N900.. It does look responsive. It seems that the resistive screen has come a long way since I tried it last. I would definitely have to play with this phone before I bought it though… Thanks again!!

  • Tony

    I received my info from my Nokia account rep. He has stated that they have been testing the phone for a while. The reason you haven’t seen a Nokia data phone is because all high end Nokia’s have WIFI and T-Mobile wants most of the future data phones to be Hotspot(UMA) enabled. The problem was for calls on a 3g frequency to transfer to a Hotspot(UMA) signal without dropping calls and vice versa. That is why you haven’t seen a 3g phone with Hotspot(UMA) support yet. Now that we have resolved the issue we are going to be releasing the BB Driftwood and the N900. But don’t expect to see the N900 this year. The N900 is coming out in January.

  • LP

    If you guys ( like me ) are still obsessed with this phone great review

  • LP

    and Tony, not that i doubt you, but i hope to god your nokia rep was wrong. I DO NOT want to wait till January for the greatest device ( PDA-PMP-cellphone-UMPC) ever created!

    *** Heading to a Corner to cry now******

  • Bobomo

    Thanks for the video LP.

    Did anyone else notice that the narrator stated that the expandable memory can be 32GB for a total of 64GB instead of the 48GB listed in the specs?

    I don’t want to wait until January either, but I doubt I’ll have the money until then anyways!!

  • Mau

    I was going to switch to at&t for the iphone but now this bad boy is coming to tmobile(january 2010) but I can always buy it unlockedddd, so this phone works with Tmobile’s 3G network???

  • Marc

    Once again this comes down to price, will it be subsidized, and how much.

  • Rhage

    Heck at that price the TP2 is actually starting to look affordable. Everywhere I look consumers are less willing to spend money on non-necessities and a number of retailers are responding positively by offering a number of price incentives. The only ones who don’t seem to get that notion are the guys who set the prices for these devices.

  • TheLongshot

    I’m fine with January. Gives me time to see how the phone does and if any better options come out in the meantime.

  • John

    What’s up with the Nokia site – last night it showed the N900 for pre-order at $649.00 & I thought I’d probably order it today & when I check Nokia USA today, the pre-order option is gone & it’s just providing details of the N900! If we
    really can preorder from Nokia USA, will it be the full blown version of the N900 being offered in Europe or will it be a stripped down US version (i.e. minus several elements)?

  • Anthony

    This is DEFINITELY the one and only iPhone killer! I am a current iPhone owner and the UI is the same as the iPhone, but even better…. the portable, smallest pocket computer available!!!

    So, the real question we are all anxious to find out is WHEN is this phone being released to T-Mobile USA? Possibly early next year|? Also, the $649.00 price isn’t that bad if you want to get it early directly through Nokia… If you were to buy an iPhone 3GS 32GB you’d actually be paying more…. so this is the next best thing out there!!!!

    This could bring T-Mobile to the top of AT&T and all other major carriers if they really are to get their hands on this high end Nokia device!

  • E

    i pre-ordered one around 10pm last night, it included a free Nokia BH-703 bluetooth headset and free overnight shipping (once the order was submitted), i declined the $19.99 1 year extended warranty. i typically buy a new unlocked phone every year anyway.

  • Alex

    Anthony. I wouldnt get ahead of myself. There have been too many phones touted as iPhone killers that just dont end up producing the desired effect. I for one hate the iPhone with a passion. I like the Nokia phone, but its fact that the keyboard is going to pull people away from it, a lot dont want it. The sheeple want easy-fast-small phone. Which this probably will not be. Im betting it will weigh about the same as the TP2 if not more. Dont get me wrong, its bada$$ but I wouldnt go as far as touting it an iPhone killer. Face it. The iPhone will be here for a long time and will probably be the leader for a long time as well. That 649.99 price point makes me cringe because I will probably end up getting it because I have a thing for being an early adopter. Dang it!!

  • Torben

    Is there a hands-on video showing off the frontfacing video camera in action?

  • Kershon

    When this drops on T-Mo I am gonna go to a T-Mo store and give it a hands-on. If it is as good as everything I have read and the videos I have seen then imma gonna retire my blackberry for sure. Hopefully it will have a descent subsidized price, but if not I bite the bullet and get it anyway. I was waiting on the bb Driftwood but I can wait a little longer for this. I wish it would drop before Christmas. Then merry Christmas to me. Lol

  • dave
  • ShotWithAnSLR

    I have not been this excited about a new device in a long time, in fact the last time that I was really excited for a handset was leading up to the original iPhone. When I purchased the 2G iPhone I could not see how anyone could possibly upstage it, yet with the N900, Nokia seems to have taken everything anyone ever wanted in an iPhone and manufactured it.

    Through the past few years I have read how people view the drawbacks to the Apple device being:

    -No expandable/swappable memory
    -Lack of physical keyboard
    -desire for front facing camera
    -desire for better quality camera
    -supported by a network other than AT&T
    -More RAM

    These are just a few of the requests that I had hoped to see fulfilled with the 3G and then with the 3GS, no satisfactory changes were made. Nokia is about to grab the mobile world by storm and show Apple and its die-hard fanboys that there is something better and that it is modeled after the requests, hopes and dreams of tech bloggers everywhere.
    From the videos that I have seen of this unit in action, I can only cry sheep. Quite the opposite of the traditional cry of wolf, I think that we will be greeted by a product that has higher functionality then we are being led to believe. The fact that this unit has a front facing camera makes me think that somebody’s 3G network is about to get a whole lot beefier, which in this case does equal better.
    I am looking forward to the day that I retire my iPhone, but never would have imagined it would be with a product of Finland. I really thought that I would end up on the Android boat; however the current offerings do little to impress me. Eventually I think they will get there, but the hardware is not helping the OS live up to its potential.
    As far as the price goes, it isn’t what it seems if you have played your cards right for a number of years. Through my experience with the iPhone I have found that T-Mobile is more than willing to accommodate a long time customer, I have been on my T-Zones plan for several years, and since implementing my iPhone I have averaged roughly 1 GB of use per month for most of this period. So I feel confident in being able to continue using T-Zones with the N900. This would total $143.76 + tax for a 24 month period (plus cost of the phone, $650.00, total cost of phone becomes $793.76), versus the nauseating $839.76 that the now required data plan would cost (plus cost of the phone which I will assume is no less than $350.00, total cost of phone for 24 months is $1189.76). T-Mobile, don’t let me down!

  • Moose

    if this is too expensive or i don’t like it’s size or anything im gonna check out the n86 the camera on that phone makes me happy

  • dave

    From a chat on the Nokia website, not going to TMO, will be available at end of month

    Chat InformationThank you for choosing NokiaUSA. A sales representative will be with you shortly.

    Chat InformationYou are now chatting with Paul.

    Paul: Hello, I am a Nokia sales representative. May I ask which phone are you looking into purchasing today?

    You: when will the n900 be available?

    Paul: It will be shipped to you before the end of this month

    You: are you sure I had heard that it would be in January.

    Paul: What did you like about the n900?

    You: You are selling the unlocked version? Will it be available on T-Mobile

    Paul: The phone is exclusively available form our web site only, not from any store or carrier

    Paul: If you preorder the N900 today, it will cost you $649.00 with free shipping and you will also get a FREE nokia Bluetooth headset (BH-703) of $89.95 value.

    You: will it work on which network?

    Paul: T-mobile

    You: will it always be exclusive or will be releases via a US carrier?

    Paul: Which is your current carrier?

    You: tmo

    Paul: always be exclusive

    Paul: Are you planning on getting the phone today?

    You: really, what is the benefit of an unlocked phone if it’s tied to TMO.

    Paul: The benefit of an unlocked phone is that you can easily switch your carrier whenever another carrier offers those same frequencies

    You: which may be never. What is your return policy?

    Paul: Our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee and our 7-day Money Back Guarantee allow you to return equipment purchased online within the timeframe of the guarantee. A 15% restocking fee will apply to all returns, other than product that is deemed as defective. All products on an RA (Return Authorization Number) must be shipped within 7 days of the RA’s issuance.

    You: ok thanks for the info

  • “You: really, what is the benefit of an unlocked phone if it’s tied to TMO.

    Paul: The benefit of an unlocked phone is that you can easily switch your carrier whenever another carrier offers those same frequencies”

    LMAO. That’s funny right there.

  • Bobomo

    To be fair, that guy sounded more like a commissioned salesman than a real rep, and it sounded like he was more interested in getting you to buy a phone NOW, rather than wait for a subsidized version.

  • ty

    i placed an order and was told it would shipped in oct.

  • mingkee

    will buy it during holiday season
    I am still waiting for my CD expire, but I have pay off tuition and books for college first

  • Anthony

    I did a live chat with a Nokia sales rep. That stated the phone would be shipped to you before the end of this month. Now if this is coming to T-Mobile no one is going to let the public know. $649.00 is pricy, but if I sell my iPhone I could get an easy $350 to $400 because it’s only two months old and then I would only have to make up the pric difference to get my hands on this baby!!

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Mingkee

    funny that you said your waiting for your CD to expire also for phone.. SAME for me also, but i’m buyin the TP2 tho.. my CD expires this November.

  • bang4buck

    my hope and prayer is that our dear tmobile does not take the video conference ability off

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