Do You Sidekick, Twitter And Facebook?


Sidekick users have yet another reason to rejoice this morning and T-mobile continues to open up the catalogue of goodies. Introducing Facebook and Twitter to Sidekick (2008), Sidekick LX (Tony Hawk included) and to the Sidekick slide. Interestingly enough the Facebook application is free while Twitter will charge a recurring $1.99 monthly fee. Not sure, what that is about as the Sidekick catalogue appears to be the only Twitter application looking for monthly charges rather than a onetime download charge. Regardless, you can pick up the applications today!

Side note: Facebook and Twitter continue to be available at no charge for Sidekick LX (2009) users. Guess older Sidekick fans are getting the short of the end stick this time around.

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  • LifeOfACityBoy

    i cant complain. a free facebook app is always good.

  • SPRINT announced that they will be releasing the HTC Hero in Android OS!!!

    SPRINT is also releasing the Touch Pro2 next week!!!

    WTF — TMOUSA execs have sh*t for brains and got their MBAs from Cracker Jacks boxes!!! How could they have bungled this with such a high TP2 price point. F*ckers.

  • watbetch

    The SK is such a piece of crap. The app store, and the overall OS is so horrid. 1.99 for a freaking twitter app per MONTH? That’s why I switched back over to the iPhone. Absolutely insane. I wasn’t even sure if there was a way to back up your PAID for apps..

  • pororo

    Elrich – totally agree! Looks like Sprint is taking a big bite out of Tmo’s Android cookie! Look at the price point too…$179.99 vs $199.99? As for the tmo tp2, we don’t even know if it will run 6.5.Let alone no 3.5mm. Please explain? Why can’t they get it right? They must all be good friends along with cracker jack MBAs.

  • FILA

    nothin like nickel and diming everyone, christ

  • J

    The charge for Twitter likely has to be due to something related to the Sidekick running off the Danger servers. Thats likely why you keep seeing extra charges for things Sidekick related when the same applications are free for normal devices.

  • pjs

    @ Elrich, why don’t you look at all of the press hitting the web about Sprint’s TP2 pricing. $449.99 – $100.00 mail in. That is the same final price as Tmo’s TP2 but not hassle with mail in for us. What I would be more worried about is the supposed leaked price for Verizon TP2 at $199.99

  • pjs

    edit that on the VZW TP2, its $299.99 after $100.00 mail in

  • melissa

    I got the Facebook app for the sidekick 2008 and I don’t know how to access it on there! Ugh!

  • Wicked1

    I was happy to see them when I opened up the download catalog the other day, I thought they were gonna leave us hanging period. Then I was disappointed that the Twitter App has a monthly charge. What the fuck?! It’s free on the newest Sidekick and Twitter is a free site anyway. It’s fucking ridiculous, but I bought it anyway. And it’s giving me problems, sometimes not letting me log on and not refreshing when it’s supposed to. It’s better than that bootleg MySpace App tho,hahaha. Don’t know how long I’ll keep it and don’t know how long I’ll have my sidekick. I have an upgrade coming up next month and I’m definitely not gonna get the Sidekick LX 09. Probably an Android Phone, main reason=FREE everything. I have stuck with the sidekick since ’05 (SK2, SK3, LX) but they just are not updating features quick enough for me and TMo charges for everything and are steadily raising prices, the LX 09 was a nice try with the 3G, social apps, streaming video, but it’s not good enough.

    PS: And yeah, big mistake in TMobile not getting the HTC Hero.

  • It is rather useful subject for you ,Don’t know how long I’ll keep it and don’t know how long I’ll have my sidekick. I have an upgrade coming up next month and I’m definitely not gonna get the Sidekick LX 09.