More 3G Launches


Magenta countinues expanding their 3G network rapidly. I’m proud to inform the lucky folks in Oxnard, Ventura, Malibu and Santa Barbara California that you are officially blessed with T-Mobile 3G! Congratulations guys! Feel free to sound off in the comments with your excitement. If you still are the few waiting patiently for 3G to be announced in your city every morning, we will keep you updated!


  • guru

    Still waiting for 3g in San Luis Obispo…

  • AG

    im with Guru we need it In San Luis Obispo and Arroyo Grande. Luckily its getting closer.

  • Joaquin

    I was hoping this wasnt a fluke when i looked at my phone today. So happy.

    I was just talking to my sister about how long it’s been taking for Tmob to get some spectrum out here! Thank you TmoNews for the local coverage :)

  • garrett

    Come on SLC\Utah!

  • Kershon

    Still waiting in Peoria Illinois.

  • anthony

    still watiting for inland empire area

  • trickinit

    Agreed, we need it here in SLC!

  • JJ

    Indeed SLC UT needs 3G love from TMobile! I can’t wait to have 3G on my, MyTouch 3g

  • andyinc

    anthony i agree with you
    come on moreno valley/riverside area!

  • captainbdsc

    Yeah SLC, but Ogden TOO… I can still find it hard to believe that one of the most tech savvy geographic areas in the nation has still not got 3G from TMo… Sad… I wont give up on you TMo! You are the best!

  • tiron

    what about new orleans people

  • mark925

    Come on TMo… light up Merced/Fresno.

  • Blue_Alien

    Seriously, Salt Lake City really needs 3g. Why is it taking so long? How can no where in Utah have it yet?

  • mike85

    slc has to be next..we’ve waited tooooo long come on 3g

  • WXman

    By the time we get 3G in Kentucky, Sprint will have 5G.

  • zac

    Boise! competitors will have 4g before we’re off tmo edge. glad my contract is up in a couple weeks!

  • Andrew

    Come on Salt Lake City!!!

  • Brandon

    Im with Mark…waiting for Merced/Fresno. I have some intel that says it will be launching this week or next week. ;-) Just be patient for a few more days.

  • Tim

    Little town of Wanaque, NJ just got it yesterday!

  • dw

    just saw 3g pop in ventura/carpinteria area today for first time

  • bob

    You are a jerk,kicktard. tmonews i guess wants to cheapen intself by getting idiotic high schoolers to write for them.

    • David

      What did he write that was high schoolish???

  • mike85

    yeah bob what the heck did he write that was so wrong maybe you need to chill bobby

  • Decco1

    I can’t believe that TMO doesn’t have 3g in my city yet. The crazy thing is, I live in Pittsburgh PA for crying out loud!!! How do you not have 3g in a city this big?

  • Titty!

    it is obvious, thatt slc needs&wants this.
    we deserve itt.
    best cityever. :)
    hurrry up!

  • Kevin Lowe

    Indianapolis still doesn’t have it either, and it’s quite a bit larger than SLC or Pittsburgh.

  • mark925

    Brandon: Is your intel reliable? I sure hope it’s soon…Merced/Fresno are supposed to be Q3.

    (yes I’m anxious/excited)

  • CallMeD

    Merced/Fresno… That would be sweet!

  • obe1

    Im so glad oxnard has 3g now i dont live their but got family and i visit often and edge doesnt cut it anymore. Thank you Tmobile. Bother way we need better coverage by red rock hotel and casino in vegas i had no bars passing the 215/charleston.

  • Mo Azzam

    Cincinnati/Dayton..mid-Sept..cant wait..

  • Need 3g Love

    Yes desperately waiting for inland empire to get our much needed love as well. That’s the huge gap t-mo is leaving on their map between LA and San Diego.

  • Shane

    Why doesnt up state ny have it? Every other carrier here has 3G, and its STRONG 3G (well in my area) but t-mobile? I have a feeling that Spring is going to be on 4g and vzw on LTE before we get 3g over here. Great.

  • Daniel

    I have an update for those waiting in Albuquerque New Mexico, 3g should lauch any time between now and the 12th of Oct at the latest. Got the info from a tech who came to visit NM a few months ago.

  • arthur

    San luis obispo please!

  • Pete

    Why is TMoble trying to get everone so excited about 3G service finaly getting to your city, when all the other carriers are offering 4G?!!!!we’re paying the same money for 3G ( if your lucky enough to have it availible) that other carriers are charging, yet they are offering 4G…..

    • David

      What other carriers are offering 3G other than Sprint right now??

  • Mat

    Charleston, SC just got 3G. Unfortunately, I just moved to Columbia, SC. Anyone know when it might be headed up my way?

  • jonathan marquez

    Still waiting in fresno for 3g, I could of went to Att theres no waiting. Plus at the same time I cant rec. this service to friends and famliy cuz were behind on technology its pretty sad

  • Brandon

    fresno has been pushed back a couple of weeks. govt was still on airwaves and they still need to finish up testing as all equip is in place ready to go. A lot of the towers are already on, they are just barred for general use. should be up soon though.

  • mark925

    Brandon: How about Merced? Or are they in the same boat as Fresno in regards to the govt on the airwaves?

  • gavakie

    From tmobile 3g in salt lake by the end of September.

  • McLovin

    The word was 3rd quarter deployment in Salt Lake City. Well they have 2 weeks to meet that. I’ll think twice before signing on with T-Mobile next time. This is absolutely ridiculous! As soon as my contract is finished it’s GOOD BYE T-Mobile and hello Sprint!

  • bigjimcfh

    Gavakie/McLovin: Where did you get your information? I am interested.

    From what I understand T-Mo is waiting for some frequencies to be vacated that the Gov’t owns which is causing the hold-ups. I just recently upgraded to the MyTouch.
    I was considering AT&T primarily for the 3G, but there are limitations of the iPhone and the rest of their phones that irritate me.
    Like most others, im paying approx $89/mo for 300 mins and data. Quite comparable to AT&T, however we are stuck w/ the EDGE.


  • Lwrdrmdnss

    I have 3G on my phone this morning!!!!!!!

  • McLovin

    HMFG! I got an 3G icon on my phone in Salt Lake City out by the airport! Except sitting at my desk deep in the bowels of this building I’m back on Edge.

  • jkgamer

    Confirmed – 3G icon in downtown Salt Lake City as of this morning. :)

  • Lwrdrmdnss

    I am in West Valley. I have it at home and all around the valley. Lost it going up to Park City tho.

  • Logic

    San luis obispo has 3G coverage as of this morning. I have the symbol, i just hope its not my G1 glitching or something. it seems to be here though!!!!!!!

  • guru

    I have been all over Cal Poly and still have edge. Will go into the city and see if there is 3g there.

  • Logic

    ok well that last post i made seemed to be a test or a glitch maybe? because it went away, but it happened again yesterday, and it is still saying that i have 3g on my g1. could be another glitch or test im not trying to cry wolf, im just reporting what i see, i wish i had friends on tmo to test what im seeing out. whenever you read this let me kno what you think guru, im not near cal poly im more near the high school and towards the airport.

  • guru

    Finally saw 3g today!

    Logic, glad someone else is enjoying it with me!