Archive | December, 2022

T-Mobile implementing a new security feature for SIM swap requests

SIM swaps continue to be a problem for wireless users in the country. And one way to address the issue is by looking for ways to improve how these are done. T-Mobile disabled its self-service SIM swap last month so they could start implementing an extra security measure against such requests. And while the self-service step has been disabled, users had to contact support to complete the process.  Thankfully, T-Mobile has found a way to make SIM … [read full article]

Metro by T-Mobile is currently offering its hotspot device at $100 off

Metro by T-Mobile is currently running a promotion on the Franklin JEXtream RG21000 5G mobile hotspot. For a limited time period, you can get the mobile hotspot device for just $99.99 when you add a line. This lets you save $100 on your purchase since the device typically costs $199.99. The Franklin JEXtream is the first 5G hotspot device that Metro by T-Mobile is offering. And the good news is that you can get the device starting …

VinFast chooses T-Mobile as its exclusive connectivity partner

This isn’t the first time we’re hearing about connected cars. But as time goes on, this is a feature that we can expect to become normal. T-Mobile foresees this growth in the next five years. And with this, the Un-carrier has announced its new partnership with VinFast.  The company is one of the fastest growing and most disruptive global electric vehicle manufacturers in the world. VinFast has chosen to exclusively partner with T-Mobile as its provider of … [read full article]

T-Mobile inks MVNO deal with Bark Technologies

Bark Technologies has just signed a multi-year mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) deal with T-Mobile. The company is best known for its parental control app that is used in the US, Australia, and South Africa. With the new agreement, they are the latest to use T-Mobile’s network for their Bark Phone. The Bark Phone is actually a Samsung A13 with a built-in Bark app. This allows parents to scan the texts, emails, social media accounts, and apps … [read full article]

T-Mobile gives some employees a $1/hour raise + other incentives

Last year, T-Mobile promised its employees that they will be earning at least $20 per hour. The Un-carrier is making good on that promise today with news that it will be increasing the pay of its frontline employees.  The T-Mo Report obtained documents regarding the new pay that most of its frontline employees will receive. The document reveals that most of these employees will be getting … [read full article]

T-Mobile Tuesdays’ new reward is a selfie light attachment for your phone

T-Mobile will soon be giving away a new physical item for its T-Mobile Tuesdays reward.  This was revealed by The T-Mo Report earlier today, who also released some images of the actual product that they received by their source.  The freebie comes in the form of a selfie light attachment for smartphones and tablets. The report shared that it will have a total of … [read full article]