T-Mobile implementing a new security feature for SIM swap requests

SIM swaps continue to be a problem for wireless users in the country. And one way to address the issue is by looking for ways to improve how these are done. T-Mobile disabled its self-service SIM swap last month so they could start implementing an extra security measure against such requests. And while the self-service step has been disabled, users had to contact support to complete the process. 

Thankfully, T-Mobile has found a way to make SIM swap requests more secure. As reported by The T-Mo Report, the Un-carrier has a new SIM block service that will allow customers to block their line or entire account from getting a SIM charge. The report reveals that a SIM can only be changed once a block is disabled. If a SIM block is active, the customer needs to verify the request with a one-time passcode sent via email or as an SMS to an existing line. As a customer, you can access the new SIM block feature via the T-Mobile app or the My T-Mobile website. 

Once this feature is fully rolled out, T-Mobile could likely bring back self-service SIM changes. The report says that the new change will take effect today, December 8.

Source: The T-Mo Report