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T-Mobile Implementing New System to Confirm SIM Swap Requests

With the prevalence of SIM swap scams, it’s high time that carriers finally do something about them. It looks like T-Mobile is addressing this concern.  The Mobile Report recently obtained a document that discusses the upcoming changes T-Mobile has in store for approving SIM swaps. The document reveals two big changes that T-Mobile has in store. The first is a new system called Account Change Engine (ACE). … [read full article]

Report: T-Mobile Employees Getting Offers for SIM Swap Participation

SIM swapping issues continue to be a problem that many consumers experience everyday. Despite the numerous warnings that carriers send out to their customers, scammers continue to come up with new ways they can victimize people.  Recently, The Mobile Report shared that a bad actor is using employee data from T-Mobile to victimize employees. Several Redditors have reported their experience of receiving texts with a cash offer … [read full article]

Report reveals T-Mobile has new SIM Protection feature

T-Mobile recently disabled self-service SIM changes as it made some adjustments to the process. This was the Un-carrier’s way of helping strengthen the security of such requests and protect its customers. And now, a report reveals that T-Mobile has implemented the new security changes and is ready to roll it out to customers. While this new SIM Protection feature is meant to help secure the accounts of its … [read full article]

T-Mobile implementing a new security feature for SIM swap requests

SIM swaps continue to be a problem for wireless users in the country. And one way to address the issue is by looking for ways to improve how these are done. T-Mobile disabled its self-service SIM swap last month so they could start implementing an extra security measure against such requests. And while the self-service step has been disabled, users had to contact support to complete the process.  Thankfully, T-Mobile has found a way to make SIM … [read full article]

T-Mobile temporarily disables self-service SIM swaps

SIM swap fraud continues to be a big problem that carriers have. What happens here is that criminals swap your line with their own SIM card so they have access to your two-factor authentication codes. With this, they are able to perform their fraudulent transactions.  In a way to help protect its customers, T-Mobile may be planning some changes to its SIM swap process. Unfortunately, this also means that customers won’t be able to do their own … [read full article]

T-Mobile implements new rule on SIM swaps

T-Mobile is doing its part to give extra protection to its customers. This is also their way of putting an end to unauthorized SIM swaps. Earlier today, The T-Mo Report shared an internal notice that was sent out to T-Mobile store representatives. The document reveals that SIM card changes will now require either SMS verification from the customer or the credentials of two employees.  This is a much needed … [read full article]

FCC proposes measures to tighten SIM swap requests


Last month, T-Mobile encountered one of the largest data breaches ever. The hacker was able to access the information of around 50 million users. And not only that, the Un-Carrier has since been dealing with SIM swap and port out attacks. This is pretty common with users who have a Coinbase account. And now, it looks like the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is stepping in to fight the problem.  Earlier today, the FCC [read full article]

T-Mobile facing another SIM swapping charge


T-Mobile is facing another SIM swapping complaint. This time, the complaint comes from a Pennsylvania woman who lost $20,000 in cryptocurrency due to a mobile fraud scheme. And according to the complainant, T-Mobile was unable to protect her account. Earlier this week, Sima Kesler filed a complaint in the Pennsylvania Eastern District Court. According to the complaint, Kesler was the victim of a SIM swapping scheme that took place in … [read full article]

T-Mobile being sued by victim of SIM swapping attack


T-Mobile is currently facing a complaint against one of the victims of SIM swapping, a type of fraud.  According to reports, a Californian recently filed a lawsuit against the Un-Carrier for failing to safeguard his personal and financial information. The lawsuit was filed on Monday in the Southern District of New York. The plaintiff, identified as Calvin Cheng, claimed that T-Mobile failed to protect his information. As a result, Cheng became a victim of the fraud.  SIM … [read full article]