T-Mobile implements new rule on SIM swaps


T-Mobile is doing its part to give extra protection to its customers. This is also their way of putting an end to unauthorized SIM swaps.

Earlier today, The T-Mo Report shared an internal notice that was sent out to T-Mobile store representatives. The document reveals that SIM card changes will now require either SMS verification from the customer or the credentials of two employees. 

This is a much needed step that T-Mobile needs to make in order to protect its customers against unauthorized SIM swaps. To recall, the wireless carrier has been dealing with numerous SIM swap scams in the past few years. Most of the complaints were from customers who had their SIM cards changed without their consent. And as a result, they ended up losing money and cryptocurrency from these attacks. 

T-Mobile’s decision to change its SIM swap policy is also a response to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Back in September, the Commission announced that they will be requiring carriers to “positively identify a customer” prior to a port-out. T-Mo’s new rule can, at least, add an extra layer of protection to customers against the numerous SIM swap attacks that are taking place.

Although this new rule seems like a much needed step to protect customers, there are some who are unhappy with the change. Some store reps have expressed their frustration on how they have to grab hold of a coworker in order to perform the SIM swap, which could increase wait times. But if it means additional safety for customers, it shouldn’t be a problem. 

The new rule has been in effect since December 14th. 


Source: The T-Mo Report