T-Mobile’s free voice line deal is now available


Yesterday a leak suggested that T-Mobile might be planning to roll out a free voice line deal today, and now TmoNews can confirm that the offer is indeed live.

T-Mobile has told me that its free voice line promotion launched today. With this deal, T-Mo customers who have at least two paid voice lines on a qualifying plan can activate a new voice line and get it for free with monthly bill credits. The line will remain free as long as you maintain the qualifying plan and line count.

The plans that are eligible for this deal include Magenta, Magenta Plus, Business Unlimited, T-Mobile One, T-Mobile One Plus, T-Mobile Essentials, and Simple Choice postpaid plans. T-Mo says that Military, First Responder, Unlimited 55, and any promotional plans that already have free additional voice lines do not qualify.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this deal, contact T-Mobile customer support.

It’s unclear how long the offer will be available, but it likely won’t be for long. Earlier this year T-Mo offered a similar free voice line promo and it was only available for around a week and a half. So if you’re interested in taking advantage of this latest deal, you may want to act fast.

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  • David Grossman

    Can you post a link to the promo? I’ve searched all over the T-Mo website but can’t find it.

    • Mike Thaler

      Bill K. (above) – said he just called CS.

  • kanakamaoli

    Is it only voice? no data and texting?

    • Mark

      All three combined. Not only voice

    • JG

      i was a little curious about that as well… Odd, in 2020 to offer a literal voice online line – especially when the qualifying plans are all voice+SMS+data…

      I imagine they’re calling it a voice line as in it is a phone plan (which traditionally, a long time ago, use to be primarily voice focused) as opposed to a data line like you’d get for a tablet or wearable.

      • Matt Macaluso

        Would this line work on a cellular iPad Pro?

  • Fan_Atl77

    Interesting, ‘T-Mo says that Military, First Responder, Unlimited 55, and any promotional plans that Already have free additional voice lines do not qualify’.

    • John Smith

      I have the military plan but only have 2 paid lines and no free ones, seems a little weird that wording?

      • Fan_Posting

        Yes, agree, the wording is weird, I will try to contact Tmobile after the holiday…

        • KOLIO

          At the risk of sounding like a grammar nerd, I think the key word in the statement is “and”.

          If it said military plans “with” existing free lines,then that would imply that military/1st responder accounts would otherwise be eligible.

          Ever since I switched to Military One, about a year or so ago, all the free line offers have been excluded.
          Disappointing, but, I’m OK with it, the discount I’m getting vs the standard Magenta lines is generous.

    • Tinger12

      Notice the comma after “Unlimited 55” in the sentence in the story. The meaning of that sentence:

      Any Military OR First Responder OR Unlimited 55 OR any promotional plan that already has one or more free lines “do Not qualify.

      “‘T-Mo says that Military, First Responder, Unlimited 55, and any promotional plans that Already have free additional voice lines do Not qualify.”

      Reading comprehension is now concluded.

      • Hoosier__Daddy

        Also author changed T-Mo’s “one or more free lines” into “free lines” Seems like a single free line promotional plan is also not eligible.

  • Bill K

    I just called customer care and got it. Just ask for the free line promo. Its for voice, data, and texting.

  • Nate

    Sounds like my Select Choice FAM UNL TT 50 plan is not eligible then. :(

    • mreveryphone

      Yeah that’s a oldie but goodie plan!

    • Bklynman

      My plan is not eligible either for free lines.
      I have originally 55plus plan.

  • Joe

    They never included the Amplified plan in these promo’s.

    • Brad C

      They sure do, I added one a few months ago.

      • Joe

        I tried twice and they said no.

        • Brad C

          I got mine a few months ago, 6 voice lines on Amplified, one is free. This promo may not be though.

        • Joe

          I’ll have to try again. I have 12 lines on Amplified plus I have the home internet service.

        • Joe

          Called in twice and did a web chat. Promo isn’t available on Amplified plan.

  • Willie D

    They offer these so often now that no one really needs to RUSH to get it. In fact they may as well just offer a free 3rd line on all plans with 2 lines. Why bother making a promo when you can just complete better by just being the carrier who gives 1 free line for every 2 paid lines no matter the plan. Easy.

    • Federal

      You’re an idiot.

      • marque2

        Not sure about that. This is the third free line offer this year VS I believe two over the previous 10 years.

  • JG

    Would love to see T-Mobile offer a free data line or two every once in awhile, rather than just a free voice line every few months…

    I wouldn’t mind having a tablet (and maybe watch) that could connect to the internet on their own (without having to be tethered to a phone). But I don’t really take the tablet out of the house often enough to justify paying $20 every single month.

    In the last decade or so, I probably would have used LTE data maybe a collective fortnight. The last time would have been summer 2017 when I did a weekend outing to see a show in a nearby big city.

    [maybe instead of a free data line, they could offer a second option for a data plan… In addition to the standard $20 for a month of unlimited data, they could let me buy unlimited data in a 24 hour pass. Hit a couple buttons in the T-Mobile app and for the next 24 hours my tablet has cloud access. Given it’d be only a few days a year, if that, I’d be willing to pay even $20 a day. that’d get me the data I need and, in the long run, be less expensive for me.]

    • David E

      Thats what I am saying,I wouldn’t mind a tablet either

      • JG

        Yeah, I’d need a new LTE tablet to. I had an LTE Nexus 9 that TMO was kind enough to provide 200Mb of free data to every month for awhile…

        If nothing else, the free 200Mb/month would be amazing to bring back for a wearable. I almost always have my phone with me so it can get data from that. But on the rare occasion I might forget it, or maybe I drain the phones battery… Having a watch that could jump online itself, continue to get notifications and let me send out a message or two… Those planning to do more, stream music or whatever could spring for the $10/month plan.

    • Aaron A.

      I have an At&t Samsung Tab A 8.4, unlocked it to work with T-mobile Sim. I been using this tablet with one of my free line for months and no issue. when I log in to my Tmobile account it shows unknown device for that line so as long as you don’t buy the Tablet from T-mobile it should work for you.

      • Bklynman

        You are using phone sim card in this tablet it works?

        • Aaron A.

          Yes I use a phone sim in my tablet. I use about 45GB data a month mostly for video streaming. I had a T-mobile tablet and when I put my phone Sim in that tablet, data didn’t work and was asked to change plan to data only plan because they had the info in their system as tablet so didn’t let me use it with phone sim. So as long as you use a factory unlocked tablet or other carrier’s tablet it will work with phone sim because T-Mobile’s system won’t have any info of that device or know if it’s a tablet or a phone.

        • Bklynman

          Thank I didn’t know this. Do you know if this would work in a unlock hot spot?

        • Aaron A.

          No I didn’t try my sim with any hotspot but as long as it is not T-Mobile branded Hotspot it should work without forcing you to change to data only plan. I had tested my sim in a Dell Laptop that had LTE sim slot and worked fine.

        • Bklynman

          Thanks I am using a sim from paid line I wasn’t really using in old Dell laptop that uses a sim card. If u want to buy laptop that does just look on ebay.Tmo is trying to screw me out of a free S20FE. Long story with that. Worse come to worse I will just sell that phone,paid it off. Just use unlock tablets with my other phone line too. Or might just change my plan to get free lines from the original 55 plus.

    • Bklynman

      Do what Aaron says. I have old Dell laptop( that I got off of ebay.) that uses a sim card. Tmo is trying screw me out of the free S20FE phone deal. But that long story. I just took out the sim card from that phone stuck in the laptop. It works on it!!! LoL!!

  • DHar Harr

    Got my free line, I called CS and already had a SIM card, so no charges either. Just wish I could have gotten the $99 deal for the Galaxy S20 FE with the free line (totally understandable lol), but glad to get the free line anyways. I have the T-mobile One plan.

  • VanceDuke

    Can you use this free line towards one of the “add a line get 50% off a phone” deals?

    • mreveryphone

      Some deals are not available with the free add a line like the iPhone on us and $99 FE deal. It would be best to check before getting the phone deal…

    • DominiMMIV

      Yes and the 100$ port in MasterCard promo if you port in a number

  • Nobody Special

    I have accumulated so far 6 free voice lines…

    • PiCASSiMO

      What number of base (paid) lines do you have?

      • Nobody Special

        I Have the 2 unlimited 4G voice lines for $100.
        So now I have a total of 8 voice lines for $100 + taxes/fees.
        T-Mobile is Grrrrreat !

    • KGB

      If I don’t necessarily need another line, are there any advantages to getting one anyway?

      • Nobody Special

        There are many advantages and only 1 disadvantage. The only disadvantage that I can see is that based on your plan you may have to pay the monthly taxes/fees for that free line. The advantages are too many for me to list… many people on this thread have posted up many great ways to use this free line. THis free line offer is for a limited time. T-mobile have given out (with no strings attached) a total of 6 free lines in the last 10 years or so that I am aware of.

        Advantages: Give the free line to a family member or friend, Use the line as a work phone or keep it in your vehicle as an emergency line, use it as a mobile WiFi hotspot , use it to get extra T-Mobile giveaways. I used all of my lines this past T-Mobile Tuesday and won three ($5 Amazon gift cards). OR you can just get the free line… and come up with a use for it in the future. But if you do give it to a friend or family member… you have to be mindful that if they use that line on a cruise or in another country your bill may be high based on their calls. I would express to the friend or family’s member to not use the phone on a cruise or in another country.

        There are many other advantages and uses… I just don’t have the time to try explain them all on this post. I use my free lines in other ways, And I won’t post up what I do because T-mobile executives read these post as well… if they knew how I use their free line they would put a stop to it. All I can say is be imaginative & think outside the box and use the free line however you choose to without interfering with T-MObiles regulations. I hope I was helpful, have a good day.

        • KGB

          Thank you for the detailed reply! Really appreciate the time you put into the advantages of an extra line

      • Nobody Special

        Today is the last day to take advantage of this free line offer. IM sure there will be more deals like this in the future.

  • Jason

    FYI: I was told I could not add this line because I already had 2 free lines (and 4 paid lines).

  • eric figueroa

    I have 2 free lines now a third after this one I would call again

  • krisstofer

    So can I use this for the One plus 8T promo get 50% off when you add a line?

    • dcmanryan

      Supposedly yes but I’d verify by calling. The Pixel 4a 5G you can too from what I’ve read.

      • krisstofer

        Thanks, I’ll check on that.

    • Boris Govnic

      Go to BH photo; one plus 7t $300 new and unlocked

    • Brian

      You get any promotion they are offering. It is treated like any new line you add. The last time I got a free line I got to use an offer.

      • WONDROUS5000

        no, the free AAL specifically excludes stacking with many of the device promos. 8t IS stackable with this offer, but most other device offers are not.

        • Brian

          I was told I could have any of the current offerings. The lady on the line started telling me about the current offerings and I selected one. I ended up paying off the lines and sold them on Ebay and I get the credits each month. I just saying from my experience from the last time they offered a free line.

        • Matt Macaluso

          The last time you could… They excluded it this go round.

        • krisstofer

          Okay, Thanks. I might get the the 8T but is this OnePlus 8T an okay phone?

        • WONDROUS5000

          Best phone T-Mobile sells in my opinion. That’s what I use. Works absolutely perfectly. Battery life isn’t exceptional. Camera is pretty great this year!

  • Boris Govnic

    For eff sake. How many free line articles do we need what is the promotion in store on Samsung for existing customers on a standard s20 I’m very surprised that not one place has collected all the Black Friday deals for T-Mobile in one place yet for existing customers

  • Joe2050

    Does this apply to Unlimited 55? If i had 2 paid lines?

  • David D

    I don’t want to start any arguments, just wondering if anyone was able to get the $99 Samsung deal with this free line?

  • MachoMachoMan007

    I have a military one plan and they said I don’t qualify..