T-Mobile’s free line deal is ending today


If you’re interested in that free line promotion that T-Mobile launched a week and a half ago but you haven’t yet taken advantage of it, you’d better get on it soon.

T-Mobile’s free line deal is ending today. T-Mo never officially announced an end date for this offer, but news of the promo’s end began circulating on Reddit earlier and T-Mobile has now confirmed to TmoNews that the free line offer is ending today.

This deal offers a free voice line to new and existing customers with at least two paid voice lines. New customers must add two paid voice lines and then they can get a third line free, while existing customers with at least two paid voice lines on a qualifying rate plan can activate a new voice line and get it free. The cost of the free line will be covered by monthly bill credits.

The rate plans that qualify for this promo include Magenta, Magenta Plus, Business Unlimited, T-Mobile One, T-Mobile One Plus, Essentials, and Simple Choice.

Lastly, this deal is stackable with current device offers and past free line offers.

This free line deal could be a great way to get a kid or another family member onto your plan for no extra monthly charge. It’s also nice to see that T-Mobile is allowing Simple Choice customers to take advantage of the plan, meaning they can score a free line without losing the plan they’ve held on to for years now.

Have you gotten a free line from T-Mobile using this deal?

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  • Fan_Atl77

    Great promo, I think, however, my Select Choice plan is Not one of the qualifying Rate plans eligible for this deal…But good luck to All.

    • Mike

      Does your plan have 2 voice lines now? I hope they do another add a line soon and add in so all plans qualify.

      • Fan_Atl77

        Yes, I currently have two active voice lines on my Select Choice plan, hopefully, they will have another promo for All plans….

      • dcmanryan

        This is the first no strings attached free line since 2017 so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  • Mike

    That’s cool to add a line… But what are the charges if you want data on that line?

    • gilbreen

      In most cases, the line will have the same data allotment as your other voice lines. The exception is those with Simple Choice plans who were upgraded to unlimited will only get their initial data allotment on the new lines. In other words, if you have an SC plan with 6GB but your lines were upgraded to unlimited, then you will continue to get unlimited on your original lines, but 6GB on this line.

      • Mike

        Thank you for explaining… That is my case exactly.

      • Francisco Peña

        no. I was told it would take the same characteristics as the others. I specifically asked and was told it would be unlimited too.

        • gilbreen

          That is different from what I was told, but good to know and hope it works out for everyone.

        • Francisco Peña

          we will see in 2 months when the credits are supposed to kick in. Last free line took me almost 6 months to square away properly.

    • dcmanryan

      It comes with data. What ever plan you’re on the free line will be in the same plan. In my case I got a free One line.

  • Sharti24

    So i called to add the free line and it would cost me $10 more per month! Im currently on the 2/$100 Plan with a 20% off insider discount and then added the “free line on us” march 2017 promo. So 3 lines $80 OTD.

    They wanted to change my plan to the tmobile magenta plan 2/$120. Id still be able to keep my “free line on us” march 2017 promo and get the new 2020 free line they’re currently offering but the rep said i’d be paying $10 more. So 4/$90, which is a great deal but i dont even use the third free line now.

    • Mike

      Make sure your able to keep that discount, if you switch to magenta.

    • Alex Pilaia

      I was in the exact situation u are in.. 3/$~80, and they added it with no problems. I also cashed in on the 50% off OnePlus 8 5G due to this adding a new line… Win-Win-Win situation. A+ Tmobile.

    • Francisco Peña

      The first rep I chatted with told me the same, I’d be paying $10 more if I got the free line. I had a 2/$70 plan (6GB SC upgraded to unlimited), + another free line. ($82 OTD)

      So I called 611 the next day and tried again. At first was told it was the Get 2 lines and 1 was free promo. So I stood firm and gave the Doc # floating around. Rep put me on hold, then came back and said I qualified without changing my plan.

      So now I have 4 lines that will cost me under $90 OTD. not bad.

  • Willie D

    Falsely inflating their subscriber numbers based on all these free lines they keep dishing out, many who dont really need them. Makes me wonder what the actual numbers really are. I’d like to know how many actual accounts there are, not how many lines you have total out there. This tells you real subscription numbers. The higher the more realistic, the lower in TMos case where relying on free lines as “subscribers” seems shady as hell and is generally considered inflating the numbers for accounting which is a high no no when it comes to public traded companies. It defrauds shareholders as well.

    • Mike Thaler

      All shareholders care about is today’s bottom line – and future prospects.

      • Willie D

        Then they should care that all these free lines they keep giving away will actually show ARPU much lower than it really is. Remember with Data Stash how that data had a monetary value from an accounting level – which is one reason TMo said that once the stashes start to go away within 1 year the revenue will go back up, because that data goes away then. Same idea with free lines – except unlike Data Stash which is phased out and very few customers may still have this original unlimited data stash up to 1 year, let alone the 20GB max newer revised plan – the free lines NEVER go away or go up in price or limit use. That means the millions of lines out there at a MINIMUM of the retail $10 add-a-line on the lowest rate plan is a massive bleeding cost per YEAR. Im not saying that TMo needs to stop giving away free lines, but they need to stop giving them away so much.

    • Mike

      The add a line for free is interesting, but the catch is you have to have 2 voice lines first before getting a 3rd line free. It’s really no different when a company may have 4 lines for 100.00 and each are 25.00.
      In this case your in it for 70 to 90 dollars (depending what plan you have) and then you get that 3rd line free. But then you need to buy another device.

    • riverhorse

      I disagree. Too many free lines actually makes your earnings numbers look very bad.

  • Steve

    Thanks to TMONews for the heads-up last week, I have the old SC Unlimited Promo 2/$100 and $40 each additional line. Now I have 4 free lines (along with some great BOGO’s along the way) thanks to 2 previous promos and this new one…..and yes, they do cover the $40 on all free lines. Magenta Rules!!

    • Mike

      So your free line is covered for data too?

      • Steve

        Yes. Unlike the ones on the old Simple Choice plans that had a data cap back then, which were then upgraded to unlimited down the line, and these new ones, based on what some comments advise, don’t get the unlimited bump, these still get unlimited data. This old plan, which people like me don’t seem to ever want to give up, also has Full HD (1080p) video streaming, which is no longer offered. The newer plans require an additional fee just to get the 720p streaming. I know we don’t get free Netflix but that’s $10 that I will gladly not worry about.

        • Francisco Peña

          same as mine. I asked if it would be unlimited or the 6GB base plan I had. Told it is unlimited.

          4 lines for $90.. I’m happy.

  • JG

    Question regarding these free lines…

    Would it work if, instead of putting the SIM into a phone, I were to put it into a tablet or watch instead?

    I don’t need an extra phone line, but having free unlimited data on my tablet… That might come in handy from time to time…

    • Alex Pilaia

      NO. Tablet lines are different then voice lines…

      • Loco Mole

        Makes NO difference, as long as the line has data. The new line inherits whatever other promo is already on the account, so most likely this new line will have data.

        Just stick the SIM. You can even use it on smart watch by setting the line to the watch’s SIM number

    • marque2

      Just get the line , it’s free, then experiment later.

      • dcmanryan

        Exactly. If you let the sim card sit on a desk still get it. This was a no strings attached free line which we haven’t seen in years.

  • Robert Roll

    i got the free line added to my account which stacked with all other promos i already had and i also got the rep to add the One Plus Promo( HD Video Streaming and 10gigs hotspot for no extra charge long since discontinued data option) to the new line thats on my other lines as well all via facebook messenger

  • Ore Joseph Lindenfeld

    If you have simple choice, be on top of them to make sure they don’t change you to a different plan. They actually downgrade me to the essential plan with out me agreeing to it.

    However, they were able to reverse it for me, and I still got to keep the free line.

  • John John

    I just called 611 today (July 7th) and I was able to get the free line on us promotion. I had only to pay for the SIM Card ($10 + tax) that will be shipped to me. Thanks for sharing the offer

    • Alex Pilaia

      I have been waiting almost 2 weeks for the sim card int he mail. But I got it as well.. :)

      • Austin8480

        I tried today as John John did and they are saying that is absolutely nothing they can do.

        • Spoonman73

          I tried as well. Said the promotion ended yesterday and weren’t willing to be flexible and extend the offer.

        • jumia


        • jumia

          Same…oh well I wish I had seen this yesterday.

    • Austin8480

      They are being extremely stubborn about it

    • jumia

      I just called and told this expired yesterday July 6th.

  • Brian

    Darn. Missed this. On Simple Choice and would have loved a free line. How often do they do this for existing customers?

    • Francisco Peña

      The last I think thast SC had was maybe last yr. I know I got mine 2 yrs ago. Just took advantage of it now again. Got the SIM card on Monday. They said they had to charge me the $10 for the sim and $30 for activation, but that she’d give me a credit for those amount to balance it out.

      • dcmanryan

        I don’t believe there’s been a no strings attached free line since 2017.

        • Francisco Peña

          I thought the last one was 2018.

        • dcmanryan

          No strings attached and for all? If so I missed it. There was an add a paid line get a free line with it 11/2018 but that’s the only one I recall.

  • Nobody Special

    I am on the Simple Choice Plan and I took advantage of this free line offer and now I have a total of 4 free phone lines…and all of 6 lines have the family stateside international plan for $10. T-Mobile knows how to keep its customers happy. On my unlimited plan 4 voice lines at $40 each… I save $160 a month.

    $1,920 a year.

  • D Duffy

    I took advantage of it on July 5th, setup was simple, then my bill came in August and they wouldn’t stand by anything they stated. I spoke with 2 reps when setting up the free line before I fully committed to verify my simple choice plan would qualify and both said yes. Turns out it was a lie and today, 17 August 2020, they say the promo didn’t start until July 5th and it was only for Magenta plans. This is the 2nd time they’ve dicked me over; they canceled my bill credits after 4-5 months for a previous line with no heads up or reason why they canceled it about a year and a half ago.

    • Francisco Peña

      I got notice my bill was charged to my CC, but it was still $20 higher than I expected. Sure enough, they were charging me $20. So I called, talked with the rep, and she said I signed up on July 9th, when the deal ended the 5th or 6th. I said I ordered it on the 29th of June, had to wait for the SIM to ship and when I got it a week later, I hadn’t been told I needed to put it in the phone immediately. So after having her confirm my order on June 29th, She went to talk to her manager. After a few minutes, she came back and told me they applied the deal to my account, and credited me the pro-rated amount charged for this month and last month too. Checked my bill now, and it is lower, with the credit.

      The ONLY thing is that instead of SC Unlimited line with 6GB hotspot, like my other 3 lines, it shows a 6GB line with data stash. I don’t plan to use this line for at least a yr to give to my son.

      4 lines (3 unlimited) for <$90??? yeah, I'll take that.

      Now I can focus on hoping the S20 deal with $500 off is still around another week.