T-Mobile’s LG V60 ThinQ now receiving a new software update


Heads up, LG V60 ThinQ owners, because T-Mobile is now sending a new update your way.

This new update is version V600TM10r and is 170MB in size. The update says that it brings “various bug fixes, security and system improvements”, and after installing it, TmoNews reader Paul found that the June 1, 2020 Android security patches were included.

T-Mobile hasn’t posted info about this update on its LG V60 ThinQ support page, so there’s no changelog available yet.

The last update that T-Mobile’s LG V60 got was at the end of May but it was based on the April 2020 security patches, so it’s good to see this flagship device get a more up-to-date security patch level.

You LG V60 ThinQ owners can wait for this update to hit your phone sometime in the next few days or you can check for it manually by going into Settings > System > Update center > System update.

Thanks Paul!


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  • Ver

    Just updated. Can’t see any changes. I was hoping it would fix a connectivity issue I have but it did not.

    • jralphroman

      Unfortunately the previous update required me to perform a factory reset for it to take effect…. Not saying thats the case for you but you might want to give it a shot.

    • fyah

      Wifi connectivity issue? I have two v60 and one is not connecting.

      • Ver

        My wifi is fine. No , it’s issues with data being fine, then dropping off and it takes me going into airplane and back to get out to recover. That’s with 4g. Support from tmobile has not been fun. 5g is worse.

  • marque2

    Wow when I wrote this site two weeks ago about the 2 for 1 V60 promo with no strings attached, that just ended, it was crickets.

    Someone writes in about some minor update on the same phone and this is major news?

    It would have sure been a more relevant article if people knew and could have purchased this V60 for $350.

    • dcmanryan

      At least they lowered the price back down. T-Mobile on the BOGO raised the price $100 to $799 without the screen and $899 with the screen case. It’s now back down to $699 and $809. Hopefully the price will drop like most LG phones do after 6 months or so as this IMO is by far the best bang for your buck on a MSRP priced phone so far for 2020. My only concern would be timely updates but so far LG has done well with this model.

      • Mike

        Prices should be alot lower, perhaps 399 and 409. Just can’t think paying over 500 for any phone, let alone 1000. Most phones are probably produced for around 200 or 250 each.

        • dcmanryan

          The Snapdragon 865 alone costs manufacturers around $160. Some may manufacturers may have better deals than others but that’s the average price I could find searching. Either way phone prices have gotten insane.