T-Mobile’s LG V60 ThinQ is getting a new update today


We’ve seen quite a few Samsung device updates lately, but today it’s time for an LG phone to get a new update.

T-Mobile is now updating its LG V60 ThinQ to version v600TM10w. It’s a smaller update, coming in at just 110MB, and you can check for it by going into Settings > System > Update center > System update on your V60.

There’s no official changelog for this update yet but we do know that it includes the September 1, 2020 security patches, up from the July security patch level that the V60 was on previously. TmoNews reader Nick also found functional upgrades and speed enhancements for the V60’s Dual Screen attachment.

If you’ve got an LG V60 ThinQ, let us know if you find any interesting changes after updating!

Thanks Nick and Terrence!


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  • Berkeley Davis

    Appears that this update didn’t enable 5G SA yet. Hoping for it soon!

    • marque2

      How can you tell? Thx

    • Nicholas Smith

      Are you sure cause I noticed MCM Client Requests update and my 5G speed dropped. These were the same tell tell signs from my OnePlus 8 5G when it was enabled.

      • marque2

        What is the point if the 5g speed drops?

        • Nicholas Smith

          5G is 5th generation doesn’t mean it’s faster. 5G Sub 6 and MMwave technology that determines the speeds. Sub 6 is great for range and building penetration where MMwave needs a line if sight but is crazy fast. MMwave is terrible because speeds / signal greatly diminish when behind a wall. My 5G speed was still 92mbs down and 50mbs up. This is fast enough to stream 4 – 4K movies simultaneously. As a reference.

        • marque2

          I get all that but if I am currently getting 5g/LTE @ 50mb/s and the SA upgrade comes along and now I get only 25 – what is the point. I guess greater range?

        • Nicholas Smith

          I would rather have consist speed and range than have high speeds in 20% coverage are and much slower speeds else where. just my thoughts.

      • Berkeley Davis

        I saw that too, but my phone still indicates an LTE connection is present in About>Network Info. Same with SignalSpy, when the bars indicate 5G.

  • I saw 395 down, 53 up in downtown Minneapolis before this update. I’ll have to test again and see if there has been a significant difference.

  • Ver

    I see no difference. Is this supposed to be the SA upgrade?

    • Juan Carlos

      It’s just a security patch, nothing more ☝️

  • David B

    Glad to see LG and T-Mobile are staying up on their game. The V60 is a way under rated that has LOTS of features and is much cheaper than phones that can compete head to head with it. Keeping up with updates could make LG a contender again.

  • Tinger12

    If you have the dual screen, there is also a firmware update as a separate install. It pops up when you have the dual screen connected.