T-Mobile will make Un-carrier announcement tomorrow


Surprise! T-Mobile has some Un-carrier news to share tomorrow.

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert today teased an announcement for tomorrow, May 21, at 8:00 am PT/11:00 am ET. “Curious what kind of things a Supercharged #Uncarrier might do?? Tune back in at 8am PT tomorrow to find out #5GforGood” the new T-Mo CEO tweeted this morning.

Exactly what Sievert has planned is still a mystery, but T-Mobile tells me that it’s launching the next part of 5G for Good. That’s the name T-Mo used for the initiative it announced last year that included T-Mobile Connect, Project 10Million, and Connecting Heroes. So tomorrow’s announcement may also be aimed at helping people be connected.

The good news is that with an announcement coming tomorrow, we don’t have long to wait to find out exactly what T-Mobile has planned.

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  • Brenden Morris

    5G Home Internet for customers. Is my guess.

    • VanceDuke

      Wasn’t that what they said when trying to get Sprint. They need them to help them build out 5G. With that they can get internet into people’s homes for IOT and cable services.

      • Sayahh


    • RealShit

      Lmao dont hold your breath

  • Nobody Special

    I know what it could be… perhaps if you purchase a new 5G phone with the 2 year installment option and add a line you will get a free coupon for a free sandwich from your favorite fast food restaurant… Gotcha!!!

    • jamesianozi

      With a 10.00 minimum purchase

    • Willie D

      Because that’s all TMo does lately. Coupons or free delivery TMo Tuesdays crap no one wants.

  • Alex Pilaia

    is there a stream link?

  • nikolas ostropolskiy

    Hopefully its not cheaper metered 5G plans.

  • Francisco Peña

    they won’t charge for 5G moving forward. I know its policy now, but not set in stone

  • dcmanryan

    My guess is it has to do with the TV service. No idea what, just a hunch.

  • rbfrost

    Enterprise apn, support, malarky…
    Moving into enterprise stuff.

  • JG

    I wouldn’t mind seeing them bring back the 200Mb/month free tablet data plan. This time include a 24-hour unlimited data pass for say $2-3 a pop. It’d be nice to bring a tablet and watch onto their network to have their own data but I don’t do enough travel – especially now – to warrant adding $20+ every month to my bill.

    Not really 5G related, but combining Sprint and Old T-Mobile offers would be nice to… New T-Mobile subscribers get Netflix, Hulu, Tidal and Amazon Prime On Us.

    Maybe TVision on Us as well, or at least some bonus (for example unlimited cloud DVR instead of 50 hours or whatever).

    A new $100 for 2 lines type offer could be nice to, especially if this time it could qualify for Netflix et al added.

    • djurlegit

      T-Mobile already has tablet and watch with their own data line, like with their own mobile number. 2 for 100 are typical offers that comes up every now and then. Uou can hope all you want, but no way would they give us all of those sprint promos. Maybe discounted TV Vision is more realistic.

      • JG

        Yeah, I know they already have tablet and watch lines. They offer 24/7/365 unlimited data for $20/month.

        But with the little traveling I do, and the fact I almost always have my phone with me and/or am somewhere with WiFi, I don’t need continues coverage.

        More of a pay as you need type of plan would be helpful. So if I do randomly take a bus trip somewhere for the weekend, I could open the T-Mo app on my tablet and get unlimited data on it just for that day or two and spend maybe $5-10 rather than paying TMo $20 every single month and 99.9% of the time never using any of the data.

        AT&T has/had a phone plan similar. You got 24hrs of unlimited call and text (not sure about data) for $2, you only pay for the days you use it.

        • djurlegit

          well you mentioned it would be nice for tablets and watch to have their own data plan so I thought I let you know it exist.

        • JG

          It would be nice to have, but the current offerings don’t really work for my needs.

          My Nexus 9 gets (or probably got) 200Mb of free data every month. I considered the BOGO special they had late last year, add a data line, get one free. But 99.9% of my tablet use is on WiFi. So paying every month really doesn’t make sense(*)

          The last time I could have used cellular data was almost two years ago back in the fall of 2018 when we took a bus trip to see Hamilton. I would much rather just pay $10 for that weekend to be able to browse the web, maybe stream some Netflix etc during the 7hr bus out on Friday and back on Saturday. And not have to worry about wasting money on it during 2019 and 2020 while I’m stuck home on WiFi.

          (* That plus my 2014 Nexus 9 is a bit dated now. Would prefer also finding something a little more modern that hopefully is still getting security updates.)

        • PeteFrmNY

          The galaxy tab s6 is a little pricey but surprisingly good. Android tablets were never widely adopted so they didn’t get developer support which stopped what little adoption they WERE getting. At this point, Samsung or Chrome Tabs are the only games in town if you want android in a tablet

        • JG

          Tmo is currently offering half off (via 24 month bill credit) the Tab S6, or a free Tab A. Plus a BOGO for watches.

          I just got a Lenovo Duet (no LTE option though) and have an assortment of Fire, ONN and Chrome devices. Really don’t need another device at the moment.

          Personally I’d love to see a Made By Google tablet, even though they said they’ve given up on tablets. Long term guaranteed security updates.

        • PeteFrmNY

          I think we’ll see them come back to tablets if 2 things happen:

          1. they settle in on the pixel line and start pumping out good, stable devices
          2. the market for tablets stays where it is or increases

    • deepdebt

      I think this is a great idea. They could make the 24 hour pass $3 for on device or $5 for hotspot. I still have my FDFL tablet to use with the pass.

      • JG

        Are they still giving us free data?

        I haven’t booted my old Nexus 9 in years (2017 probably) and I stopped getting emails about the new data allotment.

  • Alex Pilaia

    Link to stream?

    • JG

      Check out his Twitter feed, he posted the video there

      • Alex Pilaia

        NO twitter for me.. Guess it wasn’t a noteworthy announcement if it wasnt live streamed to the masses.

        • Brenden Morris

          You didn’t miss a single thing. They announced a discount program for First Responders. That’s it.

  • JG

    Well… Gotta say I’m a bit disappointed.

    Don’t get me wrong, Connecting Heroes is amazing, it’s great that their doing it and all that…

    But I was hoping for something new. Not just “hey that program we told you about a few months ago, yeah, it’s live now”…

    • Brenden Morris

      Amen. We need something new and exciting from T-Mobile. The only things they announce now are for very few select accounts, to keep costs low.

      • JG

        They’re (hopefully) probably saving the big new stuff for their next announcement in a couple months when they announce they’re retiring the Sprint name and have become New T-Mobile…

  • gorilla

    So, it’s the 21st Today. I’m still waiting for the Un-carrier annoucement.

  • Nobody Special

    The next uncarrier announcement will probably be that T-Mobile Tuesdays will begin 1 hour sooner each week. Or maybe they will extend the EIP to 2 years and 1 month as oposed to 2 years. Or they will give free home Internet and a free 6GB mobile internet plan for the residence of China and Italy for the next 10 years to show their dedication to helping others affected by the Coronavurus.