T-Mobile teaming up with Verizon and AT&T to donate phone chargers to hospitals


It’s not often that we see T-Mobile team up with Verizon and AT&T, but this week the three carriers are getting together for a good cause.

T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T are partnering up with iHeartMedia to donate phone chargers to hospitals across the US so that patients in need can stay connected with their friends and family.

T-Mo says that it’s already donated 20,000 chargers to hospitals in Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and San Diego. It plans to donate nearly 40,000 chargers in total, and any hospitals that want to request them by contacting iHeartMedia.

If you’re going to the hospital for an extended period of time, it can be tough to remember to grab everything you might need because of the situation that you’re dealing with. A phone charger is a small thing that some folks may not remember to bring with them, and so this initiative with T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T ensures that people like that can keep their phone charged up and communicate with loved ones during the pandemic.

Sources: T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T

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  • Shaun Michalak

    What I can see actually happening is people forgetting their chargers on purpose, just so that they could get a new one for free.. and taking it home when they leave the hospital too.. I am not sure about other places, but here, if you want something, all you have to do is talk to someone you know, have them bring what you need to the hospital, and talk to someone at the hospital to have them bring it up to your room.. I have seen it done..

    Any hospital that I have been in, always had a landline that you could use to call out.. With that being said, what harm is there in you using that “wired” line for the few days that you will be in the hospital?? You do not remember their numbers?? Write them down before your phone dies.. I can give a little leeway if you were in a car accident or something.. But other then that.. Well.. Suck it up.. After all, a cell phone is an “entitled” thing.. Go back 20 years, and landlines were all that people had to use.. So it is not like I am saying something that can not be done.. That was the way of life for most people 20 years ago..

    • Bilesha Welton

      Yeah but we’re in 2020. Not 2000. Why should we have to do things the hard way, especially when we don’t need to nowadays? That’s like asking people to stay with dialup and wait patiently because no one needs high speed internet.

      And I’m sorry but if you’re on here complaining that people are trying to scam $10-20 phone chargers at a hospital (without evidence, no less) when their hospital bill is definitely going to be a lot higher by comparison, you need help. Most people can see this for what it really is: the carriers trying to remove one small worry from the minds of patients, who already have enough to worry about. A phone charger should not be one of them.

      • Shaun Michalak

        and you right there, are the reason for the post.. Entitlement.. Why should we do things the hard way.. that is no different then saying that you are going out to eat, because it is easier to have them cook a hamburger then you do it.. Not much of a difference is there..

        “I’m sorry but if you’re on here complaining that people are trying to scam $10-20 phone chargers at a hospital (without evidence, no less)” I guess it was too hard to read the part that I said “What I can see actually happening is “.. Do not twist my comment, or words, to what you want them to say, just because you do not like the comment.. I NEVER stated anyone was trying to scam anything.. I said I could see people doing it.. Scamming is trying to illegally take something, which they would not.. A completely different situation then what I said.. and to have an opinion, you do not have to have evidence, as you stated.. That is exactly why it is just that.. an opinion.. That is like saying that the color blue is pretty, but somehow you need evidence that it is just that..

        That is 2 different things that you twisted my words into something that I did not say.. Have your opinion, that is fine.. We are all free to do so.. But I do not appreciate someone twisting my words into something that I did not say, just to make yourself feel better about your comment, or whatever.. that is bordering on just outright, downright lying, to make others look bad.. which is kind of exactly what you did.. I would appreciate it to common courtesy comments, and opinions, just like every other person that replied did..

    • Ver

      Wow. You need therapy.

    • Brandon Robinson

      I was going to say go get counseling, but ya know what, a Tmonews rant is free so you do you

    • Jason Caprio

      You are right on point. The first thing I’d think of if I had to go to the hospital is, how can I get a free phone charger! LOL

      • Shaun Michalak

        Well, when you do not have anything else to do, why not?? lol

    • JG

      You potentially could use the hospital’s landline, though there could be a few issues…

      1.) While there might be a landline phone it could be for local calls only. Depending on where the hospital is and where your friends got their numbers… I remember one time when my grandmother was at our hospital, she wasn’t able to call any of her friends in her home town because they were considered “long distance” even though her home town was only a 20min or so drive away.

      2.) At some point hospitals might consider not even offering landlines. They got to pay for them after all, and of everyone is bringing their own cell phone into the hospital that is an expense they could do without.

      3.) Our phones are used for far more than just calling our friends. I can read a book on my phone, I can watch TV and movies on my phone, I can play games on my phone, I can browse the web on my phone, I could work from my phone… But none of that would really work from the hospital’s landline.

      4.) Maybe the easiest to overcome…. But are your friends likely to answer a call if they don’t know the number? If someone called me from their hospital room phone it’d just show up as numbers and I would probably dismiss it. Leaving a voice mail “hey it’s me I’m in hospital and have to use their landline” would work, so long as my friends check their voicemail.

      • Shaun Michalak

        Valid points.. Just as an FYI.. I actually posted this just to see how people would react, so no hard feelings about your comment.. Truth be told, I wanted to see what kind of facts, legitimate replies about things, that people would come up with.. Nothing I said was actually inaccurate, but I know how testy people are these days, and how entitled people can be, so I wanted to see “if” anyone could, or would actually come up with a decent or factual response, that shows facts as to why having them is a good thing.. On that note, I would have to give you a congratulations for being the “ONLY” person to do just that, and not have to resort to calling names, putting people down, twisting words, etc.. And you should be proud that you can do just that.. Respond in a civil manner without resorting to insults.. I give you 2 thumbs up for that one..

        PS.. I have been in 3 different hospitals in a little over a year, so I know all too well just how convenient it can be to have a cell phone that works with you.. If nothing else, it can be a sanity saver vs just being able to watch TV when you find nothing on that is interesting, or that you feel is worth watching.. Personally, I brought a laptop with me for the TV part, because that is much nicer to watch stuff on then a little cell screen.. lol

        • InTheMuff

          Shaun, I identify with what you’re saying. 20yrs ago isnt that long ago and that’s exactly what we relied on, landlines….
          Another thing I’ve noticed is now everyone cares so much about camera specs on smartphones like they’re all professional photographers.
          “Oh that camera is garbage on that phone “……

        • Shaun Michalak

          I remember my first smart phone.. The cameras on the phones back then were grainy and not very good, and had about 1mp at best in quality. Now days, they have an 8mp camera that is not grainy, and all some people do is complain about how bad the quality is.. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with using technology, and doing things to get things done faster, easier, etc.. Like I have no problem using a drill to put in a screw vs doing it by hand.. But I think the problem is that people have gotten too used to, too reliant on, and too expectant on the stuff to be there, like it somehow has to be there..

          You know how many people I have seen going crazy because the power went out for an hour.. How am I supposed to cook without my microwave?? It is horrible, my TV is out, now what I am supposed to do?? Like I said, I think we, as a society, have gotten to reliant on things, and for that reason, can not handle it when things go a little out of whack.. Just look at all the people hording toilet paper.. and because I say something about someone using a corded phone, suddenly I need therapy?? I think that should say something in itself at how reliant we have gotten at things..

        • JG

          Yeah, several years ago my aunt was in a nursing home for rehab for several months. Mom insisted we go visit her like every other day at the least… It was nice to get new places to try for dinner, but an hour drive there, an hour visiting and an hour back really eats up your evening especially when you do it 4+ times a week. But mom suggested I’d want her to visit if it was me in hospital, otherwise it’d be too boring…

          I didn’t even have to wait to think.
          Nope, just bring me a tablet and it’s charger and I’m good… Now I’d update the list to include my Pixelbook (and maybe the tablet to), the Stadia controller and some Pixel Buds.

          I could Duo Chat with mom or the aunt (maybe – telling her to tap where it says email to get her email was “going too fast” so who knows if I could explain Duo to her) or whoever. I’d have YouTube TV and Play Movies, Disney+, Netflix, Hulu et al so more than enough tv and movies. A couple hundred unread books on Play Books. And the entire web…

          It’d be just like being at home. Except no cats and I’d be stuck in bed with tubes running in and out of me.

        • Shaun Michalak

          I think that explains most people this past month.. lol

          But in all seriousness.. I can understand that.. My mom, when she could, would come see me about 4 or so times a week when I was in the hospital for the same reason.. The only difference.. at least it was not an hours drive away.. There was even times where she would bring me food to give me a little change from the same stuff to order from..

          When I went in, since it was not something extreme, like a heart attack or something, I figured I was going to be in for a few days since it was a bad infection, and I took a few minutes and packed up all the basic stuff that I wanted, and double checked to make sure everything was there before I went in.. This way, I knew I was good when I got there, and I was not going to get there and say, ah crumb.. I forgot to charge my phone, or tablet, or whatever.. or I have to way to charge them.. I even brought with me a surge strip so that I could plug multiple things in at once..

          Some hospitals will allow you to use them, some do not.. But when you come down to just having 1 plug to use, if they allow it, you will be very happy that you have it.. The surge strip that is..

        • JG

          Yeah… I’ve got a 6 port USB charge station in my travel bag. It came in handy on our cruise. One outlet in the entire cabin, 3 tablets, 2 smartwatches & 2 phones to keep charged.

          They wouldn’t have all needed to be plugged in at the same time, of course, but still…

          The only issue was making sure I had the right number of micro-USB and USB-C cables and for the less tech savvy in the cabin (aka everyone but me) keeping the two ends straight…

          [hmm, looks like Amazon finally added USB-C to its 2019 Fire 10 tablet update. Might have to consider getting some for Prime Day so I can go full usb-c in the future…. Unless Google might surprise us with an Android Go Edition counterpart…]

        • Shaun Michalak

          I have those types at home, where there is multiple plugs on one charger.. But in the hospital, my kindle and cell both use the same plug type, so it was not a big deal having one USB plug for me.. I needed the outlets.. One for the USB charger, one for my Bluetooth charger, and one for my laptop..

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  • Mike

    A truely great idea, but I wonder why TMobile partnered with Verizon and ATT? Think a great company as TMobile could do something on there own for national reconition.

  • Adam Thodey

    Fantastic. I’ve been cleaning my house and have some chargers i no longer need – how many does one really need? is there a way to donate my chargers i don’t need (i don’t have USB cables to go with them) to T-mobile to have T-mobile give them to whomever needs them on the front lines of the pandemic?