Quibi will be bundled with T-Mobile customers’ plans


Last year we learned that T-Mobile was partnering with Quibi, a startup that will be launching a video streaming service. There wasn’t much known about the partnership at that time, but today we’ve gotten a little more info.

T-Mobile customers will get Quibi included with their plan, soon-to-be-CEO Mike Sievert has confirmed. No other details were given, but we did learn a bit more about Quibi itself today.

The Quibi service will officially launch on April 6th. There will be two tiers of service available: a $4.99 per month ad-supported option and a $7.99 per month ad-free tier.

Quibi is a name that means “quick bites”, and as such, all of the content on the service will be short. Movies will be broken up into chapters that run for up to 7-10 minutes, while daily news shows will be 5-6 minutes long. The ads will be short, too, running between 6-10 seconds on shows that are 5 minutes or less.

It’s expected that Quibi will launch 175 shows with 8,500 episodes in its first year. There’s an aggressive content rollout schedule in place, with the goal to release at least three hours of new content every weekday.

There will be content from Steven Spielberg, Bill Murray, and Chrissy Teigen available on Quibi, as well as news shows from the likes of the BBC, NBC News, and 60 Minutes.

In addition to the focus on quick bites of content, Quibi will highlight a special feature called “Turnstyle”. This feature will let you rotate your phone between landscape and portrait mode to get different points of view. The Verge explains that every Quibi show and ad will be filmed in both portrait and landscape and that both versions will be sent to you while you’re watching a show. The version you’re not watching will be a reduced quality version that will automatically switch to full quality when you change orientation.

Quibi has some big names and a signature feature, but we’ll have to wait until April 6th before we know what the content is like. The idea of short movie chapters and news briefings could be attractive to some folks, and the Turnstyle feature could be interesting if shows are able to use it in different ways. The good news is that T-Mo customers will be able to try Quibi without added financial commitment.

What do you think of Quibi based on what we know of it so far?

Sources: CNBC, The Verge

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  • Richard B

    Some lame no-name video streamer for more money?
    I got netflix/AmazonPrime Video/Disney+/Hulu/Apple tv…why would I want this mess?
    They cannot be serious.

  • Tinger12

    So, just like Verizon’s Go90 that was mocked by T-Mobile’s CEO. Which failed miserably. Now to be copied as a T-Mobile service. Seems like a fail to me.

  • Ben

    What happened to T-Mobile TV?

  • Eric A

    More bloatware headed our way.

  • Jason Caprio

    This is DOA. In an already saturated market, this will fail miserably. Nobody is going to pay for something that you can get on Youtube for free.

    • Haggy

      Don’t judge until we see the quality of their cat videos.

    • Jose Hernandez

      The article says that this would be included (for free I believe) for TMobile customers. Are you refering to the general public?

      • Aaron Doubet

        The article says bundled but does not say free. Clarification from Tmo on cost to customers is needed.

  • Francisco Peña

    I’d have gotten my gun and shot grandpa

    • dcmanryan

      Me and you both. Break into my house and I turn into the judge and jury in a matter of seconds and you’ll be sentenced to the death penalty pretty darn quick.

      • Francisco Peña

        and I’m in Florida.. all I need to say it “Step back, I feel threatened” and I’m clear.


  • Nate

    I do not see or have a need for this. It is definitely not a want.

  • dcmanryan

    Is this their way of forcing us out of free Netflix? I sure hope not. This new service will fail and fail fast.

    • Rob_In_NJ

      No clue if this service will succeed or not (the orientation thing is a gimmick and doesn’t work well where I watch content, on a TV), but for sure this is no replacement for Netflix.

  • Moby

    This is fantastic. It’s just another way that T-Mobile is making sure their wireless service remains the best in the country. Thanks to Mike Sievert for getting this done.

  • Phil7474

    Me too

  • L.A. Canuck

    This… coming from the CEO of HP (or what’s left of it).
    I don’t need another promo that T-Mobile customers literally will be paying for (whether or not they use it).

  • alfonzso

    Ugh, society needs less quick bites and more substance.

  • Octoxan

    So, does someone in every single show always have their phone out? Because that’s a stupid idea. What happens if I switch to portrait when nobody is on their phone? I get to see the inside of a pocket?

  • Aaron Doubet

    Is the bill being raised by 4.99 minimum? I can’t tell for certain by this article and others I have read.

    • NardVa

      Most likely there will be a free trial of 7 or 30 days and then if you keep it you pay for it. From the article it states “The good news is that T-Mo customers will be able to try Quibi without added financial commitment.”

  • Aaron Doubet

    Oh also I have youtube for this kind of content.

  • Android_God

    RIP TMobile

  • Bklynman

    Wow! I can’t wait for this!! What pain point was this for? In case anyone reading this,it a bomb even before it showcase,just like guitar hero,does anyone knows anyone who got it GH from Tmo?

  • the martian ambassador

    If it is free for T-Mobile customers then fine, but I have no desire to subscribe to something like this. People can get plenty of news and political information on You Tube and Bitchute. I don’t need to be propagandized by far left news outlets like NBC and BBC.

    They would be better off giving you a discount on audio streaming services like Sirius XM which has all kinds of news and information programming along with the music channels.

  • PC

    This is very RUDE & UNFAIR!! It says be included with YOUR plan but want to charge $5-$10 for it. Wake up incoming CEO Mike Sievert

    This is very rude to not be given a choice if we want it or not. We live in a democracy to have choices NOT something forced upon us consumers.

  • UniBroW

    Lmao, I’m good….