T-Mobile strikes partnership with upcoming streaming service Quibi


T-Mobile appears to be dipping its toe into the entertainment space once again.

T-Mobile has struck a deal with Quibi, a start-up that’s launching a new streaming service in April. As noted by the Los Angeles Times, Quibi will be targeted at millennials and will offer bite-size videos that are 10 minutes or less. Some of the content coming to Quibi will include a new six-minute show produced by the CBS News “60 Minutes” team, a pair of English-language news shows from Telemundo, two celebrity news shows from TMZ, and shows from the Weather Channel and Entertainment Weekly.

Quibi is expected to cost $5 per month with ads or $8 per month without ads. The company hopes to use smartphone-specific features to help its service stand out from all the others that are available. One example of this is that some shows might allow the viewer to change their perspective by changing how they’re holding their phone.

No details have been announced on what exactly will come from the deal between T-Mo and Quibi. It’s possible that the app will come preloaded on some T-Mobile smartphones or that T-Mo customers could get a discount on the service, but for now that info is still up in the air.

“Quibi is leading the way on how video content is made and experienced in a mobile-first world,” said T-Mobile COO Mike Sievert. “That’s why our partnership makes perfect sense — two mobile-centric disrupters coming together to give customers something new and remarkable.”

Meanwhile, Quibi CEO Meg Whitman said, “Quibi will deliver premium video content for millennials on a technology platform that is built exclusively for mobile, so a telecommunications partner like T-Mobile, with their broad coverage today and impressive 5G road map, is the perfect fit.”

T-Mobile has shown an interest in delivering entertainment to its customers. Just this year, it launched its TVision Home TV service and rolled out a new T-Mobile Play app that streams videos from streams videos from channels like Fox Sports and Bloomberg. We don’t yet know much about what will come from this partnership from T-Mobile and Quibi, but T-Mo apparently likes what it sees from Quibi so far since the service’s launch is still several months away.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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  • besweeet

    So… go90 all over again?

  • Ben

    Reminds me of Family Guy’s HTT Pete episode. Do millennials really have short attention spans? Makes me excited for the future.

  • Nate

    Not terribly interested in this.

  • Steve

    I’m interested to see what the T-mo partnership is going to be. Quibi seems like an interesting player in the streaming category. They are amassing talent and are led by Meg Whitman (formerly of Ebay) and Jeffrey Katzenberg (formerly of Dreamworks). Before we write them off, I’d say let’s see what they offer. CBS News (a short form 60Minutes-style program) and ESPN are planning to produce original series for them.

    • Website Administrator

      Meg Whitman is most famous (or infamous) as the CEO of HP when they acquired Compaq, and that didn’t go over too well. So we’ll see what happens here.

    • Willie D

      I can tell you this, if ESPN has a hand in anything the price goes way up!!

  • Danno

    Not interested. I can get enough decent content from youtube. Yes, there ARE some decent channels on youtube. And the TVision…so I want to get rid of my broadband and get T-Mobile delivered TV over my screaming fast cell connection. Oh, TVision is delivered over my existing broadband. I don’t think so.
    Sad, I had high hoped T-Mobile would come through and allow me to cut ties with the likes of comcrap and verizon.

  • SirStephenH

    So basically nothing that you can’t already get on YouTube for free…

  • riverhorse

    Telemundo is the underfunded competitor of Univision… for eons.
    60 Minutes been on the downswing for years now.
    Ditto TMZ, which has become so annoying.

    The target audience not old enough to have seen the golden years, not mature enough to be upset at Leftist drivel, fake news, victimhood, pop tarts and thug musicians.

  • JG

    Quibi will be targeted at millennials and will offer bite-size videos that are 10 minutes or less.

    10 min or less? I’m trying to be entertained, not order a pizza… How are they going to get a decent story arc going if they’ve got less than 10min (especially if ads count as part of the run time).

    • Brenden Morris

      Cooking recipes, news clips, viral videos, fitness tutorials, celebrity news. That’s what they will push out, already taking what we have access to and making it exclusive for T-Mobile customers. But no one is going to use it. We already have Twitter & Instagram & Facebook & Snapchat. Millennials won’t use this new product. I’m a millennial I’m and I will never touch this thing that T-Mobile is rolling out.

      • WRayX

        I’m older than millennials but I like the idea. I think 60mins can be done in 10mins if they just cut the crap.

  • Willie D

    So basically TMobile is reviving Go90 and charging for it? Really? LAME

    • RealShit

      There goes T-Mobile jumping into some bullshit that the world can clearly see will be a failure. Must be the same idiot who came up with linelink. “Hey let’s sell landlines and set top TV sets for $100 a month and shove it down everybody’s throat” lol fuckin dumbasses

  • RealShit

    Doesn’t everybody see the stupidity here? All these bullshit products are either outdated or outnumbered by DOZENS of better options. LineLink, TVision, FamilyMode lol