T-Mobile strikes partnership with upcoming streaming service Quibi


T-Mobile appears to be dipping its toe into the entertainment space once again.

T-Mobile has struck a deal with Quibi, a start-up that’s launching a new streaming service in April. As noted by the Los Angeles Times, Quibi will be targeted at millennials and will offer bite-size videos that are 10 minutes or less. Some of the content coming to Quibi will include a new six-minute show produced by the CBS News “60 Minutes” team, a pair of English-language news shows from Telemundo, two celebrity news shows from TMZ, and shows from the Weather Channel and Entertainment Weekly.

Quibi is expected to cost $5 per month with ads or $8 per month without ads. The company hopes to use smartphone-specific features to help its service stand out from all the others that are available. One example of this is that some shows might allow the viewer to change their perspective by changing how they’re holding their phone.

No details have been announced on what exactly will come from the deal between T-Mo and Quibi. It’s possible that the app will come preloaded on some T-Mobile smartphones or that T-Mo customers could get a discount on the service, but for now that info is still up in the air.

“Quibi is leading the way on how video content is made and experienced in a mobile-first world,” said T-Mobile COO Mike Sievert. “That’s why our partnership makes perfect sense — two mobile-centric disrupters coming together to give customers something new and remarkable.”

Meanwhile, Quibi CEO Meg Whitman said, “Quibi will deliver premium video content for millennials on a technology platform that is built exclusively for mobile, so a telecommunications partner like T-Mobile, with their broad coverage today and impressive 5G road map, is the perfect fit.”

T-Mobile has shown an interest in delivering entertainment to its customers. Just this year, it launched its TVision Home TV service and rolled out a new T-Mobile Play app that streams videos from streams videos from channels like Fox Sports and Bloomberg. We don’t yet know much about what will come from this partnership from T-Mobile and Quibi, but T-Mo apparently likes what it sees from Quibi so far since the service’s launch is still several months away.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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