Samsung Galaxy Fold’s U.S. launch date set for September 27


If you’ve been patiently waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Fold to launch following its delay earlier this year, your time has come.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will launch in the U.S. on September 27. While T-Mobile won’t be selling it directly, you will be able to buy an unlocked version at select Best Buy stores and select Samsung Experience Stores. An AT&T model will also be available at select AT&T stores as well as those Best Buy and Samsung Experience Stores.

Pricing for the Galaxy Fold is set at $1,980. Included with the Galaxy Fold is a pair of truly wireless Galaxy Buds earbuds and a custom aramid fiber case.

Customers who buy a Galaxy Fold will get Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Premier Service, which gives you access to a “Fold Concierge” who will help walk you through the Galaxy Fold and its features, help you switch over your contacts and apps, and show you how to take care of your foldable phone. You’ll also be able to contact a Fold Concierge for support at any hour of any day using a dedicated toll-free phone number.

The Galaxy Fold was originally supposed to launch in April, but some review units suffered from display issues. Samsung delayed the release and made design improvements to help protect the folding screen, like adding protection caps to the top and bottom of the hinge, reducing the space between the hinge and body, and adding more metal layers beneath the Infinity Flex Display for added protection.

It’s disappointing that T-Mobile is no longer selling the Galaxy Fold because it eliminates one way for people interested in Samsung’s foldable to buy one, but at least there’s still the unlocked option. And while the Galaxy Fold isn’t cheap, it is a well-specced device and is one of the first foldable smartphones to come to market, and that could be appealing to some folks. With its design improvements, free Galaxy Buds, and Fold Concierge support, are you thinking about buying a Galaxy Fold?


Source: Samsung

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  • Waiting for the price to drop to free.

    • riverhorse

      Because this version will also fail .
      Better off two screens clicking together upon unfolding, with those two bezels clear and thin as possible.
      And have XXL version with each screen as close to 7″…
      The single display needs to be over 6″.
      If not, it will disappoint as a tablet and phone.

  • Bklynman

    I will buy one on ebay, in couple of yrs,when it is no longer getting updates,or buy the Lg version when they come out with their fordable phone for less than $100.00 on ebay because we all know how great Lg is with updates!! V30 no updates since 3/19,got one off of Ebay for less than $100,for a backup/to use my 2nd line with the 55+ plan(the 1st one and the best one!)

    • riverhorse


      • Bklynman


  • vplaza

    Not interested at all. Will stick to my Note 9 for a while. Doubt my next phone will be a Sammy.

  • Glenn Gore

    The Jerry Rig Everything video should be enough to doom this ridiculous device to the dustbin of time. While I usually find his attempts to destroy a device a little too over the top, when something as little as a fingernail press into the soft material of the screen leaves a permanent mark, there is just no way that this thing is something anyone should buy. Much less the sound of grating from dust and debris in the hinge. Nope, I am just fine with a normal-shaped cellphone.

  • Francisco Peña

    Galaxy Fold.
    Sept 2019 – 2020

    • superg05


      • Francisco Peña

        people scalpd Tickle Me elmos and soon afterwards, you couldn’t give them away… Thus, I put 2020… my next yr, no one will care

  • Nionx

    As a phone enthusiast, I look forward to getting mine, eventually. Let it be fragile and all the other negatives that many try to attach to it. The bottom line is, it a glimpse into the future of mobile devices. And though it seems costly, for what it is, and what it represents, I think its worth it

  • Limeybastard

    Should at least provide a two year warranty on that thing.