T-Mobile and Sprint rumored to have started early settlement talks with state AGs


As more states join the lawsuit to block T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger, the two carriers have reportedly started settlement talks with the state attorneys general.

A new rumor says that T-Mobile and Sprint have started investigating a possible settlement with the state AGs involved in the lawsuit, and it’s said that ideas are being tossed around both internally and with the AGs. Fox Business claims that these negotiations are just beginning and that the two sides are “miles away” from any kind of agreement.

Today’s report goes on to claim that T-Mobile and Sprint are considering several different ways to get the state AGs to settle their case. It’s said that T-Mo and Sprint have considered offering to help fund a program similar to the federally-subsidized Lifeline Assistance Program for low-income consumers. T-Mobile has previously said that if its merger is allowed to happen, it will continue to support Sprint’s Assurance Wireless brand that takes part in the Lifeline Assistance Program.

There haven’t been any official statements on this report from T-Mobile, Sprint, or the state AGs involved in the lawsuit.

The 16 state attorneys general involved in the lawsuit argue that the T-Mobile-Sprint merger will lessen competition, raise prices for consumers, and harm jobs. New York AG Letitia James said that the coalition of states has “serious concerns” about the merger and Dish’s ability to become a competitive fourth U.S. carrier.

The trial between T-Mobile, Sprint, and the state AGs is set to begin on December 9. T-Mobile has said that it anticipates that its merger with Sprint will be allowed to close in the second half of 2019, but with that trial and more state AGs joining the lawsuit to block the deal, T-Mo and Sprint may now feel that it’s best to try and get at least some of the state AGs to settle with them.

Source: Fox Business

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  • KingofPing

    Fears that it would “harm jobs” is ridiculous. It’s emotional pandering, pure and simple.

    Don’t be taken in by their scary claims. The numbers are available to all on US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    From the twelve months leading up to June 2019:
    Job separations: 66.9
    Job hires: 69.4
    Net gain: 2.5
    (The above are in MILLIONS)

    Some perspective on those numbers:

    Even if, in the worst case supplied by the chicken little’s using “job harm” as their talking point, we incurred a job loss due to the merger of 10K, it wouldn’t even be a drop in the bucket regarding the health of our job market.

    On average, 183,000 people separate from their jobs every single day and 190,000 get hired. Even if they all lost their jobs the same day, it wouldn’t push the needle for that single day by more than a few percent, and wouldn’t affect the yearly totals in any meaningful way.

    Don’t take this the wrong way – losing a job sucks. Been there, done that. Personally, it is a stressful and emotional crisis I would not wish on anyone; but this isn’t a personal argument being made when they make the claims of job-loss. They are trying to make it sound like it would harm the job market. It wouldn’t. The current job market takes in 13,000 new hires every two days.

    • riverhorse

      This plays well to the multitudes and becomes clearer when you factor in other stats:48% of US population pays 2% of all taxes / 69% pay in less in taxes than they receive in direct government programs / grants / benefits.
      So between half and seven tenths of population are basically failures who want everything guaranteed free or thereabouts.
      And more keep arriving every day.
      Pretty soon all hard workers will have to go set up shop with fair rules in a distant planet.

      • Acdc1a

        Luckily that’s the half without any guns…

        • riverhorse

          Well, without legal permit that is… Over here they run guns from North Carolina, can rent one for less than a pack of cigarettes.

      • Eric A

        25% of the population is children. So yeah, those deadbeats want everything taken care of and free.

        • riverhorse

          Those were adult stats. Even IF you were right, subtract 15 of that 25 from the 69…and whaddya get?
          It’s why your parents kept after you on what kind people were your friends.
          But congrats on being woke.

        • marque2

          They only count people of working age. I think it is 16+

      • Patrick Longood

        The numbers you cite to support your flawed view is 100% incorrect, made up and misunderstood quasi-factual nonsense. Lets start with this” 48% of population pays 2% of all taxes” UNTRUE. – its made up- since nearly 40% of the budget is payroll taxes which are very evenly distributed – your claim is factually incorrect and impossible. Now if you look at INCOME taxes- which is about 45% of the budget- the bottom 43% of income tax payers pay about 2% of that tax. They also earn less than 30 k per year so I would think that would be expected. the top .1% of earners control more than 40% of the nations wealth- but yet only pay 20% of the taxes….who is getting a free ride here? It’s not the poor because they get pennies to feed themselves- its the ULTRA rich who dont want to carry the weight they should be. Another group getting a massive and royal screwing is the middle income earners who have about 20% of the wealth yet pay 55% of all income taxes. So go spout your nonsense elsewhere.

        • riverhorse

          1. I was citing IRS income tax statistics.
          2. In America, if you’re poor it’s because you’re deficient. NO EXCUSES.
          3.’The Rich’, who employ YOU, have a top combined fed+state+city income tax over 50%. How much more do you want them and corporations to pay before they stop risking starting businesses or fleeing to friendlier havens? How will you eat then?
          4. So it’s your job to prop them up for job, pay raises, etc., since you’re not capable of starting a business and employ yourself plus others.
          5. I may just go spout to your mother, since she raised you with ill-manners, ignorant theories, and poor critical thinking skills.

        • marque2

          Payroll taxes are not taxes per say – they are a retirement program SSA and Medicare). All the money comes back and then some. So you are the one with the BS. The fact is about the lower 47% do only pay about 2% of the taxes and are very government dependent. It is the upper 10% who pay for everyone else.

          I mean good gravy – you want us to give these people who get government grants their whole lives a completely free retirement as well?

        • Patrick Longood

          Hmm …. Payroll TAXES are not TAXES… this is really how you reason things out. I don’t really need to respond to anything else you said- because that statement tells anyone your level of sophistication.

        • marque2

          It is a forced retirement plan – like when the state forces your company to put 3% in your 401k. You wouldn’t call that a payroll tax but it is the same thing

      • marque2

        Remember when Mitt Romney was excoriated for saying this basic truth about the 47%

        • riverhorse

          Yep. The truth hurts the lazy, the envious, and the spoiled- who expect nothing but unicorns and rainbows forever and for all.
          I can’t tell you how many people I fired for not arriving to work on time repeatedly. I would try to help them first by changing their times. But no matter what day, morning, evening – would be late and not even call. If I would point out, the usual response would run, “that’s not fair, what about the two times this week I’ve been on time?”
          Marijuana was another headache for deliveries. Driving while impaired, sitting outside customer’s place and smoking or selling before even delivering the product. And these numbnuts had chutzpah, complaining to corporate and even the police itself when you berated them.

          So many people are worthy of nothing else but to be sent to Fight Isis. And this present abortion debate is so useless, make it free on demand. Because good people breed carefully, but the bad and their apologists multiply like Cockroaches and will eventually take over.

        • Boris Govnic

          Love your response because you speak the truth

    • vrm

      Maybe they should tell those people losing their jobs what their demigod (the one that tried to establish ISIL caliphate here) told others in similar situation- “learn to code”.

  • VanceDuke

    I believe the term is called a shakedown. These states think this is a bad deal and will hold up the process, unless the company throws some money their way. At that point they will gladly stamp the merger with their seal of approval.