Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e now available for pre-order from T-Mobile


Right on schedule, Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 phones are available for pre-order from T-Mobile.

You can now pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10e from T-Mobile and Samsung. T-Mo’s website appears to be loading slowly, but you can also pre-order in-store or over the phone. Color options include Prism Black, Prism White, Prism Blue, and Flamingo Pink, and the 12GB/1TB Galaxy S10+ is also available in Ceramic Black or Ceramic White. When it comes to RAM and storage options, the Galaxy S10 is available in 8GB/128GB and 8GB/256GB versions; the Galaxy S10+ is offered in 8GB/128GB, 8GB/512GB, and 12GB/1TB models; and the Galaxy S10e is available in 6GB/128GB and 8GB/256GB variants.

Here’s what the starting prices for the three phones looks like:

Samsung Galaxy S10

  • EIP: $99.99 down, $22.23 per month for 36 months ($899.99 full retail)
  • JOD: $149.99 down, $31 per month for 18 months, $192 residual

Samsung Galaxy S10+

  • EIP: $199.99 down, $22.23 per month for 36 months ($999.99 full retail)
  • JOD: $249.99 down, $30 per month for 18 months, $210 residual

Samsung Galaxy S10e

  • EIP: $0 down, $20.84 per month for 36 months ($749.99 full retail)
  • JOD: $0 down, $33 per month for 18 months, $155.99 residual

T-Mobile is offering a few deals with these new Samsung flagships. You can get up to $620 off via bill credits when you trade in an eligible device (Samsung Note 9, GS9, GS9+; Apple iPhone 8, 8+, X) and add a new line, or get half off the S10e or $390 off the S10/S10+ with an eligible trade-in (iPhone 7, 7+, 8, 8+, X; Samsung Galaxy S9 series, S8 series, Note 8; LG V30, V30+, G7; OnePlus 6T) or a new line.

T-Mo is also offering a deal that’ll get you four T-Mobile Essentials lines plus four Galaxy S10e phones for $40 per line per month. To get this deal, you need to add a voice line or trade in an eligible device per line and enroll in autopay.

Samsung is running its own pre-order deal, offering a free pair of its new Galaxy Buds truly wireless earbuds to customers who pre-order a Galaxy S10 or S10+.

The Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e will launch on March 8th. T-Mobile has a history of shipping pre-ordered Samsung Galaxy flagships ahead of their launch dates, though, so those of you that pre-order may get your new device before the general public, which is always exciting.

So now we know the specs, the designs, the prices, and the deals, and the pre-order buttons are live. Are you going to buy one of Samsung’s new flagships? If you do, let us know which model you chose!

Sources: T-Mobile: Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10+, Samsung Galaxy S10e, Samsung

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  • Andrew Singleton

    I don’t believe the trade-in promotion is stackable with the add-a-line promotion based on the “or” verbiage in the promotion page…

  • Nick

    The 620 promo is not accurate. Its not anywhere on the site. You have to trade in a phone & add a line & It’s only 390 off & they do have other cheaper values like 250 & 150 I believe if you trade in older phone models. Everything has to be on EIP if your doing this deal. JOD pricing slightly different

  • I ordered the S10+ in Flamingo Pink via Twitter of all places.

    They will NOT budge on the down payments, no matter how good your credit is. (JOD!)

    I spoke with executive care last night & they admitted that they are not interested in selling / leasing the 10+s. The residual must suck as the true 5G model is coming out late summer w/ the Note 10.

    They threw a FAQ page up which concerns down payments (as they are the most expensive out of all the carriers) & it addressed the Cap Reduction / Down Payments as a ”New Direction”. I read this as, we want to shoehorn and sucker people into 3 year contracts on the 10e who don’t know any better.

    • Vlad

      Not true… For select qualified customers down payment on JOD is 123.99 for s10 plus I’ve confirmed that two times with Twitter rep He even tried to start order process,, and monthly payments are 37.

      Complete breakthrough for 3 models is
      Select WQ JOD ( 18 mos)
      $0 Down / $33 mo.
      $77.99/ $35 mo.
      $123.99/ $37 mo.

      • Goober

        Sorry, what does WQ mean? We might be getting an S10+, but that $250 down payment is a great repellent.

        • It’s a BS ‘Well Qualified’ term they made up in their proprietary system. If you’ve been with T-Mobile for over 36 most, you get better “Down Paykent” pricing. But this is a lease, so it’s wasted money, poof, as it’s a Cap Cost Reduction.

          They know the residual value of this device is going to be utter shit as they launch a Note 10 with real 5G in the late summer (MMwave, Sub 7/6 Mhz OFDD SA/NR).

        • Goober

          Thanks. Apparently we have been with T-Mobile forever, so we got the WQ pricing. But I hate that we even have a put a down payment when the point of JOD existing in the first place was so that we wouldn’t have to put anything down period.

        • I agree and I think it’s an abomination of the leasing laws governing closed ended leases.

          I have T-Mobile for one reason or lying: Thier voice coverage & VoLTE implementation is excellent. Everything else sucks, from data speeds to pricing here in SoCal.

    • Alex Wagner

      That Flamingo Pink looks great!

      • Thanks, Alex. I’m excited. I heard that color sold out super fast, haha.

      • I hope it ships on time! Looks like they didn’t make a lot of that color!

  • Paul Smackage

    I didn’t see anything during the order process, from selecting the phone, to signing the document, about free bluetooth earbuds. Maybe this is only available with the 12GB/1TB. There wasn’t an option to order black in 128GB, so I went with blue. I already have a super fast microSD card, so I didn’t see the need to buy 512GB. The price for the 12GB memory model is insane.

  • Jay Holm

    I switched from the S8, to the G7, due to burn in problems on the AMOLED display on the S8’s AMOLED display, Google Maps, web browser, Facebook, keyboard, the task bar at the bottom all created burn in problems. I am waiting to see what LG brings to market when they announce their 2019 lineup this coming Sunday, word is the G8 is going to have an OLED display also. Since Google still hasn’t included a dark theme in their latest version of Android, how do you avoid burn in on OLED in the long term?

    • steadymobb

      I’ve never experienced this

    • Trevnerdio

      Usually burn-in is a drawback of LCD. OLED, as far as I’m aware, only suffers from static image retention (at least on my LG OLED TV) that goes away after a couple of scenes or after cycling the TV. My LG V20, however, with its LCD screen, left the bright Google logo burnt into the screen where Gboard used to have the logo on the left side. That was a bummer.

      • Jay Holm

        I have had the LG G8 for around 8 months, unless I in am in dark bedroom, always have the screen beightnebr high, no burn-in so far on the G7, but on the S8’S I did, Google Maps, keyboard, web browser, and Facebook all caused problems. Wish there was a dark theme for FB. If I were to go with the S10e, or the LG G8 (and it has OLED) I would have to keep the screen brightness bat 40% or so nearly all the time, I don’t want burn-in, ever, not just for 8-10 months.

        • Trevnerdio

          That’s a bummer, I’m sorry to hear that. I didn’t have my S8+ for that long, so I’m not sure if mine would have done it.

  • det_b

    TMo is smokin crack on these 3 year EIP’s!

    • Vlad

      That’s just to help people who can’t pay a lot. Otherwise you can pay off as fast as you want

      • det_b

        Except you’re missing that all trade-in’s net you 36 bill credits instead of an upfront payment. And if you end the EIP early for any reason (including paying it off faster), you lose all remaining credits!

        • Vlad

          Wow did not knew that . Done trade in last year,, got 24 monthly credits.

        • det_b

          Just be sure you dont pay the phone off early! 24months is a good time to hold onto a phone. 36 is ridiculous.

    • Linx

      The EIP is great if you are on Jump 1 or 2. You’ll be able to trade your device for a new one without ever paying the S10 in full. It’s basically like a car lease

  • Francisco Peña
  • vrm

    Anyone ordered from ? They offer upto $550 for galaxy s9 trade-in. I wonder if you actually get that much even if your phone in brand new condition. Shop samsung app on my galaxy s9+ says trade in is $300. Will they honor the $550 value ?

    • Deibid

      Yup..I did. Got free ear buds, $50 in free accessories, and $550 for my note 8. Sweet deal, since I paid $506 for the note 8!

      • vrm

        Did you trade in the note 8 for an s9/+ ? Did you get the $50 accessories after you got the phone ? I placed the pre order for s10 but no mention of accessories.

        • Deibid

          I traded for the S10. I will be getting $50 worth of accesories plus free ear buds (MSRP $130). You had to have signed up for the pre-registration a few days ago I think.

        • vrm

          OK. It still says “up to” 550 trade in. I was just wondering if the actual trade in value will be lower when I send in my device. Never bought from Samsung directly so I was asking. Esp because the app rated the trade in value as $300.

        • Deibid

          Nope… Mine shows a firm $550. Paid $380 with tax after the discount.

        • Athan Broers

          I forgot that it mentioned $50 worth of accessories! I didn’t get anything else. Drats.

          I did order thru Samsung though because of the $550 trade in. I checked the trade in value thru T-Mobile on my s9 and it was either 230 or 320.

          My quandary now is I ordered it unlocked. Reading the comments I am wondering if I need to get the T-Mobile version…

    • Jack site now showing sold out for both S10 & S10+. I had the S10+ in my cart. tried to order. said it was out of stock, then would not let me add it to cart after i restarted. Same with S10. Any chance they restock before Pre-Orders are over?

  • Nionx

    I’m fortunate to have had a Samsung Experience store open up in my area. The grand opening features watching Samsung Unpacked on a the malls massive screen while being served hor d’oeuvres and posh water…but I digress. The Samsung store itself says it honours all of the websites promotions in store. So sorry Tmobile, my wife wants an S10 and is willing to trade her S9 for it. At $550 trade in value towards the new devices and all trades and purchase are handled in store, she will be leaving there with a S10, the Samsung buds and $50 gift card for $350. Not bad at all.

    • Enrique Escobar

      wow, that’s a killer deal! sucks that i live in Atlanta and there isn’t a store near me :(

  • afazel

    I wonder if they will let me pay more down and a little more per month to have a 2-year EIP?

    • Paul Smackage

      No. You have no choice to pay more online. You might at the store.

      • Brian

        Sure you can online. Log into your mytmobile account online. Go to Billing, scroll down and select Equipment installment plans, under Active Plans choose the phone you have on EIP and then select the option to “Make a Payment”

        Pay off as much as you want although I tend to avoid that given it is an interest free loan.

        • Paul Smackage

          Not at the time of signing the EIP, you cannot pay down the new phone that you are buying, there is no option to pay more. Also, paying down your phone later, doesn’t change your monthly payment. It just reduces the months it takes to pay it off. I’ve tried it before.

    • Andrew Singleton

      You could finance for 3 years and then make 12 payments 30 seconds later if you want. Higher “down payment” + shorter term.

    • Athan Broers

      I don’t think you can pay more down but there is an option to pay off or make an extra payment on your EIP separate from paying your bill

  • OnePlus6t IsBoss

    No question the S10Plus will be joining my industry leading #Note9, OnePlus6t, and Revvl2Plus at home base on March 8th can’t wait…

    • pda96

      You sure you have enough phones there? :)

      • Note9Is Boss

        Definitely do and I enjoy em all. Note10 up next in August.

        • pda96

          One life to live. Might as well live it well, right?

    • Nionx

      Almost as many phones as me. Nice to meet another phone enthusiasts. Note 8, S9, Essential Phone, Alcatel Idol 4s, Razer phone, iPhone XR, V20, BlackBerry PRIV. All but PRIV and PRIV are regular rotated, I digress. I’m waiting for the Fold and the Note 10, as well as LG’s offerings.

  • Jay Holm

    So is anyone ordering the 12GB RAM/1TB Storage variant of the S10+? ImI curious…

    • Paul Smackage

      No. Who has that kind of money, when you can buy the fastest microSD cards on the market for half of what they are charging. I can’t see why you need 12GBs of memory.

      • Jay Holm

        Personally, I am currently leaning towards the S10e with 256GB’s, and also buying a 256GB San Disk Extreme microsd card, I am hoping to keep this for a long while, so happy that smartphones are finally, finally coming with a decent amount of memory, so I can download content in case I am working on working someplace with bad network conditions. But I am going to wait until Sunday, when LG makes their announcement for their 2019 lineup, I currently have the LG G7.

        • Paul Smackage

          I would’ve thought about the 12GB if I kept my phone for 2 years, but I don’t.

    • Andrew Singleton

      if it was 5g, it would be a wise 3-4 year investment, but it’s not :(

      • Scott

        5G Naw, not when Pres Trump is already promising 6G… 6G should be available before the S10 hits the streets!!

  • Kirk Lange

    I personally think the S10e is a no brainier.

    • Kirk, if I didn’t want the bigger screen I would absolutely agree with you. Eveidently it even has the same number Super AMOLED+ panel that the rest of them do, which also means no more pentile sub pixel arrangements!

  • Nikitao1

    I swear these JOD prices aren’t making any sense recently. I miss the days when all phones were 0 down for on demand.

    • Paul Smackage

      Phones were $599 back then.

      • An iPhone 6S Plus was not $599, nor was a S6 Edge Plus. They were $799-$949, same as Note 5.

        • Paul Smackage

          I don’t ever remember paying zero for Pluses.

        • I did, also not even sales tax was collected. I can probably drum up a receipt somewhere.

        • THXULTRA

          Was a much better plan back then. Now you get nailed if you switch because of the high down payments. Apple phones especially have a good resale value too so you lose out with the current JOD plan vs buying the phone and selling it.

        • I know, they are gimping it & I can’t fathom why.

        • I’m not saying you’re personal case is wrong, or that you didn’t, I just clearly remember that launch as I worked as a Manager for VZW at the time. My personal line was T-Mo :-)

  • OZ

    Happy to pickup any of those bought on JOD, at the residual price.

  • Andrew Singleton


    • Nionx

      Note series all the way

  • donnybee

    Honestly, I’m probably not going to be buying phones through Tmobile anymore until they eliminate the need for a down payment. Been buying direct from Google and Apple already – will just do the same with Samsung if I need to

    • Linx

      The down payment is only required if you want to finance, you’re always able to pay for devices outright

      • donnybee

        I guess I should have clarified – I’m probably not going to be buying financing phones through Tmobile anymore until they eliminate the need for a down payment.

        Since buying phones outright to avoid alternative methods has been an option since mobile phones first came out I assumed my intent would be understood. It makes more sense to pay off any kind of purchase with 0% financing as you technically pay less over time, so I’m really commenting on the finance options.

  • HeatFan786

    What’s the difference between the T-Mobile and unlocked version?

    • Jack

      Hopefully not much because I bought one on Samsung site after the tmobile models sold out!

      • Brian

        I made the mistake of purchasing an unlocked version of the Galaxy S8 directly from Samsung. Updates to the OS take forever. Any update released always hit a carrier based device then the unlocked variants will get it. I received the Oreo update for my phone a couple of months after the T-Mobile version got it.

    • News Reporter

      I searched for days. The only information I could find was a thing T-Mobile called the “trifecta” to boost internet speeds. “Carrier aggregation, 4X4 MIMO and 256 QAM”. I’m not sure if that requires T-Mobile firmware installed on TMO branded phones. I do know that since Samsung 7, you can insert your SIM and TMO’s apps and software will automatically download and populate. But does a firmware branded TMO phone have better ability to read and direct these internet speeds or is everything done through the Qualcomm Snapdragon modem? I was forced to buy Unlocked S10+ after all the TMO branded were sold out. Same thing happened to Verizon. I suspect this S10+ hit it out of the ballpark with everything people were looking for. Still have time to cancel and reorder if/when Samsung updates inventory. All they do is place orders to China/Korea and it usually puts the shipment date out one week later. Usually automatic.

      • Jack

        thanks for the info. They ended up making more tmobile units available on the samsung site so i canceled my original order and got a tmobile one. It says it won’t ship until 3/15 but I’ll survive

  • Vahdyx

    I would have but I opted to keep my iPhone X and wait to see what other deals come out. If it was buy one get one free like other carriers, I would have hopped on it without hesitation.

  • Robert Profita

    So how much is it if your on jump 1.0

    • Linx

      $270 down including taxes & $23 per month

  • Caleb Graves

    Ordered the S10 for me on JOD. It was 77.99 down and 35/month. Got the S10e for the spouse because of the smaller size. Can’t wait to try out the free Galaxy Buds also.

  • Billy_Boy2019

    Anyone knows the benefits of the ceramic s10+? I have the Prism White already on pre-order but I’m just a little curious about the ceramic phones, thanks!

    • Magenta Oaks

      More storage and Ram

  • Mike Sage

    Anyone know why the 128gb flamingo pinks aren’t available until 3/27-4/19? That’s the shipping estimate from Tmo and the Samsung site says “T-Mobile will go pink on Mar 29th”

  • tommest

    already got my tracking info

    • Vlad

      Wow, a week before Was your credit card charged? When did you order it?

  • Paul Smackage

    I have no tracking info yet. Looks like I get it only a couple of days before release. At least I get the new earbuds that are rated excellent.

  • Joe P

    My card was charged today but no update to order status or email from T-Mobile yet.

    • Paul Smackage

      No way we get this before release date. It hasn’t shipped yet. They certainly won’t ship next day. It comes out the 7th.

      • Joe P

        Yeah, I found my tracking info via UPS, and it hasn’t changed since my shipping label was printed on the 2nd. We’ll be lucky to get it on release day.