LG G6 again rumored to launch on April 7


When LG officially announced the G6, T-Mobile confirmed that it’d sell the new Android flagship, but the only launch info that T-Mo gave was that the G6 would be launching this spring. Now the rumor mill is giving us a more specific date.

An image that appears to have come from T-Mobile’s internal system has appeared on Twitter, and it says that the LG G6 is “COMING SOON!” Looking closely at the G6’s screen shows that its date reads “Friday, April 07,” which differs from the “Sunday, February 26” date that the official images of the LG G6 showed when it debuted on February 26.


This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard that the G6 might launch on April 7. A rumor from early February also suggested that the G6 would hit US store shelves on that date.

Nothing is official until T-Mobile says it is, but April 7 could very well be the date that the LG G6 makes its way to T-Mo’s shelves. Not only is this the second time that that date has come up, but April 7 is a Friday, and T-Mo likes to release flagships on Fridays. For example, the LG V20, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and LG G5 all launch on Fridays.

Via: PhoneArena
Source: Twitter

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  • VeryImportantTroll

    I checked my calendar, I’m incredibly busy on April 7th. In fact the whole week looks shot. Please arrange for T-Mobile to ship my free G6 the previous week. Thanks, Alex!!

    • SelfAbsorbedSamungTroll

      If it’s not Samsung, it’s crrrrrrrrap (rolling “r”s in a horrible Scottish accent). Samsung makes the greatest phones in the whole – wait for it – Galaxy! The new S8 makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches! I can’t wait for its release! (Mostly ’cause I’m hungry for a good grilled cheese!). Everyone copies Samsung and Samsung copies no one! Excuse while I use my modified S7 Edge that I got from Doc Brown to travel to the future so I can get a Note 900 (with matching holographic accessories!)

      • SamsungTrollPretendingToBeLG

        The S8 makes great grilled cheese sandwiches? That was nowhere in the specs! If so, count me in! I was getting tired of the LG’s bolt on quesadilla maker. It was original at first, but there’s only so many ways to make a good quesadilla and the lack of a salsa accessory sealed the deal.

  • IWouldRatherCriticizeThanDo

    Only 1 article on a Saturday morning? Wow TMO News has been slipping. It will never approach the glory days of VoiceStream News back in the day! What is Jaimie Lee Curtis doing these days? She was the best spokesperson ever! And the Nokia phone was da best! (Next to the SideKick and the TMO Shadow, of course!)

    • Bklynman

      Nokia is still making phones,real good ones too,much better than anything the carriers have,just go to their checkout the new android phones they have.

  • StarvingVerizonRep

    I think TMO and everything about it is horrible. Do you have coverage in PlaceNobodyLivesOrWorks, Montana? Of course not! I have lots of friends who were on TMobile, but decided to spend all of their inheritance on a Verizon plan. We all live together in a community dumpster, where we have fantastic signal! (Although it smells a little). TMO Tuesdays? We have Verizon Vuesdays, where we -realizing how ridiculous it sounds and quickly changing the subject- so anyway T-Mobile isn’t the best.
    -collapsing to the floor into a fetal position- Puh-leeeeeeze buy Verizon! I need to sell more so I can get out of this dumpster. Wait……I think I see light…..I will go toward the light….why is it Magenta? #H4TPL

    • jroblopes

      Thank you for contributing… /s

    • lomsha


    • Jason Caprio

      This is why you don’t do drugs, kids…

    • Bklynman

      Mickly D,is always looking for people,get p/t job with them u won’t stave.

    • MattPortland

      Someone has been in their parents liquor cabinet.

    • ericdabbs

      Tmobile just bought the 700 MHz Montana licenses. They will deploy the spectrum and should have some coverage before the end of the year. But yeah…lay off the drugs.

  • Eric Harlow

    lol all these comments are entertaining to read! Reminds me of reading the comic section in the Sunday newspaper!

  • NardVa

    This phone will probably debut close to $800, but LG phones don’t hold value. I expect this phone to be $500 by the summer.

    • Bklynman

      No android phones hold value no longer,or even the Iphone either. The reason why is because they are bringing out new handsets now every 9 months to every year,Apple is doing it too. Just check the prices on ebay,swappa.

      • user311

        I believe he meant that new units bought in store would be marked down by summer.

        • Bklynman

          You are right,I misread what he wrote. He wrote about Lg6.
          But what I wrote is true too,no phone holds it value no more,not the way they keep coming out with new phones so fast now.

  • Mr.Bean

    If this turns out to be true, then LG just dropped the ball here.

  • caucasionally

    Unless my initial rendezvous with the G6 is less than stellar. I’m most likely going to bite the bullet and get it. The new phone bug has me something fierce and there’s no escape now.

  • John

    I think the rear of this device looks… terrible IMHO. Especially the camera.


    Please keep the price under $500 and this will sell like hot cakes. Anything higher, people will pay the premium for the S8.

    • Mike

      I say keep at launch the price should be around $650 for the G6 . Since the rumor is the S8 will start off at $850.

    • #Note5IsBoss #SamsungKnights

      Stop begging…Great article unfortunately no price included that tells something it should anyway. Let’s face truth the G6 with only 32gb of storage which nobody wants to talk about and only 22gb usable is a serious flop. This phone wouldve been fine in latter part of 2015 or early 2016 NOT 2017. It will cost 750 to 800 because LG will try like hell to make for the other flop which was the miserable G5. Can you say……DEAD ON ARRIVAL G6…….The S8 and S8Plus is going to smoke the hell out of the G6 with it’s 2015 wannabe S6 and Note5 design. LG will always mean…LOW GRADE…..

      • squiddy20

        Do you ever get tired of saying the same utter bullsh*t every single day?

  • MattPortland

    WTF is up with these unregistered trolls?

    • Unregistered Troll

      WTF is up with these registered trolls who set their info to Private? No real difference

      • MattPortland

        There’s a huge difference. My private profile doesn’t allow me to talk smack about every little thing that comes along as your moronic unregistered troll account does. Why are stalking my Disqus account anyway? No real life of your own? Sign up or shut up.

  • Paul Garrison

    I hope this ends up being a good phone. I have a V20 and I’m enjoying it.

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