Samsung Galaxy Note 7 officially launches today


Today’s the day: Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is now available.

Navigating to T-Mobile’s web store shows that the Galaxy Note 7 now has an “Order Now” button, and the Note 7 should also be hitting the shelves of your friendly neighborhood T-Mobile store. The Note 7 comes with 64GB of built-in storage and is available in Blue Coral, Silver Titanium, and Black Onyx color options.

Shipping estimates for the Note 7 vary depending on which color you choose. Both the Black Onyx and Silver Titanium are expected to begin shipping between Aug. 19 and Aug. 24, but orders of the Blue Coral model are slated to ship between Aug. 23 and Sept. 6.

As for pricing, you can expect to pay $69.99 upfront and then 24 monthly payments of $32.50 for the Note 7 on EIP. Customers that opt for JUMP! On Demand will pay $0 down and $37.50 per month for the Note 7. And if you choose to pay full retail for Samsung’s new flagship, you’ll be shelling out $849.99.

It’s also worth noting that if you buy the Galaxy Note 7 before Aug. 28, you qualify for T-Mo and Samsung’s launch offer of a free 256GB microSD card, Gear Fit 2, or one year of Netflix. After you buy your Note 7, you’ll need to head to Samsung’s promo page and fill out all the necessary info to get your gift.

Many T-Mobile customers have already gotten their Note 7s because they pre-ordered, and many more will likely get them today. If you decided to hold off on pre-ordering for one reason or another, though, you should now be able to just waltz into your local T-Mo store and snag a Galaxy Note 7.

So, have you gotten a Note 7? If so, what are your first impressions?

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Jalen

    still debating, upgrade s7 edge or no…
    can’t decide

    • Cam Fas

      The note is more future proof it has 4×4 Mimi for double the data connection. It’s not online yet but when it is you will he happy. It should have better data speeds even when your signal is subpar.

      • Kaulana1989

        S7 edge has the same LTE modem has the Note 7 same 4 x 4 Momo

        • Cam Fas

          It’s confirmed that it has 4×2 Mimo not 4×4 it has the modem but not the antennas. The note 7 is the first us consumer device that has it.

        • samsung freud

          Where do you see that on the phone?
          I spent all last night “exploring” and I missed seeing that.

  • Disconn3ct

    I thought they dropped the up front payment..

    • Corey Jalette

      Only for JOD orders it’s 0 down. Regular jump has the down payment still.

    • tony

      i paid $69.96 as a regular jump customer down payment today.

  • John Lee

    Damn it.. I went to the store the minute they opened to pick up a blue one, and they said they didn’t get any stock in because of too many preorders. And that none of the stores nearby will have any either.

    Anyone have any luck getting a blue one in store?

    • Corey Jalette

      None of the stores around have blue yet. And the store I went to only had 4 total, 2 black 2 silver. Lol

    • tranceformer978

      I thought you couldn’t preorder and pick up in store.

    • Al William

      Same thing. I was waiting by the door before they opened just to be told they didn’t get any shipment of the blue and they have no idea when they’re going to get it. I ended up getting the silver. Not bad though. While I was waited on, there were at least 6 other people buying/upgrading to the Note 7 as well. A couple was asking for the blue as well.

  • beganto

    Got the phone yesterday, filled the form on to get the free Samsung 256GB memory card ($200 or more value), got a confirmation email today:

    “Your submission has been approved!
    Your 256GB Memory Card will be sent to you at the mailing address provided when registering for this offer within 12 weeks. *Once your gift has shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking number and additional redemption details. ”

    Woohoo…. enjoying my Note7, don’t mind to wait for the memory card ;)
    All the best for you.

    • samsung freud

      I filled it out too.
      I didn’t find a place to put in my shipping address.
      Did you?

      • Mike Simon

        I filled it out too, and now that you mention it, it never did ask for a shipping address….

      • beganto

        There is, after you fill your email address.

    • Jose

      I’ve checked my request on the samsungpromo website and it says i’ve been approved but i never filled my shipping address? i haven’t received any emails after that how do they know where to ship? or will i receive another email asking for shipping address

  • MisterSuperGod

    For what it’s worth… (GSMArena)

    “some of those who ordered the Blue Coral or Silver model may have to wait for a few (3-4) more weeks to get their hands on the device.”

  • JJCommonSense

    Got my Coral Blue N7 yesterday… and people talking bout its not worth preordering… mmmkay… now they hunting high and low for a Blue N7


      I think the Note 7 is a nice phone, but not worth $850+tax. I give it 2 months max and they will have deals on it for $450-$500

      • mikejones1876

        Nope not happening until next yr more like a Bogo before that

        • Jose

          Agreed, look at the Note 5. It’s still has a high price tag!


          I almost bought the note for$700 or $750 BOGO months ago, but changed my mind at the last minute. I think Samsung will have big deals in 2 months at least. They did with the S7 when it was still a new device. That’s my opinion. I have family members that work in the wireless industry and they have had the note 7 for almost 2 months. They told me it’s not way different than the note 5. We will see what Samsung does


          With the iPhone 7 coming out and the note 7 not having huge differences between it and the note 5, I disagree and i think in November or worst case December we will see a big price drop or deals on it

      • tranceformer978

        You might find it cheaper in 2 months (LOL), but not through T-Mobile. Maybe through a 3rd party on eBay.

        • superg05

          blacklisted likely but the international versions do be cheaper on ebay

  • Stephen Chen

    Hm… why is my Coral Blue looks so deep blue, is there another thin layer of film on top of it i can peel off?

    • tony

      i ran through 8 t mobile stores today no coral blue i ended up with silver

      poooo im sad

      • steadymobb

        You should’ve just called lol. That’s what I did. After the 4th call and reading stuff online I realized no one had them.

    • tony

      wasted so much gas trying to find a coral blue your lucky.

  • steadymobb

    No blue n7 ANYWHERE

    • John Lee

      yeah i realized this today as well… damn it.. I should’ve preordered it instead of waited.

      I went ahead and called in my order, but I’m sure it’ll take at least a month before I get it.. and by then all the 256gb cards will have already been redeemed.

      • steadymobb

        Exactly. That’s why I’m not getting one now.

    • samsung freud

      Dude, No N7 anywhere!
      I was out and about today looking for a screen protector.
      Both tmo stores i dropped by said they sold out of Note 7 on the first day.
      A sprint store also is sold out.

      • steadymobb

        The stores around me have a lot of the black and silver

  • Omegajb

    I was going to pick one up but the USB C port is what made me think twice. I can appreciate the speed but I honestly don’t want to carry the adapter everywhere I go just to charge it. When it becomes more of a standard it will be easier to know I can charge it in a pinch.

    • Al William

      I’m not exactly sure what you mean by carrying the adapter. The phone comes with a USB C type charger..The adapter is supplied only if you need to use a regular USB charger.

  • maanshu

    I got my black n7 and this beast is perfect match. All those waiting for blue, i feel bad for you guys.

  • samsung freud

    I’m curious, for those who visited tmobile stores…
    Did they appear to be understaffed?
    What was your wait time?

    • Corey Jalette

      They had 3 workers out of the 4 computers they had, but i was the only one at the store when they opened, a few orhers came in and out but there was always 1 worker free. 0 wait time.

  • Mikey

    Returning my note 7 today. Very disappointed in this phone. Laggy with severe battery drain. Bummed out.

    • Peter Truong

      The battery on the Note 7 is so bad. Wife and I going to return it tomorrow. For a $850 phone very disappointed.

  • el_perezo

    Anyone figure out why when your sending gifs via text, it sends as a still pic?

    • Michael Ramos

      I’ve figured out why… it’s due to the carrier limit, the file is too big so it just sends it as a pic. I tried the new feature where you can make a gif from anything on the screen and even on normal quality a 5 second gif is too big which is pretty stupid. The stock samsung messenger doesn’t auto resize, i suggest using a different messaging app like (messenger) from Google or (textra)

      • el_perezo

        That’s pretty useless then. A big feature that you can’t use. I know it sounds dumb but I bought the phone for two reasons. Water resistant and GIF feature. I returned it this morning. And yes like others the battery is disappointing. A lot of battery drain and lag.

  • Josh

    My s pen is stuck. Anyone having similar issue and possible fix?

    • Michael Ramos

      It’s a faulty s pen, some guy on YouTube has the same problem. Its with the pen itself not the phone

  • John Lee

    Nice a coral blue on the 19th finding out stores didn’t have them in stock.. Got my shipping notice today. Scheduled shipping was supposed to be 8/23-9/06.

    now I noticed that the black and silver colors expected shipping dates are mid september.

    • steadymobb

      I ordered mine on Friday and still haven’t received any notice :(

  • Chris

    I got my coral blue note 7 on aug. 18 and on aug. 21 it broke in my pocket only 3 days of use. I think its a manufacture defect. Hopefully samsung will do a recall on the note 7.

  • Christian Flores

    Got my blue coral on the 19…played with it this weekend and the battery life was kinda bad at first but it got way better…break in that battery lol im on 20% now after moderate use since 5:45 AM.

  • Philip

    Shipment has been halted! FIRE! LOL!

  • samsung freud