Next week’s T-Mobile Tuesdays prizes are focused on travel


UPDATE: The T-Mobile Tuesdays site has been updated with more info on this week’s gifts. They include a $15 Lyft credit, small Wendy’s Frosty, free VUDU rental, and your choice of one of 10 free HarperCollins books.


Tuesday is still a few days away, but today we know what prizes T-Mobile will have for the next edition of T-Mobile Tuesdays on Aug. 23.

First up, the free gifts. T-Mobile has switched things up this week by not explicitly naming the gifts that it’ll have for the next T-Mobile Tuesday. Instead, it just says that you’ll be able to “grab a ride, a snack, or a movie — all on us!” Judging by that line, it sounds like T-Mo will have a Lyft credit, small Wendy’s Frosty, and VUDU rental next week, but we’ll have to wait until Tuesday rolls around to know for sure.

When it comes to prizes, this week is all about travel. The one grand prize winner will get their choice of two flight vouchers valid for round trip first class travel in the U.S. and Canada or two flight vouchers for round trip first class travel from the U.S. to Mexico or the Caribbean. The winner will also get 1,000 Orbitz Rewards Orbucks (which can be used on hotel bookings) and a check for $1,800 to help cover trip expenses and taxes.

Ten first prize winners will get a flight voucher for travel in the continental U.S. and Canada and a check for $257 to spend on taxes and/or travel expenses. Finally, 50 second price winners will receive 50 Orbitz Rewards Orbucks to spend on qualifying prepaid hotel bookings on Orbitz.

Source: T-Mobile Tuesdays

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  • Willy

    I want pizza and starbucks! For free :)

  • Rorison Meadows

    I want more T-Mobile gear! Socks, underwear, hats, Google play gift card, red box rental, etc

    • tony

      t mobile socks with john legere face on it and underwear with john legere face on it as well as john legere face on the t mobile hat.

  • Deadeye37

    Sweet! Vudu credits!

  • Bradley Karas

    No Mexico for me…I choose not to get kidnapped…that is all

    • tranceformer978

      Stay in touristy cities, you’ll be fine. I had a blast in Cabo in May.

      • Bradley Karas

        This happened in Puerto Vallarta…a tourist city

        • Fullmetal_Omar

          they kidnapped known cartel members, they have no reason to go after tourists….

    • John

      I’m glad nothing bad happens here in ‘Merica

    • Adam

      No Mexico for me either. The road from my house to the airport is a two lane highway. Way too dangerous! I’ll wait until train tracks to the airport get laid. Lucky tracks!

    • Lit

      Not sure about you, but Cancun is safe.

    • Ryan Lochte

      Good idea. Thanks.

  • tranceformer978

    How about some free USB type C cables.

    • lomsha

      That’s too specific. Only a few of us have phones with type c ports. Lol

      • RLB63

        They are coming. All phones will have them soon except maybe Apple.

  • Jsun

    It would be nice if we just get the cash value of these things instead and credit them towards the monthly bill.

  • jeremy vega

    why not give us actually free items instead of discounts to items that some people don’t even use. Like last week what the hell was with the Gilt. why only give us $15 off on Gilt website if most of there products are ridiculously expensive. T-Mobile Tuesday is getting worse and worse every week. Only good T-Mobile coupon was VUDU Credit

    • Fullmetal_Omar

      Cant really complain when something is free and the giver has no obligation on providing said gift. Either take it or leave it.

      • jeremy vega

        but the items aren’t free. its only slightly discounted

        • WorldStarrrrr

          Omar doesnt know what a discount is….
          boy genius he isnt.

        • Fullmetal_Omar

          i guess lol

        • Fullmetal_Omar

          free vudu, frostees and lyft rides are slightly discounted?

        • Francisco Peña

          some are free, some discounted.

          Frostys are free, the dominos pizza was free. Free books and magazines, although they are discounted to free, and I don’t care to register for X and Y sites just to get them. My life was fine without a yr subscription to GQ or whatever.

          I agree that the Gilt and the other travel site were terrible. And i’m kicking myself for not remembering the deal, as I found some items for both my kids on clearance that would have totaled $15. Unfortunately, I forgot to go back and buy them in time.

  • JayBEE

    Cool! Free Vudu creditz! Is it possible to stack the promotional credits? I have another phone on my plan for my son and he doesn’t use Vudu, so would I be able to use his Vudu credit on my Vudu account?

    • Francisco Peña

      not anymore.. At least not for me. So I just made two accounts, one for me and the wife. My DVD player is tied to my account, but my vudu app is tied to the wife’s, so I can Chromecast that account video.

  • Richard Roma

    Is anyone actually winning the grand prizes?

    • JayBEE

      I asked the same question a couple of weeks back and was told that there are some posts on which appears to suggest people are actually winning the grand prizes.

  • Debra Premo

    This is probably going to sound stupid but where / how do you enter into all the sweepstakes? All it shows is “official rules”