T-Mobile kicks off free iPhone 7 switcher offer


Two days after launching its 3rd Line Free promotion, T-Mobile today announced that another deal is getting underway.

T-Mobile is now offering a free iPhone 7 or discounted iPhone 7 Plus to new and existing customers. Existing customers must be on a T-Mobile One or Simple Choice Unlimited Data Plan. To qualify for a free iPhone 7, you’ll need to bring a phone number from another carrier onto T-Mo and trade-in a qualifying device.

The devices that qualify for trade-in are the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, and Samsung Galaxy S7 active.

When you port your number to T-Mobile, you can trade in your qualifying device and buy an iPhone 7 or an iPhone 7 Plus on EIP with a down payment. You’ll get credit for your trade-in on the spot. Then you can register online with the promo code 17Q1APLTRADE and you’ll receive a prepaid MasterCard in the mail that can be applied to cover the down payment and remaining cost of the iPhone 7 or leave $100 on the price of an iPhone 7 Plus.

This free iPhone 7 deal is combinable with select other offers from T-Mo. That includes the 2 T-Mobile One lines for $100 deal, the Advantage $25 card, and the new Free Add a Line deal. However, it’s not combinable with port-in deals like Carrier Freedom.

T-Mo says that this free iPhone 7 offer will run through March 16. It’s available in T-Mobile stores.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Big B

    Well this sucks. I just added a line and picked up an iPhone 7 and had to pay for it. Dammit..

    • LewisSD

      Did you get the free line promo?

    • Bklynman

      How long ago? What I have read from this blog,if it is 30 days or less most of the time they will let exchange it,or just change it to promo,call them up and ask them.

  • Port in Phone Number

    An awesome deal, I am trying to see if existing customers are eligible for this promotion, outside of the T-mobile One plans. The promo appears to target moreso new customers who port in new lines of services….

    • Robertluis B.

      Existing T-Mobile customers are eligible for this promotion but must meet the two requirements to receive the promotion.
      The easiest way to get this free phone is to pay $10 for an AT&T Go phone number but you still have to have an eligible device to trade in. Of course the device must be in working order.
      You must meet two qualifications: port in a new cell phone number from a different carrier and have a device to trade in.

      • Port in Phone Number

        Awesome, thank you for the additional details….

      • I will have to try this. Hope a prepaid phone number from Att qualifies.

  • 4Jad

    So if I’m currently a T-mobile customer I can swap my S7 with an iPhone 7? Or do I need to port a number from outside T-Mobile?

    • Jesus Christhole

      Nope u need to port number AND trade in a device, not a gooddeal for current customers

    • Robertluis B.

      The easiest way to get this free phone is to pay $10 for an AT&T Go phone number but you still have to have an eligible device to trade in. Of course the device must be in working order.
      You must meet two qualifications: port in a new cell phone number from a different carrier and have a device to trade in.

  • Mooch

    Why make it so complicated? Remember when free meant free? Not pay, get credit, then register for a card, get a prepaid card which you can use to pay off the balance. I feel like they make it so convoluted because people are less likely to do it. Do most people really mail in rebates anymore?

  • Suriya

    How it is free when you have to give your current phone to Tmobile. Exchange is the right word, free is completely misleading.

  • stuman19741974 .

    So, as opposed to the September iPhone trade in C.F., this time instead of giving credits each month, they will give you 1.) trade-in value for your old iPhone then 2.) pre-paid Mastercard GC via mail for the remainder of that $650 delta and then 3.) you just have to pay that $27.08 amount each month as part of your bill for the next 24 months. Correct?

    • Jesus Christhole

      It will be on your yr bill but yoy wont pay it sinceu receive a crdit every month

      • stuman19741974 .

        You sure? I’m not reading it that way this time.

        • Jesus Christhole

          Nvm u get a prepaid card and u can use that to pay off the phone

    • SirStephenH

      The way I’ve been reading it is that you get credit for the trade-in but the remaining cost will be EIP. Then you have to jump through a hoop to get a prepaid MasterCard worth the remainder of the cost which you can apply to your bill, paying off the phone, or spend on anything else.

      It’s a stupid promotion that tries to get you stuck on EIP. It’s kind of like the car promotions that have cash-back. It’s really a loan that’s part of your bill but they’re hoping that you take it and spend it instead of applying it to your bill.

  • Dan Barcus

    I have Tmobile. They are too stupid to promote their way out of a brown paper bag in the rain.

  • mreveryphone

    I have two paid off S7 edge’s… Can I trade one of those in for a iphone 7 plus out the door?

  • brybry

    This is similar to the original bogo S7 deal.
    No bill credit bs, it’s a straight up card. Can you cancel after paying off the phone. (After receiving the Pre-paid card) without penalty?

    • PlanetVaster

      I think so, as long as the phone is paid off.

  • Phone Promo…and Bill Credits

    Okay, for the iPhone 7 offer, we will have to switch (port) a number from another carrier along with an eligible trade-in device, then sign-up for a T-Mobile ONE plan with a new iPhone 7 on the company’s Equipment Installment Plan.

    Sometimes, I think it is easier just to purchase the device out-right, hassel-free…

  • Vanessa

    Yes, because an iPhone 7 with a crappy Intel modem on a terrible network is worth leaving Verizon for. Uhh no thanks. #NO-mobile

    • TylerCameron

      Sucks to be a brainwashed sheep. I’m an Android person, but I’ve never heard anyone complain about the iPhone’s LTE network speeds or signal being worse than other phones.

      And crappy network? T-Mobile’s network is just fine, nearly as good as Verizon’s ACS sometimes better. 2012 was a long time ago. You should get out of it.

      • Vanessa

        Brain washed sheep? Go read the articles and the forums about the intel iPhone. It consistently performs worse than the Qualcomm iPhone 7 and the 6s. Any moron can throw out a “sheep” comment, go actually read up on it. You have no credibility as an “android” guy.

        And no, their network is not fine. 0.21 up and 0.05 down and in major parts is Sacramento, Davis, surrounding areas is terrible. Inside the local Tmobile store Verizon gets 78 down 46 up while Tmobile can’t surpass 5 up and 2 down. You should get out more.

        • TylerCameron

          You got any speed test screenshots to back that up?
          I get out probably more than the average person I’ve been on road trips to Iowa, Alabama, a stop I made in Atlanta yielded 140+Mbps near Falcon stadium right after the game ended. I travel frequently because my addiction to seeing Bassnectar multiple times per year requires it, and very rarely do I lose signal. The only places I consistently lose signal is Emporia, VA and Hicksville, NC.

          Upon research, there are differences in cellular perfoance between the Intel and QCOM iPhone. And the lack of ultra HD voice sucks. But there’s a very simple solution: buy the unlocked SIM-free one. It isn’t like the lottery incident with the TSMC/Samsung iPhones.

        • samsung freud

          140+Mbps? Wow, you got any speed test screenshots to back that up?
          I passed through Houston over the holidays (galleria area) and could only max at 30!
          Nope i don’t have any screen shots

        • Vanessa

          That’s because Tmobile upgraded that one specific area. So that doesn’t count in terms how the network is nationwide.

          And while one can buy the unlocked version, that’s not what Tmobile sells you with this promotion, which is what my original comment was about.

          And yes I do have screenshots of those tests. It’s how I got Tmobile to accept my phone return without a restocking fee after the 14 days without a hitch. Even the in store reps know the local TMO network is garbage.

    • Sherman D. Oaks

      T-Mobile rated higher than Verizon for the first time recently. At this point in time they’re pretty much the same. T-Mobiles worst attribute is what goes on inside it’s retail stores, as in getting consumers to purchase unnecessary upgrades and such, their reception and customer service is as good as or better than the rest.
      Verizon and AT&T is for the middle and upper middle class with extra money in their wallets, nothing wrong with that!

      • Vanessa

        There were many things I enjoyed about TMO while I was with them for 3.5 years. And yeah there network has gotten better overall, but I’ve waited all this time with no improvements in reliability or speed. And the reception portion is up for debate. While both may offer a connection in similar places, the type of frequency and capacity available to the customer differs. Verizon has mostly low band. In my home where I would need a signal booster for TMO, I get 3-5 bars on Verizon from the same tower. That’s a big difference.

        • Jeff Tambour

          We left Verizon because T-Mo gave us better reception (and WAY faster speeds), for less money. Then they offered 2 lines unlimited for $100, all taxes and fees included. Then offered free HD and 10 GB hotspot. Then offered to pay us back $10 for every line that doesn’t go over 2GB. Then offered us $150 per ported line for coming over. Then the T-Mobile employee offered us one of his 20% off for LIFE “hookup” codes. Then they offered us a free, unlimited 3rd line, which we took advantage of yesterday. But Verizon is ok too, if that’s what you like.

        • Rick

          All these freebies because that’s the only way they can retain people.

        • Bklynman

          No you must be talking about Verizon,who had too bring back their unlimited plan because of what T mobile did,because they were the only one without unlimited data plan.

  • Joey

    I just brought a verizon line over to t-mobile yesterday on the 3rd line free, can i still qualify for the trade in today even though the ported in number took place yesterday?

    • Sandip

      call tmobile customer reps, normally they consider these kind of request very easily for genuine cases like yours.

  • Blake Black

    que bueno

  • B Maher

    Those tears… must be because you just received your latest verizon bill, and… just…. don’t…. understand…. WHY??????

    • James

      I’ll pay a little more to get better service. Hows that free pizza taste?

      • Bklynman

        He a troll.

      • Raul Rodriguez

        too bad you probably did not taste it the first day TTuesd came on , how is that free pizza in the rest of the carriers ?

      • Deihmos

        I get great service for far less. $100 for 3 lines. How much would that cost me on Verizon and you don’t even have phone freedom.

      • Locust Gee

        No honor in paying more than me for same coverage & worse CS.

  • BlueBlood86

    This is great since many of the iPhone 6s 18 month Jump On Demand ended this month. You pay the $182 to “keep” the phone then trade it in for a free iPhone 7.

    • Deihmos

      That’s not how it works.

    • stuman19741974 .

      I thought existing customers had to ADD a line? I didn’t read it as a general upgrade promotion.

  • Tmobile

    any reason, rich man has so much time to read TMobile blogs? surfing for value for money?

    • James

      Nah just seeing what tmobile is up to these days. Theyre making an impact but theres a reason why verizon and att still have double the customers

      • Locust Gee

        Yes – because the gullibles like you want to pay higher prices for crappy service & coverage.

  • samsung freud

    In a few more months I suspect you’ll be jumping to tmobile, if you’ll even be able to afford it, and wondering how your job got outsourced to an offshore automated bot.

    Make sure the pizza delivery guy knows the make and model of the car in the parking lot you’ll be living in.
    Whatever trust fund you’re leeching from won’t last forever when your attorneys get

  • Deihmos

    It would have been great if they offered this to current customers. I would trade in my iPhone 6s Plus and 6S.

    • nearvanaman

      Hi. It says “T-Mobile is now offering a free iPhone 7 or discounted iPhone 7 Plus to new and existing customers.”

      • Deihmos

        Did you forget the part about porting a new line from another carrier?

        • nearvanaman

          No I didn’t forget. I didn’t understand that. No need to be rude.

        • Deihmos

          I was not being rude. As usual it isn’t a good deal for current customers.

        • nearvanaman

          OK I see…You meant just upgrade a phone on the current line. Sorry I didn’t understand that’s what you meant. I agree but I guess it’s another exercise to increase subscriber count (the changes to One, the 2 for 100). Wonder if he is aggressively laying the groundwork for a merger or acquisition.

        • PlanetVaster

          Soft Bank (the owner of Sprint) is considering selling Sprint to T-Mobile, so a merger may happen.

        • Locust Gee

          So many ways to do this – no need to be dumb.

  • Mike

    Not much love for current TMO customers:(

    • John

      it “technically” is if you don’t care about your number. I escalated this and it specifically states no-where you need to activate a line. just port in a number. got a sim lying around with a verizon pay-go when i wanted to try a moto g and bestbuy insisted i take the sim and wala.

  • TBN27

    I will keep my 6S. I paid it off and it still works. So more money in my pocket.

  • TaekwonBo

    Funny, how T-Mobile is quick to give you a free Galaxy On5 and tout is as a great phone but won’t ever take it back as a trade in for any device.

    • Locust Gee

      How does trading in a cheapazz phone for an iPhone work in any dimension?

      • TaekwonBo

        It doesn’t! It’s just a thought, but TMO is quick to give that free phone making a big deal about it but when they want a trade in back the so called great phone is never an option.

  • Irfan

    darama … fooling people

  • Praveen Kumar

    I was ported from At&t to T mobile today. I have a question here can i pay off total money with rebate master card at a time and can i go back to At&t after payoff total installment because network is horrible in T mobile.

    • Walt

      You just switched today and the network is “horrible” good thing you gave tmobile a 1 day chance lol

    • sandra

      when i signed up i was told i got a 14 day period to decide i didnt like tmobile. i would check and see if you can get out of the deal before the 14 days are up

      • Praveen Kumar

        Can you check and tell me. I don’t think i can go back because they took my old iphone 6s and gave me iphone 7 plus so is it possible to get back to my phone and network

  • Kevin

    I got a better promo idea for t-mobile’s marketing dept: Get an iPhone for free, all you have to do just pay a small shipping fee of $700.

    • Small Shipping Fee

      LOL, LOL, a great idea for the next Un-carrier move…

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