LG G6 may launch in the US on April 7


Following leaked images that claimed to show us the LG G6, a new report has surfaced that may have revealed when we’ll actually get to handle the thing ourselves.

The LG G6 is currently scheduled to launch in the US on April 7. That’s according to VentureBeat, who adds that the G6 is slated to launch in South Korea on March 9.

The LG G6 is expected to be announced on February 26. If today’s report holds true, that means those of us in the US will have a bit of a wait between the G6’s debut and its arrival on store shelves, which would be kind of disappointing. An early April launch would also put the G6 on the market after the Galaxy S8’s debut, which is rumored to be happening on March 29.

If the past LG G6 leaks are to be believed, the phone will get away from the LG G5’s modular design. Instead, it’s rumored that we’ll be getting a glass and metal slab with a non-removable battery, 5.7-inch 2880×1440 display, dual rear cameras, rear fingerprint reader, Snapdragon 821 processor, and a water resistant body.

Source: VentureBeat

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  • joemail

    LG phones are junk and after a couple including the overpriced V20…I’ll pass on this.

    • Bonedatt

      Honestly, I don’t know how they arrived at the V20’s price. For some weird reasons though, they’re not quickly discounted like their G series counterpart either.

  • Mike Thaler

    Many upper end phones are getting too big to put in a shirt pocket. The LG4 just fits. This might be too big. S7 fits.

    • GersonT1000

      I would really recommend not putting your phone in your shirt pocket. I know I wouldn’t want to have something emitting radiation right next to my heart.

      • Rob

        Cellular damage from the radiation is much less likely in the heart than elsewhere in the body since the heart’s cells do not divide. It’s much more dangerous to put it in your pocket – testicular cancer has been on the rise since the cell phone was invented. Just saying.

  • Aleks

    LG missed the memo…….

    Doing away with the removeable battery for the purpose of protecting the enclosed finger sensor was a risky move. I hope this phone does well if it is priced correctly because with the Galaxy S line sporting the latest 835 Snapdragon processors, it is not even a fair competition. The 821 Snapdragon is not even close in comparison to the 835. Battery life is terrible on the 821.

    Given that situation, the S8 will blow this phone out of the water hands down and that’s coming from a longtime supporter of LG products.

    Dammit LG!!!!

    • thepanttherlady

      No pun intended, right? ;)

    • smacsteve

      Battery life on my Google Pixel XL is incredible! What the hell are you talking about. Also, the Snapdragon 835 hasn’t been tested in the wild yet. So don’t be so cocky.

  • mingkee

    Non removable battery is a failure.
    Note 7 is the best example.

    • Philip

      Yes, but every manuf is marching towards that idea.

  • NardVa

    LG has to price the phone correctly to make a splash. If they price the phone to high, most people will opt to spend their money on the GS8 or the next Iphone.

    • PiCASSiMO

      I’m with you. G6 should cost no more than $500 when it’s released.

  • mreveryphone

    They need to release the G6 right after MWC… Anything later than that and they’ve waited to long…

  • Cam Fas

    2017 I’m going to shake my head if it doesn’t have a gigabit modem.

    • Rob

      821 comes with X12 LTE modem – 600Mbps

      835 – X16 LTE modem – 1Gbps

      It’s a damn shame. Looks like Samsung is going to take all the market share 1H 2017. Hopefully HTC pushes out an 835 flagship but I get the impression that Samsung will have priority on the 835 silicon this year.

  • Rob

    Anyone putting the Snapdragon 821 into a 2017 flagship is dead on arrival. It’s over 25% faster, 40% more energy efficient, supports WiFi 802.11ad, it’s an octacore chip instead of a quad, supports gigabit LTE instead of 600Mbps, and Bluetooth 5.

    Unfortunately the Adreno 540 is touted as being able to handle 4K so we may still be in chug-a-long land once again as the resolution wars continue which will negate the battery and speed improvements.

  • brybry

    whoever decides to get this, dont pay full price. you’ll regret it when it drops like a week or two later.

    • Rob

      Most people who buy LG phones have buyer’s remorse within a month anyway.

      • Andrew Leonard

        I don’t mind LG phones with the exception of the UI and resale. Always wait just a few months with them.

        • Rob

          UI, locked bootloaders that unlocking can easily brick the phone, long history of abandoning phones when they drop the ball on the hardware instead of fixing it (going back all the way to the G2x which was so broken they dropped support for it in a matter of months and swept it under the rug – that stunt cost me 550 bucks for the HTC Sensation to replace it)… No, no thanks. If HTC goes under, I’ll probably go either iPhone or maybe OnePlus or ZTE. I’ll leave the Android ecosystem I’ve been invested in since the HTC Hero came out before I’d ever buy LG again.

        • Acdc1a

          I don’t know, $139 for a refurbished G4 is a heck of a lot of phone for not a lot of money.

        • Rob

          It is when you factor in the potential for the bootlooping issue to rear it’s ugly head. Why do you think they’re so cheap?

        • Bonedatt

          I believe LG acknowledged the bootloop issue and have been fixing devices that experience them, even if it’s past the limited one year manufacturer warranty. The bootloop reared its ugly head around the15th month of ownership, and I contacted them about it. They sent me a shipping label to send the phone in, and my phone was returned two days later. I think they replaced the motherboard.

        • Rob

          While that is correct, there is no way to tell if the refurbished device would have the defect and refurbished devices typically only carry a 90 day warranty. After that, it’s as-is. I’d rather spend a bit more than take the risk of buying a refurb, having it die, and then have to go buy another more expensive device that isn’t known to be so problematic.

  • Paul Garrison

    It should be kinda reasonable with the 821 in it.