LG G6 appears in leaked image ahead of MWC debut


T-Mobile has been home to many LG flagships in the past, and that’ll likely continue with the G6, which is expected to debut at the end of February. Before it does, though, an image of the device has given us a look at its front.

A newly-leaked render allegedly shows the front of the LG G6. According to The Verge, we’re looking at a device with a glass and metal body and a screen-to-bezel ratio greater than 90 percent, which suggests that there will be slim bezels all around the display.

Speaking of the display, this image also suggests that the LG G6 will have rounded display corners. That’s not something we’ve seen on many smartphones, but Xiaomi did recently launch a phone called the Mi Mix that also has rounded screen corners.

LG has officially said much about the G6, but the company has confirmed that it’s holding an event on February 26 at which the phone will likely make its official debut. LG Display has said that the G6 will have a 5.7-inch 2880×1440 display with an 18:9 aspect ratio, which will make the screen a bit taller than most other smartphone displays. Considering that the G6 will be a flagship, we’ll likely see at least 4GB of RAM and a high-end Snapdragon processor in there, too.

Source: The Verge

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  • Wayde Philpot

    Looks like a Note 7

  • lomsha

    Finally a 5.7 phone.

    • Cupcake

      Wish we could get someone to make a 6in phone!

      • lomsha

        I would go for that.

  • J.J.

    2017 will be the year of no bezels and I love it!

  • J.J.

    The only problem is the g series has an issue getting the phones out after announcement. G5 was announced in feb too but i believe was not available to buy until April. They are gonna have to be available way ahead of the galaxy s8 (which may also be unleashed in April) to try to steal it’s sales. If they can ship it by mid March they may be able to snatch a few who were waiting on the s8 including myself. But if it’s only a week or 2 before the s8 I’ll just wait.

  • compsciphd

    so what are the chances this has a bootloop issue as well. My G3 died with a bootloop (but LG refused to repair even though in warranty period due to what they claimed was water damage, ended up using CC insurance). My G4 then died the same way after warranty, but LG was good to replace it. I’ve heard the G5s aren’t immune to the issue either. A bit insane that for years they’ve been suffering from this issue.

    • Rgvuser956

      Actually most owners after android 7.0 on the G5 haven’t had that problem. I, for one haven’t.

      • compsciphd

        Note I didn’t say all had it. I said not immune. Could be rare but still happening.

    • Zacamandapio

      The G5 was the worst LG phone I’ve had. So many issues. GPS didn’t lock. Battery would not hold a charge for long. Maybe I had a dud but I never came even close to buying another one.
      From the G3 and on everything went down.

  • Acdc1a

    I wish LG would work on their interface. It makes TouchWiz look downright sophisticated. I ditched my G4 because I couldn’t get past the cartoon like skin.

    • Corey Jalette

      I agree. It always feels like a downgrade the the software when I use an lg phone.

    • taxandspend

      I think I like the LG skin. I don’t feel like it was too different from stock.

      • Acdc1a

        Wow, have you ever looked at stock Android?

        • taxandspend

          Yeah, I have a Nexus 7. I like that too. I’ve seen some that are far different from stock. I feel like the LG interface is stock plus a few enhancements.

        • Francisco Torres

          That’s how I felt about my LG G3. I preferred the color palette they used over what I was used to on the Note 3.

    • Bonedatt

      Nova or any other launcher could’ve fixed that, instead of buying another phone.

  • pda96

    Hate to say it…but the edges look like an iPhone. But for me, the end result is the same as previous LG models. No stereo speakers = no sale!

    • LakeFish

      Serious question — why is that a deal breaker for you?

      When I’m watching or listening to something on my phone, it’s usually just for me, and I use headphones. If it’s with others or I’m alone (where I can turn the sound up), I use a bigger device. Phone speakers are tiny and can be at most about 5″ apart.

      So although I’m not sure what circumstances make stereo speakers on a cell phone useful, there’s obviously something I’m not getting.

      • pda96

        I rarely use headphones of any sorts. I’m not one of those people walking around with earbuds stuffed in their ears, completely oblivious to what’s going on around them.

        The only time I listen to music is when I’m in my car. One of my cars has Android Auto. So I connect my phone to that and listen to music. My other cars are older and don’t support “today’s technology”. So I rely primarily on the phone’s speakers instead.

        No, a phone’s speakers cannot be considered “hi-fidelity” by any stretch of the imagination. But if a phone has front facing stereo speakers, they will still sound one hell of a lot better than a single bottom facing one.

        • LakeFish

          That makes sense, and I totally agree it sounds so different.

          Before I installed a head unit with Bluetooth, I was using an FM transmitter in the car. But when I’m alone in the car, it’s usually audiobooks, so the sound quality there isn’t as important for me.

          At work or at home, there’s times I need to be oblivious if I’m going to get any work done. ;)

  • Phong Trinh

    How long before this one bootloop too?

  • Aleks

    I think this might be the year that all flagships will look nearly identical. Apple, Sammy, and LG have opted to put as much screen space available to use along with the fingerprint scanner possibly placed underneath. I can’t see these phones being that much different from each other, but what may set them apart will be the hardware specs and/or the customers are just complete fanatics of the company they are loyal to. I think innovation has reached the highest point in terms of design. You could say the same for the hardware. Nothing seems to be different these days. It all comes down to what you want people to see you with just like when you drive up to work. Do you want the Chevy, Ford, or Kia? Same old, same old.

    • Joe

      Haha I would like to see apple get rid of all that bezal but idk if they can do it.

  • james

    Bitting going to have 821 CPU blah blah

  • bkat11

    LG will not be getting the Snapdragon 835 so the phones will not all be the same. It will have the same issues that the Pixel has

    • Andrew Singleton

      what issues are the pixel having?

      • bkat11

        Hardware issues like battery drain like in the Iphone 7, software issues such as phone locking up, connectivity issues

        • Andrew Singleton

          The 7 is not having battery issues. The 6s and 6 are, and what is your source of this knowledge? I haven’t heard any of this!

  • Kim F

    Hope it does better than G5!

  • Dan Rubin

    All these deals for the new customers but I have been with T-Mobile for 12+ years. I want free 1 year of Hulu.

  • Bryck

    The only way I was going to buy this phone was if the 835 Snapdragon was on board. Sad to say that I’m disappointed about the news.

    • james

      Wonder why it’s 821 I had heard there was 830

  • james

    821 Google assistant if only it was getting 835