T-Mobile sweetens AT&T switcher deal with free year of Hulu service


UPDATE: T-Mobile tells me that today (January 25) is the last day for AT&T customers to get free DirecTV Now and Hulu for switching to T-Mo.


Last month, T-Mobile launched an offer that gave customers switching from AT&T to T-Mo a free year of DirecTV Now, AT&T’s new streaming video service. DirecTV Now has criticized for having service issues since its launch, though, so now T-Mo is going to “make things right” for those switchers.

All of the AT&T customers that switched to T-Mobile and got the free DirecTV Now will also receive a free year of Hulu. If you’re one of the folks that took advantage of this deal, you should receive a notification from T-Mo in the coming weeks that’ll include a code good for one year of Hulu’s Limited Commercials service.

This free year of Hulu is being offered on top of the free year of DirecTV Now, so customers that got the free year of DTV Now will get to keep it.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Tmo_fan

    That would be great if we can get that on our Tuesday app! I would be very pleased with a free yr of Hulu or Direct tv for existing subscribers.

  • Walt

    I thought tmobile and netflix had something going on between them. Id rather have netflix than hulu

    • Corey Jalette

      Yeah the last year or two they have been doing netflix deals but have offered Hulu as well. I like the Netflix bettertoo. And I have stacked up my Netflix credits I have over 150$ in credits still from last year.

    • Mike

      That was a Samsung Promo thru T-Mobile

  • samsung freud

    How about a free year of service period.

  • tranceformer978

    What’s good on Hulu nowadays?

    • Hulu (for me) is basically just a giant DVR for currently-airing TV shows. I pay for the no-ads version, being $12 a month.