T-Mobile’s fourth Super Bowl LI ad includes a risqué Verizon customer service call

As expected, T-Mobile ran a fourth ad during Super Bowl LI.

The fourth ad stars Kristen Schaal, but this time she’s talking to a Verizon customer service rep about her data overages, asking if she’s going to be punished and about Verizon’s taxes and fees. Like Schaal’s other ad for T-Mobile, this one’s pretty risqué.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere then posted a follow-up video involving the Verizon customer service rep, which you can see below.

This was T-Mobile’s fourth ad for Super Bowl LI, giving T-Mo a total of three minutes of airtime during the big game. That makes T-Mobile one of this year’s biggest Super Bowl advertisers.

T-Mobile’s other Super Bowl LI ads included a history of the touchdown dance with Justin Bieber, a punny exchange between Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg, and a 50 Shades of Grey parody with Kristen Schaal.

Source: YouTube (T-Mobile)

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  • Dark Ages

    I thought TMobile ads were in bad taste and as a long term customer I am more likely to switch away drom TMobile because of the ads.

    • Acdc1a

      You are an idiot. By far the best wireless commercials in years.

      • Dark Ages

        An idiot paying customer who does not find S&M funny or family appropriate and can vote by dropping 8 lines.

        • Acdc1a

          Go to your safe space. The world is a scary place.

        • Dark Ages

          Only if we let it be

        • JMccovery

          I prefer the world being scary, keeps things interesting.

        • Steven

          You’re reading too much into the connotation portrayed. Sure as an adult you can get the joke, but for a little kid, it will be completely over their head. If your children could pick up on the specific innuendo of the commercial, you’re doing a bad job of sheltering them if you care that much. Stop worrying about stupid things Dark Ages.

    • lomsha

      They were hilarious stop it.

    • bkat11

      You’re switching phone companies to pay more because you don’t like their ads???

    • Mike Thaler

      This type of ad has no place in prime time. (And I say this even tho Politically I am way left.) And they banned the ad the end of the ad that was very emotional (Journey84) because it was against Fox’s political stance. They did allow a similar ad by Busch beer showing immigrants Anheuser and Busch as German immigrants (as opposed to Mexicans).

  • steveb944

    This one was okay, all her bits made me laugh a bit.

  • bringCarlyback

    I still miss Carly!!!

  • Matt

    This one made me laugh my ass off

  • Jason Caprio

    Commercial was funny I guess depending on the audience. It fails to mention how T-Mobile constantly punishes you with randomly unusable data speeds on congested towers, which from my own personal experience, there are PLENTY of. T-Mobile punishes you if you leave a major city with spotty coverage. Don’t even get me started about roaming on AT&T/US Cellular in rural areas where you get punished by them shutting off your data access at 50MB, after they already punished you with speeds slower than 2G while roaming. Did I forget to mention that after 28GB, they punish you by increasing the chances you get slowed to unusable speeds?

    T-Mobile has done great things for the industry and making the wireless market much more competitive, but it’s time to stop the childish B.S. How about instead of talking crap about Verizon, build out your network to match or EXCEED their coverage and reliability. I keep hearing these claims that they will soon be better than, Verizon. I am waiting! Talk is cheap.

    The truth of the matter is. T-Mobile HAS to be cheaper and offer more perks than Verizon, because otherwise they wouldn’t survive because of their vastly inferior network/reliability/coverage.

    T-Mobile better count their blessings if Verizon ever decides to offer an Unlimited data plan again.

    • Captain Insano

      I feel like you stole exactly what I was going to write word for word. I do enjoy what T-Mobile has done but they HAVE to do that to eat. I don’t think I saw a Verizon spot or At&t spot during the SB. Sprint had one because they are last and terrible.

      • Jason Caprio

        Speaking of Sprint, they are even more laughable with their claims of being within 1% of Verizon. Sprint’s overall national coverage isn’t within 90% of Verizon lol. T-Mobile beats Sprint by a longshot!

    • Now you see me now you don’t!

      There are work arounds tethering,you can google,pda net. It works great hiding your tethering. It works great,you should try it.

  • lcalhountx1

    I am a loyal and happy T-mobile customer. I was however embarrassed by the company last evening.

    The two “50-Shades” ads took something intended for intimacy building between two people who love each other, de-based it by making it mean, casual and meaningless, and then used it to sell wireless service. In my opinion these ads danced on the edge of the pornographic, and they pandered to the lowest common denominators in all of us, for commercial purposes. Mr Legere, you can do better than this.

    • UniBroW

      Just stop

    • Walt

      Shut your whinny liberal butt up. This is why Trump got elected President. People are tired of Political correctness

      • Andrew

        This post had literally nothing to do with politics. Furthermore it sounded more like the rantings of a conservative church lady.

    • Walt

      Whinny liberal

    • gmo8492

      I hope this is fake.

  • Guest

    The problem is that children and teens were also exposed to this. Think of the message they are getting. And please be consistent with your believes and opinions.