RootMetrics releases new report on US carrier networks, T-Mobile finishes in fourth place


RootMetrics has released its report on the performance of the big four US carriers in the second half of 2016, and unfortunately for T-Mobile, the ranks are similar to the report from the first half of 2016.

In RootMetrics’ report, Verizon finished first place with an overall score of 93.9, AT&T finished second with 90.5, Sprint finished third with 84.7, and T-Mobile finished fourth with a score of 81.2.


RootMetrics notes that T-Mobile’s rankings in its six categories — Overall, Reliability, Speed, Data, Call, and Text — have remained the same since the first half of 2015. Looking at those six categories, RootMetrics says that T-Mo finished fourth in texting, fourth in calling, third in data, third in speed, fourth in reliability, and fourth overall.

While T-Mobile didn’t win any overall state victories, it did win a state award for speed and shared three more while also sharing a few awards for data, call, and text performance. Out of 125 metro areas, T-Mobile won two outright and shared another 23 awards, also performing well when focusing on data performance and speeds in metro areas.


In its report, RootMetrics said that while Verizon won out in its results, competition could heat up in the future as AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile “continue to expand their LTE footprints beyond metropolitan markets.” The report added that “T-Mobile has implemented many technological advances, all of which could help the carrier’s metro, state, and national results improve in 2017 and beyond.”

RootMetrics report is based on 3,690,123 tests conducted while driving 249,935 miles, as well as 4,283 indoor tests.

T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray recently penned a blog post that, while not outright naming RootMetrics, is very likely targeted at this new report. In it, Ray says that crowd-sourced reports like those from OpenSignal and are best because they use data “from real people on their real devices” and that they measure “real usage”.

Ray also says that crowd-sourced reports are better at measuring network performance because they test “where people really go,” whereas “the tests Verizon touts are mostly done on roads.”

To check out the full RootMetrics report, as well as Neville Ray’s blog post, hit up the links below.

Sources: RootMetrics (1), (2), (3), T-Mobile

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  • bkat11

    I’m just as critical of T-Mobile coverage as anyone and I’ve let my rep know it! But to say T-mobile is in the same rating position as they were in 2015 is a joke! Rootmetrics is just garbage

    • Acdc1a

      According to their own “awards,” T-Mobile should be in 3rd place.

      • bkat11

        I’m just saying…we all know Verizon has them beat on nation wide coverage…but those scores are a joke. Sprint faired better? Really?

        • Clifton K. Morris

          Sprint has deployed (and re-deployed) services on Nextel Airwaves. Nextel had a vast network which ran on the 800MHz band. Sprint paid $35,000,000,000.00 for that network. But the valuation was based on a per-customer basis; NEXTEL had the highest-paying customers in the industry. Verizon saw that customers wanted Walkie-Talkie and begin advertising the strength of its network. Most of the Nextel customers switched to Verizon and all Sprint had was the empty airwave rights.

        • Acdc1a

          Sprint’s footprint alone should tell you they have NOT redeployed Nextel’s spectrum (at least not for expansion) and certainly haven’t used thier own spectrum to expand.

        • marque2

          Maybe the Sprint folk are also screwing customers to pay for their pensions, as Dr Morris claims for TMo.

        • marvin bolden

          Dude u have no clue of what u talkin about

        • Acdc1a

          Don’t drunk post.

        • marvin bolden

          Bingo !

  • truth

    Ah, so the truth comes out. Verizon is going to have a field day with this one

    • Nick Hammerschmidt

      Truth… One report compiled by a consulting company who’s primary customer is Verizon? Just ignore the 3 or 4 crowd sourced reports (real users) because it shows a different story.

  • Drew

    Verizon’s stock has fallen amid the massive debt its incurring. They’re trying desperately to acquire Charter Communications. They’ve purchased Yahoo and only have $3B on the books yet they want to buy a company worth $103B… So what better way to send a glowing report to the investors. I also find it ironic that the other 3 carriers pay for RootMetric’s service but T-Mobile does not. T-Mobile having just a .3% improvement from last year leads me to believe this report is pure b******t…

    • Clifton K. Morris

      T-Mobile sends most of its profits to Germany (in the form of dividends and other structured payments). The German Taxpaying Public, through a complex ownership structure, remains the single largest shareholder. T-Mobile has no incentive in investment into towers and coverage in the US until after it merges.

      To compare, many cities and municipalities provide Verizon services for Fire, Ambulance, and police because Verizon is willing to invest in the network to win new business. Verizon isn’t afraid to spend the money. As a result, of Verizon’s focus on Government customers, Verizon will always have a better coverage and signal. It’s just the nature of the business. T-Mobile in the US is really a business that’s setup to fund and finance network upgrades in Germany and across Europe.

      The US has the most expensive cellular service on the planet; and that means profit to upgrade networks across Europe. In fact phone service is so profitable, T-Mobile gives you a free pizza and uber rides every week to your favorite place that has coverage.

      • Nick Hammerschmidt

        Please begin your stories like this “once upon a time in the land of make believe”, it will make it easier to take you seriously.

        Verizon provides good service at extortionist rates, without T-Mobile you would not have a viable alternative and Verizon would continue to rape and pillage with the highest rates in the civilized world. T-Mobile lost DT big money for the majority of the time they have owned it, only recently have they turned a profit.

        • Clifton K. Morris

          Neat story. But there are a lot of people in Germany that count on Americans paying phone bills to fund German Employees’ pensions.

      • marque2

        So you are saying because they are partially owned by Deutche Post, that the owners don’t care about profits, and growing the company? You win for stupidest thing I have ever heard.

        As for Verizon, with a good head start and twice the customers, I am not surprised they have better coverage.

        • Clifton K. Morris

          No. I’m saying that there’s no incentive for Deutsche Telekom to invest in the US when it’s going to be spun off and merged anyway.
          Thomas Hodgges must love cashing the checks from unsuspecting Americans. Having financial resources can make a company even more profitable because the goal of the entire company is to deliver service; and the US was always seen as a way to introduce a wedge into the world’s most expensive cellular market.

          With the money T-Mobile makes, the head office in Germany can afford worldwide trademarks like that to the color pink.

        • nps_ca

          You must be UTTERLY blind if you cannot see how much investment has gone into the network

        • Drew

          I’m not understanding your solution—if there is one. What does T-Mobile supposed to do while it is still owned by its parent company? What are the T-Mobile subscribers supposed to do erstwhile? What is your solution? DT offered TMo USA up for sale a few years ago when AT&T wanted it. After that didn’t pass, they rescinded the offer. DT now believes they can be very profitable and has no reason at the moment to sell. They have invested. The network has been built up each year after that. That will include the jump to LTE-U this Spring.

          You keep saying the American checks are being cashed unexpectantly by Thomas Hodges. That’s like being upset that a landlord is using $$ from his other rental property to pay the mortgage on his current house. Doesn’t make sense…

      • gmo8492

        While a merger might be beneficial for DT, I highly doubt they will not continue to invest in T-Mobile U.S. Especially if T-Mobile has already stated that $10 billion be set aside to fund spectrum acquisitions and network improvements, why wouldn’t they do it.

      • DJT

        FAKE NEWS

      • marvin bolden

        Lol true

    • 8tackOnTit

      Ugh. Charter Spectrum customer. Screw Verizon, when we had DSL they dragged their heels when we complained about service. Internet and online gaming were impossible during holidays. All they wanted to do was to get us on FiOS while doing nothing for the service we actually paying for.

    • Gary Hernandez

      Verizon buying Charter will never get passed the FCC, Would kill the cable industries competition. Just how Att was denied Tmobile and Comcast denied the purchase of Time Warner.

  • Trevnerdio

    Unrelated, but did anyone else just get a text saying T-Mo is throwing an extra 4 gigs my way…? I have unlimited, so I’m confused.

    • Clifton K. Morris

      That’s likely the same thing T-Mobile would be required to give away to customers if the Federal Trade Commission found them guilty of stretching the truth in their advertising. Perhaps T-Mobile is trying to get ahead of the feds (unlike the German Volkswagen execs).

      • Trevnerdio

        I assume it would apply to all customers then, because I’m on the really old plan, which is even more lax than the new “unlimited” offering….though I only get half as much hotspot since they bumped T-Mobile One up to 10GB.

    • Thompy

      I believe the 4 extra gigs would be in regards to your tethering ability.

      • Trevnerdio

        I was thinking the same thing, but 4 gigs is such a random number to just throw out haha oh well, hopefully it does apply to tethering! It’s nothing to use 9 gigs, let alone 5.

  • Stl22

    4th is a nice way of saying last.

    • DJT

      Stl22 is a nice way of saying troll.

  • Stl22

    4th is a nice way of saying last.

  • AS118

    To be fair, certain people travel a lot and need to know how good the coverage and speed is on roads.

  • Jason Caprio

    I concur with these results. I’ve done extensive traveling using Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. More often than not, Verizon/AT&T would function just fine while T-Mobile would struggle with either signal strength or a CONSISTENT fast data speed. T-Mobile always had a more consistent strong signal within a metro area, however speeds were very inconsistent. Outside of metro areas, Verizon AT&T reign supreme, but T-Mobile is catching up which is GREAT for the consumer. Competition amongst the 4 carriers = we all win.

    • TylerCameron

      Actually, at&t is in a lot of trouble if they don’t obtain more spectrum.

      • Acdc1a

        They will bleed enough subscribers to compensate.

  • Matt

    I don’t know how much I trust Root metrics testing. It isn’t as transparent as OpenSignal. OpenSignal offers more details on testing methods and devices used.

  • Matthew T Wagner

    Root Metrics is a fraud… I spank the competition with my T-Mobile Speeds…

  • On a not entirely unrelated note, since switching to TMO1, my tablet’s data is getting throttled for no apparent reason. On 4g, I get lucky to break 300 kbps, and on LTE, I’m around 2 mpbs. I called on Saturday, and after a friendly convo with tech support, they said they’d have an engineer look into it, expecting a resolution within 72 hours. Almost 120 hours later, I’m still experiencing the issue and have not been contacted about anything. It’s worth noting that they confirmed that my account is not flagged as a high-data user, that my other devices are not experiencing this issue, and that I currently only have 3 gbs down for this billing cycle on this device (most of which was prior to the switch). This is the first major problem I’ve had in years, and I really hope it gets fixed. Looks like I might have to call again soon. Anyone else have any similar issues? This started happening literally right after the switch (noticed as soon as I got home).

    • The Waz

      Tmo1 only Gives you 3G 365kbps per second. If you pay for the tmo1 plus then it’s 4g lte

      • This is in reference to the TMO1 Tablet Plan. I’m not sure where you’re getting that or if you’ve misunderstood my post, but the plan specifically reads, “…includes unlimited 4G LTE data…”, which you would hope would be the case at $75 / mo. base price before discounts.

        • Bklynman

          Not sure if this will help u,I had the same problem,with my phone and hotspot service,tablet plan. With my phone somehow my lte service got turn off by itself,to do that you need to go to setting turn everything off,really know what you are looking for. How that happen on my phone have no idea. So to me it sounds like the same thing happen to your tablet,somehow the setting got switch off. Call tech support again tell them u think your tablet has turn off the lte service,somehow,they should be able to walk you thru it. Now what happen with my hotspot and one plan tablet, somehow they put it on my tablet plan on my hotspot service,they fix that 123. Some how when i switch over to the one plan for my phone it turn off the lte service on my phone I was left with 4 g service. Sound like the same thing happen to your tablet, My phone is the note 3. If you know what you are doing u can do it yourself,if not just call tech support they can walk u thru it. Hopes this helps.

        • All suggestions are definitely welcome at this point. My tablet is almost worthless on a standard 4G connection with these speeds. It won’t even properly load a video on YouTube at 144p (lowest resolution), and it takes 5-10 minutes to update a single 10mb app in the playstore.

        • Bklynman

          Let know what happens.if that was the problem or not. Good luck.

      • Phone Guy

        That’s the old T-Mo one plan.

    • Phone Guy

      1st, call and get a bill credit. They love to give bill credits. Only takes a second.

      • Thanks for the recommendation! I will definitely do this if this issue isn’t resolved with our next step. They’re sending me a SIM replacement to see if that makes a difference.

  • Steve

    Like I said, Verizon is better.

    • Walt

      Without a doubt verizon is better. Once tmobile acquirers nationwide 600mhz watch out. Remember, they have more towers than Verizon and could blanket cover the US in 600mhz nationwide. Also you get what you pay for.

      2 for $100 on tmobile vs
      2 for $140 on Verizon

      • Steve

        We did 6 for $220 on Verizon. Not to mention their device insurance is $33 a month for all 6 instead of $10 a piece. It’ll be a few years before they can deploy that and devices support it, not to mention they may not be able to get their hands of 600mhz everywhere they want to. 4 years with TMO was enough for me. Not to mention that Verizon is better funded with deeper pockets, so I trust them more in terms of network development going forward.

        • Walt

          Agreed with everything you said. Plus You got a pretty good deal with Verizon. Youre lucky they went back to unlimited data

        • TylerCameron

          Device insurance is for suckers.

        • Phone Guy

          Yup. I have used it 6 times for myself in the past 18 months. My replacement is coming in 2 days. I must be a sucker. 2 failed charging ports, 1 screen that was peeling, and other issues.

        • TylerCameron

          Those are all device defects your warranty would cover for free.

        • John

          She said 18 months, not the standard 1 year you get without insurance. Helps to read the replies with attention :)

        • TylerCameron

          Well after at months, one would have spent $198 on insurance so far, $198 + $175 deductible = $373, which means you might as well had saved the money all those months and once you’ve broken a phone, to simply buy a used one on Swappa.
          Or even just buy the part and fix it, depending on skill level.

        • Phone Guy

          Becuse they go into their customers’ pockets deeper! :(

        • gmo8492

          I wouldn’t trust Verizon with anything.

  • Petey07

    TMobile works well for me in the SF bay area. Also I had LTE in most part on Hwy 5 going to LA. Service in LA is pretty good. Had service in most part where we stayed at (Long Beach). LTE speeds was very good as well. Service in Puerto Rico was limited, especially Rincon where we stayed barely had any service which sucks. Service in Las Vegas was pretty good as well. Data speed is good there.

    When I had Verizon a couple years ago, data speed was so bad during rush hour on the bart where it was unusable. That was the time where TMobile was very bad with the prior CEO to John.

    TMobile have alot of room to improve, the coverage is ok, but they definately need to improve their data speed in some area that are really congested.

  • Rob H.

    Not surprising if you live somewhere T-Mobile is not that great. Their coverage and data speeds are as bad as sprint in Nashville. The network has spots in coverage in TN where you fall from LTE to Edge. Bands 2 and 4 don’t cut it here.

    • Acdc1a

      In Nashville proper I have to disagree with you. Taking the state as a whole, you’re spot on.

  • Hmmm root metric seems fishy with their testing. There’s no way tmobile improved in studies about a year ago and tank the rest.

    • gpt2010

      Maybe they just hate John!

  • Guest

    What good is Unlimited data when speeds are very slow.

    • Romdude

      If you are in a good area, it’s very fast. Tmobile’s network is based on higher speed bands which unfortunately don’t go very far and can’t penetrate buildings. This is why Verizon keeps trading its lower spectrum to Tmobile for highspeed spectrum and vice versa. Still they are slowly deploying band 12 and aggregation and now 5mhz wifi expansion. When you are in a good urban area, it’s hard to beat t-mobile which is why for me, it’s the best choice. If I lived elsewhere, I’d be stupid not to pick whatever is fastest and provides the best features, bonuses, perks and bang for the buck, whatever that network would be.

      • Noremacam

        As another rural resident, I concur. It’s very fast in southern Indiana where T-mobile was recently expanded into, including very very recent Band 12.

    • GreenMonkeyPants

      I have never had an issue with speed on t-mobile. Coverage is the problem. If I’m in an area where my phone isn’t showing “no service” I usually get 20+ mbs.
      T-mobile still need to work on signal, especially indoors. In well populated areas, there should be no excuse for not getting signal.

    • Phone Guy

      If you don’t live on a farm with pigs, you will get blazing speeds. :)

  • Larry E

    The problem with Tmobile is they show 95% coverage for my state. Even in covered areas, the speed can get slow to non-existent.

    At my house, I can barely connect and its intermittent. When I go to work(metro Atlanta), I get blazing fast speeds. If I could get metro-area speeds at my house, I’d cancel my home internet and go full tmobile.

    • TheCudder

      Basically, T-Mobile’s coverage maps are exaggerated. I have to use an LTE CellSpot at home. Without it I only get occasional 3G, but mostly zero coverage. But their map claims I’m in a Good LTE coverage area. Tell this to their tech’s and they say that the maps are just out of date —- how exactly does an out of date map claim to have MORE coverage than you currently have? So T-Mobile once had coverage in a developing area and decided to stop covering the area as subscribers moved in? LOL

      • Deplorable Patriot

        TMO’s coverage maps are approximations based on distance calculations from their towers including elevation changes. the equations don’t take anything else into account. TMO still falls short in hilly terrain where they were last to put up a tower and thus have the less than ideal spot, where verizon secured leasing rights to the best position in an area 20 years ago when it was Bell Atlantic Mobile. the same goes for mult-company tower leasing. verizon and att are at the top of the tower. TMO is forced to lease space 2/3 up on the tower thus leading to poorer coverage

    • Mike Thaler

      No cell internet service is meant to replace home or office internet.

      • Andrew Leonard

        Wow, no… I haven’t had home internet since BingeOn.

  • The Truth

    Take that T-Mobile Trolls! Your network still in last place HA!

    • Larry E

      Well, I save $50/month over other providers. Put that in an interest bearing account with a decent money market and that’s $167,000 when I retire. Take that Verizon/ATT troll! Enjoy your overpriced phone.

      • JJCommonSense
    • Walt

      Yes everyone knows verizon and att have better coverage than tmobile. You get what you pay for

    • DJT

      Don’t worry sprint troll sprint will be gone soon. Bankrupt ..bought out and T-Mobile will move to #3

  • Phone Guy

    We all saw the projected T-Mobile coverage map for end of 2017. I believe, while T-Mobile is concurrently fixing or improving metro areas, they are pushing most of their tower building crews and growth to get ”’some sort of coverage”’ to fill out that map in blank areas by the end of 2017, then I think after 2017 more energies or focus will go back to improving the metro areas, etc. I think they want that huge footprint to match Verizon’s map first, then they will go back and “fill in” with more towers, new tech, new frequencies, etc to help with those ratings. They are probably on the right path. They are throwing the paint against the wall now, and will clean up later and spread it around.

    • Goat

      I strongly believe a merger is possible in the coming year. However, there will be growth and stability improvements regardless. I can’t wait to see the RootMetrics report next time!

  • Deplorable Patriot

    i think this is hilarious. come to philadelphia and see who is better. TMO wins out by leaps and bounds. i get between 50-90 down in Philly. verizon i was getting single digits

  • Mike

    I have complained about the inconsistency of TMO for years. One day could be decent and the next dreadful. At home it sucks and I’m only able to get decent coverage due to wifi. In bad weather I have to drive approximately 8 blocks away from home to get coverage. I’m just 15 miles west of Philadelphia. Forget all the new crap and focus on fixing the crappy network coverage where the maps say we have robust coverage. 0.6 Mbps down and 0.2 Mbps up on the super fast TMO LTE network.

    • Hooray4thePanttherLady

      Why are you still with T-Mobile? I have pretty good coverage with TMO here in Southern California, but if I had inconsist coverage “for years”, I would have left a long time ago.

      • thepanttherlady

        LOL at your name. :)

        Whereabouts in SoCal if you don’t mind my asking? I STILL have coverage problems in some parts of Santa Ana and in Orange, specifically by The Block (Outlets of Orange). Doesn’t seem to matter if the phone I’m using came directly from T-Mobile or not.

        • Hooray4thePanttherLady

          I live in Anaheim, but travel all over So Cal. I haven’t been to The Block in years, is there much to do there these days? Last time I was there it was bowling, D&B’s, and outlets. I am mostly traveling through populated areas – going up the 5 to the Bay Area, despite what someone said earlier, was very inconsistent – but it’s a trip I rarely make (that’s why airplanes were invented).
          And when I say “pretty good” it is in comparison to my peers at work and the coverage they have. I am, by no means, a network tester, but where I work and play – it’s pretty good! Santa Ana? Outside of a few “Hole in the Walls”, not much exciting there – unless you’re a “South Coast Plaza” Santa Ana person

        • thepanttherlady

          I don’t go to the areas a whole lot but when I’m driving (rideshare) and have to be in the area, the coverage is lacking.

          Funny though, when I go hiking I seem to get reception just fine. :D

          ETA: I live in Anaheim too.

        • Hooray4thePanttherLady

          I know who to call if I need a ride in the area! Which phone will she be using?

      • RGV956

        Lol your pathetic with your fast T-Mobile network. I bet I can top you with my 0.2 Mbps download speeds and my 0.8 upload speeds! Boom all on T-Mobile’s Super Fast 4G LTE network!

        • Hooray4thePanttherLady

          You’re pathetic with your spelling. At least use spell check to help make up for your glaring lack of education. And your attempts at insults are laughable – remember, we’re not laughing with you, we are laughing AT you! Boom! You’ve been spell checked into the boards!

    • Steve

      Took the words out of my mouth. Inconsistent for years!

    • RGV956


    • gmo8492

      PA is pretty bad, consider moving out soon.

    • Laststop311

      I live in a metro area and T-mobile is blazing fast 38/12 on the conservative side.T-mobiles advantage is that they were forced to build their network out on higher spectrum so there are more towers to split the load (also more costly and why it lagged behind in overall footprint) It sucks for travelling but if you just stay in the city most your life t-mobile gives outstanding performance at the best price period. T-mobile has the largest metro capacity.

    • moonoverparma

      If T-Mobile is that bad for you, why are you using them?

  • Thanks! I’ll note this. I spent the morning with T-Force, detailing the background, the problem, and the phone call from last week. I was fortunate to get an excellent person helping me who actually read everything I had typed, reviewed my file, and treated me competently. This issue perplexed her, and she concluded that I’ve done pretty much everything they could recommend on my end in this situation so far. As a hail mary effort, she’s sending me a SIM to rule that out as the possible culprit. If that doesn’t work, I will send the email you’re suggesting.

    It’s such a bizarre issue. Since my post above, I’ve noticed that the LTE speeds vary from 1 mbps to 12 mbps, which is fine for me. I’d be happy with that. The problem is that, at home, I’m usually on standard 4G, and after 20 speed tests on different days and different times, it paints a pretty clear picture: my device cannot go above 300 kbps, as if it were on Edge rather than 4G.

    Maybe it’s the mother of all coincidences, but I’ve had this tablet for two years (Samsung Galaxy Tab S) and it was totally fine on 4G prior to switching to TMO1 on Friday last week.

  • Joe

    These results are quite accurate because if you think about it sure t-mobile is faster than att and on par with verizon or better when you have signal but when you don’t well that will result in being third in speed and data. Also call and texts sometimes act up for my whole family so this looks about right. Maybe by the end of 2017 we can see some improvement to solid 3rd place.

  • KaminskiBrigade

    The biggest gap between T-Mobile and the others:
    Go to that report, scroll down, then click on the “Call” section.
    T-Mobile’s score is 67.2
    Other carriers: Verizon (90.1), ATT (84.6), Sprint (86.4)

  • Walt

    What phone was used? I cant find it in the rootmetics article either

  • Dakota

    As a Verizon customer, I found this report very hard to believe. T-Mobile’s LTE footprint covers way more area than Sprint. Don’t tell me Sprints extended 3G outperforms T-Mobile’s LTE. I personally think Rootmetrics is getting a nice kickback from Verizon

  • Tim

    So confused. Tmobile is ranked 1st or 2nd in the test below, but 4th in this current test???

    • Francisco Peña

      One study uses people results, the other uses hired techs with a brief case of phones or a panel in the car of them, running tests as the tech drives or walks around.

      Neither is really wrong, but how you wish to interpret this is what matters. The root metrics route drive all over so if they go to rural areas, TMo will suffer. The other way people report what they are getting, and usually that boosts urban or metro areas.

  • Critic4U

    All the tests done on RootMetrics and OpenSignal are dependant on people running an app and that would mean if ALL people don’t have the app, then this in my opinion is not an accurate representation of how all the networks are. To get a true reading you would have to mandatorily install this on everyone’s phone on all four of the carriers for a few months, at that point you would get a decent accurate test and another way would be for RootMetrics/OpenSignal to give some kind of monetary compensation reimbursed by the four carriers for every user that would be participating in the biggest test ever to see who is the champion.

    • Brandon

      I definitely agree

    • Walt

      Yeah add it like that carrier IQ incident that happened a few years back

  • Philip

    I am very confused now. All these + #fakenews + fakepolls. Dont know what to think anymore.

  • gmo8492

    Rootmetrics is legitimately fake news.

  • steven berson

    I’ve been relatively happy with tmobile. Price and customer service is great. However the last several months I did notice a few things that did upset me a bit. Hold times when calling 611 is much longer vs 2015. My data speed is sometimes inconsistent. I understand these guys are growing rapidly and network is getting congested but they need to hire more cs reps and continue to increase network capacity. Overall can’t complain $120 for 1 line unlimited data + 4 lines 4gb high speed + 1 tablet 6gb +1 tablet 500mb (free).

    • Mschmal

      If you call Tmobile 611, always tell the voice response that the reason for your call is to cancel your service. This will put you into queue for the US call center where the associates have the most power and the best training.

      • Critic4U

        You know what’s funny I knew that too, but I never posted it and now posting that could get rid of that option. Choose wisely on what you want to share with the rest of the world, otherwise services that you once knew about could be altered and they could change it to where it no longer does that anymore.

    • Laststop311

      On the 70/month unlimited line here. i only need 1 phone im so alone :(

    • Limeybastard

      Indeed feel the same. Last few months for me quality of said above gone south.

  • damianpostigo

    RootMetrics has been know to just make up news when they feel like and this is no exceprtion look around on the net and you will see. I will stick with open signal I like the way there android app works

    • Locust Gee

      I agree that the OS app & data collection methodology appears to be more sound.
      Crowd sourced data is as close to real life feedback as anything.

      & their time spent attached to signal definition is a solid way of looking at coverage ie you wouldn’t spend a lot of time on the phone if you weren’t occupied with something in this case using a data connection.

  • DJT


  • Tlaw

    Under the same bridge you’re under.

  • Bryant

    I just had several download speeds yesterday around Salt Lake City and hit 100 Mbps over a few tests! Speeds are increasing in Utah! And so is coverage.

  • Sean Sorlie

    Any report that puts Sprint above ANYONE is obviously BS especially when other REAL reports have reported T-Mobile near the top. I wonder how much Verizon paid them to release this? Completely laughable nonsense.

    • Richard H. Rahl

      In all honesty, all of these crowdsourced reports have 0 statistical validity. The only way to get an honest coverage comparison is to randomly choose a set of geographic points in the US and compare carrier coverage in each.

  • Tom

    How many people does sprint cover? Last i heard was 300m. I cant find the updated number anywhere

  • Locust Gee

    Was in outer exurb of DC this past weekend.
    ~40+ miles
    Speed on Band 4 was in the 40’s mbps for TMO.

    Unless you are in SoCal.
    40 miles away from urban center is considered rural in many cases.

  • vinnyjr

    dont buy this bull shit report at all. T-Mobile is so much better in every category than Sprint, I have a family member on Sprint, Just awfull speeds, dont have a clue why she stays with them. In my area T-Mobile is faster, better plans than all Carriers. Ive had Verizon for years on a Grandfathered unlimited data line. Dropped it because it kept dropping to 3G, Verizon on 3G just sucks. Dropped it and glad I did.

    • Walt

      So tmobile is the best in boston? I heard Att was pretty good in that area too

      • dtam

        tmobile is really good in boston, att and verizon are really good too. not sure about sprint, don’t know any poor souls who have it.

    • Denny

      I am a costumer of T-Mobile since 2004 and I am a happy costumer as I will not consider switching to any other carrier, because I have a lots of reasons not to do so.

      Even thou there are a lot of problems with T-Mobile network that makes the rootmetrics report trusted. If you look in to the network map of T-Mobile it is really impressive of what they have done, bot that that’s not true map. As soon as you drive out of Philadelphia area like Jenkintown there is no data reception at all. If you continue driving north PA Washington D.C. area is also at the same situation. as soon as you are out of city data coverage it shows LTE but the reception is 0 data.

  • guidomus_maximus

    Why this is crooked: If everyone has the same opportunity to provide signal data, then its fair. If you can pay Root Metrics to drive around and map out all your coverage area, then your coverage is going to show as massively better than anyone else. Not because it is, but because its fully mapped out. You can also avoid the bad spots and only salt results with a good signal. The other carriers show as worse, because their coverage area is not ‘salted’ with extra coverage reports. I knew this was crooked a few years back when Root Metrics dumped there database and started over. At that time, they showed T-Mobile well because T-Mobile was pushing users to the site. When they dumped their data and started over (about the same time T-Mobile STOPPED pushing people there), the next day all of the Verizon coverage was mapped out (all the streets), but the other three were not. Now you could do this with Speedtest too, but it would be way harder to salt enough samples to be significant.
    As the T-Mobile community abandons Root Metrics, T-Mobile results will drop more, since fewer samples get added and the salting of Verizon results become more impactful.