Sprint sending holiday gift baskets to T-Mobile stores that include URL for Sprint’s jobs website


T-Mobile and Sprint have a pretty heated rivalry, with John Legere throwing jabs like “Sprint like hell” and accusing the number four carrier of “copying all the time” and Sprint advertising a recent promo by flying a banner over T-Mobile headquarters. The CEOs of the two carriers have even traded blows on Twitter. Today another chapter is being written in the story of Sprint and T-Mo.

Sources today shared photos that show Sprint-branded gift baskets that are said to have been sent to all T-Mobile stores. The front of the baskets include a message that reads “Happy Holidays from your friends at Sprint,” and there’s a card from Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure that says:

“Our companies compete to take business from each other throughout the year but this is the season of giving. So enjoy these treats from Sprint. Happy Holidays, Marcelo”

Flipping the gift basket around back reveals another message that appears to be aimed at converting T-Mobile employees to the Sprint camp. It reads “Let’s Move Forward. Together.” and it includes the URL for the Sales page of the Sprint Careers website.

There hasn’t been much noise about these Sprint gift baskets, and a source says that that’s because T-Mobile leadership has told stores to discard the baskets and avoid posting about them on social media. That’s likely to avoid giving Sprint a bunch of news headlines for sending these gift baskets. Some store managers may have tossed out the food like they were instructed, which seems wasteful, especially this time of year, but at least one appears to have just let their hard-working employees dig in.



Thanks, sources!

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  • SEBA

    Lol, good one. Marcelo becoming more entertaining lately. ..

    • Not at all entertaining… especially for Sprint employees who not only DON’T get baskets but are being laid off. Marcelo is culturally tone deaf, it’s like watching a comedian that doesn’t realize he’s not funny and just makes everyone uncomfortable and awkward.

  • lomsha

    Why would anyone go work for Sprint, didn’t they announce a round of layoffs a few months ago? No job security.

  • Frankwhitess

    Battle Formation !!!!!!! Execute Order 66 !


    Childish move by spring. Instead of putting work on their networks, they are sending backwards to make a headline

  • DMperfection101

    Funny, as Sprint has said that they themselves will be letting go of a large number of employees. In fact, the last time I called in for help I was told they would make an exception to help me over the phone since they have automated many services. Don’t know just what the heck they’re celebrating about, more customers means more strain on their limping network. I’m a longtime sufferer of Sprint, by the way. I hope they’re cuts will provide the dough they need to fix their crappy network. Density, density, density, for all!

  • (J²)

    This is a “cute” move but very petty. It’s pointless, why would Sprint want to hire T-Mobile representatives anyway? Both carriers try to put the customer first but the customer service is fairly bad. I’m with T-Mobile now and while they aren’t the worst, I certainly miss the days that any Verizon Wireless rep. I got routed to knew their stuff. T-Mobile reps. struggle to keep up with promotions, policies and procedures customers already know and/or are posted on their website.

    Besides, T-Mobile is a progressing company, Sprint is in a downward spiral. How many people will knowingly jump to the sinking ship? What a waste.

    • RLB63

      Yeah, just talked to a phone rep this weekend that insisted the S75 off deal was for the LG G4, and NOT the V10. When in fact it was for the V10 and NOT the G4.

    • eanfoso

      Hey less people = less network congestion, I would if they were GSM.

  • Bradley Karas

    Petty move to lure employees willfully employed to leave their jobs for…what? To lay them off a few months later?

  • Matt

    Much like Sprint’s network, this is much ado about nothing.

  • Mikey

    Marcelo is sick in the head. What a joke. You let go a bunch of people recently, people who needed their jobs to make ends meet etc, because you have no money. You then turn around and buy fancy gift baskets for the employees of the competition? Offering them jobs, the same jobs you just took away from your hard working employees? This guy is stupid. And Sprint will continue to fail under him. Sprint sucks!

    (FYI: I don’t work and never have worked for either company. Not a complaining former employee here)


      Maybe it’s just par for the course with Sprint. Kind of like when they closed many of their stores and turn right around and set up shop with RadioShack. Although the expense was minimal, one still has to wonder who signed off on this?

    • ltnstar

      T-Mobile should have made fun of this and Marcelo. Instead of thanking loyal customers or its employees it shows new or old CEO their full of bad ideas

      • T-Mo should have started a program for laid off Sprint workers… give them a basket back and a free year of service on T-Mo. ;)

  • steven berson

    Why waste money on this crap? Spend more to improve your shitty network. #formersprintcustomer

    • eanfoso

      T-mobile could do the same instead of flying planes that will last 5 min, but think about it : how much money are baskets/plane stunts compared to improving the network? Don’t you know they’re doing so already? If they wanted to, they could have the fastest LTE network, with the fastest bands operating atm, but they just need better management and more backhaul, they have as much if not more bandwidth than Verizon. For the record : not a sprint customer since 2006 but definitely differentiate between the costs.

      • Fabian Cortez

        Except T-Mobile has positive free cash flow, a larger network, makes a profit, etc.

        Sprint posts losses in the billions per quarter and has got as petty as removing yoghurt and bottled water (snacks – oh the irony) from their employees. Well I guess we all know where those snacks ended up.

  • YABD

    sprint network does not support simultaneous voice and data.

    • Daniel Golightly

      It has for YEARS.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        In certain markets yes…. not the entire network

        • Daniel Golightly

          Their LTE does. 90% of their customers are on LTE. Certain 3G phones have been able to since ’12. I’m just pointing that out since everybody likes to pick on Sprint all the time but it’s as bad as listening to a political argument. Half truths, blatant lies, and bias.

        • NOMERCY

          Which circa 2012 3G devices were able to? Might have some laying around. Would love to test them.

        • Daniel Golightly

          ALL of my HTCs from that time frame could

        • NOMERCY

          For example . . . ?

        • Daniel Golightly

          See above. It’s not hard to look up the HTC devices from that time frame on Sprint. You’re being lazy or deliberately obtuse.

        • NOMERCY

          I did look and found no 2012 HTC 3G devices capable of simultaneous data and voice. You made the assertion, so it shouldn’t be that hard for you to show and prove.

        • Daniel Golightly

          Ah. My mistake, it may have between ’13

        • Manard

          The Galaxy S4 did simultaneous voice and data.

        • ltnstar

          Their first gen lte phones could. I had an htc evo and used data and voice all the time.
          It will be a while before volte is implemented on their network.

        • Dcwiker05

          First time I’ve ever heard Wimax (HTC Evo) called 1st Gen lte…

        • ltnstar

          Your saying it wasn’t? I had the first wimax phone and funny how just 2 years later right on time Sprint moves to lte, got that phone thinking I’d be future proof and never saw lte.
          Sprint answer was for me to upgrade.
          Each time Sprint does a network enhancements they want you to get a new phone

        • Jay J. Blanco

          It’s still way unreliable then tmovile, att, verizon…. Sprint is behind in the game

      • Brad C

        First off, there were only a few phones with LTE that had SvDO, EVO LTE for example, and the first gen LTE devices that could only access the 1900MHz LTE. The “Spark” editions of those same devices (Note 3, S4, etc) had the simultaneous voice/data removed and nothing recent does it either. I still have an S6 on an “ex employee” plan since it’s cheap and it STILL does not do voice/data at the same time, even on LTE

        • Daniel Golightly

          I’ve been using nothing but HTC for a while now. I’ve ALWAYS been able to do it. “An ex employee plan” brings to mind all of the restrictions an employer can put on a phone. My note 5 can do it. I’m doing it right now. Why can’t you?

          In any case… It’s been fun puttering around on this extremely biased board, but it’s time I stopped responding to these factually incorrect posts. Do have a good one, will you?

    • matt

      i had a s6 in san jose California on that samsung loaner deal. and it definitely did not support simultaneous voice and data. it kept pestering me to turn off my hotspot.
      it would bug me to turn off hotspot every 5 minutes while i was watching netflix.

      the free sprint trial gives you several terabytes of mobile hotspot for $1 for 30 days

  • Rob H.

    Oh Sprint. Keep Sprinting towards your demise. Waiting for Softbank to cut off this dead weight.

  • cloud strife

    I don’t care about the stunts of the two clowns are doing but I feel bad for those baskets. Food is food. Just shred the printouts and let the staff enjoy it. They don’t earn 6 or even seven figures from working at the stores.

    • sfrench5

      Some of us do my freind.

    • Brad C

      I made very, very good money when I worked for T-Mobile, I only worked evenings after class and still made 4-5k a month as a college student. It all just depends on location, location, location.

  • alexqa123

    Why not send some of these treats to a homeless center or an orphanage. Sprint you are a piece of shit and i cant wait to see you suffer more. #formersprintcustomer


    SMH. They could have sent those snack packs to the children of the many employees they had to let go to cut costs. Yet another “must have,” I suppose.


    Sprint employees have to be asking themselves, “What the. . . ?” We had to give up our yogurt, water and trash bags.

  • gmo8492

    Didn’t Sprint annouce big layoffs a few months ago and now they want to rehire employees from T-Mobile. Smh.

  • Paul

    Where they for network improvement and expansion jobs? You know, the things where Ol’ Yeller is failing at.

  • guest

    a. Season of giving
    b. Job offer
    c. Publicity stunt

    • Fabian Cortez

      d. Layoff in 2016

      • guest

        e. Not a real job offer (because there are no jobs)
        f. Bad taste

  • Cam Fas

    Isn’t sprint laying off people due to the insane cost cutting measures?

    • guest

      You know, they should send these gifts (back) to Sprint stores so the employees can see what their company it’s doing.

      • ltnstar

        Remember it’s CEO said it wouldn’t buy its employees snacks anymore? Well either there’s where the money went or its the leftover regifted present

        • Fabian Cortez

          Yeah, he’ll just buy T-Mobile employee snacks and Pied Piper them over to Sprint, only to lay them off in early 2016.

          Say no to the #freesnacks. Say yes to #freepie.

  • SL

    Its interesting to hear from people saying Sprint is laying off employes when most of you have no idea that these employees have been employed with Sprint for years, working with archaic SOPs, stuck in the old Sprint Company culture, providing minimal value add to the customer/company, going home every two weeks with a fat check and many of us, generation Y people work their butt off as their enter the work force, and we get compensated with less money than we deserve. So the measures Sprint is taking make sense, unfortunately people are losing jobs but its a measure that Sprint needs to take in order to change the culture, serve their customers better and succeed as a company.

    • ltnstar

      Hold on… Sprint is the company who purchased RadioShack stores, paid David beckham for a commercial, invested tons of money into wimax, paid a huge amount to fire its CEO(twice) bought nextel(ran it to the ground) and just now wakes up frm its drunkens and gives the boot to its employees and is gonna pay them less.
      Old or new the culture at Sprint is posin

      • 9to5Slavery

        I give up on this ignorant guys’ comment ^. So Biased.

        • arandomperson7

          I worked for sprint for 6 months this past year, it was the worst experience of my professional life. I worked at AT&T for 6 years before that, and now I’m at tmobile. Sprint had the worst corporate culture I’ve ever seen.

        • ltnstar

          I don’t understand. I have only had one good experience at a Sprint storein the 11 years I’ve had them.
          I don’t get how they operate like this and think it’s fine. Marcelo need to do under cover boss

        • 9to5Slavery

          Your experience is valued, although please do not throw the whole brand into the lions den, somewhere else in this country where people work in certain areas does have better corporate cultures. I do not work for Sprint or am a current customer. But I do like to help everyone understand that experiences may vary. I do feel for you though man.

      • Ascertion

        Sprint is the company who purchased RadioShack stores.

        Sprint had the least amount of corporate-ran stores out of any of the carriers. It looked bad from a customer’s point of view that every street has either a T-Mobile, Verizon, or AT&T store but hardly ever a Sprint one.

        David beckham for a commercial

        This one I legitimately agree with. Soccer is popular, but mostly outside the US. If anything, Sprint should invest in advertising via the NFL.

        invested tons of money into wimax

        You do know if Sprint did not utilize Clearwire’s spectrum by a certain date, they’d lose access to it? This was a no brainer since LTE was not ready for prime-time, yet.

        paid a huge amount to fire its CEO(twice)

        What people don’t understand about this is a majority of their earnings came in as Sprint shares. So there was every incentive for their CEOs to make the company profitable.

        bought nextel(ran it to the ground)

        Nextel’s spectrum is in good use right now. Minus a few border challenges, which are essentially no different than T-Mobile’s B51 interference delays.

        just now wakes up frm its drunkens and gives the boot to its employees and is gonna pay them less.

        While I hate that people lose their jobs, Sprint’s operating costs far exceeds T-Mobiles, even though they are roughly the same size. This only means that T-Mobile runs it’s corporate structure more efficiently. So for Sprint, these job cuts are necessary.

        Old or new the culture at Sprint is posin

        Well, that’s like your opinion, man.

        • SL

          Right on the spot

        • ltnstar

          I don’t understand your logic. Sprint has operated it self for a while now,without the need of more stores. In fact Dan Hesse closed more stores and had alot of those repair techs fired.since then they now have a presence in best buy.
          Just like there direct to you, its throwing things out to see what sticks.

          The excuse of wimax is thrown out there all the time,yetfunny how these cell phone companies lobby and sell your person info and data collected. Point blank they wanted to be first.
          FYI the CEO I speak of are Hesse and forsee. Nextel was ran into the ground. I had Nextel and I speak of personal experience. They stopped investing into tower repair, do your research. Check out how many customers left.

          Look I’m no longer loyal to x company,I may leave tombile, but will never go to.Sprint. I have a friend here in California who has Sprint and asks how can he get lte.
          I had sprint11 years and the last 4 never had good data. With T-Mobile I use volte and have lte

        • Fabian Cortez

          Good post.

        • Ascertion

          I don’t understand your logic. Sprint has operated it self for a while
          now,without the need of more stores. In fact Dan Hesse closed more
          stores and had alot of those repair techs fired.since then they now have
          a presence in best buy.

          Don’t these sentences contradict each other? Sprint has operated itself for awhile now, but it hasn’t turned a profit in more than 8 years. Different Management, different methods of recovering.

          The excuse of wimax is thrown out there all the time,yetfunny how these
          cell phone companies lobby and sell your person info and data collected.
          Point blank they wanted to be first.

          Selling personal data is something ALL of the carriers do. This is not anything new. And I fail to see how Sprint wanting to be first is a negative thing. They invested in the wrong technology that did not take off. But their intentions for doing so were to better the consumer.

          FYI the CEO I speak of are Hesse and forsee. Nextel was ran into the
          ground. I had Nextel and I speak of personal experience. They stopped
          investing into tower repair, do your research. Check out how many
          customers left.

          Forsee was arguably Sprint’s worst CEO, but he is history and no longer a part of Sprint. However, Sprint has benefited from the Nextel spectrum they obtained from the purchase, which is the reason Sprint’s call/text reliability is so good.

          Look I’m no longer loyal to x company,I may leave tombile, but will
          never go to.Sprint. I have a friend here in California who has Sprint
          and asks how can he get lte.

          I’m with you there. There’s some markets where Sprint isn’t good and there’s some markets where they are. If Sprint was to discontinue my grandfathered plan, I’d probably look elsewhere, but they give me my service when I want it. Granted, it could be faster, but it is reliable for what I do on my phone.

        • ltnstar

          Sowhat your saying is,it takes money to make money? As long as I had Sprint (11 years) I had no problem finding a sprint store,my issues was finding one with a tech to repair devices.
          Look wimax was and is a fail. They wanted to be first when no other company in the world was going that route. Again Sprint should of lobbied, wimax was a joke. I never got a signal and when I did,it drained the battery because the phone is bouncing back from wimax to 3g.
          Sprints acquisition of Nextel is one of the worst, yes they are just benefiting now, with a huge cost and thousands of angry customers
          The point is Sprint has not made one good decision, they spent 25milliin for consultation they ended up ignoring.
          My issues when I left was speed and reliability, I would of been happy with 1mbp

  • Pedro

    With over 2000 T-Mobile corporate stores in the US, this must’ve cost a pretty penny to accomplish… As a Retail Store Manager for one of those COR locations, I’ve never been directed to throw anything away from sprint. They should however invest more in their network, or more aggressive promos with any “extra” capital they may have.

    • Mike

      Yeah and Tmobile needs to do the same! Shame on Tmobile for still operating towers on EDGE in 2015 now almost 2016 on major cities! And please stop blaming your no service or poor signal on the building materials, AT&T is GSM uses the same bands as you and they are service in the same locations!

      • JosephLagalla

        Wrong network. Yes, ATT uses GSM but they also employ low band spectrum in their LTE.

      • Pedro

        First and foremost – EVERY carrier has coverage gaps in EVERY major city. its impossible to cover every square inch of real estate anywhere… T-Mobile has been the most aggressive out of the big 4 to roll out an updated, and upgrade-able network, and couldn’t be happier to be an employee and customer. Verizon and AT&T have been companies for far longer, with decades to build their coffers and networks. T-Mobile will do what they couldn’t in half the time – change the industry for the better!

  • Mike

    Haha, wow too funny! Enjoy the darn baskets or give me to the poor/homeless fools. Anyway it would be better is both companies spent more time on improving their networks! Tmobile I really hope you are working hard on a quality built app for reporting service issues!

    • StarveBox_One

      Were you in a coma or on another planet
      ?, T-Mobile been improving their Network. Every since the At&t merger was shot down a few yes ago. You should be directing your comment towards Sprint, hahaha.

  • That’s lame, and Sprint needs to stop trying to do what the CEO of T-Mobile is doing. Be OG with it, and get focused back on the real goal. Good solid network, good devices, good deals..etc. They need to NOT feed into that game, because it’s not working for them at all. Leave that to the CEO of T-Mobile, they look so desperate right now!

  • With Sprint leaving NASCAR on 11/21/2016 and with them passing over the Lumia 950s, Sprint is not a carrier one should switch to.

    • Fabian Cortez

      Don’t forget their 600 MHz auction sit out.

    • Jason

      What does NASCAR have anything to do with a decision of which carrier one should choose?

      • There are people who want to see the races for free. That’s one of the perks Sprint carries for 11 more months.

        NASCAR is to Sprint as Music Freedom is to T-Mobile.

        • Jason

          Ahh that makes sense. I had no idea and from your comment I assumed you were referring to some corporate sponsorship or marketing partnership or something.

          In that case, my gut response to you is “who gives a crap about NASCAR or Lumia devices?” but that is a personal opinion that I won’t presume to apply to everyone else :-) On a serious note, I can’t wait for the day when carriers have nothing to do with selling or approving client devices, and the two are not linked at all. I shudder at the thought of my local cable internet provider trying to sell computers that are the only ones approved for use on their service, with varying degrees of compatibility and policy restrictions around which brand/model of computers are compatible with which broadband internet providers. Heck, even when you tighten the analogy between the radio in a cellphone and the radio/RF interface in a cablemodem, the situation still isn’t nearly as bad as with cell carriers; for the most part you can generally use any DOCSIS modem with any cable internet provider. Yeah, that still isn’t apples to apples and is still reaching a bit, I concede. But, still…

          Yes, the last paragraph is just noise and largely unrelated to your original comment. Sorry :)

  • Bryck

    You’d think that cash strapped company like Sprint would make better use of their money, instead of flushing it down the toilet stupidity.

  • Steven

    gotta admit, thats pretty funny

  • Andre Meaux

    It’s pretty funny lol… Except should Sprint be spending money on gift baskets as they lose customers?? And as for the jobs link… Is Sprint hiring?! Didn’t they just lay-off a good chunk of their staff??


      Not to mention the hiring freeze announced by the new CFO in October.

  • yankeesusa

    What’s funny is sprint had to cut employee snacks and stuff like that to help them save money. They should have sent these baskets to their own employees.

    • Fabian Cortez

      Oh the irony that is not in their favor.

    • The baskets are just the leftovers from the Sprint break room. ;)

      • Romdude

        Nah, that’s being hopeful that they had leftovers, I’m guessing these were the actual snacks.

  • Acdc1a

    This is bad form by both companies. What was Sprint thinking as they lay people off and take away their treats in the break room? And with all of the food banks and such that need food, why would T-Mobile advise their managers to throw the food away?

    • pjsauter

      Throw the baskets away, not the food.

      • Romdude

        Exactly, lol, send the baskets back with a thank you note.

    • Fabian Cortez

      And yet Sprint is supposed to be “professional” in some way.

  • Kyle Thompson

    i hate Sprint (former customer for years) and love TMO, but i have to admit this is pretty good stuff by Marcelo. of course, with that kind of creativity applied to their actual poor business, who knows what they might achieve. but as a jab, that’s good stuff. i can’t wait to see how Legere comes back to top it.

    • othercents

      Free phones for Sprint Employees if you sign up for service?

  • xzero425x

    Toss it away…after I eat all of it~~

  • mingkee

    Look at the recent device lineup.
    Sprint looks not so great.
    If Sprint would open up B2 for HSPA (or LTE with voice), they should gain some revenue from roaming, or attract customers with unlocked phones.

    • Ascertion

      Sprint’s voice network is run by CDMA. Unless there is a technology Sprint can utilize for reliable handoff from VoLTE to CDMA, it won’t happen. Sprint’s network at the moment is far too inconsistent for LTE coverage. Maybe after NGN takes place.

      • Omar Cardenas

        i dnt kno but so far sprints voice quality is pretty darn good ,coverage sucks but cdma voice is good much better than verizons cdma voice dont know how they did it but they fixed cdma voice . Yes verizon has volte which sounds good but when you make a call over cdma on verizon is pretty bad while sprint is good so they dont need volte .

        • Fabian Cortez

          That sounds like Sprint’s official stance.

          It seems to be working just fine for them.

        • ltnstar

          Very true.I stuck with Sprint because it would roam off vzw tower. What helped sprints voice is the network vision. And since vzwit moving all its legacy network to lte, well mamessinceto investing that and not cdma

  • Guest

    TMO employees bank…none of them would ever go work for sprint that has empty stores while tmo is always packed!

    • Fabian Cortez


      T-Mobile store representatives have had it made since Spring 2013.

    • Trevnerdio

      Well my local store has to be packed…1 store in a county of ~160,000 people. Wish they would open a second one

  • Mo

    Good move sprint! Not that any T-MOBILE employees would jump ship. I’m sure they enjoyed the goodie baskets and had a good laugh. Waiting on BIG JOHN to see how he responds.

    • Mario

      This former 6 year rep left Tmobile gladly for sprint tmo pay sucks and no full time positions in stores other than management

      • Fabian Cortez

        Do you not make commission at both companies?

      • (J²)

        I’ve had friends work for Sprint call centers, they all pay horribly. Do not expect this to change, this is by design. Call centers typically have very high turnover, customer service representatives are replaceable and the idea is anyone would fill your position.

        Most retail stores do not offer full time positions unless there is a business need (Ex: Walmart).

      • Oh and who would rather live in Kansas City than Seattle? NO ONE.

        • skywalkr2

          Anyone that prefers a decent cost of living would much prefer KC. Seattle is nice when it’s not raining, but the cost of living is so much more expensive.

        • Well ask yourself why is the cost of living high in Seattle and low in Kansas City? Because people WANT to live in Seattle, and people DON’T want to live in Kansas!

          This is probably one of the long term problems at Sprint, you can’t get the best and brightest job candidates to move to a dying rust belt city.


  • Ryan

    I’ve know numerous people to work for Sprints call center with all stating it was one of the worst jobs they ever had

  • Kiwini

    So stupid

  • NardVa

    I like it. It was original and it’s all in good fun.

  • vinnyjr

    Didn’t Sprint just lay off a huge number of employees? Funny to lay your own people off and then offer the competition new jobs! Not in the Holiday Spirit, just ask those employees who were just sent packing! Never been more happier, Thank You T-Mobile, Thank You John Legere.

    • Fabian Cortez

      Not to mention that the porting ratio disproves Sprint’s assertion of “Our companies compete to take business from each other throughout the year.”

      Sprint, save your money for your network and existing employees.

  • Dougefresh

    Why is everyone acting like these are solid gold baskets filled with fresh Atlantic lobster and champagne. What are homeless people gonna do with a snack pack of Oreos and a beef jerky stick. This is a marketing effort by sprint, trying to get some cheap viral publicity, which must be working to some degree since I’m sitting here reading about it. The 30k or whatever this costs doesn’t have anything to do with the millions they save by restructuring. Having said that, it does make them look out of touch to be implying they are thriving and actively seeking employees when really the opposite is true.

    • (J²)

      Sprint already gets plenty of bad publicity. Anyone recall the cheap and small banner they flew over the T-Mobile corporate office that no one could read? Total waste and another laughable attempt by Sprint. Bad publicity doesn’t bring in revenue or subscribers.

      Sprint is starting to look more and more like Research In Motion.

      • guest

        RIM has been providing good products and services, it’s people that have not responded well. We are not good consumers, that’s why we end up with Android and the duopoly of Android and Apple.

    • They’re getting the publicity but look like jerks, especially to people who understand layoffs.

  • patt

    Well I chose T-Mobile for a reason and switched from Verizon. 40$ For unlimited talk,text,data 7GB hotspot (using moto x pure edition) add-on line on the 100$/2 line plan.

  • Spanky

    I’m willing to bet anything that had the roles be reversed in this situation, the vast majority of these comments would be praising T-Mobile and John Legere for their brilliant marketing efforts.

    • thepanttherlady

      My thoughts exactly.


      You think this was a brilliant marketing effort?

      • Spanky

        Not by a long shot. Neither were Legere’s sophomoric skywriting stunts, to which the reaction on this blog was completely opposite.

    • … but T-Mobile isn’t laying people off. Imagine if you were a Sprint employee who was losing his job but your boss has enough cash to send gifts to the competition? Really sad, and it shows how tone deaf Marcelo is.

      • Spanky

        I don’t disagree with you at all. I’m merely stating that if T-Mobile were to do this to Sprint, the majority of these comments would be praising John Legere.

        • It’s a false comparison; if John did it, it WOULD be funny. T-Mobile is not laying off employees. Don’t you see the distinction?

          Note that Sprint promotions are similar, they are never for existing customers. It seems they treat both their employees AND their customers like shit.

          I hope a few angry former Sprint employees get the last laugh on Marcelo… would serve him right.

        • Spanky

          Again…I am not referring to the status of their employees, only the act of sending gift baskets.

        • I get it. But “funny” is context. A company laying off people can’t really be funny offering to hire the competition.

        • Romdude

          Totally agree, context is everything.

    • Brad

      T-mo wouldn’t do this anyway… it’s pretty low to try to poach workers… joking or not.

      ESPECIALLY when you can’t handle the staff you’ve got.

  • Josue

    Sprint’s is like that girl in high school that wants the attention to herself

    • Spanky

      Kind of like John Legere, no?

  • notyourbusiness

    Sprint is getting a tad bit too desperate. Who’d want to work for them vs T-Mobile when they’re a sinking ship??

  • skaf

    The food should be donated to the homeless, not thrown out. I usually like Legere however T-mobile leadership instructing the stores to throw the baskets out is upsetting to hear.

  • mjct

    What does that say to the employees that he’s getting ready to layoff that they don’t matter if you read a higher T-Mobile people I would be insulted

  • Brie

    Unbelievably poor taste and sadistic. This guy seems like a psychopath.