T-Mobile’s holiday 2015 video shows John Legere leading a Magenta chorus, also kicks off 10 days of giveaways

T-Mobile has now dispensed gifts for its customers as well as those on Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon, but it’s got one holiday surprise for us.

John Legere has posted a video that shows the CEO conducting a chorus of Magenta singers that take shots at the three other major US carriers. Sprint gets accused of of “copying all the way,” Verizon is called out for smelling and having a video service that “laid an egg,” and AT&T is referred to as the Death Star.

The Magenta chorus goes on to sing a couple of other tunes that knock AT&T and Verizon and talk up the Un-carrier, all set to the tune of well-known Christmas songs. The T-Mobile singers in the clip sound pretty good, and they managed to adapt traditional Christmas songs to fit the US wireless industry pretty well.

Also of note is that John Legere is giving away 10 days of gifts to his followers. All that you have to do to enter is share this holiday video and include the hashtag #10DaysUncarrierContest. The giveaways will run from December 14 through December 23 and will include goodies like smartphones, chargers, Bluetooth speakers, smartwatches, and VR headsets.

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