More band 12 LTE sightings in Massachusetts, Ohio, Florida, and more


T-Mobile has announced quite a few Extended Range LTE — aka 700MHz LTE, aka band 12 LTE — expansions lately, but there are still some folks spotting the coverage in areas that T-Mo hasn’t yet announced. Here are some of the locations where band 12 LTE has been sighted recently:

Lowell, Mass.


Euclid, Ohio


Denver, Colo. (Band 12 active for a while now, but carrier aggregation recently spotted)


Kissimmee, Fla.


Noblesville, Indiana


T-Mobile announced earlier this month that its Extended Range LTE service was in 170 markets and that that number will surpass 350 by the end of 2015, so we should continue to see an aggressive rollout of the 700MHz coverage in the next 3 months. If your town doesn’t yet have band 12 LTE, keep an eye out for it!

Thanks, SC, Ryan, Terry, Vincent, and Jeremey!

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