More band 12 LTE sightings in Massachusetts, Ohio, Florida, and more


T-Mobile has announced quite a few Extended Range LTE — aka 700MHz LTE, aka band 12 LTE — expansions lately, but there are still some folks spotting the coverage in areas that T-Mo hasn’t yet announced. Here are some of the locations where band 12 LTE has been sighted recently:

Lowell, Mass.


Euclid, Ohio


Denver, Colo. (Band 12 active for a while now, but carrier aggregation recently spotted)


Kissimmee, Fla.


Noblesville, Indiana


T-Mobile announced earlier this month that its Extended Range LTE service was in 170 markets and that that number will surpass 350 by the end of 2015, so we should continue to see an aggressive rollout of the 700MHz coverage in the next 3 months. If your town doesn’t yet have band 12 LTE, keep an eye out for it!

Thanks, SC, Ryan, Terry, Vincent, and Jeremey!

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  • Sushimane

    Lowell,ma hell yeah

    • williejackbrainer

      Yup, I took that snapshot with my Nexus 6.

      • Sushimane

        Take a picture post it up.

  • Cam Fas

    Full steam ahead it looks like

  • Nate

    I work in a city about 20 miles east of kansas city and got a little band 12 the other day but mostly just band 4 out this way.

  • Chadd

    Looking like Lubbock, TX will be one of the last areas to get band 12. I’m still getting edge where on their map it shows I should be getting lte

  • Chuck Jones

    This band 12 will probably be the reason I replace my Oneplus One.
    Better coverage with stronger signal on Band 12.

  • B12 seeker

    It sure is awesome to finally see Band 12 on iPhone Field Test screen.

  • Kissimmee, FL! Does that mean Disney World is getting low band? Speeds there were already well above 50Mpbs; better than the free wifi from what I was told.

    • Bradley Karas

      They need it more at Universal Studios than Disney I was there last week and it was garbage. Disney has plenty of towers on the grounds

      • Fabian Cortez

        I was there today and can concur.


        • Bradley Karas

          Haha I was there today too! They have band 12 there now but it was way too congested and unusable

    • Vincent Vetere

      The kissimmee photo was from The Loop. Nothing yet at Disney.

  • Mark

    Any 700MHz love in San Jose, CA anytime soon? Big market but no 700Mhz yet.

    • David

      same here. waiting for low band to hit the bay area. Don’t have a compatible phone yet, the up coming Nexus 5X sounds like a pretty good choice.

    • substance

      Maybe they’ll light up the bay area in November when they do Big Sur… But I hope it’s sooner than that!

  • Steve Griffin

    I’m still in a 2g area about 10 miles northeast of Peoria,Illinois known as Germantown Hills/Metamora. I was told by a T-Mo rep about 3 months ago that our towers are going to be updated to LTE. Well today in a town 9 miles farther east named Roanoke, where I work had LTE for about an hour and it worked. When I got off work it was back to 2g.
    . Does anyone know when there going thru the transition that it goes on and off?

    • Guest

      That’s definitely how it worked when they upgraded Richmond, VA back in 2013. I’d have LTE for a while, sometimes it would drop to 2G or HSPA. Leveled out after a couple weeks.

    • pbxtech

      All pertinent hardware had been installed and in the test phase. Hand-off will be after all engineering test has been completed.

      Base on the TMO tower in my area. I saw them working on the tower for 4 days – from Monday to Thursday. Didn’t see anyone on Friday. LTE signal blip on and off the following Monday to Wednesday and full LTE signal was on Thursday.

      • Steve Griffin

        I called T-Mo last night and they told me its in working progress. I live in between Metamora and Germantown Hills so I asked about their since it is closer to Peoria. She said its on the schedule but nothing is happening yet. At least I have Wi-Fi. Thanks for the reply.

  • Joe

    Why in the world does it feel like t-mobile is not trying hard enough to buying AB Licence co, Cavalier Licence, and C700. Those are probably the last three most important licences that would improve service in so many places but they still have not acquired them and the price will probably just keep climbing.

    • k

      blame the aws 3 auction. it overinflated spectrum prices.

    • Roberto Jaimes

      Maybe you should donate some money so they can purchase it.

  • Calgrav24

    We need some Band 12 love in rural parts of Western Washington. For in building penetration, and back roads need it bad here.

  • Chris

    No hometown/Puget Sound love?

    • k

      its in portland, i expect itll be in seattle asap if its not already there.

    • SirStephenH

      It’s online in at least Seattle, SeaTac, Renton, Puyallup, and Snoqualmie and just came online in Port Orchard and Bremerton earlier this week.

  • Brian Balogh

    I’m confused. I live in Euclid, OH and thought we were already covered with Band 12? Northeast Ohio were the first to take advantage of it because T-Mobile had the licenses to do so right away.

    • walt

      I agree with you. the Cleveland market was one of the first areas in the US to get get band 12 LTE. I live in Akron and noticed it going up about this time last year…

  • TBN27

    I just got my iPhone 6S. I switched from my iPhone 6 form the Band 12 frequemcy. As soon as I set up the phone, I noticed that instead of 2-3 bars of 4g, I was getting 2-3 bars of LTE. That means to me that I have Band 12 connection in Astoria, NY and I went out to the other end of the apartment and bout into the hallway and it held 2 bars of LTE. I went I to the elevator and it was one bar of LTE. Before, my iPhone 6 would just lose a signal. Can’t wait to test it in other places where I would generally have no signal that I frequent

    • Defcon_Foxtrot

      Wow. What a nice surprise. :)

    • Bapcai82

      to optimize b12 on ur 6s .. you must do a full restore and update by itune.. you will see how fast it is ..

      • TBN27

        I did that, initially and it seemed to not make it faster

      • Vr

        Why? References? Otherwise – I say to optimize your 6S you need to cook it into a brick of gelatin and leave it in the fridge for 18 to 20 hours. The you will see how fast it is!

    • David J Delgado

      Band 12 is live out there, no surprise you’re seeing those signal bumps.

      • TBN27

        So far it in my area but the rest of the city it’s absent. So I guess they are still putting up the antennas

  • Javier

    No sir I live in Kissimmee and its live already here I can web browse the funny thing is that I work in the airport and in Disney I deliver bags and there is no band 12 in Disney but at work it goes in and out and I can only text and call but I cannot browse i hope is because it hasn’t been optimized yet

    • what app can i use to see what band im using.. IM also in Kissimmme by the st cloud border

      • Javier

        I have note 4 I used service mode and forced it on band 12,I’ve heard people using lye discovery

        • damm on an an iphone 6s plus

        • RogerSmith

          Make sure you’re on LTE, turn off your wifi and dial *3001#12345#* that should bring up the field test. Go to -serving cell info- and check the -freq band indicator- it’ll tell you what band you’re on.

  • YABD

    Everybody changing the phone for a band 12 one and tmobile is making more money.

  • Tmo4life

    Band 12 is alive and well in Allentown, Pa! Huge improvement from before. Go T-Mo! Watch out ATT and Verizon.

  • Dark enV

    I’m loving all the band 12 news, hopefully we’ll be getting some in the near future in South Carolina

  • Sergio Vera

    Is Puerto Rico getting band 12?

  • Bapcai82

    my ip 6s plus is on b12 in NoVa and its so freaking fast… its well worth 1K upgrade

  • vinnyjr

    Band 12 is starting to come alive in the great state of Massachusetts. Great news. Was hung up for a year while TV or radio station changed up. Didn’t take T-Mobile very long to start lighting up their towers. Great news, Thank You T-mobile, Thank You John Legere.

    • Marco

      In other related news, Tom Brady is kicking ass and taking names thanks in part to playing the Jacksonville Jaguars.

      • dtam

        It was actually more balanced scoring today with less stupid running up the score at the end

  • I’m waiting on the Lumia 950 XL so I can try B12 & B2/B12 aggregation tests on it.

  • Cam Fas

    Sprint just claimed they don’t need any 600mhz spectrum. They are going to focus on the specifictrum they have along with increasing small cell sites. This should mean more 600mhz spectrum for tmobile if it’s true. I hope they continue getting 700mhz spectrum and also aggragate the spectrum they already have I bet the continued refarming of the 2g should continue to help tmobiles 2g to LTE transition

    • dtam

      Ie, Sprint doesn’t have the money

      • RedGeminiPA

        Buuuuut… Sprint is actually a lot more usable, and has LTE in areas that aren’t big cities… unlike much of T-Mobile’s coverage. I live in the biggest city between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, and we’re STILL EDGE or nothing on T-Mobile. Meanwhile, Sprint was 2nd, behind Verizon, to launch LTE here. T-Mobile is so bad here that you can’t even find any stores to buy from… not even Best Buy sells T-Mobile here. I waited and waited for T-Mobile, but ended up going with Sprint.

        • dtam

          still doesn’t change the fact that they are hemorrhaging money right now. and if sprint is in fact out on the 600 mhz auction, tmo will surpass sprint in coverage in 5 years

  • Cam Fas

    Also got my band 12 capable phone yesterday my 128gig 6Plus was delivered. Time for some more traveling

    • lsuisme69 .

      The 6 plus is not band 12 capable sorry. You should have gotten the 6s plus because it is band 12 capable

  • ronjon400

    does anyone know if orlando market is on band 12 yet?

    • Fabian Cortez

      It’s been on select sites for a few weeks now.

  • gmo8492

    Sprint’s out of the 600mhz auction, good news for Tmo customers :)

  • Cam Fas

    I’m guessing if the 600mhz can’t be used for 3-5 years after the auction does that mean they have at least 4 years to put 600mhz equipment on all of their towers and extra fiber so the day it becomes avaliable they only need to flip a switch?

  • wyn50

    Still waiting for hawaii to get some band 12.

  • Carlos Aponte

    Hi! Does anyone know if T-Mobile plans to improve coverage in other markets such as Puerto Rico, USVI, etc.? Regards.

  • luisemmanuelpr

    Band 12 is up and running at the UCF area in Orlando! Great coverage inside buildings where I used to have no service! I was able to connect to band 12 yesterday in the Downtown Disney area as well.

  • Cam Fas

    Confirmed the new iPhone has both 16nm and 14nm for the a9

  • in Euclid, I’ve been getting band 12 since a few weeks ago. It used to be dead in the middle of the building but that band 12 is magic. I think they filled all the gaps. I haven’t dropped down to 3G since I got my Nexus 6 2 weeks ago

  • Nothing here on my side of kissimmee

  • Walt

    Does metro pcs allow BYOD to use VOLTE? I have an iphone 6s that conects to band 12 but all my calls connect over their “3G” network. I havent seen one call connect to volte, ( i believe this was a problem with the moto G ) I think metro blocks volte along with wifi calling and tethering :(

  • yolo

    Anyone know if band 12 will be coming to Boise? Earlier in the summer, I was told by one of their contracted engineers, that no it would not. Any truth to this?

    • yolo

      Nvm… Looks like tmo never got 700mhz spectrum for Boise or SLC. Dude was right.

  • Jimmy

    Question is there a way to use the att note 5 on t-mobile band 12?

  • David J Delgado

    I’m still waiting for band 12 over where I am. I am ~5 from midtown Manhattan and nothing. Heck, even Manhattan doesn’t have it. Only some parts of the outer boros do. I need it bad in my building, I get choppy signal in and around my home. Otherwise, super happy with T-Mobile.