T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 getting Samsung Pay update [UPDATED]


UPDATE: Readers are reporting that the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, and Galaxy S6 edge+ are all getting similar updates today. T-Mobile’s support sites have been refreshed to reflect the new updates: Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+.


If you’re rocking a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you might wake up to a new software update today.

Several Galaxy Note 5 owners are reporting that they’re getting an update today that bumps them to build N920TUVU2COI5. The update is a small one, weighing in at 30.01MB, and it includes a “Samsung Pay update” as well as some unspecified bug fixes and improvements.

Exactly what about Samsung Pay has been updated remains to be seen, but if you’re using Samsung’s mobile payments service on your Note 5, you should probably snag this update when you get a chance. And hey, even if you’re not using Samsung Pay, it can’t hurt to have some bug fixes and other improvements. To check for this update, go into Settings > About device > Software update.

Thanks, Wade and Shane!

Source: T-Mobile support

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  • meach13

    s6 also got the update.

  • I don’t know a single person that uses Samsung Pay.

    • iam_him

      You may not but there are plenty that use it that I know and love it as well. One of the best Samsung apps period.

    • mreveryphone

      You gotta YouTube Samsung Pay to see the true benefit. This one guy used Samsung Pay at a hole in the wall Chinese restaurant that had a card reader from back in the day… Android pay wouldn’t have worked in that situation.

    • nate4444432

      You have no idea what are you talking about Samsung pay is much much more than Android Pay.

      Samsung pay does not need NFC, it uses existing magnetic strips, meaning it is accepted almost everywhere PLUS can use NFC if needed.. it is a hardware feature so you do need a new Galaxy phone.

    • iam_him

      Dude have you ever used Samsung pay or done any research on it? If you haven’t do yourself a favor and educate yourself.

    • IamDefiler

      Uninformed…I use S Pay a lot and at places where you can’t use Android Pay.

    • @ultimopadrino

      I love when ignorant people make this kind of comment, “Android pay already exist and samsung is not known for prompt updates but rather boated a glitchy software” I guess by you saying glitchy software is because you don’t use the latest Samsung phone, you probably one of those people that thinks that it is not stock Android is glitchy and it sucks jejejeje. Samsung Pay makes more sense them android pay since it was announced first and the best part of all, it works in many more places than Android pay, and is only in beta.. lol….

    • GOAT78

      How do you even have internet access? Delete your account.

    • Michael Ramirez

      You’ve gone full tard haven’t you

    • ConceptVBS

      It makes perfect sense.
      Samsung Pay works anywhere.
      Android Pay doesnt.

      Try using Android Pay on a non-NFC enabled terminal. Nope, doesnt work.
      Samsung Pay will work because of a technology called MST. Its built into all S6, S6Edge, S6Edge + and Note 5 phones.

  • Philip

    No update to 5.1.1 for Note 4. What is T-mobile waiting?

    • Michael Ramirez

      That’s so 2014 bro. Upgrade

    • Bonedatt

      Update should be released beginning on the 28th

  • Myphone007

    Does the update do anything else??

    • Frank B

      Text Messaging seems better too. It was lagging and hanging before

  • johhny782S

    My Galaxy S6 also got the update!

    • IamDefiler

      S6e also.

      • jonathan3579

        Add the edge+ to that list as well.

  • iam_him

    Excellent, loving my note 5 and samsung pay so far through the beta has been simply awesome

  • Bradley Karas

    Same for the S6 Edge +

  • det_b

    They needed a full system update for something that was already baked into the last update? All they needed to do was push out an update for that single app.

    Unless there were additional changes not listed.

    • JJCommonSense

      Theres always a need to issue updates to fix the things they find wrong during testing…

  • Bradley Karas

    So it still shows that Samsung Pay isn’t available yet…so what was the update????

    • FlyBri

      The software is already on your phone, but isn’t “active” yet for most people until the official launch date. There was a way to sign up for Samsung’s beta test though, but you had to be on a carrier that supports Samsung Pay (Verizon currently does it), and have a credit card from a bank that is active for the beta. So, Samsung Pay is live at the moment for some people, and obviously any necessary update to the software is important for those users.

      • Bradley Karas

        Yeah they told me it’s just performance updates on my phone

    • ConceptVBS

      You can sign up for the Beta program at http://www.samsung.com/us/samsung-pay/beta-invitation-only/

  • Precious Carnes

    I don’t have anything yet.

  • GOAT78

    Samsung is just prepping us for the U.S launch. I’ll wait. it’s better than Apple pay and Android pay or whatever its being called. No NFC needed for Samsung pay.

  • rex2745

    Samsung pay doesn’t open on my phone GS6 after this update it just keeps saying “loading” not that it matters is not like i was gonna use it but it is weird it dont work

    • ihaveabadmonkey

      mine as well.

      • ConceptVBS

        Try a reboot.

    • Eric Stengrevics

      Same here

    • EastVillageDavid

      Mine, too. I contacted T-mobile support through Twitter, and they told me it was because I had downloaded unauthorized apps and to reboot my entire phone. I told them no way, because that takes hours to set up afterwards. And, I don’t think I actually have any apps downloaded that aren’t from Google or Samsung. Really frustrating.

      • Concept

        Yup, same problem. I don’t have any apps from outside of the google play, samsung, and amazon. I wouldn’t even have the Amazon app if I didn’t need to sideload it just to get amazon video.

    • Eric Stengrevics

      It’s working now for me

  • Jason

    Does Samsung Pay require a phone screen lock like the craptastic Android Pay fiasco? I uninstalled Android Pay because the POS forces you to enable a screen lock. It modifies your system settings and removes the options for swipe unlock and no lock. Those Google bastards can take their app and shove it. I am not going to type in a password for the 1000 times a day I light up my phone.

    • BeatPunchbeef

      That feature is to save you from yourself. Personally I agree that it is a free country and, really, who am I to say that you can’t leave yourself wide open to have your bank accounts drained and your credit ruined because you didn’t wish to take the least amount of effort to secure your phone. However, It appears the good guys at Google and Samsung don’t care to have that happen in their name: and who can blame them in this sue-happy, I’m-the-victim-not-the-problem, world we live in.

      • Jason

        I dont need to be saved from yourself. Straight up. At LEAST if they had preserved the functionality of the previous MUCH BETTER Wallet app, the app could be password protected instead, and you could choose between the 2. But this is frickin RIDICULOUS. I am not going to add thr time and hassle of a password each time I light up my phone for the benefit of being able to pay like twice a week at a store. I mean how dumb is Google that they dont realize that? So its uninstalled. And I had to deep dive in settings to even get my lock settings back after uninstall.

        • Chris

          Still though, why in the world would you not have a password on the whole phone itself…

          So for the sane people that do protect themselves and have security on the phone itself. Do you want them to be annoyed and have to enter phone lock once and then another one in the app???

          The idea is to lock the whole phone and protect everything in it.

          This sounds terribly bad, but I wish you lose your phone and have your data stolen cause you’re too lazy to have a pin or any type of security on the phone itself.

        • Jason

          Why? Would anyone want to punch in a code everytime they turn on their screen during the day? It is absolutely ridiculous and if you are doing it right now you dont know how much time youd save alone by shutting the damn thing off. If you multiply the times, even little things like that are massive as a percent of time spent during a day. So this morning, Ive turned my screen off and on about maybe 100 times. Working, getting back here, etc etc etc. And all your added ‘security’ is a paltry benefit for virtually nothing. The previous Wallet was app locked, thats more than sufficient security for the only part I need secure. But to say I have to waste time for tasks that i use 100 times a day for a use case in payments of maybe 4-5 times a week is just ridiculous. Ive never had my phone stolen, and if it ever were, Id wipe it. End of story.

        • Simple solution

          Use your thumbprint

        • Durandal_1707

          1. Relying on the phone security is not very secure. Since you have to enter the phone unlock code every time you use the damn thing, and since we all do that god knows how many times per day, there will pretty much always be fingerprint marks on the screen that pretty much give away what the phone unlock code is. Also, since we enter that code so often, it’s not that difficult to peek over your shoulder and watch you enter it. Having a separate password the way GW did was much more secure in this regard.

          2. Turning on the screen lock disables most of the hands-free features that Google Now offers, and that’s one of Android’s coolest features, and the thing that’s caused me to actually *use* voice input—all the time. With the screen lock on, if you give it a voice command without touching it, instead of doing what you asked, it just goes “Actually, I need you to unlock the phone before I can do that”. By the time you’ve walked over to where the phone is, picked it up, and done the login gesture, you might as well just use tap entry to do whatever it was you were trying to do in the first place. It’s the same problem that Siri had (well, up until Apple’s ripping off Google Now with “Hey Siri” this summer—which you know what, I bet Apple’s implementation doesn’t have this problem).

        • Mottyengel

          I agree with you 100% couldn’t believe Google woukd have the audacity to take away my right to jot have a screen lock.

          Turns out, after a little searching I found out that you can turn it off.

          In the security settings there’s an option to remove credentials. That’s what you’re looking for. Counter intuitive because you’d think it’s under the “administrators” section but it’s by remove credentials.

          Let me know if that works.

    • gmo8492

      Yeah the Android pay update is complete garbage, I don’t known how long I can avoid updating from Google wallet since android pay also requires you input at least one debit card in order to save and use my loyalty cards.

    • Al William

      Well, since the S6 and the Note 5 now have an excellent fingerprint scanner, all your need is your thumb on the home button and viola, No patterns to swipe, no codes to enter. I had the Note 4 and I hated the fingerprint scanner. And yes like you, I hated typing my password for the nth time all day.

  • Terry

    I just checked on my S6 and no update. I checked the version on my phone and the one on the site and they do not match. I guess I’ll just wait and check it again later.

    • Ozgur Sen

      I don’t know about you but I also got the update about Samsung pay for my galaxy s6 with a different build number then the one above.

      • Terry

        I still do not even have the update. It keeps telling me that my phonew is up to date.

        • Ozgur Sen

          what is you baseband version?
          Mine is G920TUVU3DOI1
          Also download Smart switch for you PC and plug in you phone.
          My phone also did the same thing I couldn’t get the OTA updates and T mobile told me to download the smart switch app and plug in the phone and the app just told me that their was an update available.

        • Terry

          Right after I posted that I got the update. So I am finally updated.

  • Phone Guy

    Samsung pay works quite well. I used it up in Canada everywhere with no problem. (Non NFC terminals to boot). Back in the US it has worked about 75% of the time. The reason it has failed is that the clerks get confused and say its not working, but I can’t see their terminals. I installed Android Pay afterwards, and realized it was so 1990’s with just NFC. The magnetic pulse technology is really pretty good. I still use my credit cards most everywhere, but its a great backup. I went to lunch, and after lunch 2 days ago realized I left my wallet at home. No problem. The old fashioned credit card terminal accepted my Samsung pay on the first try. Loving it.

    • ConceptVBS

      THIS! I dont know how many times this has happened to me over the few weeks I’ve been beta testing. I was so glad ( and saved from embarrassment) I had the Samsung Pay with me!

  • Willie D

    Thanks also WillieD who sent you the tip on Twitter last night!!!

  • YABD

    I still use plastic cards. This new way to pay doesn’t feel safe.

    • jbg89er

      Actually these newer pay systems are safer since they don’t use your actual CC numbers, everything is tokenized, a new transaction number is created/used for each transaction.

      • YABD

        Wow that’s really safe. Thank you for the info, I didn’t know that.

    • ConceptVBS

      Its actually safer to use Samsung Pay than regular cards as it uses a virtual instead of your actual card’s number. Someone steals your virtual card? Simple, bank will change virtual card with something else without touching your actual card.

      • Al William

        Actually, it’s using a new virtual number for every transaction. That number is only good for one transaction and just that transaction. So even if the virtual number is stolen, it’s useless.

  • s10shane

    Did anyone notice when someone is texting you and your in the message. It now shows the person is typing a message. I’m not sure if it has to do with this update. I just noticed it right now.


    • Jess

      It’s part of the Enhanced Messaging. It’s almost like Imessage now.

      • Bonedatt

        More like whatsapp or hangouts

    • edgar garcia

      Yea II noticed that

    • Bud

      Trying to be like the iPhone

  • Hayes

    Does anyone know when Samsung Pay will be opened to ALL credit cards? Not just ones through participating banks? That’s a HUGE advantage with Android pay, it does not require bank participation.

    • Marcus

      Android Pay does require card issuer participation (banks), if you add a card, the issuer generates a digital card equivilent. PayPal issued card didn’t work. When removing my bank card, bank emailed me that my virtual card had been disabled.

  • Des

    Note 3 stagefright update would be great

  • Concept

    Is anyone else having issues with Samsun Pay? I got the update on my S6 edge and when I try to launch it, it just gives me a white bar in the middle of the screen saying, “loading”. I was only able to get it to launch one time and that time it took me through a tour of Samsung pay and asked me if I wanted updates on it, but that’s it.

  • ConceptVBS

    Been beta testing Samsung Pay on my S6. Works wonders and makes everyone surprised how it works. I’ve been using it at so many places. They all work like magic.

  • Rick

    Maybe a little out of topic, but anyone else with S6 edge plus or note 5 having trouble attaching pictures to a text message? I googled the issue and apparently is well known. Hope Samsung has a fix planned.

    • streetz

      I haven’t had any issues with the note attaching pictures to text messages.

  • iron_c

    Got the update on my S6 and just installed SPay. Underwhelmed. I was an original LoopPay user, the company Samsung bought for this technology, and the best part was that it wasn’t tied to any bank. You ran your card through the fob and it usually just worked out fine.

    I just scanned my debit card and 2 CC’s and was told they aren’t supported. As someone mentioned, it’s a free country, so Samsung choosing to cripple LoopPay’s tech to only work with some banks seems to be counterproductive.

    Many people have credit unions, smaller banking institutions (I use Midfirst) because of all the ‘too big to fail’ BS that went on. I pulled my BofA account because of all the fees I was getting charged.

    Now I want to continue to use what I thought would be an upgrade to LoopPay’s original service and instead I get nothing.

    I’m going to see if I can just keep using my LoopPay fob.

    • Steve

      I had the same problem and guess what? I have Chase Bank! Chase is not currently supported on Samsung Pay!!! I don’t get it.

  • Alex

    I don’t know if it’s been posted here yet in an article but everyone who does the Samsung promo for the Samsung pay and activate a card, you get a free wireless charger or flip case when you activate samsung pay on the galaxy s6, s6 edge or note 5. Just an FYI

    • Al William

      Yeah,it’s a nice offer but unfortunately my card is not supported. I tried a prepaid Amex and won’t work too. I wonder if I try a prepaid Citi card?