T-Mobile Network Update: Band 12 spotted in more Colorado, Texas and Michigan areas

Every once in a while I try to get a hold of my TmoNews inbox and filter through all the recently sighted network changes we get sent in. Today is one of those days, and there’s a fair few new sightings to inform you of in a number of markets across the U.S. Big and small cities alike. And – of course – most of those are new 700MHz band 12 LTE sightings.

With 700MHz sightings, it’s worth noting that you won’t be able to test or use the network unless you have a compatible handset. Thankfully, the list of compatible devices is growing constantly and includes most of the latest handsets including the HTC One M9, Galaxy S6, Note 4, Nexus 6 and Xperia Z3 among others. As always, we check Redditor, DanRant’s map to make sure the areas are within T-Mobile’s 700MHz markets.

Rochester Hills, MI

Rochester Hills
Rochester Hills – just a little north of Detroit – is one of the recent areas to get its 700MHz LTE network switched on. According to our reader, the network is still a little spotty. But, he’s had it show up a number of times when searching.

rochester hills b12

Taylor and Bartlett, Texas

Taylor and Bartlett hwy95 TX - B12

Another reader of ours noticed some more 700MHz flavored LTE on his route on highway 95 between Taylor and Bartlett in Texas.

taylor bartlett

Colorado – Denver and Colorado Springs

Denver Colorado B12
Colorado is one state where T-Mobile has officially announced its 700MHz network is live, and we’ve had a number of sightings in and around the State. Over the past week or so we’ve been sent sightings in Denver (above) and Colorado Springs (below).

Colorado Springs - B12

If anything, it serves as evidence that T-Mobile is serious about improving its network, regardless of what certain loud-mouth hotel tycoons might think.


It wouldn’t be a network update without a reader getting involved having used Wideband LTE in a new area. And this post is no different.

With Wideband LTE – T-Mobile’s faster/wider LTE network – we’ve traditionally seen the carrier focussing more on the major metro areas. But now, the company is starting to go a little further afield with its 15+15 and 20+20 network.

Wideband LTE - San Benito, Tx and Harlingen, Tx

Earlier this week we were sent speed tests showing the network alive and kicking in San Benito and Harlingen, Texas. Specifically, it looks as though T-Mobile’s 15+15 network has been launched in the two relatively remote cities. For those unaware, the two neighboring areas are very close to the Mexican border, some distance from what I would class as a major, well-known metro area. The nearest being San Antonio, which is some 250 miles north.

While this specific news may only directly affect a relatively small number of people, it’s great to see Wideband LTE make its way to cities a little “off the grid” as it were. It shows that T-Mo is committed to covering as many people as possible with its ultra-fast LTE network.

As always, keep in touch if you see any interesting or new network changes in your area. You can reach me by email: cam@tmonews.com. Thanks to everyone who sends these in. It’s great to see real-life evidence of T-Mo’s network getting better, faster and stronger.

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  • Joe

    Not bad I like the progres but i’m still here in NC with no low band and we need it so bad cuz of all the hills and also an extra 5mhz bandwidth would help alleviate the congestion.

    • williejackbrainer

      What part of NC if you don’t mind me asking? I will be traveling down the east coast in June. I will be in Shelby NC.

      • Joe

        I live in the Charlotte area so I can’t tell you how your performance will be in shelby I have not ever been there. In charlotte area the performance of t-mobile is good nothing amazing but I have no real problems just dead spots here and there but thats to be expected.

        • williejackbrainer

          Okay, good to know and thank you. I may go to Charlotte to buy some Panthers gear.

        • Joe


        • Raiterio Patterson

          Actually, I’ve checked out Shelby on Sensorly and coverage is much improved from 2013. Mode of the updates are band 2 I think. Even Polksville; a miles north has tiny bit of LTE

        • Joe

          Hmm thats good I don’t really go traveling out of the city aria more than like 5 times a year so I don’t really know how the coverage is outside of NC. BTW I will be traveling to st louis in the coming weeks and I just got my new s6 so I am exited to c how good the coverage is.

      • Raiterio Patterson

        You sure you wanna travel to Shelby??? Not the greatest city IMO. I live in KM. Drive safe

  • Doug Z.

    Band 12 is also on at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport in Romulus. That is very close to the channel 51 border.

    • nelagster

      Right but didn’t they get approval to deploy in that area soon?

      • Doug Z.

        Still have ch 52 to deal with.

      • Doug Z.


  • Anonymous

    Forum obviously is from TMobile groupies who don’t analyze coverage on the merits.

    As having an Ipad mini retina and no plans to change device, Tmobile has no 700 coverage with this device at all and they have not spent on improving their existing AWS coverage area in terms of density for LTE. They are backwards and too late to the game.

    Had coverage been better and at the same price points I would have been a subscriber. Instead I never materialized into a paying customer and they kept adding features in the mix to make actual pricing the same but with more data offered for free and more ability to consume data. All i wanted was better coverage at the same lower pricing tiers, not an even more competitive price equation,

    So free data got me to try TMobile but it never materialized into revenue. Other carriers are doing a lot more to improve existing coverage with AWS and other bands and have the 700mhz band usable on this device right now. Even if I dont get placed on AWS 3 spectum with this device, it will offload the newer devices on these frequencies and so I will have more spectrum available to me.

    • Zach Chadwick

      Of Course T-mobile doesn’t have 700MHz coverage with your iPad Mini w/ Retina Display. That device doesn’t support 700MHz. No one is saying you have to stick with T-Mobile. Don’t come here to Gripe about your iPad.

      • Cam Bunton

        Lol.. So, iPad – which was certainly developed and finalized before T-Mobile even started rolling out 700MHz LTE – doesn’t support 700MHz LTE? Go figure…

        • enkay1

          His comment does make a point about Apple’s problem of inflexibility with networking tech. Samsung practically adds bands on the fly but with Apple, it is a painful locked-in process. I say this as an iPhone 6 user in an active band 12 area dealing with coverage issues.

        • 9to5Slavery

          Apples changes in chip or company bids for components and design to make it work makes them like that in process I believe.

    • gmo8492

      “Tmobile has no 700mhz coverage with this device”

      Since when does Tmobile manufacture ipads… lol

    • crybabies

      I am a tmobile customet but far from a fan boy because of their poor coverage around me. I must say though that was one of the dumbest posts I have read in awhile. I can never get that time back.

    • Stone Cold

      Sir or Madam stop looking for a reason to put down T-Mobile as this is the most insane post written here in a long time. Can’t get the 700 with a device not built to support it.

    • Fabian Cortez

      Other carriers are doing a lot more to improve existing coverage with AWS and other bands and have the 700mhz band usable on this device right now.

      Like who?

      AT&T and Sprint have lowered their CAPEX and AT&T has pretty much given up on spending on their network. And Sprint is too busy competing with itself, big box stores, and doorstep delivery.

    • William Kestle

      ive seen expanded coverage on aws lte and hspa covering towns of monroe and sultan washington. monroe was barely covered before, now pretty extensively. in sultan i pulled 30mbps on hspa+. not bad for a town of 4,700 people

      • jay_max

        Aberdeen and Hoquiam are now LTE. Ocean Shores about a month ago.

    • Chilehead

      Clearly you haven’t spent much time here. If it was just a fan forum I wouldn’t waste my time visiting this site.

  • Sean

    There’s Wideband LTE in the DC Metro area now 15+15 MHz.

  • Tim O. Towers

    I have an HTC One M9. Soon after I got it, I installed LTE Discovery app and paid for it. Now, I am picking up traces of band 12 in one small area of Santa Ana, California with the app. That is the only place in Orange county where I have seen the app pick it up. Screenshot coming soon. False positive? Testing phase? I don’t know.

    • Tim O. Towers
    • dontsh00tmesanta

      On its own or forcing it?

      I’m thinking of an m9 does it over heat like they say it does?

      • Tim O. Towers

        It does so on its own. Each sighting lasts only about 10-15 seconds before returning to Band 4. I don’t know how to force it on M9. By the way, overheating problems have been fixed, so it doesn’t overheat any more than other phones I have used.

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          How’s battery life? Sot?

        • Tim O. Towers

          Battery life is the best I have seen so far on a smartphone. I know others say its bad, but I don’t have a problem with it. By the time I get home from work, it is at over 55%.

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          What’s your sot?

        • Tim O. Towers

          What is the meaning of sot?

        • Rob

          Screen on time. Arguably the most important factor in battery life.

        • Tim O. Towers

          I never thought of that. Will take me a long while to determine.

        • Rob

          Grab GSAM battery from the play store. It will tell you your screen on time and even keep a calculated average for you (mine is 4h58m on my Nexus 6)

        • Justsomecommentor

          I’ve got a better idea. Why don’t we stay on topic, please. I believe the subject was band 12, right?

        • Tim O. Towers

          i totally agree.

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          screen on time

        • Tim O. Towers

          As I already stated, I never thought of that.

        • Tim O. Towers

          SOT is a difficult thing to determine accurately because day to day usage will vary greatly. There are so many variables. Even with an app, it will still take several days to get an average screen time. Battery monitoring apps also use a bit of the battery themselves, so that can alter the actual results to something lower. Also, a new phone will need to have its battery conditioned for about a week to give a better idea of actual performance.

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          its still something

  • Jess

    Come on Cincinnati, we are almost there,… :-)

    • enkay1

      Band 12 for Cincinnati is already on-air

      • Jess

        Negative, it’s sporadic when its on. It’s currently off.

        • JB45

          Yeah if was off on Thursday while I was downtown

      • Jay Holm

        Just because it’s deployed doesn’t mean it’s everywhere.

  • fhritp

    Woo hoo Rochester Hills!!

    • About time, because just North of Rochester Hills as far as Lake Orchard there was only 2G.

    • lithdoc

      Woop woop, I guess there are quite a few of us Rochesterites here!

      In my home I’m still on 1900-2100, but I was in Birmingham last week and it was on 700 there!

  • taron19119

    Come on t-mobile u got band 12 in one part of philly y is it taking so long to get band 12 to the rest of philly

    • enkay1

      The network team that manages eastern PA has a lot of work to do with both band 12 and band 2 upgrades.

    • Matt

      What part of philly has band 12?

      • taron19119

        Olney the airport and west philly

  • othercents

    T-Mobile had only announced Colorado Springs, however I just saw that KCEC has moved to channel 26, so now channel 51 is clear for T-Mobile use band 12. We will probably see significant movement to band 12 in Denver.


  • jj201367


  • Rob H.

    We also got more wideband LTE coverage in MI too. Fastest I’ve seen yet: http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/a/1229133697

    • walt

      i think thats 20×20 :)

  • I recently enjoyed a strong LTE signal on band 2 almost all the way to the border South of San Antonio, as it can be seen in attach. It fell back to 2G for just about 10mls before the LTE signal on band 4 in Laredo was picked up. Last year, taking the same route down I35, only 2G was available just South of San Antonio as far as Laredo.


  • Wondering

    What is the best way to detect if you have a band 12 signal?

    • Tim O. Towers

      LTE Discovery app on Android. On a Samsung device, type *#0011# on the dialer. No app needed there.

      • Ryan Carnes Ofs

        What about on iPhone?

        • Tim O. Towers

          The iPhone is not capable of Band 12. Maybe the next one.

        • Ryan Carnes Ofs

          Yes I am aware of that but there still must be away to see what LTE band you’re using on iPhones.

        • Testingplease

          Maybe Apple doesn’t let you….. ;)

        • walt

          wait a minute
          then click on service cell info

        • Wondering

          I put that code in…. Nothing

        • Chris

          The code worked for me but I could not find where it shows LTE band

        • walt

          yes, the *3001#12345#* field test code is for an iphone. you have to wait a few minutes after you enter the service code then click on “serving cell info”. there is will tell you what band you’re on and the frequency of the signal.


        • Wondering

          I believe that coffee is for an iPhone, not a Note 4.

    • Naruto44

      Nexus 6 with L 5.1 *#*#33284#*#*>LTE Engineering

  • Jay Holm

    I can confirm Band 12 on Boston Post Rd in Milford Ct, Waterbury Ct, Shelton Ct. T-mobile needs to get both the NYC & Boston markets to vacate the 700 band.

    Is T-mobile still on track to clear the 5mhz remaining on the MetroPCS by the end of this year and merge it with the Wideband LTE for 20mhz?

  • Aurizen

    I don’t have a phone thats band 12 but i hope Philly gets it soon.

    • SEBA

      Philly aready has it in several locations.

      • taron19119

        Yeah just 4 places has band 12

  • Charley

    I don’t know if it was band 12, but over the weekend in the morning hour I had a strange strong 4GLTE signal just north of Austin in my house…. where otherwise i never get 4GLTE. then signal went away. Come on TMobil – turn the darn thing ON>

  • shamatuu

    when will it come to California, Milpitas?

  • Rob

    We have had band 12 by the capitol for a few weeks now. It kind of sucks actually… 5MHz means the speed is a lot slower than it was on Band 4.

    • othercents

      Yep, but doesn’t matter for my LG G3. So the race is who gets upgraded first. My LG G3 or the towers down around my house?

      • Rob

        Yeah I’m considering attempting to downgrade back to the original Nexus 6 radio that didn’t have band 12 so I go back to band 4. That or getting an S6 since it has B12 + 4 carrier aggregation

  • Rob

    Wait a minute… That Denver screenshot… Is that carrier aggregation? If the S6 has band 12+4 aggregation, I’m probably going to Jump from my Nexus 6 to the S6 because the N6 does not support CA with band 12 at all.

    • BetterIdea

      Get a Note 4.

    • Scott

      There’s not just speed but coverage to consider. In theory, a lower frequency provides better range than a higher one, thus the chance of coverage at longer distance from a tower all else being equal. Of course, in the real world there are many factors that will determine whether the signal your device receives is usable or not.

      In my experience, there’s no question that Verizon has historically been unbeatable in the foothills and mountains just West of Colorado’s Front Range, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

      Not that I’d notice at this point since I don’t use 700MHz band 12 compatible device. However, I’m considering doing some comparison testing with a couple of hotspots and external antennas mounted on my Jeep…

      • Rob

        I’ve had no real coverage issues with T-Mobile this time around between Lakewood and Denver. Speed was faster than Verizon until they launched band 12 and made it first priority.

        • Scott

          I’d expect few issues with T-Mobile in metro areas (I live in Lakewood and roll into Denver once or twice a week myself.)

          But there’s no question T-Mobile can’t touch Verizon even in places like Idaho Springs or Estes Park which are tucked just inside the east side of Rockies (which you would know, but for the benefit of others…)

          My hope is that, in time, rollout of the lower frequency will address that. And perhaps t-Mobile will even get on the ball on the intermountain coverage and beyond the Western Slope…

        • Rob

          Yeah T-Mobile is not so good outside of the metro areas which is their downside. Heck last time I was at Red Rocks they didn’t even have a signal, only at&t did.

      • Naruto44

        N6 support B12 so coverage he is good in that aspect.

  • Still no wide-band love in Washington, D.C. :(

    • Sean

      There is Wideband here. 15×15, to be exact.

      • Jay Holm

        I want MetroPCS to be completely shut off so that every “Wideband LTE” market can get upgraded to 20×20 just like Dallas and Seattle.

  • Guest

    What app is in the first picture to view detailed network information?

    • Rob

      LTE Discovery.

  • Jimmy James

    The Samsung S6 will not allow you to change or force your band using Elixir2 or 4G LTE Switch or any other app. I did not have this issue on my HTC One M8 with Lollipop. You only get to choose the standard LTE/WCDMA/GSM or WCDMA and GSM only.

  • Jimmy James

    Not many people will get this reference, “Bandz a make her dance.”

    • ID10-Ts are anoying

      If you know right up front that few people will get the reference, then why post it? Or better yet, explain the reference so everybody can participate?
      Making references you know most people won’t get does not make you special, it makes you an Elitist Snob.

      • Jimmy James

        No. It’s because most people are elitist snobs who would not listen to the music I was referring to. The site is full of Apple and Samsung elitists. I am not the elitist you are looking for. You can go about your business. Move along.
        Did you get that reference?

    • Jordan Smellie

      Don’t worry, your reference didn’t go over my head. And yeah… probably not many people that would have feet in both that world and this one. Kudos to us.

  • Finally getting LTE through the northern half of Wilson County Texas (just south of San Antonio). Half of Floresville going north west toward Bexar County. Consistent speeds of 10mps. Using an unlocked Nokia 820 and an unlocked Nokia 635. Using the ARFCN they came back with 1050 which translates to 1900mhz

  • Justin Smith

    Get some speed tests and send them to Cam’s email! He’ll probably put them in the next update

  • Justin Smith

    Great to see updates to their network across the US as well!

  • Jimmy James

    I did not realize this, but I have been on Band 12 for 3 weeks since I got my Samsung S6. I was having issues where it started to almost constantly drop from LTE to 4G, when it previously worked for a year and a half before with the same HTC One M8. They supposedly tried everything on their end, and checked the tower. (I doubt that). I got my new S6 and the same thing was happening, so I called again. The guy said he was going to send something to my phone, and told me to reboot. Well my phone was now staying on LTE. So whenever I am at home, my phone uses Band 12 5mhz. I only get 17 Mbps max download though. At work I am on Band 4 20Mhz. So it definitely was not automatically connecting to band 12 even with a bad signal. Support had to do something.