T-Mobile Network Update: Band 12 spotted in more Colorado, Texas and Michigan areas

Every once in a while I try to get a hold of my TmoNews inbox and filter through all the recently sighted network changes we get sent in. Today is one of those days, and there’s a fair few new sightings to inform you of in a number of markets across the U.S. Big and small cities alike. And – of course – most of those are new 700MHz band 12 LTE sightings.

With 700MHz sightings, it’s worth noting that you won’t be able to test or use the network unless you have a compatible handset. Thankfully, the list of compatible devices is growing constantly and includes most of the latest handsets including the HTC One M9, Galaxy S6, Note 4, Nexus 6 and Xperia Z3 among others. As always, we check Redditor, DanRant’s map to make sure the areas are within T-Mobile’s 700MHz markets.

Rochester Hills, MI

Rochester Hills
Rochester Hills – just a little north of Detroit – is one of the recent areas to get its 700MHz LTE network switched on. According to our reader, the network is still a little spotty. But, he’s had it show up a number of times when searching.

rochester hills b12

Taylor and Bartlett, Texas

Taylor and Bartlett hwy95 TX - B12

Another reader of ours noticed some more 700MHz flavored LTE on his route on highway 95 between Taylor and Bartlett in Texas.

taylor bartlett

Colorado – Denver and Colorado Springs

Denver Colorado B12
Colorado is one state where T-Mobile has officially announced its 700MHz network is live, and we’ve had a number of sightings in and around the State. Over the past week or so we’ve been sent sightings in Denver (above) and Colorado Springs (below).

Colorado Springs - B12

If anything, it serves as evidence that T-Mobile is serious about improving its network, regardless of what certain loud-mouth hotel tycoons might think.


It wouldn’t be a network update without a reader getting involved having used Wideband LTE in a new area. And this post is no different.

With Wideband LTE – T-Mobile’s faster/wider LTE network – we’ve traditionally seen the carrier focussing more on the major metro areas. But now, the company is starting to go a little further afield with its 15+15 and 20+20 network.

Wideband LTE - San Benito, Tx and Harlingen, Tx

Earlier this week we were sent speed tests showing the network alive and kicking in San Benito and Harlingen, Texas. Specifically, it looks as though T-Mobile’s 15+15 network has been launched in the two relatively remote cities. For those unaware, the two neighboring areas are very close to the Mexican border, some distance from what I would class as a major, well-known metro area. The nearest being San Antonio, which is some 250 miles north.

While this specific news may only directly affect a relatively small number of people, it’s great to see Wideband LTE make its way to cities a little “off the grid” as it were. It shows that T-Mo is committed to covering as many people as possible with its ultra-fast LTE network.

As always, keep in touch if you see any interesting or new network changes in your area. You can reach me by email: cam@tmonews.com. Thanks to everyone who sends these in. It’s great to see real-life evidence of T-Mo’s network getting better, faster and stronger.

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