Android 5.0.2 update rolling out for T-Mobile LG G2

lg g2

Just a few days after it was released for the LG G3, T-Mobile is now rolling out the Android 5.0 Lollipop update for the LG G2.

The news, however, is tinged with possible frustration since there’s a chance that you will be made to wait up to five weeks before you finally see the update land on your device. T-Mo’s support pages note that the “optional update will be gradual and randomly made available to all LG G2 customers.” Sadly, there’s still no mention of VoLTE support for the LG G2.

In order to update, customers will also need to be sure they currently have software version D80120g installed (you can check this in your “about” page in the settings menu). You also need to have at least 50% battery life and at least 617MB storage space free for the updated OS.

If you manage to get your phone updated over the next few days, let us know if you notice any drastic changes.

Thanks, James.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Kuyukot

    And still we don’t have Lollipop love for our Note 4……….. What’s happening here???????

    • Cam Bunton

      lol.. I know right? At least LG got theirs in the right order. ;-)

      • Joe

        LOL Samsung forgot how to count.

      • Android_God

        I will pray to God that He gives you strength in dealing with some of these people that post to your forum. Not the brightest bunch so I guess you play the sympathy card.

    • JBLmobileG1

      With the poor performance I have with the Lollipop update on my Note 3, I suggest you don’t complain, and hope they get the bugs fixed first. Personally I think we were the test subjects for the Note 4 update and if that’s the case…. definitely wait. Ever since I updated my battery life has been horrible and while the device does seem faster, it hiccups ever now and then which I hate.

      • Android_God

        “Personally I think we were the test subjects for the Note 4 update” WOW!!!! I hope you realize what’s wrong with this statement?

        • JBLmobileG1

          What is wrong with this statement oh mighty God of Android? The Note 3 isn’t much different from the Note 4. The Note 3 already received the update to Android 5.0 aka Lollipop. It’s horrible… and obviously wasn’t tested long enough to discover all the issues it contains. I have a feeling they waited for the Note 4 update to receive the feedback on the Note 3…. find the bugs and issues it had with its update on the Note 3 and then see if they are still present on the Note 4 testing. So yes, the Note 3 Lollipop updated phones and the people who use them were the test subjects, guinea pigs, and whatever else you’d like to call them… testers for the update to what is to come for the Note 4. Why else are they taking so long to update it? Probably because they know the Note 3 didn’t handle the update too well and they don’t want to screw it up too bad for the Note 4 users.

        • Android_God

          Since you put it that way, I’m now STOKED that my Note 4 won’t have near the bugs as your Note 3! Thanks for testing it for us Note 4 owners! Sweet!

    • eAbyss

      “What’s happening here???????”

      Two words.

      Samsung TouchWiz.

    • Android_God

      it’s in testing for christ sake! I bet its out within 2 weeks!

    • Mike

      There’s been no mention of the Note Edge lollipop update . I’m not in a rush but I really be disappointed if it’s not here by July

      • nycplayboy78

        Same here waiting for some love for my Galaxy Note Edge…SIGH…I guess the Galaxy Note 5 or the Galaxy Note Edge 2 will come out before the Note Edge will get 5.0…smdh….

        • Mike

          The Note 4 and Note Edge are basically the same phone so I don’t understand why the Note 4 will get the update sooner then the Edge

  • eAbyss

    All these devices late to the Lollipop party are better off waiting for 5.1.

  • Android_God

    I have my bag of popcorn and a box of tissues ready!

  • iMotoXperiaGalaxy

    I have a Note 4 and runs great. Could care less for the update. It sucked on the Nexus 6 when it came out. Which I replaced with the Note 4.

    Exactly why my APPLE iPhone 6 Plus (Smartphone of the Year) is my daily driver…

    • Timbo1

      Apple should have used that extra screen real estate better on the 6+. I was disappointed they didn’t do squat with it, same as Google with the Nexus 6 :/

    • eAbyss

      “Could care less for the update.”

      *Couldn’t care less*

      “Could care less” means you at least care a little.

  • Mike Thaler

    And isn’t this an older device than the S4 – which is not on the list to ever be updated?

    • Joe

      No it’s newer by like 6 months.

      • Kogashuko

        This is why I am waiting for the LG G4 instead of a samsung or HTC device. It is absolutely absurd that they would sell a device that costs $600 and stop supporting it after they come out with two more devices in less than two years.

    • Luck

      No. G2 came later. But, HTC one M7 came before S4. Also T-mobile did not even update Galaxy S3 to 4.4. The worst part is everyone else is updating S4 to android 5.0 except the so called uncarrier.

  • dexi

    I just got an update for my LG G3.

  • Luck

    T-mobile did not update S3 to 4.4 when everyone else updated. Similarly they are NOT going to update S4 to 5.0 when everyone else is updating it. This is one of the worst decisions from T-mobile, especially they were top selling phones during their time. Now, I am not planning to buy S6 because it will have same fate. Come on T-mobile. You are updating G2 and HTC one M7. Why not S4 when you and Samsung made a huge profit with it.

    • Joe

      Yeah I really hope they update the s4 to 5.0 cuz this is actually starting to piss me off. Like they call themselves the uncarrier but they can’t keep all their phones updated to the latest firmware available from the OEM. O yeah and another thing is why can’t they update all phones that have the capability of volte to actually be able to use it. T-MOBILE really needs to step up there game and start updating all there phones and not try to make ppl upgrade cuz they have old software.

      • tmo customer

        yes even t-mobile not updated Galaxy Note 2 to Kitkat while all other major carriers updated Note to Kitkat

    • George

      Even in Canada Galaxy S4 is updated to Lollipop. So literally everybody is updating S4, except T-mobile.

    • George

      Galaxy S4 is getting updated even in Canada today. So literally everybody is updating S4 except T-mobile. I think T-mobile is trying to kill the Samsung brand.

      • TS

        I won’t buy anymore devices from T-Mobile because of not getting KitKat on my S3 and not getting lollipop on my S4

    • TS

      I have a S4 from T-Mobile and it will be my LAST device purchased from T-Mobile. I’m really pissed off about not getting lollipop.

  • Grandy Cuban

    So, according to some list, the Samsung Galaxy Avant is supposed to get the 5.0 update sometime during Q2 or Q3 of 2015. I think we’re well into Q2. Anyone have any new information on this?

  • AS118

    I’m excited about this, but am concerned that 5.0 will break something on my phone. So, I’m more than willing to wait for it to finally come to my phone. If they discover something they need to fix before the update shows up on my phone, that’s good news to me.

  • Faslane

    WTF about Note 4????????????????????????????? Come one Tmobile, you’re making me regreat switching to you. Get your shit together and release it already testing my ass.

  • Edwin Erickson

    When will the LG90 (D-415) be updated to OS 5. I am running 4.4.2.

    • mike

      use LG software update tool and select recovery will update your phone to android 5.02 software D41520b btw the battery last longer with this version.

      • Edwin Erickson

        mike: Thank you for trying to help. My D41510e using Android 4.4.2 does not allow using the LG software update tool. It just tells me that my system is up to date. Any other ideas?

        • Orlando G.

          Did you choose upgrade recovery?

        • MatthewPDX

          I did. Says “No upgrade items to fix.”

  • Kelvin Njuguna

    for one the Theme option which allowed one to apply a theme went away.Best bet is to do a factory reset to get better battery life and performance.Battery will be so so first couple of days.

  • Orlando G.

    So I did the manual update 5 days ago. I’m at 5.0.1. When this rolls out, will my phone prompt me that there’s an update to get 5.0.2 ?

    • WaarrEagle

      No idea but I did the manual update over the weekend with the LG tool and I got 5.0.2

    • Pfunk

      You should have gotten 5.02 on the G2. The G3 was getting 5.01. I did the update last week as well on my G2 and got 5.02. If go back to the software and try again.

    • Orlando G.

      Tried updating again and still went to 5.0.1

  • JMF_mobile

    Not sure I will install it when it does arrive, given all the bugs of battery drain and memory leaks I’ve been reading about from others. I really like KitKat and everything works with it.

  • Greg2099

    Guessing that my Samsung Galaxy tab S 10.5 LTE won’t be updated till 2017 as slow as T-Mobile was to come out with it compared to the other carriers and as slow as they are with this for their Samsung phones. Fortunately my phone is an unlocked Sony Xperia Z Ultra and already has lollipop update. Really starting to question the quality of T-Mobile services.

  • Kogashuko

    Mine is finalizing the update now so I will update everyone if I have any problems. Sucks about VOLTE. I wonder if they did manage to enable band 12 though since the chipset supports it. Also, I read some frustration about the lack of the update with HTC. Yes I use to use HTC products and after a product is no longer a flagship they dont update anything!

    • john

      what state are you in. did you have the wifi on or were you just automatically notified that there was an update without the wifi

      • Kogashuko

        I used the LG software update tool. Havnt found any bugs yet but I dotn know that I like it either.

    • maciejkoziol

      Are you sure about the band 12?
      I can’t find any info about it.

      • Kogashuko

        No, it will almost surly require FCC approval to do it though. Until now the only option has been to edit NV values which requires root. However, the chipset does support it. The most common thing you will here in response to this is that all of the manufacturers solder special filters onto the boards on only phones available in the US for channel 51 even though the chipset has and does have a very simple way of just turning it off. These people are usually affiliated with the sale of phones and would have a lot to lose if you could simply switch over most of the phones sold in the last two years.

    • Joe

      Yes the chipset supports it but that does not mean that the phone has band 12. Band 12 is a actual piece of hardware (antenna).

  • nycplayboy78

    WOW…Can the Galaxy Note Edge get some love T-Mobile??!! SIGH…….

  • italian

    I have unlocked G2 D801. im living in ITALY will i be able to get the update???

    • Joekidd

      If you run the LG Mobile Support tool on a PC you should be able to update via USB cable.

      • italian

        and what about OTA???

  • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

    that’s great, what about the Note 4?

    • Kilroy672

      I total agree with you. I just got mine last weekend and I’m already eager to have 5.0.2. Where’s the love for the Note4?

    • Pfunk

      Is coming. T-Mobile shows they have the update from Samsung. They just need to test. Should be soon. I think us cell just started pushing

      • Marcelo_L

        C’mon plunk….it doesn’t take THAT long to perform their validation tests for these releases….

        I WRITE software for living…I teach programmers how to build their software so that it’s testable…’re not going to tell me that it takes 6+ months to flesh out a release of the firmware we have today…the images that are generated are built from scripts for crying out loud…Sorry, don’t buy that they just aren’t getting software releases from the manufacturers either.

        Include this, don’t include that…..set this setting to this value….

        It’s all run by scripts that get run whenever a build of the software is compiled. It doesn’t take 6+ months of field validation to certify if a device can/should run a particular build or not.

        OF COURSE the carriers are sitting on these builds.

        I’m sure there’s builds of KitKat sitting out there for the S3 and Note 2, a build of Lollipop for the S4….and the Note 3.

        The problem is the carriers DON’T WANT customers updating their firmware.

        I say…….CHARGE ME FOR IT you idiots……tell me it’s going to cost me $25 upgrade to support……if that’ll pump in cash. Today’s devices do NOT require a leap every year or two. The hardware advancements are coming in such tiny increments now that it’s the SOFTWARE that’s the difference.

        • Pfunk

          I agree, but current model makes us wait or root. Mine das simply a response to the previous post. If US Cell had started pushing T-Mobile wouldn’t be far behind. But i wouldn’t pay for what I could get by rooting and supporting that community with free bets and coffee.

    • Mike

      No update about the Note Edge either when the Note 4 and Edge are basically the same phone .

  • CRT24

    Did the update last night and seems to be running fine. Main things i notice are the notifications are different and the keyboard seems to be more accurate but my sim card now won’t support wifi calling so i have to update that.

  • Pfunk

    I did it last week through the software, had some slow charging issues and since days of great battery and others seemed to drain fast. Factory reset fixed it all. Out with the old I guess.

    • billacuda

      Ditto with the factory reset. My phone wouldn’t change until I did that.

  • GinaDee

    T-Mobile already tests the update with users prior to rollout to verify functionality. Once they validate it they should push it to all devices at once.

    Staggered rollout over weeks and months (or years) is a systemic issue that the carriers, the OEM’s and Google must address. It’s pathetic that they still do this in 2015.

    I swear they must have some intern entering G2 IMEI’s from a database onto a spreadsheet one by one by one by one.

    • IceMan

      Are there really updates that are delayed by up to a year??? Longest I’ve had to wait for an OTA may be a week.

    • MatthewPDX

      @askdes (That T-Mobile tech dude) said the roll out would be staggered for the first week and then available to all G2 owners. We shall see.

  • IceMan

    Those of you that have the update, did they update the Optimus UI to make it similar to the G3? I’m waiting on my Sprint variant to get the update (first time Sprint’s ever been last to update I feel.)

  • 1ceTr0n

    Note 4 owners still getting shafted…

    • Luck

      No, you are not. Wait for six more months. Everyone else will be updated to the next version except Note 4 from T-mobile. The same thing happened to Note 2, S3 and S4. So, by buying Samsung phone from t-mobile we are already SCREWED.

      • TS

        You are very correct. I have a S4 and it looks like T-Mobile is going to skip the lollipop update just like they did with the S3 and the KitKat update. I won’t be buying any more T-Mobile devices. I’m pissed!

        • Evan

          Uh.. it has nothing to do with T-Mobile.. all the other phones have gotten updates, Samsung is just slacking. Also, the S5 on T-Mobile already has lollipop.

        • TF Shaw

          I called Samsung and was told that updates are up to the carrier to release.

      • MatthewPDX

        It’s like 2.5 weeks away. @askdes tweeted that out.

    • TF Shaw

      The note 4 is listed as being in T-Mobile testing. You are in luck my friend.

  • Gemerson Arandu Lorenzo

    android 5.0.2? …i dont even have 5.0…im stuck at android 4.4.2 …and i see no updates on my phone or lg mobile support tool

  • Orlando G.

    FYI, there seems to be a little glitch in the way the LG G3 (on lollipop) handles notifications.

    If I have notifications from several sources (FB, Gmail, Text) at the same time, I drag down the notification window and at the bottom where it says CLEAR (to clear your notifications out) it is partially blocked by one of the notifications. You either have to tap the bottom part of the word several times or clear one of the notifications so that there’s only 2 showing in order to use the clear button.

  • TF Shaw

    T-Mobile S4 owners need to stick together and get T-Mobile up off their butts and release the S4 lollipop update! They weaseled out on the S3 KitKat as well. I will NEVER purchase another device from T-Mobile if I do not get the lollipop update on my S4, that’s a promise! With a family of five that’s a lot of phones T-Mobile! Turning your back on good customers is a great way to lose them T-Mobile!

    • Marcelo_L

      S4? What about the Note 2…….yes your’re getting KitKat, no you’re not getting KitKat…Yes you’re getting Lollipop….No, you’re not getting Lollipop.

      Geeze…put out the damn drivers for the device already and let folks roll their own. Yes, I know there’s Cyanogen and stuff…but for folks who bought a GNote II…..we did it for the Pen support.

      Crimoney sakes, Legere….you want to really keep’m coming back…..release the damn software updates.

      You see… see what I did now? I used colorful metephors….are you happy now, John.


      THE longest standing T-Mobile customer.

    • Luck

      You are right. All the S4, S3, Note2 owners should stick together. Except T-mobile everyone else updated. All of should atleast Tweet John Legere urging him to update Samsung phones. He is busy in tweeting ATT and Donald Trump. He should take care of T-mobile first.

      • TF Shaw

        Shall we tweet John?

        • Luck

          I alrrady did. If he does not reply in one week, then We should retweet him with John Leagre words, F, S etc. I request all S3, S4 and note 2 (past and present) owners to tweet him. I also request N3, N4, S5 and S6 owners to do the same as T mobile will do the same thing to you too.

        • TF Shaw

          Good idea. I’m going to do it now.

        • TF Shaw

          I tried contacting Samsung, T -mobile, by email, phone, twitter, all with no luck. This will be my last Samsung mobile device no doubt and the last device I purchase from T-mobile. Lesson learned.

      • TF Shaw

        This is the answer from Samsung

        Dear Todd,

        Thank you for taking the time to contact us at Samsung Technical Support. We always appreciate hearing from our customers.

        After reviewing your e-mail, we understand that you would like to know when the TouchWiz and Lollipop update will be available for your phone, we would provide you with the required information.

        We have checked all the details at our end and the updates on the devices will be released under the collaboration of Samsung, Google and the carrier. We are sorry to inform you that, we do not have information on the future update releases. We are unable to speculate when/if a software revision might be available due to the fact that this might lead to inaccurate information and confusion. However, once any update available for your phone, it should be notified on our official web site. We would have surely helped you, if there was any information available at our end. We in the e-mail team deals only with the technical troubleshooting for the mobile devices. Hope you understand our limitations. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

        Should you desire additional assistance, we invite you to access the web-link ( to speak to a Chat Specialist. Our technicians are more than happy to assist you further. Chat Support is available 24X7.

        For additional support and updates regarding your product, please follow us at @SamsungSupport on Twitter or like our page at

        Thank you for choosing Samsung products.

        If you have a minute, please fill out a brief survey to help us serve you better. To begin the survey, click on the “Start Survey Here” link at the bottom of this email. Please note that you can access the survey page only when the pop-up blocker is disabled in the browser.



    • Ruby Cortinas

      The update is horrible. I wish Tmobile would have never got it. My battery drains twice as fast and it looks ugly.

  • TF Shaw

    The ENTIRE PLANET is getting the S4 lollipop update EXCEPT T-MOBILE! Unbelievable! Lesson learned!

    • TF Shaw

      I’m going to give it a few months and if I don’t get the update I’m just going to install CM12 and be done with T-Mobile. This means when I do decide to purchase a new phone, T-Mobile will not be getting my money!

    • Ruby Cortinas

      Just got it and regret it

  • gordolobo

    My LG3 IS SLOW AND GUETTING HOT because of the update.

    • Ruby Cortinas

      My battery is draining twice as fast and getting hot as well.

  • Rakib Hasan Shohag

    Please somebody help me. I want to know when

    Android Lollipop update come for Sprint LG G2(LS980)?? I don’t know any think about it. Please help me out!!!

  • Manzuzu

    Yea seriously when is the ls980 version of the G2 getting 5.0

  • Heather

    I have the G3 and updated to Lollipop last week. I have had nothing but problems ever since. Constantly freezing up, lagging, shutting off/restarting, just to name a few issues. My fiance has an Asus tablet that did the same thing when he updated it to Lollipop. Ironically, he also has the G3, but has not had the problems I have had with mine. My advice is to wait for the bugs to be worked out before jumping to the update.

  • tasha

    My wifi calling won’t work for the lg g3 after the update :(

  • Luck

    Thanks TF for doing this. However, since Samsung is updating S4 for everyone else (They are updating even S4 active for ATT from today) to 5.0, I am sure it is T-mobile fault. They do not have enough money to spend to spend on supporting existing customers but they spend money to get customers from others. I will be moving onto some other carriers from this summer.

    PS : F… S…. Leagre never replies to our tweets. He replies to Trump immediately.

    • TF Shaw

      Corporate greed at work!

    • TF Shaw

      I think we should keep tweeting and make it publicly known what T-mobile is doing.

    • TF Shaw

      I tweeted this
      @T-Mobile @JohnLegere The entire planet is getting Lollipop for the S4 except for T-Mobile! Is this how you treat your loyal customers?

    • TF Shaw

      I also tweeted this.
      @JohnLegere How embarrassing for you to be the CEO of the only carrier that isn’t updating the S4 to Lollipop. #LollipopUpdate #android #L

  • Kareem J. Lanier

    When will the Note 4 get this? Geeze…. I used the Cyanogen version which was beautiful. Scares me to think what it will look like when the Note 4 gets it though….

  • The 5.0 update killed my WiFi calling feature on my G3. I would pass on this update if I were you (and you rely on that to supplement T-Mobiles garbage coverage.

    • tash

      Same thing happened to me

    • UPDATE : It’s WORKING! T-Mobile must have had an issue on the network end of things because i never received an update. It just started working the other night. Nice!

  • tlcedv

    I was forced to update the Notes feature on my LG2. All of my previous Notes are GONE!!! I had some really important stuff stored on there…tax reminders, password reminders…Does anyone know how I can get the Notes back? I have already hooked up to a PC and can’t find them.

    • AS118

      Thanks, that’s good info. I’ve got to get my important notes out of my LG notes section then. Luckily there’s nothing of real importance in there, but I’d be in trouble if there was.

  • WiFi Calling is back on and working well!

  • Nocturnal Haze

    Just bought a lg g2 and updated to lollipop from kitkat and I hate the changes. Ugly interface, ugly color scheme. My sms texts won’t send half the time. Deeply regret the update. They took away the clean look and left you with a cheap looking display. Even all the choices you had for your buttons are gone. So disappointed.

  • Ernie D.

    My wife recently updated her G2 to Lollipop and I must say I’m really (really!) impressed BUT! …Before I continue I will say I have the G3 and it’s lollipop update was rather disappointing. G2’s update was an entire overhaul of its interface and display. Both G2 and G3 were once on opposite sides of the spectrum favoring G3s clean display. Since the update, everything on the G2 changed. From it’s “cartoonish” feel to a more modern and polish feel as seen on the G3. The G2 now looks, feel, and displays like the G3…or like I rather say, the G2 now is essentially a smaller version of the G3.
    Too bad the G3s update wasn’t as significant. I should have just left it at KitKat.

  • Sumukh Manjunath

    Would I get the update from t-mobile if I bought the device on att on contract, unlocked it and then switch to t-mobile? As in, is the update device dependant or service provider dependent?

  • Machu Piccu

    I got the new update. I tap the screen to unlock the device. The screen goes black. I have to enter my tap sequence again to unlock the screen. BUG!

  • Ruby Cortinas

    I have no clue what the name of the updates are but I just recently had to update my android and the look and features are horrible, my battery seems to drain quickly. I used to only have to charge it maybe twice a day. I now have to charge it 4 times a day and it gets hot fast as well. I didn’t have a choice on whether I wanted to update it or not. HORRIBLE UPDATE!!!!!!

    • AS118

      I agree. Since I got 5.0, it gets hot really fast for no reason, and the battery life goes down when I am literally doing nothing. I factory reset my device and have powered it on and off a few times, and it barely seems to have helped.

  • AS118

    Update: I finally got the 5.0 update to my G2 around a week ago. I am extremely disappointed in its performance. Since I “upgraded” to Lollipop, my G2’s battery runs out VERY fast, even after a factory reset.

    The overly simplistic “shape” buttons at the bottom are not to my taste either. The update also got rid of the LG G2 custom themes and some of the wallpapers too, and all in all is a huge disappointment that makes my phone much less usable.

    I’m actually researching a way to roll it back to kit-kat, as it was a much more stable, usable phone before the horrible 5.0 update. The battery life was MUCH better too.

    Edit: Apparently, it’s not just T-mobile G2’s that have these problems, customers on Verizon and AT&T have the EXACT same problems to boot.

    • Ruby Cortinas

      Another problem I’m having is that my programs shut down all of a sudden. Horrible!

  • Nancy

    Hate this update. I used to be able to swipe down to access my calendar and calculator without leaving the screen I was on. They got rid of that feature. What for? My battery drains VERY fast and the geometric shaped buttons look ridiculous. Don’t they do any market research before changing things? Is there a way to get rid of the update?

  • Kathleen Gilmartin

    I hate that it says on my home screen to unlock for sensitive information. I also hate the icons. It also took away the themes and I cannot change to different icons. It did however make my phone faster.

  • phonefreak

    My g2 has bad battery since the 5.0 update hope they fix this soon

  • silencedogood

    Terrible batter drain issues since this update. Not a happy camper here – they need to fix whatever is causing the drain. My phone used to last all day even with moderate data usage and bluetooth headset on all day. Cannot last more than 6-7 hours now. This sucks.

  • Eric Cheung

    I just updated it mine, and there is a few issues with the update. battery drain, slow charge, and gets hot with 5-10min of use, i hope they release a new update soon…..

  • AngusCarpathian

    I have a G2 on T-Mobile and the battery drains at an epic rate and it gets super hot really fast.