T-Mobile HTC One M9 launch event happening later today

HTC One m9

There’s a T-Mobile event happening today, and while it’s taking place in Seattle, you can tune in no matter where in the world you’re located.

Des Smith is going to be hosting a T-Mobile event at 11:45 am PT/2:45 pm ET celebrating the launch of the HTC One M9. There’s going to be special non-alcoholic drinks at the show, the opportunity to check out the One M9, a performance from ZNi, and even the chance to win some prizes if you’re able to attend in person. You can still check out the event if you’re not in Seattle, though, because T-Mobile product guy Des Smith will be broadcasting the event on Periscope and sharing it on YouTube.

It doesn’t sound like this event is going to yield much in the way of announcements or new information on the HTC One M9, but it could still be a fun gathering to tune in to if you’re able. Once the link to the YouTube stream goes live, I’ll be sure to update this post.

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  • Nate


  • justsomecommentor

    Meaningless to those who already have it.

  • Willie D

    Uhhh, what? Didn’t the phone already launch, or have a launch by HTC? Hey everyone, we are going to have a party to celebrate the launch of the Nexus 4….Come on down.

    • JJCommonSense


    • Austin

      Like, yeah… I’ve already played with an M9 at my local TMO store…

  • NOYB

    Personally, I would be happier knowing that Band 12 has launched in Orange County, California. Anyone seen it yet?

    • gmo8492

      I read a post saying that band 12 is only active in parts of Santa Ana.

      • Joe

        I pray that by Q3 they buy Cavalier LLC. Cuz that is the last hope they have to make a really solid network. O ya and at the same time they need to buy Continuum and AB. Once they have all those they are set to compete with verizon and att till like 2018 and then they need 600mhz.

      • GUEST23

        Band 12 is active in most counties here in MN (i checked using service mode) however, 98% of the time Band 4 is the one active. Band 12 is only 5 Mhz and serves more like a backup when Band 4 is weak (like in my basement). This makes sense since Band 12 has more penetrating power,

    • Rod

      Im pretty sure most of SoCal is in one of those channel 51 exclusion areas. We aren’t getting band 12 till a certain tv station in LA vacates.

    • Mike Thaler

      Nope. And family member in Irvine on TM (and me when I visited) had “iffy” service. He uses wifi most of the time. Neither of us have a band 12 phone, yet.

      • NOYB

        Kind of odd, considering the fact that T-mobile has a large building in Irvine withe their logo at the top. Most probably a server building or switching office.

  • Ordeith

    Wake me when the Windows version is available.

    • Jenny


  • Nate3332

    More than a launch event it deserves a funeral.. dead on arrival.

    • George

      Samsung=touchwiz=DOA, customer support sucks ass even worse.

      • S6 is far from doa

        • HeatFan786

          George is from another dimension n, one where HTC is the #1 Android manufacturer despite not having the best hardware available.

  • taron19119

    Does anyone know John Leger or Neville ray email

  • brdwy12

    So tired of phone comments. Objectivity is a thing of the past. Everybody has to feel theirs is the best. Any information that might suggest otherwise,is like their mother has just been insulted. I think we have reached a point that all the 4 or 5 top models are excellent devices.I have tried Apple, Samsung and HTC. I find the difference is in the customer service and support. In that area from my personal experience, HTC has no equal. Wether your device is 3 months or 3 years they will assist you in solving any issue at no charge. That alone separates them enough for me to choose an HTC device. There are pros and cons to all the top devices. To each his own. Unless you own significant stock in one these companies, take a chill pill and enjoy YOUR device.

  • NOYB

    No. Months ago, a concurrent agreement was reached between T-Mobile and KXLA allowing both to operate by simply reducing the uplink bandwidth to prevent interference with the TV signal. It is also known that Band 12 is already active in parts of LA. This is verifiable information. Google it.

    • NOYB

      Adding to what i just said:

      On 1/13/15 Rancho Palos Verdes Broadcasters, the licensee of KXLA, has entered into a Concurrent Operations Agreement with T-Mobile USA. Pursuant to the Agreement RPVB gives its concurrence for the operations of T-Mobile’s 700 MHz A block license within the protected service contour of KXLA.

      On February 2015, The FCC approved the agreement between Rancho Palos Verdes Broadcasters, the licensee of KXLA,and T-Mobile. It no longer prevents deployment of LTE in 700 MHz A block.

  • Guest


  • brendanhohoho

    HTC continues to improve its iconic One design line and the One M9 is its best. HTC listened to customer feedback on the One M7 and One M8 with the M9 better in every aspect, from hardware to software.