T-Mobile suspends sales of ZTE ZMAX, just 7 months after launch



One of the first devices we heard would support T-Mobile’s band 12 LTE last year was the ZTE ZMAX. During testing, it was referred to as the “Olympia” or “Z970” and eventually got its public release as the ZMAX in the late summer of 2014. But just 7 months after launch, T-Mobile has decided to stop selling the device in its own branded stores and through MetroPCS.

Staff have been told to pull all inventory and related POS materials from the sales floor and keep them in the backroom safe “until further notice”. The following communication was sent to staff, making it very clear not to sell any more ZMAX units until the carrier and manufacturer have decided what to do next:

Suspend Sales of the ZTE ZMAX Immediately (Retail, TPR, TPRi, EDPC)

We’ve decided to suspend sales of the ZTE ZMAX at both T-Mobile and MetroPCS starting April 15, 2015. T-Mobile, MetroPCS and ZTE are currently evaluating the continued sale of this device.

Action Steps
· Do not sell anymore ZTE ZMAX devices until further notice.
· Pull all inventory and any related collateral of the ZTE ZMAX from the sales floor and place in your store’s backroom inventory cage until further notice.”

This news comes shortly after we heard the Xperia Z3 – a much more premium device – was also being pulled from the shelves. Although we can’t be 100% sure, it’s a pretty good indication that ZTE’s mid-range phablet wasn’t selling as well as the companies had hoped it would. It’s not hard to see why consumers maybe weren’t enamored with the device. But being so bad as to pull it after just 7 months? I wasn’t expecting that. At all.

Let me know what you think. Did you have an opinion on the ZMAX?

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  • Sir Phil

    Man, I was planning to get one too.

    • Timbo1


      • Sir Phil

        Or Ebay I suppose, but no free financing.

        • Timbo1

          Yeah that’s true

      • wright1bby

        I haven’t seen one available in a Walmart for weeks. Had been looking for another for my daughter, already have one for an aunt on my plan, as it is the only low priced not horrible band 12 compatible phone on the market.

  • AlanHouston

    In Texas, MetroPcs stores would sell out of the Zmax in 24 hours when any were in stock.

    I suspect there is a software issue, not a sales issue.

    • Cam Bunton

      Is it a band 12 thing, perhaps?

      • marcvyrus

        No the band 12 is already activated on the Metropcs variant. There has to be some sort of dispute going on. I do know that Tmobile was supposed to ask ZTE to create a bootloader unlock tool, and they are super stubborn about unlocking their phones.

        • LUIS ESPINAL

          Whoa ur kidding me! Band 12 is on the metro variant? How does it get activated…I have the tmo version but no update available yet!

        • marcvyrus

          Came activated out of the box :), there will be 4.4.4 update for the tmo version AT LEAST, but no more than that.

  • luis espinal

    I love my zmax! The camera isn’t as good as the Samsung pohones I’ve had but for 200 it was an awesome phone! I’m just disappointed no band 12 update date has or maybe will ever be given.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Maybe the zmax is launching.

  • AlanHouston

    T-Mobile/Metropcs has sold a million Zmax phones in seven months and dealers sell out as soon as new stock arrives.

    A guess: a dispute with ZTE over failure to deliver promised quantities, or a dispute with ZTE over the price of future shipments.

    This is a best seller for both companiess, but it is sold at little or no profit, with retail prices of $99 to $250 for a phone with a build cost over $200.

  • mike b

    Still available on tmobile.com

  • Daniel

    I should think that if this were merely a bad selling item, they would want to cut their losses by not ordering any more, then sell off all remaining inventory. To pull all the remaining inventory they already have on the floor sounds pretty drastic. One possibility I can think of for such a drastic step would be the national security concerns about ZTE: http://www.theverge.com/2012/10/8/3472316/huawei-zte-china-spying-house-intelligence-committee

  • John Wentworth

    I had the zmax briefly , it wasn’t a bad device other than the camera which was god awful and the device was just too big for me.
    It was quite quick considering it’s middle range specs and the battery life was excellent.
    I suspect a dispute, this phone sold pretty well.

  • Devin Pearson

    To suspend sales and not sell current stock it has to be either a dispute between companies or a safety concern with the phone.

  • Hello

    Chinese.. Spying on us

    • YABD

      Yeah!!! That’s the reason. I agree with you.

  • marcvyrus

    I have the phone on Metropcs where the phone came with 4.4.4 and the band 12 radio activated and its one of the best phones i’ve honestly ever had. The only issue I’ve had is trying to get root for the device. Kinda sucks now that no one else will be able to buy the phone.

  • Exibitsmen

    It was probably the ugliest device that T-Mobile had. I don’t think they sold many of them. This is why I always buy flagships devices.

  • Eric

    my wife bought on sale at metro pcs for $99. reminds me of like a large screen galaxy 3, with better battery life. Similar specs though. Considering that 1.5 years before she paid $400 for the s3 off contract not a bad phone. same screen (not resolution though) of my note 3. I’m curious of the reason for pulling as I don’t think it’s because of specs or anything. Hopefully it’s not something like the battery blows up or somethung.

  • Mick

    You’d be surprised. In business sales we used to get a lot of these out because they were very reasonably priced phablets. Something big is going on.

  • guest

    what happend to the lg g flex when did they get rid of that

    • Mike

      G flex 2 is out now it hasn’t been much hype behind it though

  • Alberto

    Where are these phones manufactured ? Anyone know ?

    • Nick

      Their headquarters is in Shenzhen, China but idk where the actual devices are manufactured at. Somewhere in China though.

      • Alberto

        Zte has injunctions in place at the moment in Romania and in other countries where they have a manufactures .
        I wonder if that is why they pulled them off the shelf . Injunctions don’t allow you to sell or produce devices without paying royalties or resolving litigation .

  • jashuan turner

    ZTE z max you will be missed I have no idea why the hell they pulled you but you are a damn good advice and FUCK whatever any one else say they don’t even own a damn thing…

  • superg05

    i see zte maxx’s everywhere so i bought one for my mom she likes it

  • zte steals

    It’s obviously from the patent infringements on Vringo patents around the world. Also all the injunctions against ZTE and suppliers from selling and manufacturing the equipment. Time to pay up ZTE or go BK.

    • Alberto

      The day will come , soon!
      I don’t think they like this one bit .

  • Enchiladas Valdez

    All this death of phones.. No one cares that my M8 For Windows has been put out to pasture without a fighting chance :'(

  • Leaf Steier

    Chiming in to say that I’m fond of my Zmax. Its a fantastic value device. I too am puzzled by this suspension!

  • Rob H.

    Its a nice device. A coworker has one and loves it. I was considering one as a backup.

  • Alchemist Bix

    It’s a cheap phone for those who can’t afford a Samsung Note or Nexus 6 but it’s cheap not really good built rather spend the extra 200 and get an LG G3

    • wright1bby

      The LG G3 is a better phone but the better screen hurts battery life and it has no band 12 support.

      • benben

        Or lg2 better specs same price

    • Logan C.

      sure, spend twice the cost of the phone if finance is a concern, that’s a smart recommendation!

      • Paul Garrison

        I don’t understand what you mean. You pay the cost and nothing extra.

    • PeteH

      How is it a “cheap” phone, other than price point?

      Do you own one?
      Use one every day?
      If not, then you don’t know what you’re talking about.
      But feel free to spend several hundred on a similar device while I get similar performance from a $99 handset.

      You do realize that iPhones, Sammy’s and other phones cost less than $50 to make, right?

  • Mark

    I’m shocked. This phone sold REALLY well in our stores. There has to be a better explanation than “it didn’t sell well.”

  • humpfh

    I tested a ZTE device, it was horrible. I hated it, everyone AROUND me hated it. The damned thing made me cry. I cringe every time I go by their building, it was *that* bad.

    • wright1bby

      Have you or anyone around you ever used android before? I didn’t love it and have only used it periodically to set things up for my aunt but it seems pretty decent to me. I liked it better than many phones more than double the price.

    • maximuslyricus

      I don’t know what ZTE device that you had, but the ZMAX is one of the better values on the market. It is an excellent phone for its $200-$250 price point. My son, an apple fanboy, loves his.

      T-mo did not shut the phone down due to quality or lack of sales, the suspension is due to the legal case involving alleged patent infringement by ZTE gainst Vringo.

      All one had to do was just go to the T-mo site and see how the phone was one of the better rated devices on the site, as referenced by its customer reviews, to see that it was a very good product, that was excellent for the money.

    • kenbr1960

      I bought one of these to use as a backup phone when I cracked the screen on my Oneplus. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the ZMax. It worked great for me while I was waiting on a new Oneplus to arrive. I only used it for a couple of weeks but I had no complaints with it.

    • PeteH

      Let me guess — you paid $600+ for an Apple or a Sammy and now have buyer’s remorse for overpaying for a device so you feel the need to talk down the ZMax.

      • humpfh


        I’m merely expressing surprise that ZTE was able to make a device that T-Mobile would carry. The device I tested (2 years ago) was the worst mobile device I ever had the displeasure of laying my hands on.

        The ENTIRE TEAM of testers hated the device. It was bad enough that when the phone randomly stopped working for no apparent reason *while I was in the emergency room with my father*, the testing ended a week early because NONE of us had anything good to say about it. There were about thirty of us on the team.

        As bad as that device was (and I never saw it marketed by any carrier), I’m genuinely shocked ZTE got their crap together enough to make a marketable device.

        • PeteH

          So your post has nothing to do with the ZMax.

          Thanks for stopping by…

  • Lucent

    Sounds like it won’t be getting the band 12 update then.

    • Enrique Ja-El

      metro version has 12 band n its 4,4,4 unlike tmo 4.2

  • Josep Reyes

    i absolutely love this phone. Got it for $137 from metro-pcs. The battery gets me about 8-9 hrs of screen on time, but the absence of root is the only problem.

  • hkdharmon

    I love my Zmax. It is a great phone.

  • i heard the opposite, the zmax was selling like hotcakes

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    I was very disappointed they stopped selling the z3. Was gonna get one

    • Phillip

      I have some Z3’s in stock left if you want to come buy one! LOL

      • dontsh00tmesanta

        Lol who are you?

  • Alex

    I feel this may have been an issue for customers who prefer personal customization through root privileges. The phone was great for its price range and offered “the best bang for your buck” but lacked everything else. This move does not surprise me. T-Mobile has become very wary of their business motives and anything that loses money will eventually be pulled and sent back to the manufacturer for a return percentage on unsold devices. Better to do that than have a device failing to deliver expectant results.

  • Derick

    I don’t think its being pulled for the low sales as you say, many of the devices are defective from were low quality manufacturing standards.

  • Logan C.

    This doesn’t seem like a low sales thing, if they’re specifically telling reps not to sell current inventory something has happened with quality control or T-Mobile has had a disagreement with ZTE.

  • skywalkr2

    This seemed like a great value phone.

  • Edgardo A. Soto Rodriguez

    I own 2 Zte Zmax and they run fast and snappy the battery life is better than any flagship on the market with always 7 or 8 screen on time. This is one of the best phones you will ever get for $200 or less. Is a shame they taking it out the market. hopefully Zte corp stay supporting these device.

  • Guest

    I feel betrayed. I am in the process of getting a business account for my small company but maybe now I’ll rethink Verizon. No, there phones are cheap and they lie about there coverage. #Lost

    • teabaghater

      do a little more research

    • Pedro

      Please understand that nobody knew this was going to happen, it literally was a communication sent to us (I’m a Store Manager) yesterday. As for T-Mobile lying about coverage, that’s far from the truth. We have the only crowd sourced, real time coverage map. Stop into a store and check it out, T-Mobile has too many options for you as a business customer to overlook us. I hope you reconsider, and give T-Mobile an opportunity.

      Eagan Station RSM

    • Ryan

      I really don’t understand how them pulling a phone makes you feel betrayed…

  • idisestablish

    I can tell you from personal experience, my store hasn’t sold any of this phone in months. We sold a handful of them when it first came out, but the vast majority of them were returned because they all had problems. I’m sure there are some people out there who will swear to how awesome it is, but believe me when I tell you you’re in the minority. Customers who buy them online still regularly come in complaining about it. All phones have some bad devices, but I’m not exaggerating when I say this has had the highest failure rate of any phone I’ve ever sold in over 10 years in wireless.

    • Enrique Ja-El

      i dont no why they say its not selling everywhere i went there always out of stock i read somewhere they sold about a million phones of the zmax …

      • Enrique Ja-El

        and my phone hasnt had any issues .
        metro 4.4.4.

    • Sumpter Carter

      Our store was constantly selling through our inventory of the device. A few had issues, but not too many.

    • Aze Karloz

      My phone which I have had a couple of months and haven’t had issues, video stream from xfinity GO app is awesome watching ESPN live via 4G LTE and I can read the small bottom ticker let alone the score, happy with it and the 3400mah battery excellent. My previous phone was a Nexus 5 which malfunction on me with constant reboot loop.

  • Philip

    China brand phone that didn’t sell well. There are some other famous China phone. I wonder if Tmo will pick those up and try?

    • PeteH

      Is that why they couldn’t keep them in stock?

      Tmob and MPCS couldn’t keep them in stock because they sold so quickly.

      Come back when you know what you’re talking about.

  • Phillip

    I work at T-Mobile and I am shocked. That phone was a top seller for customers that wanted a huge phone without paying that huge phone price! I haven’t had a customer bring one back yet with issues!

  • Steve, World of Wireless-WOW!

    I own a t-mobile /metroPCS Store since 1987 and the problem I see is we just simply cannot keep them in stock because we are selling every unit we get as soon as we get them, and have to wait sometimes a week or 2 before we get more! Haven’t had one issue with them and I’ve sold plenty. ZTE in my opinion has been a great brand lately. I believe they are pulling it because of supply and demand. Customers are demanding them and we just cannot get them. Now why we have to pull them from our shelves tells me that something major happened to one or more units out there. We will soon learn why.

    • Anthony Edward

      I have this device and it is awesome! I believe you comment is accurate, will this device receive lollipop. 5.0 at some point? Or does this move on removing the ZMax eliminate T-Mobile to push this update out?

    • Roberto Jaimes

      I doubt that’s true. I’ve never seen any of these phones out in the wild. It’s hideous and cheap and I doubt they pulled it due to over selling because that’ll be the primary purpose of a company is so tell as much phones as possible. Apple sold like what 10 million iPhones in the first weekend? I doubt ZTE has sold as much and they can’t keep up with it. Maybe lower end customers got it but most people would prefer a higher end smartphone.

      • Aze Karloz

        I have had this phone for a couple of months and it just below in specs to the Samsung Note 4, I am pleased with the speed, with battery(bigger then the note 4, 3400mah) running 4.4.4, runs cool.

      • PeteH

        Yeah, and a “higher end” devices costs 6x as much for a device that is only marginally better.

        Take a look at the ZMax specs and the $99 price point.

        My Brother has a Sammy-5 with the main difference being a faster CPU and a 16MP camera compared to an 8MP cam for the Z, yet he paid 6x as much.

        And many of these so-called “higher end” devices don’t have a provision for an SD Card.

        I can afford a Sammy-5 or 6, but why pay $600+ for a device that is only marginally better than a device costing $99?

        You’ve never seen one but you’ve deduced that it’s hideous and cheap?

        Can you give me this week’s Powerball numbers while you’re at it?

    • Elite Wireless

      I also think that the phone was priced too low.. ZTE couldn’t keep up…

    • mikejones1876

      U owned a tmobile store or metro pcs store since 1987????

  • BP

    Love the phone no complaints had it since Nov. 2014.

  • pda96

    Huawei, ZTE, XiaoMi….no thanks! No Commies made phones for me.

    • AlanHouston

      All smartphones are made in communist owned factories in China, ZTE, Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC.

      • pda96

        “Made” means designed AND built. This is the case for the 3 brands I mentioned. iPhones (and others) are “assembled” in Commies land, but not designed there. Are we clear?

    • Asif Bin Liaquat

      One of the most ignorant comments I read on internet today.

      • pda96

        One of the stupidest reply I’ve gotten so far!

    • Yet you drive a car ran by oil, owned by brutal dictators. Idiot.

  • neospade44

    I own a dog.

  • neospade44

    Maybe the ZTE ZMAX 2 is coming out!

  • BP

    If you worry about China spying on us you should worry about the NSA.

  • jau

    I have a ZTE zmax it started to melt on the sides

  • Steve, World of Wireless-WOW!

    Well there is the answer if you are being honest… That’s def a good reason to pull them immediately!

  • Pablo

    I have one for four no tus already and I love it

  • blitz1904

    I have 2 Zmax and love them. They work flawlessly. The camera is not all that great but other than that they are quick, large, and affordable.

    • othercents

      I recommended one for my mom due to the price and it works great for her. She also was able to get it from Walmart for half what T-Mobile was selling it for.

  • MagentaNinja

    Donald Trump must own ZTE :-P

  • TaylorTMORep

    The ZTE has been one of our franchises biggest sellers (30+ stores) for the last few months, so I believe you’re assumption about it being a low seller is incorrect.

  • Garry DeWitt

    >slow sales caused us to suspend sales of the phone and remove all merch from the floor
    No. With the Z3 accessories and such are still up, as well as the demo until we sell off inventory. The Zmax being pulled from everything is a sign not of slow sales, but of something else. As to what I can’t say for sure, as we haven’t been told.

  • Paul

    I’m beta testing some software for ZTE on the ZMax and I can tell you it’s a good phone from the price point. I’m not sure why they’d pull it. My mom owns it and loves it.
    I’m wondering if there’s a hardware issue of something physical like overheating near the ear speaker. Mine got warm but only once thus far.

  • Matty J

    I honestly am not surprised. While we did sell a ton of those phones, a lot come back with issues. ZTE doesn’t seem to be holding up their end in supplying us with warranty replacements either. Its an ok phone for the pricepoint, but there is also the Samsung Galaxy Avant….which is a far better phone, and the same price on sale.

    • Matt

      The avant doesn’t have the nice large screen size. I was happy with mine.

      • PeteH

        Or the battery life, or the 8MP camera.

        The Avant doesn’t compare to the Zmax

  • Random Employee

    Its been one of our biggest selling handsets.. Cant keep it in stock… So i doubt it was due to lack sales.

  • AlanHouston

    The Zmax is the best selling T-Mobile/Metropcs phone in its price range. They have sold a million of them in seven months. It has the highest customer ratings of any phone in its price range on the T-Mobile website.

    Metropcs stores would sell out each shipment in five or six hours ZTE is unable to build them fast enough nor supply replacements for defective units.

    The Vringo lawsuit is the best explanation anyone has offered. Vringo claims that any phone that can do an Internet search should pay a 3% royalty to Vringo. T-Mobile may not want to be involved in the dispute. When ZTE settles with Vringo or indemnifies T-Mobile against liability, the Zmax will go back on sale.

    • AlanHouston

      My Vringo lawsuit theory is wrong. The PC Magazine website is reporting that it is a safety issue caused by owners trying to pry out the non-removable battery to do a hard reset.

  • ZTE Fan

    I think we have an answer.. turns out customers are destroying their ZMAX by trying to remove the ‘non-removable’ battery.. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2481902,00.asp

  • josh

    As far as I’m concerned the locked bootloader means its not worth buying anyway. As many of these phones they sold it could have been way more if they provided an unlocked bootloader.

  • AlanHouston

    PCMag.com is saying that the Zmax is under a safety recall. Owners have been trying to pry out the NON removable battery to do a hard reset which will damage the phone, and maybe the owner.

    If ZTE can’t devise a method to idiot proof the existing phones they may have to sell them in some country without idiots, or a country without lawyers.

  • Chris Putt

    I have the ZTE ZMAX – and am using it to post this comment. I bought it in November, and have been pleased, actually. My needs aren’t that demanding; the battery life is great, and the performance is fine. In fact, I can’t think of an instance where I’ve been let down by it. Definitely worth the $250 I paid for it vs $500 or $600 plus for other smartphones.

    Surprising that they’re doing away with it so hastily and urgently.

    • Enrique Ja-El

      costed me 99$ at metro

      • PeteH

        Same here

      • chinob

        What up ever one, I got the last one two hours before they store stop it but one thing can some one let me know about the case how to get the 3 in 1hard case in Florida south side

  • Katrina Garza-Edwards

    PCMag has an article about this…apparently people were trying to remove the batteries.

  • Zeke Mowad

    ZTE blows. Low-quality junk. Sorry but its true

    • PeteH

      Do you own one? If not, shut up.

    • eAbyss

      I agree with it being low quality. But junk? GTFOH!

      • Zeke Mowad

        I’ve owned 2 and both were problematic. So I scrapped them both

  • itechtheplanet

    I own this device and this article was just sent my way from a colleague.
    My only complaint about this phone is that no one has been able to acheive a permanent root solution or even unlock the Bootloader… yet. Some forums are indicating that we are very close. 3400 MAh battery is amazing! cost for an LTE phablet cant be beat!
    I will stay with this phone and consider myself one of the lucky ones for getting it before they took it off the shelves.

    • valkyrie

      Me three!

      • V C Pittsburgh

        Me none :/

  • Drew Perri

    I am a sales rep at T-Mo and i disagree with your assumption of it not selling, the ZMAX is one of the most sold phones in the store, when customers come in and cant afford the note 3 or 4 or the iphone 6 we always turn them to the zmax, the specs sheet on that phone vs the price is unreal, i suspect alcatel has something to do with this

    • starscape


      • starscape


  • Erin Rogers

    Consumers have spoken. Consumers want a removable battery.
    It is none of the phone company’s business if, or why, people want to remove the battery.
    The question is whether ZTE will listen, and give the people what they want – a removable battery.

    • eAbyss

      Well that’s WAY off topic…

      • elmer

        Invalid also, did they stop selling I phones also? No removable battery there either.

        • Enrique Ja-El


    • Enrique Ja-El

      why do i want a removable battery for your wrong i dont one !!! i can care less for it

    • Liz

      if consumers want a removable battery then why have iphone sales never ever declined? think before you speak :D

  • itechtheplanet

    MetroPCS reps report that the reason is because of a conflict with contract between T-Mobile and ZTE

    • Brian

      what metro rep did you talk to?

  • Brian

    There have been reports of the phone melting. Don’t believe me, ask your rep.

    • V C Pittsburgh


  • gmo8492

    Does the Zmax give the impression that it has a removable battery or are people just that stupid.

    • Twinkle Yochim

      I’m going with ‘People are just that stupid”

  • michael lind

    I had one and it was good and priced wright I sold it only because it was on t mobile service stinks in my area

  • Mike Parker

    That was an awesome phone. Just wanted my g3 back. Wish I’d have kept the zmax at times.

  • PeteH

    These phones were selling so well that stores couldn’t keep them in stock, especially at the $99 price point.

    The issue is with ZTE and with another handset maker, which accused ZTE of patent infringement.

    Consumers were very enamored with this device which is why MPCS couldn’t keep them in stock.

    It took me a month to find a store that had them in stock.

    I arrived before UPS did when they got their shipment and they sold out of the Zmax within an hour.

    You get paid to write things like “customers weren’t enamored with this device?”

    The ZMax is the best bang for buck device on the market.

  • PeteH

    For those that say the Camera isn’t that great, download “Open Camera” from the Play Store.
    Makes a world of difference.

  • Rup Vega

    I did not even get to touch zte zmax that was my dream phone

    • Brittany

      me too

  • eAbyss

    “If ZTE can’t devise a method to idiot proof the existing phones they may have to sell them in some country without idiots, or a country without lawyers.”

    I guess that leaves the US out on both counts.

  • elmer

    Got the ‘Walmart’ version 2 mos ago, it seems a bargain and works well. TBF, I thought it could hurt the sales of pricier flagship models.

  • Asif Bin Liaquat

    I bought the Zte Zamx when it first came out. So far this is the best bang for buck phone I ever used. On the stability side it’s even better then my old HTC M7 and I intend to use it till the battery gives up on me.

  • Sam Samuel

    wth are you talking about cam? It was selling EXTREMELY WELL.

  • danny

    I bought my zmax just about 7 months ago and haven’t had any proble
    ms. I was told when I bought it that the battery was non removable , the only reason I ever removed the battery on any of my previous phones was when they froze up. I have never had that problem with my zmax. I am however very reluctant to download the system update, I’m sure as soon as I did my phone would start experiencing problems

    • Aze Karloz

      Mine is up to 4.4.4 and is running fine, but I just bought it last week that way. Is the there a build update?
      My build number is Z970_MetroPCSV1.0.0B05

  • This phone probably would’ve sold better if it actually could be rooted.

    • PeteH

      No real need to Root as the OS is free of bloatware and if you want to customize your UI, you can use Nova Launcher or the Launcher of your choice and and Icon pack.

      Not to mention, these phones sold faster than demand could keep up with them.

      It took me a month of searching in the SF Bay Area to find one and they sold out the same morning as they were delivered by UPS.

      It’s a myth that these phones didn’t sell well, especially at $99…

    • PeteH

      No real need to root as the OS has very little bloat and with Nova Launcher and Glass Pack Icons, you can create a great UI. I can also Tether without Root using an Agent Switcher on Google Chrome.

      And it’s a myth to say the phone didn’t sell well — ZTE couldn’t keep up with demand as it took me over a month to find a store with one in stock and they sold out the same morning that they arrived.

  • matt brown

    this author is assuming it was pulled because it wasnt selling? this is a great phone. ive had mine since launch. why dont you present some facts instead of speculating?

  • DeAundre

    Just fix it and bring it back on the shelf i was going to buy the phone and still want the phone,but my retailer said they didn’t have them in sadly.

  • Devious Angel


    • Jen

      The device is only faulty when you attempt to remove the NONREMOVABLE battery.

    • Kelly Tinnelle Spivey

      I am very disappointed that the Zmax was pulled from the shelves just days before I was planning to purchase it I had to settle for a phone that I didn’t really want please please please bring it back I would really love to have one and so would my husband and my son

    • nic beazy

      Just hold the power button until it restarts same has pulling the battery u might want to factory reset it also

    • Dark Phantom

      Your vibrating phone sounds like a GREAT gift for the lady’s.. BTW its called a virus, If you had app/data on an old phone & transferred it you can get whatever your old phone had. I had same issue. it also apparently transfers old phone problems as well & the zte zmax handles it in a different way. I went from The Samsung Galaxy S3 to the zte zmax & it copied the problems between what apps I had as well. Just Google how to delete old phone backup data & start fresh.

      and do not tell me your old phone had no issues they all do specially the galaxy class phones. and the fact that u like me probably got stuff away from Google play.
      there is NOTHING wrong with the zte zmax. BTW talking in full caps only shows how stupid & ignorant you are & also makes ppl not want to believe you…

  • N finer

    I bought one back in November. I love mine. No problems ever

  • D. P.

    I love mine. I wanted to get one for my wife but they were sold out now we can’t get them at all….

    • Britt Zai Adi

      I’ll sell you mine for 170$. Its unlocked.

      • thepanttherlady

        No selling, trading, bartering or buying on this blog.

    • Toni Marie Wilson

      They are back now. So get one for your wifey…

  • bigbandevent

    Well so sorry in hearing the bad news of having this ZTE Max phone discontinued. I personally owned two of them and have not had any issues with these phones. The phone has everything that I can ask for to serve my purpose and more. I love the 5.7 screen size, the price was a bargain for $99.00. Yes it may not have the specs of a higher name brand but this phone can take a punch and keep going. I gather that the lack of sales is do to various scenarios.
    1-The sales staff at Metro PC and T Mobile are not trained in product knowledge and don’t like to promote products where they get less commission per sale.

  • sergio r.

    I’ve had my zte ZMAX for about two months and have had zero problems with it. I also bought one for my daughter and she tells me that she hasn’t had any problems either. We have the unlimited 4g LTE for only $50($95 for both) a month on t mobiles network. I absolutely love it!! People tell me all the time,” is that a tablet?” The screen is big, the network is great, life is good. :-)

  • B. Angele Harnesberry-Kunkowsk

    the best phone I have ever had, tops even Samsung by a wide margin. Never needed to remove the battery, it’s ultra fast, great memory storage, and an amazing HD screen. I could see paying well over 1000 for this kind of quality… and oh so durable. For the price, it couldn’t stay on the shelf long…. after all who would want anything else?

  • Terry Rice

    metro pcs brought it back

  • Chris

    I love my Zmax! Its small enough to tote powerful enough to do all my tasks, big enough display to make my tablet collect dust!!!

  • Lori Love

    I’m looking at upgrading from fierce 2 because after watching my daughter who has the zmax be on it continually and not have to charge it, and me having to keep plugging mine in….who wouldn’t change? How much to upgrade with metro?

  • Robby P

    Love my zmax zte. Fast nice 5.7 inch screen. Great unlimited $50 plan thanks metro PCs :)

  • Peteypablo

    I love my zte max its a great phone and my opinion is its worth every penny.

    • got moxie

      “…worth every penny.” I surmise your phone was a present. Congrats, happy birthday, happy holiday, etc.,etc.,…

  • mosquitoguy

    I own a samsung note 2 and I got the zmax because it was cheap, and I could use another toy to play with. I was pleasantly surprised. The screen quality is great, and it takes better low-right pictures than the note 2. this doesn’t look or feel like a cheap chinese brand phone like the BLU, but it can compete with the samsungs and the LG. Too bad the battery is non-removable otherwise I would buy more for spares. This is a phone done right.

  • BostonSterling881

    Just heard about this! What happens to us who own one? Haven’t had a problem until last mo. Mostly in the last few days. Things that are on are not working right. No SMS icon even tho its on & I have a new mgs.(few days) My 4G LTE goes to 4g & then at times 2 or no g’s (started last mo.) The once bullet point very long batt life gone. Now for some reason it sucks it down. Even tho you stop having others from running(last few days). But people always do a double take on it. Want to hold it look at it. Asking ?’s like how big & nice screen is. Long batt life ways a talking point once. I like how big it is I can hold it & feel like I won’t drop it. But the more & more I own this cell, late Fall 2015. The more & more I am falling out of love w/it. Plus the little things. Not much volume control. Things like notices & ringtone volume are one in the same. So no matter what you do on cell/earbuds. Once it chirps thru earbus you go deaf. Camera sucks no matter what you read about it. That and others are now going from little to big problems. I miss my Samsung line of cells. Once I am done or to fed up w/ZTE (check out co. history. A little dirty) getting a Galaxy Note. I love the cell & tablet combo.

  • carmelo2818


    • Michael Z. Lubin

      Listen, I love my Zmax as well but the problem isn’t because people are trying to repair the phones themselves or remove the battery. The problem is the port is faulty and ZTE is not offering to repair them. Instead, T Mobile is swapping out the phones for a new one but the new one is also having the same problem, bad port. The real question here is if these units were supposedly recalling April 2015, why did they continue to sell them in June 2015? T Mobile should offer to replace this phone with a comparable phone that is equivalent in memory, not mfg price. So far, I have yet to see them even acknowledge that they sold me a product while its corporate office had supposedly pulled from the shelves.

  • Heney

    I got sold a ZMAX In June should I call metro?

    • thepanttherlady

      Call them for what?

  • Susan Schunke

    I am selling my ZTE ZMAX on E-bay, it works great it also has a hard case. I cannot afford to pay for service through T-mobile.

  • maria

    I have a Zte zmax and nothing but problems with it. Called metro they refresh it for me. Brought it in for service and they say they don’t see anything wrong with it. Bit it only works when it wants. Some days can’t make calls some days can’t answer calls. Some I can’t send a text. . Everyday I miss texts and they send 30 texts all at once from previous days seed texts. I’m ready to flush this phone down the toilet.. I almost lost my job bc of delayed texts and didn’t show up for work when I should have bc of delayed texts Its horrible. I want my money back

  • Cb

    I have one that I bought from Walmart for 149.00 and I love it! I’m on t mobile Walmart family plain,no contract, no credit checks and unlimited everything!!!!!! For 35 dollars a month. Best decision I ever made and my family ever made because every single person in my family joined up after me and about 10 of my friends you just can’t beat the price

  • Tawaina Gaither

    I had to replace mine because it would not power on. I had had the phone maybe six months. Metro made me pay $15. Now, it freezes all of the time and I can not download anything at all. I love it to play my games on but it really upsets me that I have to go days without being able to use it. My children or their schools could not get in touch with me. Just horrible

  • Stephanie Favia

    I’ve had problems over the past few days with mine! My alarm isn’t going off, but says I missed the the alarm. Texts aren’t going thru, I’m not getting texts, cant get onto my Google play store, my screen won’t go to the black sleep mode and my battery is draining FAST! I’ve already had to replace this phone once, my bf has had to replace his 3 times! Every time I have to replace it they charge me $15 or whatever it is they charge. Very aggravating!

  • Larry

    Iv had mine under a year. The most recent software update fried mine. Upon taking it to a tmobile store they directed me to tech support at zte… They themselves told me to remove the back and battery when i told them this devise has a non-removable back their reply was oh-yea! Send your phone in insure it we will repair it etc… Their website says they mailed it back but provided no tracking number or carier information ZTE was my new favorite… Due to this experience i will never buy there products again and ill advise you all the same zte are and pathetic company and i cant wait till the class action lawsuit begins!

    • dawn marie

      Amen to that girl what I don’t understand is if they were told not to sell anymore per metro PC’s then why they sell me this piece of crap phone not once but twice now. My lg had a virus and I not a computer person I took it to metro and was told flat out they could not get rid of the virus that I had to buy a new phone are you serious was my comment needless to say sold me this piece of crap then I get home later that night it Dawn on me there has to be app to fix that sure enough so yes lets get the lawsuits going

    • z3r0 5k111

      the back is removable. There are plenty of videos on how to do exactly that. The main reason shiT-Mobile is dropping it’s sale. Because it’s not completely tamper proof. Can’t have people using the instruments they purchase in a manner that they see fit– That would be bad for business!

  • I’m having a helluva time doing a system restore, there is no Download mode like other Android devices, so I can’t use Odin like on a Samsung. All you can do is a “wipe and restore” from it’s very limited recovery mode, and it doesn’t work because the firmware is hosed. Looks like they don’t want you to be able to update or restore the FW any other way than OTA, which I can’t get into. I’m trying to flash it now, we’ll see if it works. Otherwise it’s ADB. I’m surprised that it does not open, even my iPhones can be opened, I’ve fixed broken. T-Mobile doesnt even offer the FW on the webpage for the device, I had to look all over for it.

  • Lisa

    I bought my ZTE ZMAX when they first came out.(over a year ago) and have not had any problems at all. I’m still learning new things, as I never really use it for anything but email, calls, internet. I love this phone. The only issue I’ve had is, I was at Walmart trying to print pictures out from my phone and when the sales woman attempted to take my SD card out, she dropped the tray that holds the card and we could not find it…Needless to say, she didn’t have any phones in stock and said they would call when they got some in…After several attempts to reach them, NO LUCK, NO TRAY, I am still today missing the tray that holds my SD card…Thanks Walmart for NOTHING but a headache!!

  • Molly Wimpey

    I absolutely love everything about my ZTE MAX. I hope they bring the sales back. What’s crazy about this is the fact that we have so many gamers out there…..the screen is PERFECT for gaming and watching movies etc…. I bought a large SD card for mine, it didn’t really need it of course. But the amount of data this baby can store? It just blows my mind!!! Would love to have a few more of the ZTE MAX!!! Best phone/tablet I’ve ever owned!!! 5Ggazillion STARS!!!!!

  • Saul Sandoval

    The official lifespan of this phone is about a year and a half. My phone had no problems from about Christmas 2014 until about a month ago. now sometimes the screen works and sometimes it doesn’t.

  • KippFL

    My Zmax was purchased when they first came out in 2014 like others here. It is now July 2016 and the only problem I had was recent .. It was stolen and fortunately, it was insured. I called T-Mobile and reported the incident and less than 24 hours later, they have sent a ZTE Zmax to replace it. It should arrive any day now. I’m so happy and have no idea of why it was pulled off the shelves. It is a very solid product, easy to read, easy to use. I guess T-Mobile listened to the so called “experts” instead of it’s consumers.