T-Mobile quietly discontinues Sony Xperia Z3

Xperia Z3
Sony just can’t seem to catch a break in the mobile market. Whether it’s because people are no longer excited by the brand, or because of its lack of marketing, the company’s attempts at competing in the mobile industry are a far cry from days gone by. And its presence in the U.S. just took another major hit.

T-Mobile confirmed on Twitter last night that it no longer sells the Sony Xperia Z3.

I wish I could say I’m surprised by the move by T-Mo. But I can’t. And it’s absolutely nothing against the handset, per se. It has a great display, looks stunning, it’s waterproof and has battery life that will beat virtually any handset on the market. I guess its issue is that Sony and T-Mobile haven’t done anything to boost excitement. When you’re taking on devices like Samsung’s Galaxy range (which has a strong, loyal fan base) you need to do more than just release a phone and hope someone buys it.

Clearly, discontinuing the device suggests that the carrier hasn’t been able to sell anywhere near as many as it had hoped when taking on the smartphone. As of right now, the only Sony devices available from T-Mobile are the refurbished Sony Xperia Z and Z1S.

As for software updates, we’re not exactly sure when Android Lollipop is going to drop for the T-Mobile Z3. It has been released globally to the unlocked versions, so the software in its stock state is available. T-Mobile’s software update progress page states that it’s still in “Manufacturer Development” which means T-Mo is yet to begin testing it. So it could be a little more time yet before it’s ready for public use. But, by the sounds of it, there aren’t many T-Mobile customers with the device anyway.

Let us know what you think of this smartphone being off market after just 6 months. Could the companies have done more to sell it?

Thanks, VerizonThunder

Source: Twitter
Via: The Verge

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  • bisayan

    No!!!!!!! I thought about upgrading to Z4 on sept!!! No Sony!!!!!!

    • thepanttherlady

      You always have the option to purchase the international, unlocked version or even the unlocked version directly from Sony (if they offer it). I’ve never purchased a Sony through T-Mobile directly.

      • Matthew Stisher

        Is it possible to use the WiFi calling features with the 5.0 update? I’m pretty sick of T-Mobile’s phone selection and if the unlocked Android 5 will allow the phone to use WiFi calling I’m all for going that route.

        • Durandal_1707

          Not so far. The Nexus 6 is supposed to be getting an update for Wi-Fi Calling soon. Once it’s out, we’ll know whether it’s something specifically for the N6, or whether it’s generically added to 5.1.1 or something. If it turns out to be the latter, then it’ll probably work for unlocked phones as well (of course, for a non-Nexus there’s no guarantee it’ll actually get updated that far).

        • skywalkr2

          Every update we have received so far on wifi calling on Nexus 6 has been unrealistic. At this point – do not trust their rosy updates.

        • Durandal_1707

          It hasn’t hit the Q1 deadline that was originally promised, but I don’t know about “unrealistic”, as it’s certainly technologically possible, and since they say they’re working on it, I see no reason to disbelieve them.

          At any rate, that doesn’t really change my advice to wait until it comes out before buying an unlocked phone if Wi-Fi Calling is important to you, to see what it looks like and determine whether it will happen for phones that aren’t the N6.

        • stishma

          Thanks for the responses. Both of you were helpful.

        • skywalkr2

          I believe Q1 was completed on 3/31.

        • Durandal_1707

          Yes, like I said, they didn’t make that deadline, but that doesn’t mean they’re not working on it. Companies miss deadlines all the time.

  • Tony Pettinato

    I was looking to buy this the other day and was confused why I couldn’t find it…

  • Verizonthunder

    I am afraid to tell my friend this news. He purchased my Sony Xperia Z3 because I had a feeling T-Mobile would abandon Sony again.

    • Allen Enriquez

      Verizonthunder lucky the purchase was made!

  • thepanttherlady

    If the carrier stopped trying to shove iPhone and Samsung down everyone’s throats when they walk in the door, other brands might have a chance.

    • Verizonthunder

      Panther Lady this is completely T-Mobile’s fault. I expect late may for the major / final update for both Sony Xperia z1s and Z3.

    • Rob

      A lot of it lies on Sony too though. Even HTC managed to get ads all over (they weren’t very good ads but still, I saw them all the time) but I can count the number of times I’ve seen Sony advertise their Xperia line in a commercial on one hand.

      They’ve never advertised their phones like they should have. I had the T300 and T610 which would have sold like crazy if they advertised them (especially since the T300 was one of the first phones ever with a color screen) but they didn’t and they flopped, Sony Ericsson exited the US market shortly after and now they come back and its the same thing.

      I only know one friend who picked up a Z1 and I don’t know anyone who picked up the Z3 (I actually had no idea T-Mobile had it until now, I must have missed the tmonews article of its announcement).

      • Allen Enriquez

        Very true Rob, except that Sony ads appear at YouTube every time I am on it, twitter, and 2nd most is Google + which I love to use.

        • Rob

          Well I guess I don’t watch enough YouTube because I’ve never seen a Sony ad and I don’t use Twitter or Google Plus so I wouldn’t have seen them there either. I’ve seen them on Facebook from time to time but they aren’t advertising for T-Mobile either. Most of us want our phone to be from our carrier, especially those of us with Jump 1.

    • kev2684

      it’s easier to rub iPhones or Galaxies in your face when it’s clearly the only KNOWN choice from consumer standpoint. they’re the only brands along with LG G series that actually has ads on TV and Online. it’s easier for the sales people to do the sales pitch when a customer already know what it is and it takes less time for consumer to say yes and move on to another buyer. i have a nexus 6 and people thinks it’s the new Galaxy Note…

    • superg05

      i’m sorry i know you liked that brand but you always bought yours unlocked didn’t you? consumers just don’t care for sony’s phones and sony barely advertises i have not seen a single one and technologically they don’t even try to compete so the tech crowd is out

    • T-Mobile Care

      While I appreciate your comments, our company does not “shove” any brand down a customers throat. Our goal is to offer a lineup that suits the masses. Devices in every price range and features the accommodate that range. The consumer makes that final decision.

      • thepanttherlady

        You are clearly out of touch with reality if you believe that is true.

        • T-Mobile Cares

          As an employee of the company, with knowledge of our business model, I believe I am in a better position to speak on such matters. While I do not wish to argue with you, we can agree to disagree.

        • Derek D

          I highly doubt your an employee. No customer relations department would let any rep refute a customers opinion. Your response would have been a generic “Please check our website for available models”.

        • Paul Garrison

          HAHAHA!! I was thinking the same thing.

        • thepanttherlady

          There is nothing to argue about. As a consumer who has purchased many phones through a T-Mobile store as well as accompanied others, I can assure you your knowledge of such matters is not as complete as you’d like to believe.

        • Epic_Ninja420

          The reason reps push iPhone and Samsung is because they have the best phones and people are unlikely to return them. The vast majority of consumers dont care about specs and processors, they just want something that works. A good rep will listen to your needs and then recommend the device that best fits…..not their fault it happens to be iPhone or a Samsung. If somebody comes in asking for something specific like a Nexus 6 then the rep shouldnt try and sway them to something else unless they know there is some major issues(which a person buying a Nexus would likely already know).

        • Stone Cold

          Business model is flawed if I didn’t research the device I want in advance. I would think T-Mobile only sold Apple or Samsung as those are the biggest 2 displays in the retail store.

        • stishma

          Hi David.

        • Stone Cold

          No matter if you are a real employee or not you are 100 percent wrong on this or the online branding would be different. You go to the website first phone you see will be Samsung flagship or the IPhone. In store Tablet selection sucks you get the IPad air 2, IPad mini, Samsung Tab S or the piece of junk Actel Pop or whatever it is called.

        • Derek D

          Agreed! Might as well rename the company to T-Samsung! That’s all you have. A wall of Samsung phones. Then off to the side is one windows phone, one LG phone, and the iPhone.

        • Stone Cold

          Obviously has not been in a retail store nor looked at the website.

      • Stone Cold

        This is false all the branding at any retail store is all about the Samsung display or the iPhone display and the small we will cram every other phone /tablet display that no one looks at.

      • Paul Garrison

        I walked in a few different states within the last weeks, and the reps were trying to get me to buys a Note 4 or iPhone 6 when I was looking at the Nexus 6 and asked to see if they new about the Sony Z4.

      • GersonT1000

        I’m a huge T-Mobile fan, but what thepantherlady is saying is true. Even when the Z3 came out, I went to the store every day for about 3 days after the launch and they didn’t even have it on display. Whenever I asked about it, they just acted indifferent. They almost made me feel like not getting a new phone. Even when I finally bought it they couldn’t even find the box in the back. They have entire walls for Samsung and Apple and don’t care about other phones. Maybe the LG G phones are gaining in popularity, but it’s still pushed aside by them to sell the iPhones.

        It’s even more pronounced in Apple’s favor. When I went with my sister to switch from Verizon/iPhone to T-Mobile/Android, the rep would not stop talking bad about the S5 and was trying so hard for her to get an iPhone. Thankfully my sister had me to give her real advice and stuck to her choice of the S5 and has loved it and loves the advantages it has over iPhones.

  • bryck

    I guess it wasn’t selling. To bad I thought it was a great phone.

  • Joe

    I’m really glad I did not buy it now.

  • Lukasz Balicki

    It doesn’t help that Sony releases a flagship about once every 6 months and they look identical. I doubt there was a lot of demand for the Z3 or Z3V and Sony doesn’t do much of a marketing push as much as Apple, HTC, Samsung, or even LG with their flagships as if Sony was sending the phone to die in the market.

  • Bunstate

    too bad tmo stop selling this
    I have the first generation Z and I love it still using it now
    thinking about upgrading it but it was fine with the one i am using o well maybe the z4
    btw sony store sells this phone for tmo too just another options to buy instead of the international versions

    • MatthewPDX

      Flash stock international KitKat on that sucker and it’s like a new phone.

      • Bunstate

        thanks for the tips
        should try it for the heck of it

      • Allen Enriquez

        MatthewPDX however would it be better to wait for lollipop to come since it’s on it’s way? But on other other hand it would be fun to try of course backing would be a good I idea thanks Matthewpdx!

        • MatthewPDX

          The T-Mobile Xperia Z will never see Lollipop unless you do it yourself.

  • gar1

    let not forget that tmobil is not offering the lg flex2
    either lg flagship phone at the moment. I remember in the old days tmobil choice in
    phones was less then ideal. I hope they don’t
    return to that world. maybe unicarrer
    10.0 should be about offering a bigger
    range of phones like at@t

    • Stone Cold

      And Tablets

    • Chilehead

      One of T-Mobile’s future “uncarrier” moves should be to improve their phone selection and their brick and mortar experience. Going to a T-Mobile store is just plain depressing.

  • Paul

    I remember when the Z3 was released. The first thing any noticed was the “Snapdragon 801” when everyone else was releasing the 805. My thought was “why buy an older chip when everyone else has a newer chip?”

    I’ve heard nothing but great things about the phone, and I’m hoping for the Z4 Ultra to be released this year, if at all. In the mean time I’ll hang onto my Note 3 and see what the Note 5 has to offer. Nothing else is worth the upgrade as I prefer a large screen.

    Otherwise, T-Mobile gets paid more to endorse other brands over Sony. Hence, we are flooded by Samsung, iPhone, and even HTC when we walk into a store. Sony needs to revisit how they develop, release, and market their phones. As stated by others, Sony shouldn’t release a new model every 6-8 months.

    • thepanttherlady

      I’m hoping for the Z4 Ultra as well.

      • Paul

        Together, we can make them release it!!

  • jo

    T mobile reps are why.. They hate Sony phones..

    • jo

      This is coming from a t mobile rep .. Co workers think Alcatel and sony are on par.. When it comes to quality and efficiency

      • skywalkr2

        I’ve even had an associate try to sell the ZTE Zmax over the Sony.

        • neospade44

          Da heck! The ignorance!

        • superg05

          the zte max is a low cost good choice even has band 12 support

    • T-Mobile Cares

      In no way shape or form do T-Mobile representatives have anything to do with the decision to discontinue sales of any product from any manufacturer. Sony makes a fantastic product, but as a business, certain decisions are made in the best interest of that business. Such is the case of the Z3 device.

      • MatthewPDX

        I’m pretty sure you misunderstood the undertones of his/her post.

  • DirtySant0

    I think it had to do with the poor Quality Control of the device. I myself went through 3 exchanges of the z3 within a 2 month period. One for a bad battery, one for gaps between the display and chasis and another one for a bad camera. I finally got a 4th z3 with out any issues but my example is not the only one ive seen in forums and so on. If a device is going to cost the carrier to much time and hassle then they will drop it like a bad habit. And the so called 20mp camera which is set for 8mp on default is not as great as what most consumers would think it is. All in all its a good device not a great one.

    • neospade44

      Bad camera (on auto mode) was fixed with an update of some sort. Those pics were hideous, but now they’re fantastic.

      • Epic_Ninja420

        There has been no update to improve the crappy post processing on the Z3 for T-Mobile. Its amazing how much better my gf’s iphone 6 takes pictures especially in low light. I can’t wait to dump this phone on Friday.

  • davidwal

    There was a display of the Z3 at my local Tmobile store. I went in to try to play with it but where the lock was on it held the volume rocker down. It would only reboot so I never got to play with it. I already had a 6 plus so I was already locked into a phone anyway. I still would buy a Z1 as a backup because I had so many Samsung and HTC in my past.

  • Deadeye37

    Sony really should invest money in marketing instead of just trying to use its brand alone to sell products. Yes, Sony has a good reputation for making quality products. However, I can’t recall any Sony marketing since their Z1.

    I remember Samsung was on the same boat and then they kicked up their marketing campaign big time and released the S3. The rest is history.

    Then again, some of Sony’s decisions defy reason (like their new $1200 walkman mp3 player they are releasing that is based on old hardware & Android Jellybean).

  • TechGuy123

    I think Sony is missing out on their biggest market niche: fully spec’d mini z-series. They are the only brand that have an android with mini versions of their flagship phones that have the same specifications as the full sized one. I guess they thought a high-megapixel camera would make them stand out, but that camera is a little bit over-rated. I just think the smaller + powerful phones have a large market of buyers and Sony should take advantage of that.

    • skywalkr2

      As far as I can tell … the only people clamoring for small form factor phones… post in comment sections.

    • morbid

      Exactly, all the other companies put crap specs on their smaller phones… it looked like Sony was the only one that didn’t. I ordered the Z3 Compact from Sony (for my daughter)… people need to remember that you don’t have to buy only the phones that T-Mobile (or any other cell service provider) is selling.

  • noelsito

    Well I’ve never shown an interest in them because they all look the same to me.

  • Tim Friedlander

    Sad to hear it’s going away. Hands down my favorite phone I have EVER had. I was an iphone owner for years. Then moved to the Windows phone and then the HTC One and the 2nd HTC One. The 2nd edition One was the biggest dissapointment. Last choice was between the iPhone 6 and the Z3. Tried both, chose the Z3. Best choice ever. I wish it had better marketing because it’s an amazing phone.

    • IceMan

      I was ready to buy the Z3 – but Sprint didn’t carry it so I was SOL. Although I’m hoping they offer the Z4 on more carriers. Although the locked bootloader really has me skeptical whether or not it’ll be my next phone. Lack of root accessibility would lose me as a customer.

  • ” J.D. “

    Hey just called T-Mobile & according to the rep I just spoke to 10:00 AM E.S.T. it’s not discontinued its ޏ₍ ὸ.ό₎ރ )) BACKORDERED (( She further told me it will be back with in 2 WK’s I made her repeat that 3x to me to make sure I had it right > ((( Talk about a major stroke ಥ_ಥ )))

    • williejackbrainer

      I wouldn’t depend on what some of the reps say at T-Mobile. I cannot see a phone being backordered when it is not in high demand.

  • vrm

    I heard to the contrary and according to Sony, Z3 is their best selling smartphone to date. Just one question- why all this fuss to promote m$/lumia brand everywhere and all the negative press for sony/xperia ? Sony has repeatedly stressed they want to continue smartphone sales YET, all these on line rags state to the contrary, putting words into their mouth.

    Maybe sony should sue all these sites (numbering thousands) and collect damages to the tune of 1000s of dollars, raking in millions of dollars.

  • Stone Cold

    I blame both companies as if it isn’t Apple or Samsung you can’t tell there are any other devices they even sell retail or online.

  • so where

    So no lollipop?

  • SHON

    Main disadvantage of Xperia phones, is that they give owners false sense of waterproof phones. In reality, charging cover becomes loose very quick and leaks water in. Sony doesn’t warranty from water damage. I owned four Xperia devices (Z Ultra, three Z1S) and primary reason I bought them is good waterproof camera phone. However, all them broken due to water damage within first six months (5 phone in year and half). I took some pictures in the pool (never went deep and never used more than 10 minutes at time)
    Lost so much money on that false sense of security.
    Overwise it is great phone, great design, and good built quality. I wish they stayed waterproof.

    • skywalkr2

      I learned the hard way to never trust a waterproof device that relies on rubber seals.

    • neospade44

      I didn’t want to take their word for it, specially when Sony includes an extra charging port cover, so I went and got a magnetic charger.

  • It’s not a good phone. I owned it and was disappointed not only by the scratches it took simply by putting it on a desk, but more-so by the terrible support Sony offers. They refused to even consider my issue claiming it was my fault. Then, when I did drop the phone and damage it, it was a disaster getting it repaired locally (in NYC) because NOBODY stocks the screens/parts for it. Never again.

    • g2a5b0e

      It’s a Catch 22. No one wants to stock parts for a phone that is seldom bought & no one wants to buy a phone that is hard to find parts/accessories for. It’s a vicious cycle. It’s very difficult for smaller companies to break through when the bigger players have such huge market foothold.

      • JLV90

        it’s even harder when they don’t compete on price, release their phone last, don’t advertise etc etc.

        • g2a5b0e

          You’re absolutely right. When you’re behind, you have to do some extra things to stand out from the competition. Sony barely does anything.

      • EndlessIke

        Poor small Sony….

        • g2a5b0e

          They may not be a small company overall, but they definitely are in the smartphone market.

      • williejackbrainer

        I agree g2a5b0e. Apple, Samsung, HTC and even LG have most of the market share.

      • bisayan

        Good to see you here bud. Its been a while!

  • mingkee

    Lacking of root really hurts the sale.
    Check XDA.

  • skywalkr2

    The store employees did everything they could to steer people away from Sony. My son wanted a Z1s a while back, and the store associate talked him out of it.

    • Brian Perez

      The associates have strong incentives from samsung to upsell their own devices vs sony so that might have something to do with it

      • TmoRep1990

        its much more likely that the associate was exhausted from the issues brought by the z1.

      • VJ

        the phone was freezing up and being returned a lot. That’s why they offsold to other products. not because of strong incentives from Samsung or any other manufacturer

      • RotaryP7

        Actually, Sony gives better rewards for selling their phones at T-Mobile.

    • Th3Bill

      I had their associate spend 20 minutes trying to talk me out of the Z3 and into a Note 4. I got the Z3 in the end, loved it but due to Messaging app inadequacies, returned it. I got the Note 4 they raved about and honestly, it’s a nice device, but I don’t really like it. Touchwiz is just too overencumbered. Sad.

      • neospade44

        “Messaging App inadequacies” due Hangouts, bro!

        • Th3Bill

          I tried using it, but still ran into the “missing messages” issue. Actually had people call and ask me if I was mad at them because I wasn’t responding to messages and pics. LOL

        • neospade44

          I know, my wife had the same “can not download MMS” message. Solution…use WhatsApp.

        • Th3Bill

          I had some weird issues. Sometimes, would say “cannot download”, others, it would just not have anything happen. As if the messages were never sent lol.

      • Mike

        root it and use a different launcher

        • Th3Bill

          Don’t need to root to use other launcher. Wasn’t making the comment to ask for advice on Note 4. More to point out that while I did really like the Z3 and thought (with the exception of 1 glaring issue in Messaging) it was a great overall device, the T-Mob reps were pushing the Note 4 over the Z3. Just seems like Sony didn’t really have a great “presence” with the T-Mob staff.

  • Ordeith

    It’s a shame they didn’t make a Windows version. I would own one of those.

  • Raiterio Patterson

    Sucks to hear Sony failing big time in the mobile industry. My first smartphone was the Xperia Arc S. I still have it but was cheaply made. Nevertheless, PS4 is selling like hot cakes

    • williejackbrainer

      I believe one reason for them failing is marketing.

  • this guy

    I just bought an xperia z3 2 weeks ago and can honestly say that I love this phone.. Tmobile didn’t help with selling this phone is a had to ask them for it.. It’s a shame I was looking forward to the z4

    • williejackbrainer

      It was the same with the Nexus 6. I had to ask them for it. I don’t even think they had any displays setup for any Sony phone like they do with Samsung or Apple products.

      • Chris

        On one of the stores I went to, they have one on display. But you can’t really touch it or play with it because it’s enclosed on a case with water in it. The only thing you can do was pull a lever to dump it on water and then it goes back up. It’s the worst demo ever.

        • Th3Bill

          LOL! So, their “demo” was just a dunk tank. Way to sell a device.
          I’m sure the employees were also saying stuff like “this phone has fragile glass like the Z1s and Z2” and “I’d personally go with an S5 of Note 4”.

        • Wow! It wasn’t even operational and was rather dingy looking in the store where I saw it, isolated in a corner next to the tablets. Even the ZTE was getting noticed more because of its location…. Fortunately, another store had a working, clean model. That’s what sold my wife on it and she loves it.

  • Not necessarily specific to Tmo, it is frustrating being very happy with a given device only to discover it is dropped due to a ‘business decision’. Gone are the days where companies stand behind a promise or product.

    I love the Z3. Best battery by far of any mobile device I’ve ever used. Was eagerly awaiting the lollipop update as the phone can’t be rooted without unlocking the bootloader. Clearly that isnt going to happen now.

    The upside is I’m on the Jump plan so will most likely switch now since any hopes of an upgrade were just dashed.

  • iMotoXperiaGalaxy

    It’s an incredible device. Hopefully Sony will still sell it unlocked on its US site, but for a better price.

  • watkins

    Sony needs to stick around at least for another year. If they can offer a high end device with expandable memory. They will easily take some of Samsungs customers. Myself included. The galaxy s6 is a joke.

    • Chris

      Sony needs to market it really well as well. They easily could take on apple if they market it like crazy. They are the only Android OEM that has their own store (not bestbuy stands, but own store). I loved my Xperia Z. But that’s about it. And they need to come back to a yearly lifecycle – instead of 6 months.

      • neospade44

        Take a massive loss in marketing one year to have impressive profits in consecutive years after the loss, it’s that simple…but no…they’re too busy with PS4. -.-‘

      • Michel M.

        They have a store?!?!

  • Th3Bill

    Sony needs to fix their Messaging app. I had this device when I joined T-Mobile. Loved it at first, until I realized no threaded group Messaging. Tried using Textra, but that brought with it an inability to use WiFi calling. On top of that, I was having issues with any pictures sent with a caption or subject not coming through. Got so bad that I was missing 1-2 out of every 5 messages, so deciphering a conversation was nearly impossible. Everything else about the phone was preimium and worked flawlessly. I LOVE Sony Xperia launcher, the camera was phenominal, the editing app was incredible. But having messed up messaging, I returned it. Lets face it, most people txt more nowadays. With the number of threads, topics, reviews indicating issues with the Messaging app, how would one expect top-end sales? Aside from that, I had 2 T-Mobile reps try to talk me out of getting the phone at the beginning citing possible glass breakage and other issues. Hard to form a partnership when your employees are busy dogging the product.

    • Chris

      Google Messenger is out on Play Store and could easily set as default messaging app.

      • Th3Bill

        Doesn’t work with WiFi calling. Sure, there may be a setting in there for it to disable WiFi calling when sending an MMS, but all of the apps I tried (and believe me, I tried every app I could find to attempt to fix it) that did that ran into the same “missing pictures, missing txt” issues I had. Also, if I wanted to run a Google version of an app on my phone, I’d buy a Nexus device. I bought the phone because I liked the layout within the apps it had. Hard to sell a device when your stock messaging app doesn’t do simple things that people use.

        Don’t take my comment to mean I’m not a tinkerer. I’ve been active on XDA since the Moto Photon days. The lack of appreciable function in the stock app combined with the limitations and underperforming nature of third party apps on the device really ended up being more than I was willing to tolerate.

    • Allen Enriquez

      Th3bill, I could not have put it any better…

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    That’s a shame I was gonna get one this weekend

  • randian

    Did TMO ever offer the Z3C? I thought it was a great smaller high end phone.

    • neospade44

      Nope, never did. I was hoping they’d offer the original Z3 in White, looks “magical” but no.

    • Tim Warren

      z3c is still available directly from Sony USA (online or their physical retail stores if you can find one, or an official 3rd party like Frys/B&H/amazon)


    • Luis Ramirez

      Weirdly the dutch or german tmobile got both variants

      • Allen Enriquez

        Right Luis Ramirez, it’s interesting how the European brother gets a hold of them yet the us brother not`s..

  • neospade44

    Maybe they pulled the Z3s off the shelves to make room for a Z4?! One can dream, right?

    • Allen Enriquez

      Hallelujah neospade44 :-)

  • J.J.

    Yes T-Mobile is Samsung/iPhone heavy because they market and sell, but Sony must take responsibility for there own phone. I can’t remember the last Sony phone commercial I’ve seen. Lots of people already know what phone they want when they hit the door (the one they saw in the hip tv commercial i.e. Galaxy/iphone). I guarantee the rep won’t convince folks to switch to Samsung if they have been buzzing for that Sony they have been seeing everywhere on the tv/youtube ads.

    • Mike Smith

      Unfortunately, the reps usually do try to push the more popular phones. I currently have the z3v and suggested it to a friend. They proceeder to go to our local Verizon store with getting the z3v in mind, but the rep at the store completely slandered the phone and pushed for him to get an s5. The rep said that Sony was an unreliable company and that the s5 had better build quality (both statements surprised me, but especially that last one because you are talking about aluminum vs plastic). I want to believe this was due to the rep just being a fan of Samsung phones or a moron, but it makes me wonder how often this really occurs.

      • Vlad

        Same goes for T Mobile customer reps in their stores. They went out of the way to discourage people from buying it. I got it and don’t look back. The best phone I ever had.

        • Stone Cold


        • Allen Enriquez

          I am glad stone cold your one of the few people actually research, I don’t understand why people research car and house before purchased but not smart devices people don’t know what cool stuff are they missing from SXZ3

        • Allen Enriquez

          I hear it so often too Vlad..

      • Allen Enriquez

        Mike smith your so right!

  • The marketing has been horrible and they’re somewhat out of touch with consumers, advertising PS controller compatibility instead of more useful functions.

    The Z3 is a beautiful device and very snappy with a great camera, but Sony’s Android software is also pretty bland compared to Touchwiz and Sense.

    In addition, I can’t for the life of me figure out the rationale for the timing of the releases. Late fall is a *terrrrrrrrible* time to release a flagship phone. Most people simply aren’t looking for phones at that time, having already locked into a 2-year or an EIP in the Spring. Those that do wait until fall usually do so with the intention of grabbing a phablet, like the Note. Instead, the Z series quietly releases at a time when people have already purchased their devices and just don’t care.

    Granted, it didn’t help that the Z and Z2 were also very ugly in comparison to the Galaxy, iPhone, and One lines. It’s almost as if they’re doing too little, too late now. I really hope the Z4 is released because it looks like they *finally* started doing things right with the Z3, but they *really* need to (1) reconsider their release dates, (2) add some more flavor to stock Android (even the original Tab Z had an interesting rom while respecting the performance of vanilla Android), and (3) start pouring development and marketing into things people care about instead of Playstation compatibility.

  • David Tanner

    As a thirteen year customer and a “totally satisfied” Sony Xperia Z3 customer, I needed to chime in. I’ve had the phone since December and have nothing but great comments.

    I use the Wi-Fi callling everyday in my home office and have no issues at all. I’ve replaced the standard messaging app with Textra and absolutely love the app….

    I know that Sony has done a pitiful job of promoting the phone and cannot expect the carriers to do it all, like it is now.

    I hope that T-Mobile is pulling the Z3 off the shelves, getting ready for the Z4.

    • rcarlosnyc

      Can you join WiFI 802.11ac networks? We’re having an issue where it Z3 only connects at 90211n.

      • David Tanner

        I didn’t know that there’s an issue, as I can connect on both ac and n networks without any problems.

      • Allen Enriquez

        My friend has this and using WiFi all the time if anything it out performance other of his devices.

  • Chimphappyhour

    I really wanted to like Sony’s offerings each time they hit the shelves at TMo. Water-resistant and those camera specs. I drooled!

    Unfortunately, the camera never stacked up in a side by side. For such killer specs, they’re in camera processing smeared everything like crazy. Or at least, that’s what I want to believe but in the end, it didn’t deliver anything that the others couldn’t.

    Sad. I loved them back in the candy bar phone days, the w810i and K750i were legendary!

    • adrenalinegroove

      That was back when they were still in bed with Ericsson

  • John

    Perhaps they’re just out of stock and no longer available with the an upcoming release of the Xperia Z4? Not unlike the disappearance of the HTC One M8 a few weeks before the release of the M9.

    • Allen Enriquez

      Oh john I cross my fingers it’s so…..

  • jeff

    As I’m sure cam Burton can confirm . Sony has backed out of the Phone making industry and is selling it’s tech and assets for that branch along with the tv ,computer ,cameras etc . They ate only going to focus on Sony pictures industry,PlayStation and I believe on other thing .

  • Sony’s crass attempt at sneaking an application to the Windows Phone store calling on users to switch to their heatdroid phones was what did them in. Sony needs to give it up here.

    • Chilehead

      Darn hot phones and WP Store bait. It’s a darn good thing the general cell phone buying public is so aware of these game changing issues.

      • Logan C.

        hey thats at least 7 people with a windows phone they offended.

  • Ray

    I’m so glad I got the Z3 last week. No regrets whatsoever. Probably the best I’ve ever own. I love the themes, better than 3rd party imo. I was looking for accessories yesterday and I was surprised I couldn’t find the phone on the website.

    • Epic_Ninja420

      Good luck finding anything good for it.

    • Stone Cold


  • Mike Thaler

    As I recall, Sony emulated Apple by building a phone w.o. being able to replace the battery. We had an early HTC that was great – but switched to Samsung when they also abandoned the replaceable battery AND SD card slot.

    • Logan C.

      welcome to the modern smartphone market where even Samsung has dropped the replaceable battery and SD slot.

      • Mr.Radar

        Good thing Project Ara is coming to finally give us some choice and variety back. As soon as a screen module with a physical slider keyboard comes out I’ll be picking one up.

    • Stone Cold

      The non removable battery is not a big deal prefer a SD card slot but in the future more phones may go away from it

  • Eternalday

    Well I bought the handset as soon as it came out and I absolutely love it. The problem I have with Sony is they have yet to reinvent themselves they want to sell things based solely on their name. I visited several stores here in NYC and the phone wasn’t visible no one talked about it and it and frankly even before it came out T-mobile employees had no idea what I was talking about then asking about. The fact that they are taking so long for the software to be pushed to “us” the user didn’t help. So now they have lost a future sale from me any others who bought a phone from Sony. I love T-Mobile but they suck for having us wait to get the update. The could’ve sold more phones if they explained to people looking for a phone the great features of the Z3. This is a prime example when manufacturers and seller don’t work together and hence the buyer suffer.

  • SiLenTuce808 .

    I pretty sure it’s the lack of advertising and having a good marketing plan. It’s an awesome phone that didn’t get the attention it deserves. I’m kinda pissed this happened cause now.. I have doubts t mobile will get the z4.. And that sucks for me

    • Allen Enriquez

      Silentruce808 I agree I was saving for sxz4 if T-Mobile don’t carry any Sony I am out.

  • Brad

    This phone was a complete nightmare for me. Went through two units and two SIM cards because messages – primarily MMS – were very inconsistent in sending and receiving.

    • sushimane

      Did you have email,text message problem? I went through two simple cards.

      • dd

        i learned to fix that issue, you had to turn off all VoLTE servcies. I only learned from the Sony rep that came into my store.

      • Brad

        Yes, that is what I went through. Tried turning of voice LTE also, did not work.

  • sushimane

    I’m hoping tmobile push out the 5.0 software and unlock the band 12 for the z3. And I’ll be happy

  • Tim Warren

    No, the D6616 (T-mobile version of Z3) still does not have root. the Root exploit you mentioned only works for phones that already have root capability (via bootloader unlock), because the exploit requires identifying certain memory addresses in the kernel that requires root access

    D6616 root bounty still active


  • adrenalinegroove

    I think it’s my fault. Every time I find a phone I like, t-mobile end of lines it. My last phone was the lumia 810. Loved that phone but the usb charging port broke. T-mobile wanted to “upgrade ” me to a lumia 530. I chose the xperia z3 instead. Love this phone. No issues (knock on wood) and still they dog me on updates and discontinued the phone after 6 months. T-mobile has become quantity over quality big time.

  • Peter Bergonzi

    A shame to see Sony going down. Their phones are gorgeous.

  • AS118

    Not surprised. They only offered -1- color and didn’t offer the compact, which so many people were interested in, that there were multiple petitions in T-mobile forums with lots of support.

    Not offering a different color besides black alone was a mistake, not offering the compact was another.

    • Allen Enriquez

      So true as118 my friend lift T-Mobile just BC of color options so he went for vz

  • Luis Ramirez

    Face palm, you responded to a person who has the tmobile variant which still had not achieved root. The only reason the unbrandef has root because people were able to unlock it and gather the info needed for their tool for UMBRANDED z3s. Please learn to read and spreading misinformation

  • Stanley S.

    I currently have the sony xperia z3 from t-mobile. Let me tell you when it come to the operating system, camera, and display clarity is out of this world. The physical construction of the phone on the other hand is as fragile as an egg. I’ve had many a cell phone and never had an issue with physical damage. As a matter of fact it took accidently running over my blackberry with a forklift to kill it and it was once dropped from a 15′ ladder on to concrete. My z3’s rear glass broke 6 days after I got it. A month later it was in my pocket and twisted just enough to crack the lcd screen under the glass which eventually caused the glass to break. I replaced the phone with insurance once I got the cash to do so (a whopping $175). A month later the screen shatters in my pocket while crouching down. I’ve bought 3 cases now (which no one makes a decent case) and a 9H tempered glass screen protector and nothing protects this fragile piece of garbage. I’m over it. Sony make a sturdier phone.

    • Martin A.

      That’s so weird, I’ve dropped my Z3 so many times, being all glass makes it slip more easily, but the phone has not cracked on my unit. Although, I eventually did buy a case on Amazon from J&D slim fit (blue version), I’ll agree that there aren’t many nice looking cases to choose from for the phone, but I liked this one since it looked nice and it’s really slim.

    • dizzy

      Stanley yes i can agree with everything you said about the phone i have had three of these phones. I have had the z and then i got the z3 on the release date at t mobile thinking that this was a really good phone but then i have had to return the first z3 in the first week to be replace because marks that was on a new device, then the next one i have had for several months and i was using the phone for the gps and the phone got so hot so once i finally reach my destination i went into a building to pick up supplies and then glance at my phone and discover a crack in the screen that render it from being used at all. and this is with out a drop or bump or anything. So i contacted sony so i did the 14 day evaluation and then they just repaired the phone and sent it back but now, that the has been repaired i am getting a cracking noise from the speaker when i get a call or if i am listening to music. so its time to change and since i am not samsung fan i will try the apple at least it should be better than the rest when it comes to being reliable but we will see how that play out.

  • Dave

    I’ve owned too many phones to be considered healthy. This phone has more software issues than any other phone i’ve owned. You will hear all the same accolades ablut the screen and construction being beautiful but i cannot get based the unusuability.

    • AdamBath

      I don’t have any issues with my Z3, whatsoever. It’s been rock solid since I got it at launch.

  • Allen Enriquez

    I heard that Sony Vio may come out to be a next new line of smartphones I hope it is true!

  • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

    was there a sale for the outgoing device?

    • Ryanide

      No, still $630 at the local corporate stores.

  • AdamBath

    I love my Z3, loved my Z1s before it too. that being said, they did virtually no marketing for it, only people who follow tech blogs really know about it, and they never really try to push it in store. The blame goes to both Tmobile AND Sony in my opinion.

  • jelp2

    Tmo is really all about Samsung.. They do the iPhone thing to keep on Apples good side, but seriously they’re Samsung pushers.