Microsoft Lumia 640 page updated, it DOES have band 12 LTE after all

Lumia 640

Towards the end of March, T-Mobile launched the landing page for the upcoming Microsoft Lumia 640. The low-end device from the Windows-makers looks set to improve on the 635 of last year, and from my time with it at MWC, it seems to have succeeded.

One issue with the landing page, however, was that under the band support, band 12 was mysteriously left out. This was despite the fact that many of us were under the impressions that the new Lumia would support T-Mobile’s 700MHz frequency LTE band. This coincided with the same issue on the HTC One M9 page, which also forgot to include band 12 support.

Thankfully, the Lumia 640 page has since been updated. Under “International”, T-Mobile now lists LTE bands 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 12 and 17. As a side note, the HTC One M9 page has also been updated.

Perhaps more importantly, in T-Mobile’s online store, you can now choose to filter devices by band 2 or band 12 support. When browsing for devices, you can choose either of those two options to ensure that it has access to the best networks in your area. Check out the band 12 handsets here and the band 2 handsets here.

As for the Lumia 640, it’s still without a price point but we’re expecting it to be somewhere around the $100-$150 mark.

Thanks to _FluX23 and danrant on Reddit for the information.

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