Microsoft Lumia 640 gets landing page on T-Mo’s site, no price yet

Lumia 640

Just a couple of weeks back, Microsoft unveiled its latest mid-range smartphones to the world at MWC 2015. I got my hands on the 640 and 640 XL, and I have to say, I was pretty impressed by the build quality and fluidity of the operating system. T-Mobile announced soon afterwards that it would be selling the Lumia 640 which includes a 5-inch, 720p display and an 8MP camera with LED flash. And recently, its landing page went live on T-Mobile’s online store site. The placeholder page doesn’t yet have a price, it simply states “coming soon”.

Key specifications include:

  • 5-inch, 1280x720p LCD display
  • 8MP camera with LED flash and 1080p video
  • Quad-core, Snapdragon 400 processor – 1.2GHz
  • 8GB storage
  • 1GB RAM
  • LTE bands 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 and 17 compatible, no band 12
  • Runs Windows Phone 8.1 at launch, upgradeable to Windows 10 for phones
  • 2,500mAh battery – “Up to 26.5 talk time”

T-Mobile has a history of selling low-end Windows Phones pretty successfully, so it’ll be interesting to see how will the 640 does. From my time with it, it’s definitely an improvement on the 635, but I do wish T-Mobile had agreed to sell the 640 XL too. As a budget “phablet”, that thing is fantastic. Especially with the gorgeous matte-finished white rear cover.

Source: T-Mobile


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  • VG

    Yes, the 640XL would be a nice option, but this lack of Band 12 in many of the latest smartphones is a bit concerning. One of the biggest complaints of T-Mobile signal is poor building penetration, and Band 12 helps this problem tremendously. But if manufacturers continue to produce phones sans Band 12 support, T-Mobile will continue to suffer from this “poor indoor coverage” stigma.

    • Cam Bunton

      For sure. It’s worth remembering that band 12 is still relatively new. I don’t think it’s as big a deal right now. However, in 12 months time when 190 million are covered, I’d say it’s absolutely vital for all phones to have band 12 support.

      • abc123

        Phones have had band 12 for a year. Still not putting it in, saying it’s not needed yet, is just telling people to buy another phone next year.

        • Or, you can just bypass the single SIM lockdown and buy a dual SIM version. The single SIM version does not support bands 2, 4, 5 or 17, in addition to the non-support for Band 12. The only LTE bands supported on the single SIM version are bands 1, 3, 7, 8 and 20. With the exception of Band 1, the rest of those do not sound like bands in the Americas.

      • VG

        Just thinking about the future. Let’s assume T-Mobile meets its goal of pushing out Band 12 by the end of 2015. Unfortunately, the vast majority of T-Mobile customers will continue to use their non-Band12-capable smartphones well into 2016 and beyond. So, even though T-Mobile will have 700MHz available, what good is it if the majority of non-Band-12-capable T-Mobile phones continue to be in use? The stigma of “poor coverage” and “poor building penetration” will continue for several years. Most customers are not upgrading their phones every year. WiFi Calling helps, but only for those customers who know how to use it and where a WiFi signal exists.

        • Bill Berry

          You might want to ask yourselves where those 190 million folks live and don’t live; the whole idea about Band 12 is one, penetrating buildings…okay cool, but to also extend coverage where T-Mobile does not have a footprint, at current count, that’s zero!

      • jay_max

        I thought TMO said all handsets sold in 2015 would support Band 12.
        Also, it would be helpful if someone could elaborate, given this handset supports Band 17, if the upcoming interoperability between Bands 12 and 17 will allow this handset to function properly in TMO’s Band 12 areas.
        I was going to add one of these to my account, but won’t if it doesn’t support that band. :-(

        • Cam Bunton

          I don’t know if they said that, but they did say that they would support Wi-Fi calling. The way I understand it, Band 17 compatible handsets won’t pick up T-Mobile’s band 12 network. However, some Band 12 handsets can pick up AT&T’s band 17 network. It’s a bit of a mess.

        • Bill Berry

          The word “All” doesn’t include Windows Phones. The HTC One M8 for Windows does not have Wi-Fi calling.

    • JLV90

      The dual SIM models of the 640 and 640XL support band 12 don’t see why the T-mobile model wouldn’t. It may or may not be an error on T-mobiles site for bands, or they want VoLTE activated before it can access band 12 who knows.

      • mattdistro

        I noticed the same thing about the dual SIM models. Hopefully it is an error.

        • that_guy

          Hey maybe ##3282# test app will work on this phone too like on the Lumia 1520.

        • eanfoso

          I have the Lumia 1520 and I couldn’t believe it when I first saw that they kept AWS band 4 hspa+ hidden in there.

      • T-Mobile is selling the single SIM version. With the exception of Band 1, the single SIM Lumia 640 does not support any of the North American LTE bands.

        • Bill Berry

          It’s similar to the Lumia 1520; yes we can unlock AT&T’s variant but the 1520.3 was by far the device of choice if you wanted to use it on T-Mobile’s LTE….but what’s the verdict here, will the 640/640XL support L700 and L1900 bands? I can never keep those bands straight! Thanks

        • Yes. All LTE versions of the Microsoft Lumia 640 XL, no matter where on Earth they’re sold, will support Bands 2 (l1900), 4 (l1700/2100), 12 (l700) and 17 (l700), in addition to nine other LTE bands worldwide.

          As for the five-inch Lumia 640, only the dual SIM version will support L700 and L1900, in addition to eleven other LTE bands.

    • eanfoso

      Band 2 is also a huge jump on inner building penetration, plus is faster than band 12, and in a lot of places it’s still being experimental, not that bad of a deal for a budget phone anyway man.

  • Joe

    No band 12 = DO NOT BUY NO MATTER WHAT!!!!

    • MKashi

      it’s launch price might be around $100-$150, but it will most likely go down to $50-$80 in a few months. Several areas with B12 have TV station interference, in some places it will not be fixed until early or mid 2016, so for $50, it’s not a bad device.

    • Mike E. Delta

      whatever man, I don’t care…pssh. =

    • eanfoso

      Ignorant, it’s got band 2 and 4, which for 99% of us is as good as we’re going to get, besides, band 12 LTE is much slower.

      • Joe

        So what if 99% of t-mobile’s coverage is band 2 and 4. Did you not c the end of 2015 map? allot of it is going to be on band 12 and yes band 12 may be slower but I would rather get 1 mbs down instead of 0. And band 12 will provide a much more consistent coverage even where band 2 and 4 are available.

        • eanfoso

          Yes I did c the map, but even then there’s just no way that band will even be accurate anyway, and trust me I’d must rather have band 12 disabled, it’ll suck when you have full bars of LTE and you can get at best 3 mbps when someone with an older phone pulls 60 mbps with just 2 bars.

        • Joe

          Umm I don’t know how you plan on pulling 60 mbps where you would not even have signal with your older phone. And where ever band 2 and 4 is available band 12 will be the back up band not the main band. So you will still be able to pull 60 mbps where there is band 2 and 4.

        • eanfoso

          ….what are you talking about, 1. you don’t know what phone I have 2. My phone actually has band 4, and around houston area I’ve pulled this much 3. band 4 is an american standard, so it’s here to stay until nokia rolls out 5G to the public, so I don’t see where on earth you got the my-phone-doesn’t -have-signal accusation.

        • Joe

          Ok so apparently you never go out of a t-mobile coverage area or hit a dead spot and don’t go inside of big buildings or concrete buildings.Good for you. What I have bin trying to say is that band 12 is going to be for network consistency..To fill in the dead spots and to expand coverage in a cost efficient matter in rural areas. As well as make building penetration much better so that u can have data when u go in big buildings. You get it now? O ya and it will be used with carrier aggregation to.

        • eanfoso

          Carrier aggregation will definitely be a big plus, now my only thing that I’ve seen, at least with my old band 2,4 phone was how suddenly when my phone would jump from 2 bars of LTE to 5, my speeds would decrease, I get that I have more bars but it sucks when it’s actually going to be like that, and don’t get me wrong, my campus has classes where I just don’t have signal, even hospitals, but now days all of these places have Wi-Fi which well is where Wi-Fi calling shines.

      • Actually, the single SIM version has none of those bands. In fact, it does not have Band 17, which is AT&T’s low band LTE. The only bands it have are 1, 3, 7, 8 and 20. Band 1 is the only band in both North and South America supported on the handset.

        Your best bet is getting the Dual SIM version of the phone. That has support from every one of the GSM LTE bands currently in use across the seven continents.

        • eanfoso

          Mobiles bound to north America will have band 2 and 4 as a must, you must be looking at perhaps the European / Asian version, since Europe and Asia are the only ones using band 1,3 and 20. Man, everything was much easier back in the day with an unlocked Nokia penta band hspa+ phone lol

        • Just looked on the US version of Microsoft’s mobile page, as well as GSM Arena, and they confirm that there is no band 2, no band 4, no band 5, no band 12 and no band 17. Check their sites out for more.

      • Bill Berry

        Forgive me for being blunt, but who in the devil cares if its slower? How much speed does one need to operate their device?

        • eanfoso

          I need at least 6 mbps, that’s the minimum for Netflix to run HD in my Lumia 1520 same thing with crunchy roll, and band 12 isn’t going to provide this

  • Bobby Digital

    What LTE Bands fully cover you? I see it’s missing band 12, but can anyone post which are the primary LTE bands for T-Mobile?

    Separately, I presume 600 MHz is so far away that is unreasonable to expect?

    • Bands 2, 4, and 12 are T-Mobile LTE Bands. 12 is the only one that can improve coverage inside buildings, and cover a larger area.

  • Travel

    Will T-Mobile get the dual sim models?

    • Maybe they will have the dual sim models.

  • TMoFan

    Tmobile has has this landing page since the day of Microsoft’s announcement. I have checked it everyday to see when it may display a launch date and price.

    • Billie Bud

      Yup, Cam is publishing old or irrelevant news now. Just as he did with the irrelevant, as far as this not being a labor blog, news regarding the CWA attempts to unionize T-Mobile employees. David must be turning in his grave. It’s a bit concerning this is presented as “breaking” news. You can even see someone posted a commented on that “landing page” a week ago lol.


  • jamssx1

    FCC filling for the device lists band 12 and 17.

  • jamssx1

    FCC filling (RM-1073) lists 12 and 17.

  • susan

    i have the 635 and will be getting the 640.
    Something most reviews didn’t mention is that the 635 has an incredibly clear and loud speaker, which totally transformed the utility of my phone since my hearing isn’t the best.
    The driving navigation is great also

    • skittle

      I got my wife a 635 and I was surprised at how clear the sound is. Great phone for her. Within a few days she has totally adopted it :)

  • susan

    it looks like it does support band 12, thanks jamsx1.
    RM-1073 fcc comments: “This device may be produced for Part
    27 operation with and without LTE Band 12 and/or 17 functionality by
    deactivating cellular band functions permanently by firmware only”
    So I guess the same phone could be good for both AT&T and tmobile.

  • OnlyOne509

    So no XL version for T-mobile?

  • susan

    i think AT&T has the XL version exclusively for the first few months

    • Yep. At least through the spring.

  • The LTE bands for this model, a single SIM model, are wrong. The only LTE band in the Americas that is supported on the single SIM Lumia 640 is Band 1 (2100). Band 7 is a European band. The other bands – 2, 4, 5, 12 and 17 – are not on the phone, based on info on Microsoft’s web page.

    Customers in North America would be better off getting the dual SIM model – that supports ALL worldwide LTE bands currently in use, although Wi-Fi Calling is not available.

    • qmc

      Band 1 isn’t used in the Americas. My assumption is the MS page will be updated as these are announced on US carriers. That is probably for an international model.

      • I believe South America, where Brazil is located, is part of the Americas.

    • Bill Berry

      Can someone explain to me why Band 1 isn’t the lowest frequency and Band 17 the highest on the totem pole? It’s like the Lumia naming…there are now the following series…400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1300, 1500. For the most part, this makes sense, but where it loses me is when we get into the 4, 4.3, 4.5, 4.7, 5.0, 6.0 inch displays and what’s under the hood…for example what happened to the Lumia 1525? One needs a program guide to keep up with all the varying display sizes, display ppi’s, camera pixels, and last but not least the carriers. Seems today it makes sense to buy a Verizon Wireless device, unlock the darn thing so it can run on all three carriers and their respective MVNOs.

      • The FCC and their international counterparts have a way of doing stuff like this. Band I is 2100, which is actually in the middle of the spectrum. The lowest spectrum currently in use is Band XII, which is the 700 Block A spectrum. Band 13 uses Block C of the 700, and Band XVII uses 700 Blocks B and C.

        That’s a question I believe someone in radio or television can answer a lot better than I.

  • jim

    Fantastic news. I cant wait for the 640 but I wish they carried the 640XL. I would happily pay more money to get a phone that supported all North American gsm/LTE bands.

  • Mike Thaler

    I had thought ALL phones being sold in 2015 would be able to access ALL TM bands. Why the exception here – or will it be upgradable?
    My next phone will be an Android – only because I don’t want to go thru the learning curve of another OS. Do these phones have a replaceable battery and memory card slot?

    • Ordeith

      Yes to the last question, but if you already decided against it why does it matter?

      • Mike Thaler

        I believe that IF TM requires ALL its suppliers to provide phones with ALL its freq. – it would be easier for a mfr. to also incl. the freq. in its whole line. and for TM to offer users more choices.
        It appears that LG may be the only mfr. left to have a high end model with a replaceable battery. The cynic in me says this is planned obsolescence – gently requiring users to get a new phone every 24-30 months – the lifetime of most batteries.

  • Mo

    Cant i buy an att 640 XL and unlock it for tmobile?

    • 640 xl does not have the t-mobile AWS or LTE frequencies in it

      • The Dual SIM version of the Lumia 640 XL does. It has bands 2, 4, and 12 in addition to ten other LTE bands.

    • No. You’re gonna have to buy a completely unlocked version, or wait until summer at earliest to get one from T-Mobile. I have no doubts that this will not remain AT&T exclusive before late September.

  • Bill Berry

    Okay, I have two questions…does anybody or any source know what in the devil happened to the Lumia 1520’s successor the Lumia 1525? T-Mobile we were told would receive this device then later we learned everybody would receive it and POOF no more info on this device. #2 – There seems to be a push towards these limited internal memories of either 4GB and 8 GB and the addition of micro SD up to 128 and either 512MB or 1GB RAM in all these devices. Given a choice I prefer more RAM but as long as there is the micro SD card in these Lumias does it matter how much on-board internal memory there are for applications? Something akin to those of us employed EXT2/3/4 on our Android micro SD cards…. Thanks!

    • Ordeith

      Most of your apps can live on the SD card with Windows Phone. You can also keep your media and documents there. With a decent speed and sized SD card your internal memory would only need to be used for the OS and little else.

  • SilentRick

    Whatever the price is, it will not doubt be twice what everyone else is charging.

  • Obviously, T-Mobile has the information on this device wrong. I read on another post where an HTC honcho had to correct erroneous information T-Mobile had about the bands of their One M9 for Windows and Android devices.