T-Mobile LG G3 and G2 one step closer to Android 5.0 Lollipop update

T-Mobile’s software updates page is an incredibly useful tool for seeing where your handset’s Android update is up to in the process of being released. Although it’s still not giving Note 4 users any comfort, LG G3 and G2 users on the magenta network will be pleased to know that the Android 5.0 Lollipop is in the final stages of testing.

Over the weekend, the page was update to show that both of the manufacturer’s handsets now have Android 5.0 in T-Mobile testing, which means that T-Mo is testing it to be sure that it’s okay to launch publicly. We’re not sure on the exact timescale between testing and completion, but it shouldn’t be too long now before the sweet update lands on your LG smartphone.

As for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, that’s still stuck in “Manufacturer Development”, which means that the carrier and manufacturer have agreed to support the software. Hopefully it’s not long until the software is submitted for testing. After all, it’s already made its way to T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note 3.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • bisayan

    LG G3 say its completed?

    • Cam Bunton

      Nope, still says “testing”.

      • bisayan

        Ok Thanks Cam. :)

  • Willie D

    Unless it enables VoLTE on the G2, I could care less about it having Android 5.0

    • k

      Look at original software update post on this site. I think a tmus employee said volte is enabled

  • mjfrank

    LG has posted source code…so even closer!

    • Cam Bunton


  • HeatFan786

    No Note 4, f Samsung.

    • TatDude806

      I am annoyed to the point of just paying my Note 4 off and getting a Nexus 6!

      • Joe Green

        I’m with you there. I’m using my JUMP! upgrade to get a Nexus 6 & replace this Note 4. Then I’ll just get the next Nexus in November. I’m seeing alot of people doing the same.

        • JBar

          Why not just root, install custom recovery, and flash the CM12 Remix Rom for the Note 4 (Android 5.0.2 base). The Note 4 is still a very solid device hardware wise, doesn’t seem like it is worth the money to get a Nexus 6. I run Euphoria on my OnePlus One (Android 5.02 base) extemely fast, stable, and amazing battery life.

        • Joe Green

          Good for you. I don’t root.

        • Hugh

          I was thinking about grabbing a one +1,but the lack of bands supported is making me hesitate. How’s your signal quality?

      • BTon

        I will use my JUMP this Wed to jump to Nexus 6.

        • Joe Green

          Good decision man. It sucks that we’re forced to make these decisions, but it’s Samsung lose, not ours.

      • hitsquad973

        Note 4 has much better LTE support big mistake way better just changing your ROM to a PA or CM lollipop build.. IJS..that’s why I love Android…I just buy the hardware… I can choose whatever software I want

    • Ky

      After my experience with the Note 2 lack of software updates for over 18 months, I refuse to buy any more Samsung phones.

      • Android_God


    • Android_God

      BOO HOO HOO!!! There were issues with Lollipop and their VR thingy. SHOCKING that a company would want it’s update to work CORRECTLY before releasing a FREE UPDATE to you entitled whiners.

    • Disqus_deez

      It’s not the manufacturers fault. The carriers have to do their own tweaks to the software. If you haven’t noticed T-mobile and Sprint and released lollipop for different phones.

      • HeatFan786

        According to T-Mobile’s software update page, the Note 4 is in “manufacturer development.”

        • Disqus_deez

          Can’t be correct because the Note 4 on sprint already has the update. You know carriers have to add in their bs.

        • HeatFan786

          Well, then if it’s not accurate, why did the G2 and G3 get “testing?”

        • Disqus_deez

          Who knows. My point is that if one company already has the update for the same phone there can’t be any issues with the software developer. It’s the phone company themselves that are trying to make sure it is compatible with there bs on their network. I have a note 3 on sprint and I don’t have an update but the note 3 on tmobile already has been updated.

  • Donald Sears

    LG Has released their sources for D85120B which we can only assume that T-Mobile has given LG the go-ahead and agreed to their package provided to them


  • pramarama

    I realize you don’t have an exact time scale on this, but at this step in the process, is it typically days, weeks, or months before we see a release?

    Also, do we know how similar the experience will be between the two devices (G2 and G3)?

  • Neil Valenzuela

    So that means we will finally get the update in the 4th quarter of 2015. Don’t matter, I plan on “jumping” soon

  • Android_God

    Phucking whiners thinking that you are owed an update! BOO HOO HOO!!! We get your sense of entitlement. It’s all about ME ME ME!! !

  • joe warren

    hey cam,
    seen some of your posts and figure this would be my first question…do we have any idea on the version of lollipop? since 5.1 is out and about it would only be right to have us update to 5.1…not 5.0 or 5.02…since we’ve waited so long already, anything other than 5.1 is a waste…

    • ThePhantom

      If the posted source code is any guide, it’s 5.0.2 (for the G2).

  • gar1

    Ok so did tmobil diecide they hate the flex. No update for flex listed and no indication they will be getting the flex two. The flex has been a awsome trouble free phone for me

  • Guest

    Oh darn

    • akcruz

      Worst update so far! The alarm no longer works when it is on mute. The phone will turn on when it is on the locked position and will go to continue on the last page you were on. So if you were texting, it will pocket text! Not happy with this update!

  • Derek D

    Carriers holding back updates has made me hate Android. It seems my first Android phone will be my last. I cannot stand that lack of choice in our mobile world. I love Windows phone but the dying support hurts. Looks like it’s back to iPhone for me.

    • guest

      get a nexus device they get updates first

  • HeatFan786

    Cam Bunton, can you contact your sources and ask them what is taking them so long with the Note 4? AT&T & Sprint already have it.

  • Jaret Protagonist

    Seriously who really wants to update it does not add much of anything to the note 4, its not like we are getting a touch-wiz update with less bloat wear…phone works fine on 4.4.4 and really the flat white notifications are not enough to get this android user happy

    • sonybru

      Actually there’s talk that the 5.1 update for the Note 4 has the new touchwiz ux. And this is recent news, not the gossip that was out out a few weeks ago.

  • note4 user

    t-mobile is turning out to be the worst carrier by not releasing lollipop for Note 4 while Sprint and AT&T have released. I wouldnt be making a mistake of buying device from t-mobile anymore. rather, just get a google device directly from google.

    • sonybru

      I have a feeling they’re waiting until after April 10th to release it. That’s when the s6 will be officially rolled out. They know Note owners like the newest and most powerful phones. It’s just to tempt us to buy the s6. I like that I can swap my battery on my Note 4 so no thank you.

  • Nicholas Patterson

    I have a family member that works at T Mobile corporate.lollipop was supposed to be released this Friday 27 for both devices but g3 has overheating and battery and other issues with lollipop And they are working on resolving the issues. if it does not make it by this Friday we will see it next week :)

  • sasidhar79

    My note3 got lollipop update from T-Mobile today ota

  • Benny

    These stories tell us not to buy carrier phones. My 2014 Moto X pure edition bought directly from Motorola has been running Lollipop since early December 2014. Even better, Android 5.1 release note for the phone has been published and it’s in pilot testing now.

    • John

      I wish I could say the same about my Moto X 2013, but I guess we are finally within weeks of that. Oh well, it’s not as though Kit Kat sucks….

  • AS118

    Good news for me and my G2.

  • Nick

    Any news on the LG g4?

  • Squid

    LG G3 for T-Mobile received 5.0 update today! 4/14/15. 619 MB in size. Download is in progress

  • Albys

    I updated our T-Mobile G2’s this weekend to 5.0.2. Never got a notice about an update and the LG support tool said I had the latest software. I then read a post here about trying the “Update Recovery”: I did a Update Recovery from the Options pull down menu in the LG support tool program. We have five G2’s in the family and it worked perfectly on all.