Reminder: T-Mobile will release Android 5.0 update for LG G3 today


Last week T-Mobile confirmed that it would release the approved Android 5.0 software update for its LG G3 customers on April 7th. That’s today. And if you head on over to the LG G3 support pages, you’ll see an entry which states that Android 5.0 Lollipop, VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling 2.0 will make their way to the device at some point today. In fact, you should receive a notification to update over-the-air.

Beginning April 7, the LG G3 will receive a notification to update to Android 5.0 / Software D85120b, available via OTA and manual pull down over Wi-Fi only.”

Of course, the update was made available by PC download through the desktop software a few days back now, although some struggled with that method of updating.

The update is a little over 1GB in size, and if it’s not available on your device right now, it should be very shortly. If you don’t get a notification, check your settings app for software updates and it will show up soon.

Source: T-Mobile


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  • akcruz

    The 5.0 update is horrible! I regret doing the update. I’m usually very excited to get updates but this is by far the worst one so far! I don’t like how everything is laid out and worst of all, the alarm will not work when the phone is on mute#

    • Mike

      I received an update today but it is still showing version 4.4.2

      • hollyb

        I went through two incrementals yesterday (110r–>110m–>110r, for some reason) so my guess is they are base-lining everyone for today. Not super efficient if you ask me, but I don’t have the full story. Maybe that’s what your update yesterday was.

    • mrcoolcat

      Other than the looks (lay-out) and alarm clock not working, how is the performance? If its too early to comment on battery, can you at least check if the phone is running hot? TIA.

  • Tanner

    What is WiFi-Calling 2.0? I’m guessing it’s the WiFi to volte handoff?

  • Rick Roll

    Any news on LG G2 update? Thank you!

    • Rell

      its available via the LG Download tool. I upgraded over the weekend, phone is amazing now!

      • john

        Post up a YouTube video

        • Doesn’t matter

          YouTube it.

        • rell

          if i figure out how to do that i will. Im a long time viewer of this site but not too tech savvy, just like the news here.

      • marc

        Did. Post the video yet ?

    • williejackbrainer

      From what I read…it should be soon.

    • LastKings31

      You can update it already thrlufh4the lg pc software tool I updated my G2 and G3 from the to 5.0

      • Ohyeah31

        U updated your G2 as well? LGs site doesnt show an update for the G2 for lollipop. Is your g@ actually running ok with the g# lollipop update?

        • LastKings31

          Yeah I did you have to download another software from the lg website called LG mobile support tool. Don’t use the lg pc suite because it won’t update your phone. And Lollipop on the G2 runs very good actually it changed the whole UI to the G3s

        • Ohyeah31

          Can you post a screenshot of your version and the phone? Im wondering if the updates for both phones is exactly the same since the g2 is supposed to get the same UI as the g3 etc. Thx

        • LastKings31

          My G3 got 5.0.1 and the G2 got 5.0.2 and from the G2 I can’t right now since I don’t have the phone on me at this moment. But yes both devices look the same in UI. Status bar. Settings menu. Icons. Dialer. Contacts. The messaging app. All changed to the G3s

        • Jsp

          I believe it only works for the black variant of the G2. I and others have tried it on the white version to no avail

        • LastKings31

          Yeah I read many comments of people saying the same thing and same for the G3 I have the black versions of both maybe that’s why it updated

        • jacob

          the g2 lollipop update doesnt include volte. so thats one difference from the g3 update. unless tmobile changes the update they are sending out from the one from the lg support tool.

        • WaarrEagle

          I just downloaded the LG Mobile Support Tool and it is not finding any updates for my black G2.

        • LastKings31

          You have to click on options on the right upper side and click the update recovery or something like that

        • Larry

          Can u post a screenshot today or a YouTube video

        • LastKings31

          I don’t know how to post pictures here? Don’t think it’s possible

        • thepanttherlady

          Upload to a site like imgur or photobucket then post the link here. I’ll approve it when I see it come through.

        • LastKings31

          Look for this same username I posted the screen shots here. Settings are in Spanish because my dad uses my G2 now

    • Pfunk

      Goto this website:

      download the mobile support tool. in step 3.

      install and run.

      connect phone, if the program does not recognize your phone install drivers using the install drivers button on the left of the mobile support tool window.

      if it does recognize your phone and tell you there is an update available, update it.

      if it says your software is up to date click the options button at the top and select upgrade recovery.

      allow upgrade recovery to run.

      this is what I had to do, and it installed 5.02 for me.

      best of luck.

  • Diane

    I still haven’t received notification for an update. Does anyone understand their method to their madness? Why do some customers already have the update while others do not?


    • Jax

      I haven’t either :(

    • Loganopolis Jammyjamjamjam Bop

      it was explained to me that they do some phones first others later to cut down data congestion from everyone updating at once. not sure if thats true but it makes logical sense.

      • g2a5b0e

        It does makes sense, but then you have to consider that Apple doesn’t do much staggering of their updates. There are more iPhones in the U.S. than any other particular brand. It never seems to cause any issues.

        • Loganopolis Jammyjamjamjam Bop

          apple is a non carrier branded device that does as they please regardless of carrier implemented strategies. the lg g3 waiting for this update is branded t-mobile and is at the mercy of the carrier.
          the same can be said for googles nexus line. they update way earlier because theyre not branded and theres not several more rounds of qc’ing for lavers of stuff stacked on brand specific. but the nexus also doesnt CURRENTLY have wifi calling. which my g3 does and why im waiting for official.

        • g2a5b0e

          You clearly missed my entire point. I’m aware of everything you just said. My point is that Apple does not stagger the release of their updates & it never seems to cause any issues with the congestion of data networks. Makes you wonder why Android updates are staggered considering that there wouldn’t be nearly as many folks updating their LG G3 for instance, if T-Mobile allowed everyone to do it on day one.

        • StarMenace

          I think it’s because Apple sends the OTA rather than the carriers. If the carriers sent out iPhone updates it would probably be the same as what happens when they send the Android updates. The same would probably be true too where if the manufacturers sent out the Android updates it would go more smooth.

        • g2a5b0e

          Perhaps I’m just not making my point clearly. Never mind.

        • jyo1

          Guess apple’s update servers are far better than the ones t-mobile has and can handle huge load

        • g2a5b0e

          Thank you for understanding what I meant. Although I have to giggle at your last line: “can handle huge load”. Haha.

        • StarMenace

          I think you’re clear. I think me and Loganopolis are not. There is no data issue. It’s just an excuse for the carriers to not push everything out at once (just in case there are issues and they need to revise it before sending it out to everyone else). Apple and Google (with their Nexus line) don’t care. It doesn’t affect them. They won’t see a decrease in sales but the carriers might if their updates make things worse. Customers can jump to another carrier if they choose to. Maybe that just made it worse and not any clearer. Sorry if that’s the case.

        • g2a5b0e

          That actually makes perfect sense. Thank you.

      • williejackbrainer

        I think it may also depend on build number as well.

      • Wayne B.

        That do make sense

  • carm326

    stop being a baby, or just go get an apple @g2a5b0e

  • Fletch

    Anybody with the white G3 get the OTA update yet? I’m in Baltimore and didn’t get mine yet.

    • StarMenace

      Not yet, I’m in Minneapolis. Not sure if location even matters.

      • fletch

        Oh ok cool

    • Color definitely doesn’t dictate when you get the update

      • fletch

        Well from LG support the update only worked for the black version..

    • jaysavage

      I’m in Atlanta and I haven’t gotten the update either

    • 808xNEVERLIEx808

      Germantown still dont have that shit

  • 1ceTr0n

    Meanwhile Note 4 users still getting the shaft….

    • williejackbrainer

      I’m sure the update will be out before the Note 5 :-)

      • Doesn’t Matter

        Stop complaining
        Just wait for the dang update
        Then later your complaining that the update made your battery low and crashes! You never be happy with anything so shut up and wait!!!!

        • Android_God

          No doubt!!! Entitled much?

        • 1ceTr0n

          I’m American, entitlement is in my blood

        • Android_God

          That was a good one! I’m going to reinstate that update and you should get it within 666 minutes.

        • Bill

          Hey Android _ God…stop being an as*hole!!

        • Android_God

          I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.

        • Android_God

          This coming from a person who posted this about 2 teenage girls:

          “A bunch of no talent whores.”

        • 1ceTr0n

          Iv’e seen 10 year olds troll better then you

        • TheDude

          Why have you replied to every comment criticizing TMO? Something smells fishy (you)!

        • Android_God

          Duuuuuuuuude like totally!!!! Like AT&T like tooooootally pays me duuuuuude to come on here and like totally post and like totally critisiiiiiize TMO DUUUUUUUUUDE

    • Mike

      I have the Note Edge and I feel your pain. No Lollipop update or ETA.

    • Android_God

      Ya, not giving you a phucking update is, “The shaft”.

      • 1ceTr0n

        Whatever you say fake god

        • Android_God

          You can FORGET about getting that update now!

  • LastKings31

    If I updated my G3 through the lg pc software last week should still update it again if I get the OTA??

    • N1Ro

      You are not going to get the OTA if you are already in Lollipop. So you are already set.

      • LastKings31

        Actually people from tmobile support told that I might get the update since I pushed the update from LG not from them

        • N1Ro

          The person you spoke with is wrong. You are not going to get an OTA for this update. You already have the update. You will get for the next one. If the T-Mobile branded G3 ever gets another update lool

        • LastKings31

          Lol the G3 doesn’t even have a year out so of course it’s gonna keep getting updated

        • N1Ro

          Yea, maybe it will get Android 5.1 in a year from today, when the G5 with Android 6.0 is about to come out. Is this your first carrier branded Android? This stuff is 101 lool

        • LastKings31

          Lol well the G5 has 5.0 and g3 has 5.0.1 and really samsung? Samsung is bad with the updates you should know that if you’ve been with Android. In a year? Lmao!

        • What? The G5 does not have 5.0 because the G5 isn’t out yet lol

        • LastKings31

          Oh wait I thought you were talking about the Galaxy S 5 lol my bad!

        • N1Ro

          We have to make fun for these carrier controlled updates. It is plain comedy. The least we can do is to take these situation as a joke because that’s all of what it is. If T-Mobile really wants to make difference one of their Uncarrier moves should be truly unbranded devices, no carrier logos and/or other branding on devices and absolutely no involvement on the OS updates. Apple is the only company that handles this situation right and hats off to them for doing so.

        • morbid

          This is the way Nokia was, before they went Microsoft. I used to get my smart phones from Nokia, and then use which ever cell provider supported that phones bands… which is how I ended up on T-Mobile (Nokia N900). Having the cell provider intervene with OS updates is just frustrating… as it draws out basic security updates (like root certificate updates) that you should get right away, but you *might* get the update many months out, if at all.

        • Android_God

          Samsung sucks with updates!! Like WTF the s4 is getting Lollipop?!?!?!?!!

  • Nonameforyou

    Still No update …. wtf is this going?
    really fed up of waiting ….

    • Android_God

      They had a team meeting today and it was decided you were being blocked from getting the update.

  • leebrachi

    according to t mobile its not guaranteed to received the update today. this can take up to next week

    • N1Ro

      Yea, most likely the update will start rolling out and will not reach all users until weeks or months later. It happened many times before. A fiasco in the making needs a grand finale my friend.

      • Android_God

        It hurts my soul that you are suffering so immensely.

        • N1Ro

          Lool, I am not suffering. I knew from the very beginning when I purchase a carrier branded G3, that this is what I will have to deal with to get at OS update. It is not a secret but it is a reality :)
          I personally never buy branded devices but this year I had to, Nexus 6 was a disappointment phablet, Windows Phones flagship are nowhere around for 2 years now and other unbranded but unlocked Androids you have to deal with a trillion custom settings just to get MMS and Internet Sharing to work with, and no access to Wifi Calling at all.

        • Jsp

          be glad you’re even getting lollipop

        • N1Ro

          For sure! :P

        • Android_God

          I’m constructing a prayer circle and a dream catcher. Give me 23 hours and you will feel absolute bliss.

        • Funsized

          My boyfriend’s Nexus 6 (5.1, root, franco.kernel) stomps my LG G3.

    • LastKings31

      Why not just update from your computer instead of waiting for tmobile? I’ve had lollipop on my G3 since last week

      • leebrachi

        wont work on the white model. ive tried it.

        • Bobby Boucher

          lg tool only working with Black model as of last night.

  • Eddie

    South Florida here. I got my update for LG G3 at 9am today.

    • Lgg3Tmobile by mistake

      wow,we are still living in the ancient age here in New York!!!

      • Tim

        Someone posted said they got it in new York

    • Neon

      I don’t think it’s regional. I’m in south Florida too, and still nothin’ :/

      • Ozgur Sen

        I think D85120b refers to black LG G3
        I have the white one and still didn’t receive the update

        • Bobby Boucher

          it is the model number that is different on the white, not this software version.

  • Carmine

    If you are impatient like me, just use the LG Mobile Support Tool on your PC. Go to LG’s website and download the Tool located in the support section. I updated mine last week. see link below and follow the instructions. Make sure you install the drivers from the phone first after you plug it into the computer.

  • Tim

    funny how the T Mobile page shows that LG g3 is still in the testing process

    • Android_God

      I’m grabbing my torch!!

  • Android_God

    WOW!!!!! The whiners ARE OFF THE CHARTS TODAY!!!! TMobile makes the phucking update available a week ago PLUS starts rolling it out today and people are still crying like little biotches. It took all of like 15 minutes (plus 30 minutes of getting my computer to recognize the phone) to get my LG G3 updated to Lollipop LAST WEEK!!

    • N1Ro

      People are handling real business with their smartphones. Is not convenient for everyone, neither have the time to backup restore just to do an update that wipes out everything. If you got Lollipop half a year after its release and you are happy about it then bravo! Good for you. Most people are not ok with that.

      • Android_God

        Uuuuuuum NOPE!!!!!!! DIDN’T WIPE OUT ANYTHING!

      • Chilehead

        Be careful what you wish for. New OS Updates are not always better (i.e. Windows 7 vs 8). The verdict is still out if Android 5.0x is better than 4.xx, particularly battery life.

    • iMotoXperiaGalaxy

      Defend, defend, defend lol. Hope you on payroll…

      • Android_God

        Hope you on grammar

  • Android_God

    Funny how with the 5 plus androids I have owned via TMobile NOT ONCE did they ever say A SINGLE THING about being owed an update to my phone OS.

  • Errol

    I got my lollipop update announcement today. Going home from work to download it now. Download requires wifi. N.Y. city

  • Charles J

    I’m in Atlanta and still haven’t seen any update yet.

  • Lgg3Owner

    Just called the customer care, they informed that update will roll out based on the serial no of the devices.

  • Android_God

    BOOM!! And now the Note 4 is in the testing phase!

  • Orlando G.

    Just curious why so many of you are getting all stressed out about this update. There’s virtually no difference between kit-kat and lollipop on the G3. You guys are acting like this is a HUGE change.

    I’ve looked at videos of other G3s that have it and the differences are so minimal that its laughable. Not sure if LG didn’t implement all of the lollipop’s changes or not. The notifications on the lock screen is the biggest change I’ve seen.

    • Android_God

      I don’t think you quite grasp the enormity of waiting on an update!!! Iv’e repainted my house like 3 times while waiting on this update!!

    • Dave

      Android auto will only work with lollipop

  • Chilehead

    To all those questioning the passion of so many commenters here who are awaiting updates for their respective devices. Bear in mind that this is one of many online forums for carrier and mobile phone fanatics. We represent a very small percentage of the cell phone using population. Of course we get excited about OS updates (among other things). Let us vent and celebrate. No need to be so judgmental. Have a nice day :)

    • Orlando G.

      I respect your passion as I am a tech junkie as well. Graduated from Devry with an electronics degree and actually worked part time at TMO for a couple of years for a little extra cash, discounts on phone upgrades, and to help others with their devices. My point is, I don’t see all the hoopla about lollipop. I spend time on the other android forums, tech sites and youtube and just don’t see it. Someone mentioned Android Auto which at this point is a joke unless this person actually spent $700+ on a new system for their car. I’m 99.999% sure he/she is in the minority for this feature. The other mention was VoLTE. Having spent two years in TMO retail store, most people don’t even use their phone for voice calling anymore. It’s mostly text messaging, FB, social media, pictures, google maps and some gaming.

      I’d me more excited if this was a substantial update. Don’t mean to sound like a “Debby Downer” its just I don’t see the excitement that others here see.

  • Ozgur Sen

    Still no update on the East Coast

  • Mitch, New York City

    Total discrimination by T-Mo. I got the white one hence no update yet but the black ones r getting it.

    • AS118

      I have a white G2, I wonder if I should be worried, because it’s not even a G3…

    • Aj

      I have the metallic black g3… no update… ota, nor through computer… so we’re in the same boat!!

  • I don’t want it.

  • Josh Vickers

    Still no fucking update
    April 8th. 3:00AM

  • Loganopolis Jammyjamjamjam Bop

    does anyone know if the tool works if you have custom recovery?

    • Pfunk

      I highly doubt it. I have already seen the same build number I was updated to on xda stock. I’d grab it there.

  • Mike Palomba

    Trying to update a family members phone but they still haven’t got it

    • fugwaiting

      Mad annoying still waiting and waiting and waiting

  • eli173420

    Manually download with lg tool 4 days ago .no big changes

    • jonny

      how do i manually download mine ?

      • LastKings31

        If you have the black G3 then go to the lg page and download the LG mobile support tool or something like that and connect your phone to that program and it should download it

  • Jack Packlaian

    Updated with LG Tools. Not a big deal folks! Battery life is shit even after factory reset! 5.1 would be what would be worth waiting for at this point!

    • Rick

      Working fine on mine, rooted too. 5.0.1 LG software update tool worked nicely

    • tech33

      Some users report battery life is improved with 5.0 update. So how long would we have to wait for 5.1 anyway? A year, if any update at all? It’s taken 4-5 months *so far* for this last “update.”

      • Jack Packlaian

        I’ve noticed a drop in battery performance since updating, even after settings adjusted to pre-update. Like you commented, ” Some users report battery life is improved with 5.0 update.” ….Some users…

  • mingkee

    I read on xda that the update may cause losing LTE problem though I don’t, but I updated using KDZ method (mine is white).
    To ensure it works properly, refer to this guide:

    Make sure you backup your data with LG internal backup tool (menu – general – backup and reset), locate the big backup file and copy/move to micro SD.

    Hook up your phone to your computer and use KDZ method with CSE Flash (will totally wipe your phone) and wait until it’s done.
    After you made an initial setup, you can restart the phone and use the same backup tool to restore your data.
    Note: Do not backup paid apps data or it will appears strangely.
    Everything works as it’s supposed to be after this clean flash method.

  • tech33

    No update West coast. I didn’t want to hassle with downloading install LG’s software. Their webpage still has it labelled as “Testing.”
    C’mon Tmobile!

    • wtfYo

      I know wtf

  • Chilehead

    I have the black G3 and am unable to update via OTA or the LG Mobile Support Tool so it isn’t just the white ones. Not sure if that upsets me however as I am leary about updating to anything < 5.1

    • Third_Eye

      I was able to and refer to my post in this discussion thread.
      LG site was problematic. I was unable to get it working it in my office but at my home with a 105 Mbps connection it had far better luck.

  • Titaniumark

    Okey people this is what I was able to find out from T-mobile directly. First the update Lollipop has been release already for the LG G3 (white and black) with some caveats to it.
    First the update comes from LG directly instead of Tmobile web servers, tmobile has approve the update and put their flavor on top of the lollipop that LG worked on, but the actual update come from LG servers. So LG is releasing the updates by batches with selected numbers of cell phones at the time ( i am assuming cause they will kill their servers if they do it all at once). Depending of the serial number you have is when you will get the Over The Air update OTA. This can take up to a MONTH yes up to a MONTH for some LG G3 users depending on you serial number, yes its bad cause I am on you same boat I still have not received the update myself so I have to wait for my time (if I am lucky with the lucky serial)or wait up to to a month. Tmobile actually can not do nothing to speed up or put you ahead of the list is the LG that is doing the updates.
    Second is that if you really want to have the update to lollipop and you can not just wait any longer cause you will have a heart attack or die for depression. Well you can go to LG site and download a tool for pcs which you can force the update, yes it requires more steps like wiping out your phone and connecting to a PC (not a MAC like myself) but you can have lollipop. Tmobile assure me the LG site lollipop is the same version of lollipop of OTA version so there is nothing to worry about of been a difference version from each site.
    Well there it is guys you can either wait, been lucky and get the text to update or go to LG and update it there. Its your choice but pls don’t complain about tmobile they are doing their best to help us out if anything it will be LG not tmobile.

    • Chilehead

      Willy Wonka would be proud.

    • dan

      Well from what tmobile told me they are the ones releasing the update, in batches.

      • Titaniumark

        Well then someone here is been lied to, but regardless of who is releasing the update we still have to wait for our turn, or get it from LG. Good luck on your timeframe….

        • Chilehead

          If it takes a month for some to get their updates then the update process has failed regardless of which party is handling the updates. It’ll be interesting to see if you are accurate. Glad to see you are sticking to your guns though.

  • Rick

    No need to wipe everything, lg software update tool unless it was rooted. Lte is fine.

  • james

    Tried to use the lg mobile support tool to download the lollipop update but didnt work for me. I wasnt even able to download the tool itself. It downloaded to about 10 percent but then froze. I looked this up and found that i need to allow my port to get passed the firewall in my wifi router but had no idea how to do this. I guess ill just have to wait for the OTA update unless anyone can help me get passed downloading the support tool.

    • Orlando G.

      I got the same issue. About 10% then locked up. Tried this 3 times.

  • victor

    Lg g2 update using lg tool is a lie .not even one screenshot posted nor a YouTube video I did everything by the book and it’s not available to download yes i used recovery. No result

  • chris

    This is why tmobile sucks and I cant wait till the G4 comes out or I’ll just get a nexus phone at least they get updates first before any device.

    • tech33

      All carriers are this way. And they really are dragging their feet because they want suckers to buy the new-whatever-it-is-phone instead of updating their old phone. So if you want a new version of software (whatever it is) you’ll need to buy a new phone. So it is easy for them to spend no resources to do the right thing. Otherwise we would all be on 5.1 already. Good luck G3 owners on seeing that once the G4 comes out. BTW, I have looked hard at the G4’s specs, and it has the exact same screen as the G3. Why should I upgrade except to perhaps get 5.1?? If you see the G4 with 5.1 and the G3 does not have it, you’ll have confirmation right there.

      • bpropp

        Carriers don’t make much on hardware anymore. Especially TMobile. I am impatient too but I don’t want a buggy release. You want the quickest updates get a Nexus. That is what I have done in the past and loved it. The Nexus 6 just got out of my price range so I had to move on.

        • tech33

          It would really help if TMobile could communicate better. They could let us know that the update is buggy and they’re postponing it until 5.1.1.
          But the other thing I really do not think TMobile is spending the resources necessary to get things done in a more timely manner. I think there is one guy who works on it part time on weekends. Their website says that there is a G3 menu option to do a manual update, but that is demonstrably false or I would be updated already.

  • Third_Eye


    I shared my experiences of the Lollipop update to my G3 D851 Black version here

    I had downloaded the update directly from LG tool and have explained what I did and all my difficulties I encountered before getting it right.

    The most recent update to that is at this in this post

    So in summary. I have had a relatively smooth experience. The worst was with the Google Play store & Google Services Agreement after the new OS was installed.

  • john

    they take their time on purpose let’s do a class action lawsuit against them this should release software updates as soon as Google releases them not 6 months later down the road

  • Ozgur Sen

    Anyone from Delaware got the update yet?

  • Orlando G.

    Well I decided to do the manual download to see what the hype is about. Took a couple of hours from start to finish. Had issues with the LG drivers at first then I wasn’t using the supplied LG USB cable but another one I had lying around. My phone showed the charging symbol but it wouldn’t connect until I switched cables.

    Had some issues with the Google Play Services error but after re-booting 3 times, it finally updated. Took a while to update all the LG apps and took long to update Facebook, Instagram and several other apps I have.

    The phone did not do a wipe after the upgrade like others have mentioned on other forums.

    Other than the notifications on the lock screen, onscreen buttons, and “recent” apps window, don’t see anything else worth mentioning.

    Made a few calls and it sounds as it did before…no issues.

    • TX Living

      I’m still getting the Google Play error. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

  • Nano

    I tried updating my G3 but it says i have the latest software but i dont, I still have 4.4.2

  • Nano

    I tried it with the LG support tool

  • Mitch, New York City

    Ok, its 4/10/2015…..i have the white G3 still no OTA update. Im thinking of getting the Samsung S6 Edge seriously.

    • Chilehead

      Perhaps they’re updating one phone at a time…

  • Scotty

    Just hooked my white G3 up to the LG support tool and it tells me that my 4.4.2 software is uptodate. :( Maybe they have delayed and stopped the release for a problem?

    • Nano

      Same here :(

  • j

    Still waiting white 32gb

  • Titaniumark

    There we go again, I got tired of waiting to get the update and decided to find out whats the best way of updating myself, and let me tell you it was much easier than I thought. Just download the driver and the LG Support Tool from the LG site. Connect your phone at first it will tell you that you are up-to-date, then you need to go to options and select recovery update or something similar. From that point your phone has to be connected to your PC, the whole process will take like 20 to 25 minutes then you will have to download some updtes for your phone (app from lg and personal apps from google) then you are set. The manual update will not erase anything on the phone as a matter of fact it does not touch nothing of your apps, texts, music, videos or any personal data. I talked to LG reps and they told me that is the same exact update from the Over The Air one, and they were right. The only extra steps is downloading those two tools that I mention before, oh and dont forget to install the driver first or you comp or it will not recognize the phone as a phone but as a storage unit. Then run the lg tool and you are set. So there is no reason for waiting for the update OTA to your phone you can do it and its really easy.

    • Torry

      Still doesn’t work for T-Mobile LG G2 White.

      Once pressing Options>>Upgrade Recovery, all I see is a window that says “No upgrade items to fix”. Only has option to hit “OK”.

      • Titaniumark

        Torry the G2 is still on tmobile hands for testing it should be few more days for tmo to start rolling lollipop on the G2, but for now they have their hands full with the G3 lollipop. My personal assumption is that as soon as they finished rolling lollipop for the G3 they will lunch it for G2. The good news is that is around the corner maybe even finished but awaiting for prime time. I recommend going to the TMO update site tool and to check if the status is on finished. Once its done then you can use the LG Tool. Good luck with your update.

    • BrianHudgel

      Hey what USB setting did you use while connected to the mobile tool? My phone only connects to the tool using mtp

      • Titaniumark

        yes brian thats the correct one. Usually the LG Tool Support will pick up the correct by itself, unless you change it. The LGPC Tool will do it too. There are some sync software out there that will ask you to do it manually but thats the one to transfer media and do updates as well.

  • Alix Greenawalt

    Why is the white g3 not receiving the update? I have a black one running 5.0.1 right now.

    • Nano

      I know, my friend has the black one and he has it already….

  • Guy With-camera

    I have the black one.It updated and now I get blue a blue screen follow by a demigod crash handler : hw! reset green screen. Anyone else had that problem?

  • mikeyachi

    Got a black lg g3 in the chicago area and still havent got the update and it is april 12th

  • Nano

    T-Mobile has stated in their software updates about the LG G3 that from April 7-May 22 the LG G3 will be updated to lollipop, so our G3’s are for sure being updated but they’re doing them randomly, so don’t worry. If you’re lucky enough you may get it before April ends, if not then have the patience to wait. Trust me if you don’t believe me, you can head on over to the T-Mobile software page for the LG G3. I have the silk white and I haven’t gotten the update yet. I just want the damn update already -.-

  • Orlando G.

    Okay, I’ve had lollipop for 4 days now. At first, everything seemed snappy but since then some apps seem a little slower.
    * I noticed that Google voice seems to have more issues than ever before with this update. it freezes when I try to log in.
    * As for the notifications, I personally don’t like the way it looks on my lock screen. Preferred it with kitkat
    * Wifi seems to be a little buggy sometimes.

    You guys aren’t missing much. To be honest, I’d rather go back to kitkat. maybe that’s why it hasn’t been rolled out because there are still some issues.

  • Is there a setting in my G3 that I can set to keep this lollipoop from entering my phone?

    I don’t want it!!

    • kr

      to Disable LG G3 OTA Update Notification:

      Open your LG’s G3 dialer and go to LG hidden system settings. You can do this by
      dialing the following code, depending the version that you currently own:

      LG G2 D855: 3845#*855#

      LG G3 D850: 3845#*850#

      LG G3 D851: 3845#*851#

      LG G3 LS980: 5689#*990#

      LG G3: ##228378 + send

      After doing that, just scroll to WLAN Test;
      3. Now you must select the “OTA
      option” and turn it OFF;
      4. Reboot your phone and you’re done!

      have successfully disabled OTA update notification on your LG G3 without root
      access! But there is one more thing that you should know: the guide that we have
      here is based on autoprime’s guide, so it won’t be confirmed till a new OTA
      update is released for LG G3. Let’s hope that it functions!
      Get other useful
      tips and tricks compatible with your LG G3 by using our Best LG G3

      • Thanks

      • Ben

        This method didn’t work for me. D851. I’m still being forced to accept the install. Annoying notification won’t go away

      • I couldn’t stop it. How do I get rid of it now?

  • Jack Packlaian

    The update is really not that big of a deal…be patient

  • Benny

    Just got the update on my white G3. From Milwaukee, WI

    • gorilla

      Just got the update on my White G3 too.
      Not much difference…the notification just look crappier now.

  • mike

    I got my update abt 4hrs ago and so far it’s running smooth with no issues! I have the white G3

  • mike

    I got my update abt 4hrs ago and so far it’s running smooth with no issues! I have the white G3

  • Nano

    I just got the update as well, hopefully my phone runs smoother.

  • Ozgur Sen

    White LG G3 finally receives the lollipop OTA update

  • Brad

    My friends LG 3G had one serious issue after the update to Lollipop he could receive texts but couldn’t reply! After 5 hours talking to T-Mobile Tech they could only say we’ll call you back in 72 hours with a answer! I suggested he do a factory reset and he did and now now issues! Maybe T-Mobile needs to suggest a hard reset? Just updated my LG 3G and no issues so far!

  • gorilla

    3 days of use.
    The battery drain is noticibly faster.

  • Christion

    After the update, my wifi calling is acting up. Anytime the phone dies or is restarted, my wifi has to be turned off and back on for the wifi calling to work. Now my phone also tries to keep the cellular signal and drains my battery by looking for cellular signal while my wifi calling is on. Before the update my cellular antenna would turn off when wifi calling was on.

  • Be careful what you wish for guys. Since I’ve upgraded to Lollipop, the battery has been draining at an alarming rate. Also it looks like lock screen widgets are gone.

  • Ernie D.

    Ok…one week in with lollipop on my G3 and not totally thrilled with the update. To start off with I am absolutely pissed I cannot skip to the next track using Pandora or Slacker while on lock screen mode. This alone is Such an inconvenience since I’m driving all the time. Also the roller deck display irritates me somewhat. The full screen display on kitkat was easier to see what apps are currently running. Lastly, there isn’t anything different really from prior. Feel my feeling of excitement for something new was toyed with.

    The only new feature I notice that is a total score is with the phone app. When I want to make a phone call and open the app, it now can stay on call log and not always default to the dialing pad. Wish that could be the same with text messages, it should default to the main message center upon opening.

  • Daeshawn

    You have released the updates for all other flagship phones but what about the galaxy s4 sprint and at&t have already released their updates if the lg g2 got its update give the galaxy s4 it’s update to lollipop

  • Athan Broers

    With the update, my battery drains faster than California’s water supply. And other issues. My alarm was automatically snoozing without even sounding. Freezing more often… If the S6 had expandable memory I’d upgrade in a heartbeat. Was almost sold on the M9 after reading all rave reviews up until the camera gets mentioned… Sigh.

    Any recommendations. Thinking maybe doing the S5. Cheaper now that the S6 is out so I’d probably be able to pay it down faster to jump sooner…

    • I’m waiting for the G4 to come out. Just going to deal with it till then

  • Broke my WiFi Calling. Knew I should have waited. Dammit

  • Jack Packlaian

    Wifi is having same issues after 2 weeks from update. Battery life isn’t good, worst than before, even after factory reset. LG has no clue on when update to either 5.02. I’m not betting on 5.1

  • Jack Packlaian

    Samsung owners, you may have to wait but you may be better off than us G3’ers!

  • Jack Packlaian

    Did anyone happen to notice on tmobiles support page that the update has been paused?

    • Daniel Duran

      Ya. This article needs updating and questions need answers about the pause.