Android Lollipop update for T-Mobile LG G3 available through LG mobile support tool


We’ve been contacted by a couple of our readers to inform us that the official Android 5.0.1 update for the T-Mobile LG G3 is finally available. As of right now, it’s not an OTA update, but it is – according to our readers – available through the LG mobile support tool. Checking the T-Mobile software updates page reveals that T-Mobile still has it in “testing” mode.

One reader sent us a screenshot of his device’s software info page post-update. Along with the expected design refresh, the Lollipop update also enables VoLTE on the LG device.


If you have the device, and the mobile support tool, be sure to let us know if you manage to find and install the update. Up until now, it’s only be installable by using more technical and not-officially-approved methods resulting in some features not working correctly.

Although it didn’t announce any major new smartphones at MWC recently, LG is expected to release the follow up the LG G3 with its next innovative flagship a little later this Spring, or early Summer. The question is: Can it take on the S6? Will LG also switch to metal, or will it continue with its plastic removable backs and rear buttons?

Thanks to all who let us know about the update. We’ll also let you know as soon as T-Mobile makes the software available over-the-air.

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  • Dany namou

    I followed all of the directions correctly and I have the grey model running 4.4.2, but unfortunately it is not working. The update button is greyed out so I tried the options and then recovery upgrade and that still didn’t work. It said that I have the lastest upgrade. Anyone have any ideas?

    • Cam Bunton

      Interesting. I’d like to know how many people have actually got this installed successfully

      • Dany namou

        Reddit has a relatively long thread about this and the majority of people were upgrading just fine. The only people who were having issues were those with the white G3.

        • compsciphd

          Upgrade worked for me yesterday. Grey D851.

      • Slightly Impressed

        I was able to upgrade my phone earlier this morning.

      • Scott

        I did the update was very easy ..
        Instructions open lg tools plug the phone in via usb to pc click options then upgrade recovery ….warning it did delete a few apps so please backup before clicking upgrade.

      • Android_God

        I did it last night although I almost pulled my hair out. On my PC the LG tool didn’t recognize my phone despite following the instructions. I switched to my laptop and same thing. I went back to my PC and after connecting and disconnecting the G3 it started to work. I did NOTHING different other than that.

      • BTon

        I got my G2 updated last night using upgrade recovery way from LG software

    • Scott

      I did the update was very easy ..
      Instructions open lg tools plug the phone in via usb to pc click options then upgrade recovery ….WARNING it did delete a few apps so please backup before clicking upgrade recovery.

  • HeatFan786

    Can someone do some investigative reporting on T-Mobile with the Note 4 not having lollipop?That’s like the iPhone 6+ not getting iOS9 but the iPhone 5S getting iOS9 before it. This is ridiculous. T-mobile doesn’t respond to tweets or Facebook comments.

    • winnt

      I solved that problem easily. I Jumped, from the Note 4 to the Nexus 6. Much happier with it. I’d really had the Note for the stylus and note taking, but since they changed the setup, so much from the Note 2, it wasn’t as useful. No bloat, no touchwiz = blazing fast. But, I do agree with you. But, hey, they had to do all that extra work for that stupid AI headset, that all of 3 people will probably use….

      • HeatFan786

        I am considering doing that, except jumping to the iPhone 6+ or 6S+.

        • gar1

          I have the not 4 and s5. The update on the s5 was really not a good update my phone was chewing Tru battery and bogging down having memory lock ups and this was on two units. . In fact it became such a problem I had it replaced by tmobil with kit Kat on it and won’t be updating that phone anytime soon.. Just saying I’m not updating my note 4 tell I know it works OK. It was like they pushed it out with out testing it. So maybe it good thing there taking there ti.e with note 4

        • HeatFan786

          Did they at least put out fixes with 5.0.1?

        • Mike

          Id wait for the 6s Plus. It seems like apple will give it more RAM which it needs if online reports end up being true.

        • HeatFan786

          Yeah, might end up doing that because it’s about 5 months away.

        • Android_God

          SERIOUSLY!!!! PLEASE DO THAT!!! You seem to post about this OVER AND OVER!! 1ST WORLD PROBLEMS to have one of the MOST EXPENSIVE phones on the planet yet bitch about it not having Lollipop!! For christ sake LOLLIPOP was released BEFORE the Note 4!!!! Why did you even buy the damn phone to begin with?!?

      • williejackbrainer

        I agree. Loving my Nexus 6. No longer do you really have to wait for updates and deal UI bloatware.

        • HeatFan786

          Nexus 6 is a fine phone, just I prefer to have tech that takes advantage of the real estate and/or latest features you want to use and never want to be without. I seriously considered it, but I told myself the Note was better in 2014.

      • Android_God

        SHOCKING that a company would have the GAL to want to sell a product to work with another product and have the best user experience possible!!! BURN DOWN THE SAMSUNG HQ!!!!!!!

    • Android_God

      No…no one is going to do some, “investigative reporting” into this issue. This is the most ridiculous post in the history of the internet. Please please please do us all a favor and get the iPhone 6!!!!!!!!

  • Agent Smith

    So far this method doesnt work for the white model of the G3.

  • GreatNews

    Cam, FYI LG scheduled a announcement for April 28th and the LG G4 will possibility be announced

  • Chilehead

    …and I just put my sim card in my shiny new GS6 Edge

  • k

    Will lg g4 have band 12 support?

    • Justin Smith

      All tmo devices from now on should have band 12 support. Also no one can know whether of not it would if it wasn’t guaranteed, the device hasn’t even been leaked very much yet.

  • bobby

    i have the white LGG3 and tried this update on tuesday. i does not work with the white version.

    • Justin Smith

      Color shouldn’t effect anything

      • test

        haha…but it does..
        white has a different model letter and that appears to not be supported yet..go figure

        • othercents

          Yeah, for some reason when I put a white cover on mine it wouldn’t work. Once I switched back to the original black cover it worked fine…

          It should just be a skin difference between the two. The internal guts are exactly the same. I can’t tell a numerical difference in the Hardware or Software of the device. However there have been multiple reports about the white not working.

        • Pfunk

          The LG Mobile support tool recognozes them with bk or wt at the end of the model number but does not show in the phone.

        • Justin Smith

          Yeah lol

  • Joekidd

    This worked om my G2. But my Android version is 5.0.2

    • maciejkoziol


      • Joekidd

        Yes G2. Plug you phone into PC. Launch “LGMobile Support Tool”. It will say an update is available. Run the update and you will be on Lollipop.

        Android Version 5.0.2
        Kernel version 3.4.0
        Build number LRX22G
        Software version D80130b

        • patt

          you don’t have VZW G2 don’t you? this one had lolipop ota couple days ago.

        • maciejkoziol

          I just tried but it says up to date.
          Which color do you have?

        • Joekidd

          I have a black one and my wife’s is white. Worked on both.

        • Joekidd

          If you are using LG PC Suite and check for updates it will say up to date. I connected phones to pc then ran LG Mobile support tool. after a minute our so it said an update was available.

        • maciejkoziol

          I did it like 5 times, it shows update available for like 5 seconds and then it goes to up to date information.

        • Joekidd

          I’m reading the “official” release date is April 7th. Short wait time. I must have got lucky.

        • maciejkoziol

          I finally got it, had to click on upgrade recovery and that worked.
          Runs smoothly, good battery life but no Volte.

      • Pfunk

        Goto this website:

        download the mobile support tool. in step 3.

        install and run.

        connect phone, if the program does not recognize your phone install drivers using the install drivers button on the left of the mobile support tool window.

        if it does recognize your phone and tell you there is an update available, update it.

        if it says your software is up to date click the options button at the top and select upgrade recovery.

        allow upgrade recovery to run.

        this is what I had to do, and it installed 5.02 for me.

        best of luck.

    • Sebastian

      Worked on my G2 as well. Click recovery update. Be warned that after it downloads it it will start automatically!! Less than 15 minutes updating it. After it is done on the software it will stay on the LG logo for like 5 minutes with the LED blinking

  • kemifo

    My update button was grayed out also, did the recovery upgrade and the download started. Upgraded just fine and is working without issue so far.

  • guest

    i got lg g3 on sunday but now im returning it because the battery runs out quickly im might get a note 4

    • patt

      note4 is not much better I own it but I am on verizon though,know someone who has G3 and battery life is good.

    • Guest

      Get the s6

  • Android_God

    It took a bit for my computer to recognize the phone and infact I went to my laptop and then back to my PC before finally getting it to work. Not quite sure what even did the trick other than disconnecting and reconnecting the G3.

    Oh and I’m playing the worlds smallest violin for you Note 4 whiners. I also have a Note 4 and it’s one of the best phones on the marked with or without Lollipop. Stop getting your panties all up in your crack.

  • JLV90

    Apparently the update isn’t working for some users using the white model for whatever reason

  • Dominimmiv

    I was able to update yesterday morning. My initial observations:
    The Good
    1. Phone is much smoother than before. And I mean much. No longer get the small stutter when scrolling through phone contacts or music files.
    2. It seems LTE has taken a leap forward in speed. At my son’s school I usually was getting 30mb download speed, yesterday now averaging 70mb which is huge. Don’t know if it is a coincidence.
    3. Now have Volte settings in menu.
    Not so good..
    1. Phone has been running hotter than before with no change in use to the point of not being able to slide the brightness all the way up without getting a message saying you can’t.
    2. Battery at night no change, 100% when going to bed and 100% 8 hours later. However during the day battery going down faster with no change in use to go along with extra heat.
    3. Third party equalizer apps no longer work on some steaming apps. Used to use MusicEQ with SiriusXM but now no longer works. Trying other but so far no luck…..

  • dc576
  • FlexUser19

    Anyone know if the Lg G Flex is going to get lollipop anytime soon

  • fhritp

    Any word on the G2 ?

  • Guy

    Same problem here. Won’t work on my white version. Doesn’t matter that the internals are the same apparently as the LG tool is also trying to match up version #s and the white is different from the black.

  • Dan Lodi

    I don’t mind kit Kat on my note 4… doesn’t bother me :)….even if I don’t like lollipop….I ll reflash to kit Kat no big deal :)

    • Chris M

      You won’t want KitKat. Trust me I thought I loooved my S5 with KK too and was initially bamboozled into automatically upgrading to lollipop but its much much more stable and rock solid and quick. Just be sure to do a factory reset after upgrading to lollipop. I cant imagine the note lollipop will be too different from s5 lollipop.

      • Dan Lodi

        I have heard a lot of issues with lollipop…besides t mobile still has it in factory development

      • Dan Lodi

        I wonder why it has taken t mobile so long to release lollipop for the Note 4

      • Dan Lodi

        The only thing is that my phone is constantly hot

  • Kilroy672

    Any word on Lollipop fro the Note 4? I’m thinking on using my Jump and picking that up in a few weeks.

  • sasidhar79

    The modem is very buggy , it does not stick to LTE and constantly reverts to GSM/WCDMA and voLTE is not working in Los Angeles.

  • Al Simmons

    Updated my LG G3 4/04/15 through LG tool.
    The update was smooth & easy. I like the new changes & have noticed a BIG improvement on battery life. I was running ART with Kitkat & liked the performance & didn’t think I would see any change with Lollipop but it is a lot smother & faster. (NO BUGS here)

    • Harold Odili

      it says my phone cant run the update

  • Pfunk

    you can also use the mobile support tool to update the LG G2… Yes the G2

    Goto this website:

    download the mobile support tool. in step 3.
    install and run.

    connect phone, if the program does not recognize your phone install drivers using the install drivers button on the left of the mobile support tool window.

    if it does recognize your phone and tell you there is an update available, update it.

    if it says your software is up to date click the options button at the top and select upgrade recovery.

    allow upgrade recovery to run.

    this is what I had to do, and it installed 5.02 for me.on my G2

    best of luck.

  • david

    Put up a YouTube video

    • Pfunk

      Follow the instructions. Both mine and my wifes G2s are on 5.02 now. Couldn’t show you the steps any more of I wanted to. I’m not rooted and I’m not going to attempt to to downgrade to show you what you can learn to do from written instructions.

  • Mitch, New York City

    I got the white G3 still no OTA update prompt. Ugh!

    • PC

      Still waiting here too.

    • crait

      Still waiting for the white G3 to get the update, too!

    • YoungWildNFREE

      Same here…I mean LG website can we update it? I love this phone literally, also I’ve had HTC, iPhone 6, also I was gonna get S6 but to be honest it’s the same thing software wise.

  • lgg3Tmob

    All, Tmobile site updated with Status as completed but still no OTA for the white Lgg3 !!!
    It is clearly discrimination !!!!

  • DonBBQ

    Quick question, is your LG G2 the T-Mobile model D801?

    • Pfunk

      Yep the T-mobile LG-D801

      • DonBBQ

        Just installed it on my phone, so far so good! Like the new UI, certainly refreshing from the KitKat skin.

        • Sharhonda Jordan Jackson

          I have tried it 3 times, it keeps installing 4.4.2 on my G2 that already has 4.4.2. Its the T-Mobile D801 also. Any suggestions?

        • DonBBQ

          I’m not really sure what to say, when I clicked “Upgrade Recovery” in Options, it pretty much updated to Lollipop automatically. I guess you may have to wait for the OTA to arrive, which won’t be for long probably.

        • Steve

          I had this same experience. I think LG has closed the door on this method for now.

    • Pfunk

      Solid battery life increase too on the G2

    • Yes. I am only a little scared of upgrading because i dont want to loose my game data. I have like a 17 storie minecraft house with over 85 rooms.

      • DonBBQ

        You don’t have to worry about that, Android updates don’t tamper with save files. I have several games and apps on my phone, including Minecraft, and nothing has been altered or deleted.

  • BigM

    No OTA yet and the manual.method has been removed from the site. Very annoying!

  • Isaac Rogers

    I messaged T-Mobile on facebook. They were very helpful. They said the P851 should all be updated via OTA by the 22nd. Just hang in there

    • Mitch. New York city

      Thnx for the info. Guess we gotta wait 10 more days.

  • Will you loose your data?

    • Pfunk

      I didn’t but I did and would still backup all pictures and necessary info. Often with the big version jumps you need to do a factory reset to get things right. I did do a reset my self just to start fresh.

  • IF i do the upgrade recovery will i loose all my phone data. Music, game data, pics/vids?

    • Pfunk

      Always assume you will. Backup backup backup. Copy all pictures to a computer or cloud storage and make sure all contacts are saved under your gmail account or export them all to a vfc file and save it on your puter. Big updates like this always work better with a factory reset after update. Out with the old.

  • Is there any new problems with the G2 lollipop? Overheating, Lag etc? BTW im not factory resetting.

  • Tanvir Hanifa

    I’m from the UK and I bought my LG G3 from that states will I still get the update? (The phone’s also unlocked)

    • Mitch, New York City

      Yes u will as long as it aint rooted.

  • Mitch, New York City

    I was at Best Buy today and played around with the Samsung S6 and S6 Edge. I think my next phone is gonna be the S6 Edge. Its an awesome phone. So very lite and sleek. Plus the screen is gorgeous. I have been an LG fan but Samsung got this one totally. I checked out the new renders and specs of the LG G4 which came out today and they r kinda disappointing not as good as the S6.
    Btw still no update for the white G3.