Unboxing the T-Mobile HTC One M9

While some customers are waiting for their pre-ordered HTC One M9’s to arrive, our own Marco Hanna managed to get hold of the T-Mobile variant and unboxed it over on the PhoneDog YouTube channel. So, I figured I’d share it with you guys since my unboxing video showed the unlocked international model.

In good light, the gold on silver actually looks pretty classy. With the terrible lighting at MWC last month, it was almost impossible to tell what it actually looked like. Saying that, I’m still interested in seeing what the other colors look like in the flash. Personally, I like the design refinements made to the M9.

Although, from spending a few days with mine, I’m disappointed by the display and camera. For a flagship in 2015, they just don’t quite cut the mustard. But I’m curious what you guys think of the M9, especially if you’ve received your pre-orders already. Is it as good as you’d hoped?

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