Unboxing the T-Mobile HTC One M9

While some customers are waiting for their pre-ordered HTC One M9’s to arrive, our own Marco Hanna managed to get hold of the T-Mobile variant and unboxed it over on the PhoneDog YouTube channel. So, I figured I’d share it with you guys since my unboxing video showed the unlocked international model.

In good light, the gold on silver actually looks pretty classy. With the terrible lighting at MWC last month, it was almost impossible to tell what it actually looked like. Saying that, I’m still interested in seeing what the other colors look like in the flash. Personally, I like the design refinements made to the M9.

Although, from spending a few days with mine, I’m disappointed by the display and camera. For a flagship in 2015, they just don’t quite cut the mustard. But I’m curious what you guys think of the M9, especially if you’ve received your pre-orders already. Is it as good as you’d hoped?

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  • skittle

    Very nice looking phone. Looking forward to the reviews!

  • Goat

    Honestly unboxing that would feel very good.

  • Shawn Sayler

    I’m enjoying mine, and the Gunmetal looks really good.

  • Joe

    I just got my s6 omg it’s the best phone ever… Yes this is my upgrade from my s2:D

  • Jay Holm

    That gold border looks really nice!

  • Chilehead

    I’m a huge fan of HTC. I owned and enjoyed the M7 and M8. The M8 for Windows is still my daily driver for the most part. This year, however, Samsung won the flagship battle and I opted for the Galaxy S6 Edge. LG, like last year. was too late to join the party.

  • Rob

    HTC really bombed on the M9. I don’t regret my switch to the N6 at all. The S6 is a nice phone for Samsung but I’m not giving up front facing speakers so I’m stuck for awhile. Such a shame HTC flopped so bad on the M9, reviews say that the battery life is worse than the M8, the colors on the screen are worse than the M8 (kind of hard to say that though since the M8 had both warmer and cooler panels – mine was a cooler color panel), the software chews up another 3GB of storage than it already did on the M8, and their terrible side buttons. Not one review I’ve seen has praised them. I have big hands, I even have issues with the buttons on my Nexus occasionally, hearing that the HTC buttons are worse… They never should have released it. Then clocking the processor to no higher than 1.6GHz unless you force max performance in developer settings and still having problems with the heat combined with the worse camera (the M8 took some beautiful pics if you knew how to use the camera and didn’t blow the pics up, especially in low light)… What a mess HTC.

    To be fair, its not all HTC’s fault… The snapdragon 810 is a fireball. But still, they failed in too many other areas as well to get my business…

    If Samsung offered front facing speakers I’d have jumped immediately… And I hate Samsung, that’s how nice the S6 is.

    • Joe

      I agree with you one most of your points. Yes front facing seekers would have bin nice on the s6 but you cant get it all. And yes I did get the 32GB s6 and it’s a beast especially when you compare it to my old phone aka s2 LOL yes I know really old. One thing that is kinda annoying is how much ram the OS uses I mean only 700MB ram available after closing all apps out of 3GB that’s just insane. And I would of liked to see the ability to actually remove all of the stupid Samsung apps and other apps that come pre installed on the phone cuz disabling them is not really anything special. Other than that I am overall happy with it.

      • Andrew Singleton

        cant get it all? disagree! m8 has it all if the battery was larger.

        • Joe

          Exactly if the battery was larger. And if it had more screen and less black bar. And don’t give me the bs they need the black bar cuz of the display drivers because if they really tried to get rid of it they could especially cuz the phone has the thickness. I’m not hating on HTC I think they make great phones especially the m8 the m9 not so great but ya.

      • MHPhan

        Yup, it’s insane. Once it gets root, just greenifly all the background app. My Note 4 running ASOP ROM + greenify has 2.7GB RAM available.

        • Joe

          Ok ya I cant w8 for root to uninstall all the stupid pre installed junk and I would like to install a AOSP ROM but than I lose things like WIFI calling VoLTE multi window and the camera software.

    • Andrew Singleton

      all agreed. im currently rocking an m8 and absolutely love it. i hate when people bitch about the camera. the only thing wrong with the m8 camera is the auto mode isnt great. im excited to actually use an m9 when my store gets one, but i have read the same reviews as you. s6 and edge are EXACTLY what it’s going to take for Samsung to become the best android phone. even down to the keyboard – SO NICE. not a huge fan of fingerprint magnet glass on the BACK of the device, but its a small point. very seriously considering jumping to an s6 edge from m8. how sad.

    • skittle

      I had high hopes for the M9. I had assumed the rear camera was going to be great. I think when Samsung decided to go with their in-house processor for the S6 they were very smart.

      • Rob

        I had high hopes for the M9 as well. To say I’m disappointed would be a huge understatement. I’m just glad that there was another option on the market with front facing speakers and high end specs.

        As for the camera, I’m sure HTC will improve it with software updates like they always do but the shutter lag sounds absolutely ridiculous – higher than the Nexus 6 which can sometimes seem like ages.

        Samsung made an impressive chip with the new exynos for sure, curious to see what they do with the Note 5.

  • Marc Gayle

    It charges really really slow. Im thinking of returning it.nothing that wows me yet..I had a s5 but I was tired of samsung ui…looks like I might be back

    • Joshua Lawson

      Though it would have been nice to include it automatically, you can buy a Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 compatible charger that would help with this issue.

      • Rob

        I wouldn’t recommend that, it’s gonna shoot the heat up and cause the already hot Snapdragon 810 to throttle. Turbo charge on my Nexus 6 with the 805 shoots battery temps to 119F and the M9 already hits 118F just using the thing.

        • Joshua Lawson

          I’m using a rapid charger as I’m typing this with my phone in a case and my battery temperature is 100F.

  • Mark

    I got the Gold/Silver (would have liked all-Gold but TMo didn’t offer it). I like it so far but it’s also my first current “flagship” phone (upgraded from an Xperia Z and had the “One S” before that). Camera quality won’t bother me as I only use it for quick snapshots; anything I really want a photo of I use a camera with physical zoom. TL;DR: I’ve only had it running since last night but I like it.

  • Jonathon Sedlacek

    I hate to say it, but I think I will be sending mine back. I am not a camera snob by any means, but the camera is pretty bad on the M9. In low lighting, most of my pictures are blury or very noisy.

    My battery percentage begins dropping almost instantly when I unplug it in the morning. I wake up, check email/ Facebook for about 1 minute, and get ready for work. About 20 minutes later I am down to 94%. By the time I leave work 8 hours later I am down to 59%, an this is with very light use. I finish up the day playing games and Facebook, and plug it in with about 15% left. I am fine with charging my phone every day, but I don’t like being in a situation where if I do not put the phone on the charger before I go to sleep, it will be dead in the morning.

    My final complaint, that I’m sure to take some heat over, is I do not like the “feel” of it. I’m coming from the HTC One M7, and I really liked the weight and feel of the phone. It just felt “premium” I guess. I understand the M9 looks similar to the M8, which I skipped, but I find it feeling a little cheap. I guess I liked the one piece design of the M7, and I was expecting a similar feel. The M9 just looks like 2 pieces were slapped together, and it doesn’t have the feel of a solid chunk of aluminium.

    It’s not a bad phone, but I do not believe it is worth $649. I’m not sure where to go from here though. I hate my girlfriends Galaxy 5, so I don’t think I will be heading to Samsung. I have nver owned an Apple device, but I have to admit it is tempting.

    • iMotoXperiaGalaxy

      Go for Apple iPhone, Moto X 2014, or Xperia Z3. Either one you want be disappointed. I left HTC behind after the ONE S. The M7 I skipped becuz of the stupid home button placement. The M8 and M9 I laugh at with the black bAR bezel thing making the 5 incher wayyy to tall for its size.

      As far as Samsung! Lol only the Note series I recommend. Everything else from them is laughable.

      • Jonathon Sedlacek

        Well, I couldn’t get myself to go with an iPhone. I did a lot of research, and I am less than thrilled to say I will be test driving the Galaxy S6. I hate the previous Galaxy devices, but I am hoping this one is different. The reviews make it sound different…when it is not compared to the design of the iPhone. Only time will tell, and I will have 20 days to send it back.

    • David Firebaugh

      Just how you already have the M9? I didn’t think it was out yet

      • Jonathon Sedlacek

        T-Mobile shipped the pre-orders on Monday, and I received it Tuesday. You are correct though, I do not think it is released “in-store” until the 10th.

        • David Firebaugh

          Oh okay I understand now. Well I’m hoping for a big brother to the M9. I need something with a larger screen. Eyes aren’t as good anymore. Thanks for the reply though

  • taxandspend

    I preordered mine and it arrived on Wednesday. I upgraded from the M8. This phone eats battery and it gets hot. If it didn’t get so hot, I’m sure the battery life would be fine. HTC is going to have to figure out what the processor is doing and get updates out to us soon or they’ll lose future customers – I installed AIDA64 which allows you to check the battery temperature and the CPU core speeds among many other things. After playing a couple of words on Words With Friends, it was 108 degrees F, and 4 of the cores were running at 1555MHz. What the heck is the phone doing where it is using that kind of power to do basically nothing. Playing Words with Friends for a long time on the M8 wouldn’t cause it to get warm at all.

    I also read that the display is the exact same one that was used on the M8, and I have also read that it is brighter. I don’t think it’s as bright as the M8 so either it’s set differently or it’s not the same panel.

    I haven’t used the camera that much, but I think it’s okay. I actually thought the M8 camera did a good job aside from not being able to crop much.

    Being a T-Mobile customer, having the VoLTE as well as support for their 2 new LTE bands is a big plus. At this point, if the M8 did those things, I wouldn’t have upgraded.

    I’m going to give HTC the benefit of the doubt though. With a bigger battery and supposedly more efficient processor, I’m sure this will be worked out with updates so that it lasts longer than the M8 – it should, with a 10% larger battery, same display, and more efficient processor. I’m happy to have been able to get this phone early and understand this is probably just early “final” software.