T-Mobile announces Pets Un-leashed, promises to keep your furry companions connected too – April Fool’s

Pets Unleashed t-mobile april fool
It’s April 1st, 2015 and T-Mobile is joining in with the spirit of April Fool’s day by announcing a new Un-carrier initiative aimed squarely at your four-legged companions. Pets Un-leashed is a “revolutionary way to help your entire family stay connected.”

So the Un-carrier is now helping pets and owners communicate. You can add a $5 per month line to your Simple Choice Family Plan and your pets will be able to stay connected to T-Mobile’s 4G LTE. Because we know all dogs and cats want is super-fast wideband LTE. When they’re licking themselves and chasing sticks, all they’re thinking is how they can move to a spot with better T-Mobile coverage.

While AT&T and Verizon ignore your pets and treat them like they aren’t part of your family, we love your pets at T-Mobile.  And, we know that your 24/7 connection to that furry friend is quite possibly even more important than your connection to other humans.  So why not make that pet connection stronger and faster with our blazing-fast 4G LTE network?  Exactly. “

As part of the animal-centric move, T-Mobile has also announced three new apps.

  • Fetch Freedom – This augmented reality version of fetch won’t throw out your arm and doesn’t even harm tennis balls.
  • FitPet – So pets and owners can track and manage fitness goals (Wheel not included), and;
  • Pet Tinder – Where pets can swipe to find their ideal match (Pets over 18 only in equivalent dog/cat/alpaca years).

So if you’re worried about your pets’ love lives, fitness or just feel they’re not getting enough VR action, fear not. T-Mobile has you covered. John Legere explains the move in a blog post.

Source: T-Mobile


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