Official Android 5.0 OTA update for T-Mobile LG G3 coming on April 7

While the Android 5.0 update for LG G3 is available through the LG PC software, T-Mobile is yet to release it over-the-air. And it doesn’t plan on doing so until next week. Twitter’s product guru, Des Smith confirmed on Twitter earlier that the software upgrade is due to arrive on April 7th. That’s next Tuesday.

From what we’ve heard already, it’s a pretty hefty update at over 1GB in size, but it should be well worth it. Whether or not it’s worth waiting just for the convenience of getting it over the air is another matter entirely. Unless of course you can’t get the update to work through the PC software, in which case, OTA is the best (and probably only) option.

Let us know as soon as you have it installed, and if you like it with LG’s custom skin on top.

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