Official Android 5.0 OTA update for T-Mobile LG G3 coming on April 7

While the Android 5.0 update for LG G3 is available through the LG PC software, T-Mobile is yet to release it over-the-air. And it doesn’t plan on doing so until next week. Twitter’s product guru, Des Smith confirmed on Twitter earlier that the software upgrade is due to arrive on April 7th. That’s next Tuesday.

From what we’ve heard already, it’s a pretty hefty update at over 1GB in size, but it should be well worth it. Whether or not it’s worth waiting just for the convenience of getting it over the air is another matter entirely. Unless of course you can’t get the update to work through the PC software, in which case, OTA is the best (and probably only) option.

Let us know as soon as you have it installed, and if you like it with LG’s custom skin on top.

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  • Verizonthunder

    I gotta tell my boyfriend this news.

    • 9to5Slavery

      are you a guy?

      • thepanttherlady

        Why does it matter?

        • 9to5Slavery

          It doesn’t matter, is that why you asked me to see if it mattered? or are you assuming that it does to me? I was curious, it’s not much of a matter panther

        • Amanda

          And if it did what

  • Titaniumark

    Hey guys seems like this is a great news for all of us LG G3 Users. But I have a question in regards the LG PC update, is the update release this morning from LG (5.0 lollipop) is the same of the Tmobile update to be release this weekend or do you guys recomend waiting few more days for the Tmobile update. I will love to update tonight from the LG site. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

    • morbid

      It should be the same. You don’t use the LG PC Suite, but the LG T-Mobile support tool to do the upgrade.

      • Titaniumark

        thanks for your respond morbid, can pls tell me where do you get the lg tmobile support tool? is it at tmobile site or the lg site. thank you.

        • morbid

          This LG page has the instructions, including the link to the support tool download.

          I have noticed the increased heat that people have been complaining about. The button on the back gets pretty hot, and the section of screen in front of it. Though, I also upgraded my daughters Sony Xperia Z3 Compact to Android v5.0 and she’s noticing increased heat too after the upgrade.

  • mingkee

    The update should be 5.0.1.
    I did a manual update through KDZ method (note: you have to full wipe to make the update works properly) and mine is white model.
    After update, so far, so good and it will be a keeper.
    FYI, make sure you use your favorite method to backup your apps and settings (you can use LG backup in settings – general, but make sure you locate the update file and copy to micro SD or host computer, and restore after that, and you have to reinstall paid apps) before full wipe.
    This update will enable VoLTE, and Chrome’s tabs will appear as “task”.

    • 9to5Slavery

      So complicated @.@

    • Titaniumark

      Thank you for your answer, but seems like quite the extra steps. I think i will just wait for the update of tmobile on tuesday.

  • Jaret Protagonist

    and yet the wait still continues for Note 4 owners, now that Verizon started pushing out to the Note 4, TMO is last out the gate, way to stay competitive TMO just let us down again.

    • MatthewPDX

      T-Mobile can remain very competitive. Most consumers don’t know anything about these updates like we do. Furthermore, just be patient.

  • Orlando G.

    Not too excited about this update. I’ve seen videos of other G3s with the update and there’s pretty much no change. A few things here and there but nothing exciting.

    • mingkee

      The most noteworthy is VoLTE support.
      For those who is using Traditional Chinese, characters are more “normal” (no more simplified characters mixed up).
      Moreover, the color is more vivid and the contrast is more obvious.

      • Orlando G.

        That’s interesting about the contrast. None of the reviews I’ve read/seen mentioned this. Well, i’ve got a few more days before this update so we shall see.

  • tmobile

    maybe after this update they’ll start working on the note 4. is that the only flag ship phone on t mobile that doesn’t have it?

    • Joe

      The z3 is also not updated

      • Stone Cold

        I am wondering if we Z3 buyers will ever see Lollipop.

    • MatthewPDX

      You’re only assuming that it’s not being worked on now.

  • brendanhohoho

    There are better camera and audio experiences out there … But for devices that excel in the camera or music stakes, there’s usually a compromise to be made elsewhere. So far, I’ve still not really found that compromise on the G3.

  • Sagedraven

    The lg update software says I’m running the latest version which is still the D85110r. :/ Has anyone been able to update successfully in the last few hours?

  • Sagedraven

    In case anyone else has this issue, the fix for this is in the options. You can force the update by clicking update recovery.

    • MatthewPDX

      Didn’t work. Said “No items need to be fixed.”

  • jacob

    Lg g2 lollipop update is available as well. No volte for the g2 though.

    • maciejkoziol

      yeah, volte would be nice

  • MetalWoundz

    What About G2??? OTA??

  • A.J.

    I just sideloaded 5.0.1 thru the LG Support Tool. Had to reboot and restart once, but its ready to roll!

  • Jefferson Josue Morales

    I did it with Support Tool. Just now. It said no updates available by then what i did was upgrade recovery. It automatically added lollipop lol the phone works really well. I haven’t had any lag yet. You can feel a difference. Really good

  • Harold Odili

    if you have the white g3 why is it that it doesnt get the update

  • Whipm

    Thanks for all who mentioned the upgrade recovery under options in the Support Tool. It worked! I had tried other steps prior, but was afraid to do a recovery. Also, I had to install LG PC Suite to get the drivers to get the support tool to work.

  • gs_xoxo

    I’m new to Android… What is this whole lollipop update? I’ve always had an iPhone and I just recently switch to the LG G3. Can someone help me understand it better?

  • shonda

    Have white Lg g3 for tmo and just got the update today but i am innn love already lol