Galaxy S6 Edge experiencing display problems?

T-Mobile was one of the first carriers to ship its Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge units to customers following a pre-sale which kicked off last week. And while devices getting to recipients is generally good news, it seems Samsung may have been a little less diligent in its quality control when producing the smartphones.

A thread on XDA-Developers forum has a growing list of users with display problems on their Galaxy S6 Edge handsets. It’s not that the devices have poor display quality, lacking in sharpness or color, but the actual physical materials themselves. Some devices have small scratches across the display, right out of the box. Others complain of a “crevice” large enough to fit a finger nail inside. XDA-Dev user, rhcpcjg posted a number of pictures showing the tiny marks on the display:


Strangely enough, the small marks seem to be following a circular pattern, one that’s particularly obvious in the bottom right corner. It’s hard to tell exactly what caused the issue, in my mind it could well be the result of final preparation of the devices before shipment. It almost looks like the glass was maybe polished a little too hard. But, that’s just me, and I have very limited knowledge of assembly and production processes. Of course, others have their own theories, including blaming T-Mobile. We’re yet to discover what the cause is exactly.

Of all the complaints of scratching, it’s true that it requires direct light on the location to see them. You’re not going to notice them most of the time, so it’s difficult to imagine just how widespread this issue could be.


As well as the scratch marks in the display, the user also noted a dead pixel on the display panel itself. Although that’s much harder to see, especially given the S6 Edge’s pixel density on screen.

Android Authority weighed in with feedback from one of the site’s readers. They were sent an image showing a crack, which is far more visible than any of the minor scratches mentioned previously.


Which leads me to asking you guys, have you experienced any issues with your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge units? Were they rushed out too fast without proper quality control? Do you have any marks, scratches, cracks or other manufacturing defects we should know about? Sound off in the comments section, or shout us out on Twitter.

Sources: XDA-Developers, Android Authority

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  • D_Wall__

    Is this phone even out yet?

    • Jason Walker

      Technically no, but yes it’s been shipped

    • Jay Holm

      If you preorder it, it’s out. If you buy it at a store, then you live a tough life and have to wait until April 10.

      • MKashi

        at least you get to check your unit for cosmetic issues before you leave the store

  • Mark

    I got mine on Monday and the screen is in perfect condition. No cracks or scratches.

  • Marcus

    None of these issues with my GS6, looked it over after I seen this same story somewhere else.

  • Dan

    I live in seattle so i have to wait til the sun to come out to find out if there is any scratches #pnw

    • eAbyss

      Come on, it doesn’t actually rain all the time here. I’m getting a little tired of that stereotype. It’s actually been pretty nice the past couple of days.

  • And here comes all the BS stories that will make their way around the internet, causing more people to overreact once again. Someone damaged their phone, then post pics of it saying it is not strong or breaks easy. The internet believes it why? Because people believe what others say online, lol. Stop the madness…please.

    • jonathan3579

      Uh, there are way too many cases (myself included) for this to be BS. Like I said above, my situation is NOWHERE near as bad but the scratches I have are still unacceptable by any standard.

      • Why post here though? Just exchange it! But at least you got attention you were looking for right?

        • jonathan3579

          See, now you’re making yourself out to be a jerk. What’s your problem exactly? Do I need to highlight the last sentence of this article? I’ll help you out since you clearly didn’t read and came to bash anyone who says they experienced this.

          “Do you have any marks, scratches, cracks or other manufacturing defects we should know about? Sound off in the comments section, or shout us out on Twitter.”

          For the record, I did request an exchange just as I mentioned earlier. Next time exercise some reading comprehension.

        • Not a jerk, you are just sensitive! All in your feelings, that’s all. Nothing wrong with what I said, return it. What’s wrong with that?

        • jonathan3579

          No, you’re definitely a jerk. You’re acting as if people have a hidden motive here because they’re trying to get the word out for the defects on their expensive phones. I’m not even going to address this again with you.

        • Okay. Naming calling online makes you look real mature, stop it young blood and get over yourself.

        • jonathan3579

          Lol, telling me to get over myself when you’re the arrogant one discrediting people with issues because if it isn’t you who has the problem, no one else does. Whatever.

        • eAbyss

          Just leave the little SamTroll alone.

        • jonathan3579

          Yeah, I’m leaving that alone now. It’s a dead end.

        • Bud

          are you a paid samjunk shill?

        • Nope. I like Samsung

    • gmo8492

      I guess the stories about the back of the Nexus 6 battery expanding and the back cover peeling off was bs by people who were trying to cover up their mistakes.

      • williejackbrainer

        Soon as I read about the backs and letterring peeling off I checked. Mine was fine, I look forward to reading the blogs. Keeps me in the know….most of the time.

    • williejackbrainer

      I agree you J. Williams. And if the phone is damaged return it for one that isn’t.

  • Android_God

    WHERE IS LOLLIPOP FOR THE NOTE 4?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!11111!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?1?1/1!/!/1?1!/1/!?!?1/1!?

    • PDXMatthewP

      Jesus wept. It will get here when it gets here.

    • RedGeminiPA

      Android’s awesome; blah blah blah; Android’s the best; blah blah blah. Android’s updates are horrid, and everyone knows this. Yet, you wanna complain about not getting an update? Get used to it. It’s the nature of the beast.

  • Strange, circular patterns? No one knows how they got there? Sounds like the cell phone equivalent of crop circles.

  • Laststop311

    I think I still like the note 4 more than this. The speed difference between 805 and new exynos is marginal and rly makes little difference for the majority of apps. The large screen makes the difference more than anything else. This is just a bad year to buy a new phone. The qualcomm Kryo cores are the next big leap in soc performance. Qualcomm has always produced a higher performing soc with lower overall power consumption due to their excellent integrated modem. Qualcomm just got screwed with no 64 bit chips ready and they couldn’t afford to go a whole extra year without releasing anything. So the crappy stock arm designs had to do. That is the only reason samsung took the lead in soc performance, well that and their 14nm finfet, not so much the design.

    I would do anything possible to stick with whatever phone i have unless its broken to sit this year out for phones. With the note 4 I wont need to upgrade until i need 600mhz support so this note 4 should last a long time already got band 12.

    • Nick

      I love my Note 4 and I love the bigger screen. I am not switching to S6 Edge.

  • LOL @ blaming T-Mobile. Did Samsung ship everything separately and expect T-Mobile to package it? Or did someone open all of the boxes before sending them out to customers? Better yet, maybe Legere himself determined who threatened to switch and damaged their phones just to spite them? Regardless, somewhere Obama is smiling and feeling grateful that this hasn’t been traced back to him yet. “Thanks T-Mobile!”

    • 9to5Slavery

      Politics? cmon… >.>

      • Nope. Just a joke. I’m pretty apolitical most of the time.

    • jasonlowr

      I am actually happy for samsung, this “issue” like the “bendgate” will definitely make the s6 and samsung more popular no matter in a good or bad way. Laugh everyone, share to everywhere you want, make this viral, and I’m sure this will make the s6 launch even more popular. :D

      • harp

        You copy and pasted this same commeny on gsmdome ;)

        • jasonlowr

          Nope you’re wrong. Now I know who actually tried to down vote my comments. Hahaha. Gotcha!

        • harp

          Maybe you didnt but someone did. Go on gsmdome and read the article.for s6 edgr bendgate. There is only 1 comment there.

        • jasonlowr

          I said “gotcha!”

  • Jesus Soto

    no issues with my s6 edge love my phone!

  • jonathan3579

    My phone had a few light scratches out of the box… Nowhere near some of the ones that I’ve seen in the thread but I still requested a replacement because I will not accept damage on an almost $1,000 phone.

  • iMotoXperiaGalaxy

    Not suprised! At least they got the Note 4 right out of the box. Still a better device, no question!

    • Note4

      I just bought a Note 4 instead of an S6. Nice…

      • Note4_2

        Me too. I love it.

    • Laststop311

      I went from the note 2 to the note 4 for band 12 support as I’m near cleveland ohio where t-mo gives us everything band 12 700mhz penetrating lte and wideband 15+15 superspeed aws lte. And I agree 100% note 4 is a better device than the s6. The snapdragon 805 is only marginally slower than the new exynos and apps already run perfect on the 805. If qualcomm would of had kryo ready for the s6 then I would probably say the s6 is better.

      I will be holding on to the note 4 until a new batch of spectrum forces me to get a compatible phone or the note 4 breaks whichever comes first. T-mobile actually rewards you with a lower bill once ur phone is paid off so there is good incentive to keep your phone as long as you can unlike verizon and att that puts the phone subsidy into the bill hidden and u pay for it even after the 2 year contract is up. This effectively forces you to get a new phone every 2 years or you are paying for a subsidy you aren’t using!

      The larger screen on the note 4 gives you more benefits then everything else in the s6 combined. The note 4 is just a superior phone and I’m afraid the note 5 will be stuck on the same exynos crap so there is no reason whatsoever for current note 4 owners to upgrade, well no practical reason. The rich and spoiled probably still will.

  • tommest

    I also notice the screen is not accurate when typing.

  • gmo8492

    Even weeks before they shipped, there were Chinese tech sites reporting display issues which also included sensitivity and ghost touches. Not surprised that these defect units made it through since Samsung finds it easier for users to report them rather than recalling entire batches that may or may not have issues.

  • Chilehead

    My GS6 Edge looks fine. Perhaps I’m not looking close enough for micro scratches and I don’t see any dead pixels. If there are scratches they wouldn’t bother me anyway since my old eyes can’t see that level of detail anyway. Loving this phone!

  • PJ Orlando

    I’ve looked very close and have found zero flaws on my edge. These things sometimes happen to a few devices and the blog world goes crazy. There was a poll on Google+ that says 35% of people said it came with scratches. I have a feeling it’s a lot lower.

  • Zach Chadwick

    This is like when people claimed the iPhone 6 Plus Bent, and that the iPhone 6 also stole people’s hair. Hahaha. Only a few actually witnessed it, but many state false and inaccurate complaints.

    • Adrayven

      The reality of social media in general is that herds (of people) tend to stampede with little prodding and just a few yelling really loudly.

  • Jason Gordon

    No flaws that I can detect. The only issues I have had seem software related (or perhaps more appropriately App related). Videos on Snap Chat seem to be clipping, and I keep getting an error saying “the Amazon App has to close.” That’s all I’ve seen. The screen is beautiful. The video playback is amazing, and the camera… whoa.

  • Bowen9284

    My home button is crooked on my S6. It’s really disappointing considering how this was an issue on the S5.

    • Randall Lind

      On my Galaxy s5 it is slightly now I see that thought it was my otterrbox case LOL

  • fuego77

    Got rid of my note 4 for the edge, I never took my battery out or ran out of storage. So I’m not being a baby over that. This phone is gorgeous, the screen is beautiful, and the camera is to die for… you did it right sammy! I miss having a smaller screen too lol. Mine came in flawless

  • Ashwin

    Got mine yesterday – Edge white 32 – No problems

  • eAbyss

    More and more like Apple every day…

    • Logan C.

      except Samsung is going to leave customers high and dry with this instead of actually owning the issue.

  • Msuth

    I work for a smaller carrier company and we just got our copy of the S6 Edge and I too noticed the circular scratches on the screen… Hopefully this is something that Samsung notices and corrects before they ship many more!

  • Laststop311

    And you would think with samsung making the apple A9 they could figure out how apple is doing such an amazing job with high performance and staying cool and in the power envelope and use some of those tricks to make their exynos awesome without infringing IP. The only reason they beat qualcomm was because QC skipped using custom cores for this generation. Once kryo comes out samsung exynos will be stuck in 2nd place for android chips again. They really need to look at the A9 designs they are building and use some of apples design tricks for their own exynos if they want a shot at catching up to kryo.

    • RedGeminiPA

      Like Samsung would care if they use Apple’s IP. Samsung uses every company’s IP and seemingly gets away with it.

  • Matt

    The cracked phone was dropped during unboxing and now the culprit is trying to jump on a bandwagon saying it came that way. Haven’t those claims always turned out to be bullshit?

  • Brian

    Couldn’t have been from a drop.

  • Alex

    Got mine – full of tiny scratches! SERIOUSLY – quality control people should be immediately exchanged!

    • LoveBatteriesandSD

      I just bought the note 4.I love this thing!

      • RedGeminiPA

        Ok, edfranco1…

  • edfranco1

    Just got the NOTE Edge and loving it. I couldn’t be without my micro SD card slot and removable battery. I really like the S6 but not more then my Note Edge. I have the screen I need.

    • IdDoitAgain

      I wonder how many Note 4’s were sold. I bought one too. Love it.

  • Max

    I’m with AT&T – got mine today – same issue…

  • madkoda

    I actually had this same issue with my second galaxy s6 edge (had to replace my first cause it wouldn’t charge). The replacement device they sent me was new in box and all and it had some scratches on the front, though they weren’t in the swirl shown above. Even the home button had a scratch on it. Unfortunately now I have to wait a month before I can order a new device, unless I want to pay full price outright.

  • Rom Capprotti

    New phone with scratches on it THE NEXT BIG THING LOL

  • John

    Is anyone else having dropped calls and problems with people hearing you on the phone with the edge? It’s really annoying honestly feel like I have to keep restarting my phone

  • David S

    tmobile s6 edge (black 128gb) – perfect no issues what so ever.

  • Sahi O

    ATT 32gb white, worked fine for 5 hours then when battery dropped to 5% for first time back button and app replace button no longer work.

  • Marlymar Zavala

    I noticed that when I take a selfie pic there is 2 purple dots that I can see on the screen and on the photo:-(

    • Nicole Trevino

      I’m having this issue as well!!

  • IRivera

    I have random vertical lines appear on my screen and it jumps around. The lines are an amber color. I have a tmobile s6 edge 64 gb.

    • boogie-down

      I have the same issue,only mine is a single purple vertical line on my right edge screen. This happened just after an update that kept bugging me,so just updated and this is what happened. Anyone else have this happen to them?

  • Bailey

    This is my first full day with the S6, and I was super disappointed when I was taking images in darker lighting and began to see tons of tiny scratches and purple dots on the front-facing camera. It seems like a physical problem on the lens for sure. There even seems to be a white scratch somewhere on there. Only shows up in the dark. I’ve been so careful in the barely 1 day that I’ve had it, that I know it’s nothing I did. I was so excited about how amazing the resolution was with the camera, but physical damages to front camera are obviously a major deal-breaker. Enough to make me switch my second choice of the iPhone. Hopefully there was just a bad batch that got shipped or something because I seriously love everything else about this phone.

    Below is a screenshot of a dark selfie image taken with my front-facing camera. SO BUMMED!!!!

  • Kitten0816

    Samsung S6 edge Black, I just got mine less then a week ago and I will get a bright purple screen and can do nothing with my phone but lock it and wait till it stops… And when it does the screen only works for a couple minuets before changing again.

  • E

    Did you take the film off the lens?

  • Marlymar Zavala

    I have purple dots also when I take pics with the front facing camera. I haven’t took it in have you?

  • Pirulo

    I got my S6 Edge on April 15th, after three units because it were scratched out of the box I got one apparently flawless, however as soon as I left the store and in direct sunlight the scratches appeared and a wavy pattern was visible in the top left corner down like a corrugated effect and on the middle to the right from the bottom up, the next day I went to another store and close to the first one and after open another 4 boxes the manager confirmed those units were all scratched off as well, so I kept my unit until new shipment come up. The manufacturing date of this devices were 3/23/15 and 3/27/15 made in Vietnam. It is a shame that Samsung didn’t have a better quality control and they are aware of this situation considering it is one of the most expensive devices on the market.
    I am a t mobile customer and it is frustrating going through all of this unnecessary troubles.

  • njlaffytaffy

    I got my S6 Edge on Sunday 04/19 and bought both an ArmorSuit screen protector and a case for it. On Wednesday 04/23 I bent down to pick something up off the floor as I was getting ready to leave my house and the phone slipped out of my purse and onto the kitchen floor. No tile, just a vinyl floor and lo and behold…………….the screen now has a significant crack on one of the edges that spidered across the phone all the way to the other edge. My carrier is not inclined to replace the phone because they do not cover physical damage and told me to call the insurance company for a replacement but after spending so much money on a phone I don’t feel I should have to pay an additional $100 to have it replaced for me less than a week after I purchased it. 4 days and a cracked screen just seems to me that there is a manufacturing defect in the screen itself and in no way my responsibility. I called Samsung CS and they were very helpful. They asked me to ship them the phone for a technician to take a look at and they will determine what the cause was and either replace or repair the device for me. Now the only question is…will this be at their expense or mine.

  • Jim tinkleworth

    I literally had the same problems as the article above, I never noticed the swirly scratches until I took it outside at sea world, I also noticed a random tiny, black blemish which I later discovered would not come off, reading this post leads me to believe I too have a “dead pixel”. Also this isn’t only T-Mobile i have edge 64 GB VERIZON and the issues are still there. The Sad part is, I don’t think I can return my phone because I bought it at best buy, 15 day return policy. I honestly do hope Samsung calls for a recall for the s6 edge so I can get my money back and device replacement. I should also note that I bought my phone 2 days after the release of the phone. A suggestion though for the scratches, just put on a high quality screen protector and the scratches are no longer noticeable, that worked for me, just praying for a recall due to me not enjoying cases or screen protectors.

  • Daniel

    I have a brand new galaxy s6 edge, I woke up this morning turned it on and there’s a purple line going down the center of the screen. it seems if I push the front facing camera it shuts down but if I lift my finger off it comes right back. WTF?

    • xpineyro17

      Im having the exact same problem with a pink/purpleish line. But mine just appears randomly during the day. Sometime it dissappear pretty quick but sometime it stays there for hours, even after restarting or shutting it down….

      • syed

        i also face same issue in s7 edge, after one month the line get thicker and brighter and never goes away.

        • Yashwanth Prasaad

          Mine is two months bro still can’t get rid of it. Anyother possible way?!

        • syed

          Replacement of LCD on warranty claim

    • ben

      mine had the purple line also when I first turned the phone on after opening and initial charging. I ordered a replacement handset. however I turned it on a couple of days later and suprisingly the line has now disappeared. don’t know if it will return or not

    • Larry

      I have the same problem the line would come and go.. then yesterday there are 2 lines… still there this morning. going to call Verizon today.

    • Josh

      Did you find out how to solve this? I am experiencing the exact same thing!

    • Kate

      try what the other guy said, it may fix the problem “Dial *#0*# and you’ll be on test screen. Teste “RED”, “GREEN” , and
      “BLUE” colors, let the colors on for 5 minutes each one, then turn S6
      off for 5 minutes. Turn it on and the line disappeared to me, maybe some
      pixel color memories failed.”

    • Dennis

      Same here with s6 edge dude

  • Gustavo Barizon

    My Samsung Galaxy Front Camera Purple Pixels. The phone has less than one month!

    I contacted Samsung and they told me: 1. to wait for Google update Android; 2. Don’t use the front camera for pictures, use the back camera instead.

    Very disappointed.

  • Rico Gere

    Guys, I’m from Brazil and I had the pink line on S6 Edge (vertical in the middle).
    Dial *#0*# and you’ll be on test screen. Teste “RED”, “GREEN” , and “BLUE” colors, let the colors on for 5 minutes each one, then turn S6 off for 5 minutes. Turn it on and the line disappeared to me, maybe some pixel color memories failed. It’s been two days and the line hasn’t come back. Hope I can help somehow.

    • adam

      I am having the same issue. But It goes away before I can take a pic with my wife’s phone.

      • Kate

        screen shot it.

    • tesha

      In having same.problem….should.I try

    • h1ghland3r

      Sorry for a one year late question. What happened with your S6? The line came back?

  • Kate

    read what the other guy said, it may fix the problem “Dial *#0*# and you’ll be on test screen. Teste “RED”, “GREEN” , and “BLUE” colors, let the colors on for 5 minutes each one, then turn S6 off for 5 minutes. Turn it on and the line disappeared to me, maybe some pixel color memories failed.”

  • Rajdeep Ghosh

    Guys I am from india .After just twelve days of usage my entire touch screen stopped working. It was very frustrating as they refused to replace the handset as it has to be done within seven days as per company policy . Really want to take them to a consumer court. For any discussions email me at

  • chrisr

    Had my s6 edge from tmobile made in vietnam for less than 2 weeks. Came out to my car after leaving in in there in 85 degree weather for an hour and there was a cracked going down the left edge. Pulled it out at the movies to show an iPhone 6 user and it slipped out at pocket level onto carpet with a case and another cracking appeared going through from top left to about middle right. There is no way this is gorilla glass. I have had gorilla glass and it held up great. This is fake glass and I will prove it samsung and hold you accountable.

  • Teresa

    Just got an S6 Edge a few hours ago. There is now a green vertical line going down the middle of the screen. Do I need to return the phone or is there a fix for this?

    • Greg smith

      this just happened to mine. I downloaded an app called pixel fixer on the play store.

      I ran the program for about 10 minutes and the line went away. Not sure if its going to stay away though. I took a picture of the phone hrough a mirror to show to att just in case i decide i should swap the phone out

      • h1ghland3r

        Sorry for a one year late answer. What happened with your S6? The line came back?

  • KDMV4

    dead/green pixel on a brand new s6. wtf? won’t be using a 3rd party app to band-aid this. selling blemished units at full price is what this is.

  • cokeie

    i got the s6 edge and i have a purple line down the middle any advice?

  • Matt

    I’ve just experienced my first issue with mine. I pressed the home button to light the display to check the time, the display was corrupt! I didn’t have anything to take a photo of it but I’ll explain it to the best I can. The display was split into 4 sections, each section was showing what the lockscreen should show usually. But the lower 2 sections had a lot of distortion, like old static tv’s. This bled up into the upper 2 sections as well. I went to snap a photo but the display went off before I could. Did the same again and it was back to normal.

    • Zeeshan Muddasar

      Dude the same thing happened to mine. I wonder what it is.

      • Ooddyy Oboh

        Hello Zeeshan, hows your mobile now? Did it do it again or it was just a one off?

    • Ooddyy Oboh

      Hello Matt, hows your mobile now? Did it do it again or it was just a one off?

    • Aman Saraf

      Same thing happened to mine today

  • Seenthis

    My S6 Edge just got this issue this morning, I tried the *#0*# test menu

    Ran Red 1st, could see a black line
    Ran Green 2nd, could not see any line
    Ran Blue 3rd, could see a black line

    Kept the device on Red for 5 minutes, line still remained – but appeared to fade
    Kept the device on Green for 5 minutes, no changes
    Kept the device on Blue for 3 minutes, line disappeared within 3 minutes

    Phone has been restarted twice now, to check if the fix is still on – and yes, problem has been solved.

    • syed

      check the display setting? may be it set to different display setting rather than amolded